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One day down on the "diet"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Good morning girls,

I did fine through the night. Here's my eats so far ...

11:45 pm last cereal bar (since the diet didn't officially start til midnight. Ha!)
3 am protein chocolate milk drink
6 am tuna with fat free mayo

I'm off to bed soon. I also drank two bottles of water through the night. Upon waking, the rest of my day's eats look like this ...

3 pm 3 oz grilled chicken breast on a whole wheat bun and 1 c salad with 2 tbsp light catalina dressing

9 pm protein strawberry milk drink

11:45 pm South Beach 100 cal chocolate snack bar

And that will round out my day. I will also drink at least two more bottles of water today. I had a little bit of hunger pangs but made it and know that I can do this. Woo hoo!

Oh, and if my eating schedule looks strange, it's because I work 11 PM to 7 AM and thus eat at weird times. It was a bit strange eating tuna so early in the morning, though!

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CELEST 7/22/2008 4:05PM

    I've never had a problem eating strange things in the morning. My nephew and I went through an eating Japanese style for 3 months and that meant a whole lot of fish and rice got eaten in the morning. You are doing so fantastically, keep going. You inspire me to get MORE serious too.

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TAZZIE5 7/22/2008 11:05AM

    Nora: emoticon on maintaining your determination level & Good Luck on your upcoming surgery. There is power in planning in advance!

God did not give power to the man with a dream.
He did give power to the one with a Plan!

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The "Liver Shrink" Diet

Friday, July 18, 2008

So here's the diet I have to stick to for the next two weeks. It isn't nearly as bad as I had thought it might be.

Breakfast--Protein Beverage (will probably do Carnation Instant Sugar-free with added dry milk powder OR Slimfast Low Carb which were two options on the list she gave me that I can live with)

Lunch--Protein Beverage

Dinner--2-3 oz protein, 2 servings of starch, 2 servings veggies, 1 serving fat OR a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice meal as long as it has meat in it

I can also have 2 snacks with quite a list to choose from if I need them and also up to two servings per day of sugar free popsicles, fudgesicles, jello, 1 c soup broth, sugar free hard candy or fat free cool whip..

In addition to all that I must start the vitamins that they are going to require me to take for the rest of my days. They recommended two that are designed for bariatric surgery patients so I'll be picking them up on Sunday.

I also have to drink a minimum of 64 oz of liquids per day. I get water, crystal light, diet v-8 splash, unsweetened decaf tea, minute maid lite, and sugar-free kool-aid.

We talked about my weird working and sleeping hours and I think we came up with a workable schedule for meals that will work now and then post-op when I return to work. I figure it will all work itself out eventually.

She said that I am down five pounds since the last time I was there. I weighed 412 on their scale and 407 on mine this morning. Theirs has always weighed me five pounds heavier and the nurse said that everyone says that so I'm guessing their scale is five pounds heavy. She also said that on this diet I should lose 10-20 pounds. It is to shrink my liver so that they can move it easier to get to my stomach for the pouch and bypass.

So that's where it all stands for now. I'm going to start this and know in my heart that insurance approval is just around the corner. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hee hee!

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THINMAMAWARD 7/16/2012 11:52AM

    I am reading this as a curiosity to the liver shrink diet. I didn't realize this blog is 4 years old. I am curious as to your progress.

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    Oh, Karon...I am thrilled for you...

I have a friend who had it done on 2/14 a year ago, and she was very upset when she first found her date was Valentine's Day...until she realized it was the best gift of LOVE anyone had ever given her! Giving it to herself changed her life.

Your surgery date is just around the corner. Hard to believe...and next year, when you look back? Whew! You won't even recognize yourself! This will be the BEST thing you've ever done for youself...

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MACIELCREW 7/20/2008 1:08AM

    Good luck on your surgery, I have a fiend who had the lap bands put on her stomach she has lost about 150lbs so far she has about another 100 to go but she looks and feels Fabulous.... and now she is exercising all of the time she loves it. Good luck Debbie

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SHERRY528 7/19/2008 9:02PM

    I hadn't checked on your blog lately, Karon-I'm SO GLAD I did! HOORAY for my Friend! LOTS happening for you-I of course knew you had a date, but to get to share these other things with you-I'm SO GLAD I didn't miss it! I know you'll do just fine with your diet these next weeks-you'll have the skinniest liver in town!;-)...
You must be so excited! And yes, scared AND overwhelmed that it IS so soon---that sounds STRANGE to say after it's been ALLLLL this time, doesn't it, Dear Friend??!!:-)....Again, Karon, BEST, BEST WISHES AS YOU MOVE THRU THIS WHOLE PROCESS. WE SHARE YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS AND TRUST ALL WILL BE JUST PERFECT FOR YOU! HUGS! Sherry emoticon emoticon

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SHRINKIN.LADY 7/19/2008 1:17PM


I really applaud your dedication to your goals to be going through all of this. I am glad the diet isn't as bad as youwere afraid it would be. I t doesn't sound too bad. It's amazing that just eating that way will shrink your liver! I imagine it will shrink YOU a bit too LOL!

I hope that your insurance will approve you SOON! Waiting in limbo is for the birds, especially when you are shrinking your liver in anticipation of the surgery. I hate insurance companies!


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RENA1965 7/18/2008 11:03PM

    Hi just wanted to stay keep up the great job! I will be hoping for you that this diet helps so you can get your pouch and bypass real soon.

