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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has been a very exciting day. I am almost half way to my goal and I am out of Plus size clothes. It was a very strange feeling being in the store and everything I tried on was too big!! That never happens to me......BUT today it did! I found myself going back to the plus sizes and then having to turn around and look for smaller sizes!! What a great feeling........I am going to reach my goal. I WILL SUCCEED!!!

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SUZZZZQ 4/17/2009 7:37PM

    WooHoo You Go Girlfriend! Congrats @ being half way there and getting out of plus sizes. You are such an inspiration!

Love Ya,

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FITANGEL09 4/17/2009 7:51AM

    How inspirational! I feel like I've had to wear "Fat Clothes" forever and cant wait till the day I can put on a shirt or pants that doesn't have the label, "Plus Size" on it. Thanks for the motivating boost of hope that it will happen eventually.

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SHIRLEYDILLARD 4/16/2009 10:20PM

    WOW!! That is awesome. Enjoy it. You have obviously worked very hard. emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 4/16/2009 1:07PM

    What a wonderful feeling indeed. Remember how that feels! In fact, keep one of you biggest pair of paints for when you later want to do a before and after picture. Congrats to you!

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OUTLATER 4/16/2009 11:19AM

    I am so happy for you Lenore!

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BKWERM 4/16/2009 6:19AM

    emoticon That's awesome! I'm so proud of you.


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A New Year A New Day.....A New Way!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 did not end the way I expected it to. My DH, who I thought was very healthy, ended up have emergency open heart surgery. Now we are both starting a new way of life, dieting is no more hit and miss....this must be done. There is no way I want to end up going through everything my DH has so I am vowing to make 2009 our year.
I am starting with SparkPeople Bootcamp and I WILL get in my 10 min work out everyday and 30 min of walking or other cardio exercise. I will track my food, drink my water and eat healthy every day.
My goal this month is to lose 5 pounds and I will do it.

During this time I will also be walking with DH as he builds up his energy and he gets stronger. We will be working together on a low sodium diet and maintaining a healthy caloric intake.

I am hoping by starting this year with this Bootcamp, it will be the beginning of a healthy year.

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BKWERM 1/5/2009 6:54PM

    I was just thinking about sending you a message to see how your hubby was doing. I'm glad that the surgery went well and you and he are changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. You can rejoin our challenge anytime you like. I miss you.

Take care.

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PUTTITAT 1/4/2009 9:01PM

Sorry to hear about your DH. Take good care of you AND him. Sometimes it takes a wake=up call like this, to MAKE us get our rear in gear. I'm sending my prayers your way as you work on this new way of life. After all, it is our LIFE that is nost important, and we have to make it a healthy one.

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DANCNGRL 1/4/2009 4:14PM

    Lenore - We can do the bootcamp together. I needed something simple to get my butt into gear and I am hoping this is it! Please remember that we are here if you need anything. All my best wishes are being sent your way.

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The Challenge Begins

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I could say here we go again.....but I am thinking positive. So I will say.....Today is a new day and I am continung on my way to a healthier me! I am working on keep myself motivated and strong. I want to be healthier and contiue to feel good. I am worth it and I know I can do it!

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ROSE52 8/31/2008 12:47PM

  Nor congrats on all your accomplishments and I hope this lets you find me emoticon emoticon

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GETTY28 7/25/2008 4:54PM

  hello i am from Port orange are you from daytona should could use some help

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SKAYT77 4/10/2008 1:31PM

    Thats right Lenore.. positive thinking.. there is alot of power in that!! Every day is a new day & we all have to remember that.. if we made a tiny slip yesterday (or even a big OOPs!!) today is a fresh start!! We are motivated, we are Pearls, we are strong!!

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OUTLATER 4/1/2008 11:10AM

    I agree.... You are soooooo worth it girlie! And you don't have to do it alone!

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WANDAH3 3/27/2008 8:02AM

    It's all about choices, you can and will succeed when you focus on the right choices to a healthier lifestyle. Way to go!

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13Weeks??? Where have they gone???

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Nov. 14, 2007 I started the Healthy Heart Challenge which was to last 13 weeks. We are now in the 13th week and my how time has flown.

I started this challenge to continue my healthy life style and my relationship