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I have a date!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are y'all ready for this? I am scheduled for surgery on August 4th! My mind started whirling and I was thinking "are you freaking kidding me?". That is two weeks from Monday! Oh my. Then she went on to say that it is pending insurance approval but they don't think there will be a problem with that. I don't think there will be either.

I have so much to do. I called the bariatric center and have an appointment with the nutritionist about the diet I need to follow for the next two weeks. It's either a liquid or partial liquid diet that is designed to shrink my liver. Wow! Can you even believe it's only two weeks away? I am still amazed!

I have to go for pre-admission testing but was not in the system yet so they couldn't set me up for any of that. I'll wait til later today to call back or tomorrow.

I have to fill out the paperwork for FMLA at work. I need to request a donation of sick time from other employees so I will be guaranteed a minimum of three weeks off paid before I have to worry about it. (The surgeon told me I'd be off 3-4 weeks at least and I'm hoping it's only three as I don't know that I can cover more financially.) I need to get some things done here at home but I guess I have two weeks to get it done. Gosh, thinking of all I have to do has my head spinning.

Okay, breathing and moving on.

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EMSNANA 7/22/2008 10:35AM

    I have a friend who weighed 350 lbs and had the surgery - she lost175 lbs and has since has surgery to get rid of some of the skin. she is very happy that she did it and I wish you the best of luck and I will be back to visit your blog to see how you are doing.

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TRANSPORTER89 7/20/2008 10:42PM

  I was reading your story and I commend you for losing 100 lbs! Good luck with the surgery, My aunt went through that surgery and has successfully lost all the weight thanks to it. I'm looking forward to read updates, stay strong :)

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BLACKIE2 7/18/2008 1:34AM

    all the best to you!!

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KITT52 7/17/2008 2:50PM

    How wonderful to finally hear that have you scheduled.
I wish you the best and hope you will be sharing your experience with all of us.

Good luck.


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Finally ...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally, after much angst and many phone calls, the psychologist who did my psych eval sent the report to the bariatric center. It was the final report they were waiting on. The bariatric center faxed 42 pages to my surgeon for review before submission for insurance approval. The nurse there said that I should hear back with an approval in the next two weeks since I have an HMO. I sure hope so because I am ready to get this done and proceed on. I can hardly wait!

Still going to the water aerobics. It's been six weeks I've stuck with it now. I just signed up for the next six week session. The trainer said if I have surgery during the session, they will refund a portion of the money to me. I just know that as soon as I'm cleared, I'll be back in the water.

I moved up to the harder hand weights in the pool and the more difficult stretch bands this week. The trainer thought I was ready. Boy did I feel the difference! It was a good ache, though so I'll continue with the more difficult ones. It's all about building muscle to replace the fat and if I hurt a little bit, I know it's got to be working, right?

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L8BLUMER 7/15/2008 10:46AM

    Karon - that's great news. You're one step closer! I can't wait to see the announcement from you that you have your surgery date!

I got word last night that my insurance company denied one of the pre-op tests that my doctor wanted to do on me (a sleep study for sleep apnea). I don't know if this is a requirement for getting the surgery or not, but I will call my surgeon's office this morning to find out. I am still waiting also to get authorization to do my psych eval and my nutrition appt.


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NANCYJEAN6 7/13/2008 9:35AM

    emoticon Got our fingers crossed for you!!
Hopefully soon.
I've got a date, not till Sept. 30th. but at least I got a date!!
Nancy emoticon

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KITT52 7/11/2008 3:22PM

    Karon I hope you hear soon, you are doing such a great job sticking with it.

Have a healthy day


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Quick Update on the Process

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stopping in with a quick update and then it's off to bed for me. I am pretty tired this morning and have had the mother of all headaches for most of the night.

I got a call from the bariatric treatment center my surgeon is with. They said that they were ready to fax my chart to the surgeon for his approval and discovered that the nurse had marked off that they have received psychiatric clearance, but they have not. She requested I call the doctor I saw and ask her to fax the report to them so they can then get the chart to my surgeon. Naturally I did that immediately! LOL

I'm still going to and loving the water aerobics classes. I end up with some muscle tenderness after each class, but I figure that's a good thing. They seem to work different parts of the body and that is nice so we don't get tired of it or bored with it. This past Wednesday it was the arms. One of the gals in class (who just got approval for lapband surgery on July 14th) said she wants "fabulous arms" so the instructor focused on our arms. Can I just say mine were screaming "stop" long before she moved on to the core? Still it wasn't bad and I am slowly making friends there who understand all I'm going through right now. I will definitely be going to the support group meetings every month post surgery. I'm also going to join the other exercise classes post surgery when the surgeon says it's okay to return exercising. I will already know people there and that's half the battle. The other half is it's a class for large people or people who've been large so I just don't have to be so self conscious about how I look.

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TXSANDY 7/8/2008 12:53AM

    Sounds like things are going great. I am glad you are doing water aroebics it is so good for you and you work out so many more muscles than what you can do on land. I went to the one at the weigt loss center and loved it and got alot out of it. I felt great after too. I am going to join water aroebics for seniors at our community pool.

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REDIS279 6/30/2008 5:00PM

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the aqua-robics class. It was my fave while I had my gym membership. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me to get back into some kind of exercise program.

I've finally lost 100 lbs from my high weight in 1998 of 335, though I wasn't "trying" all those years.

Thanks for continuing to post your story here.


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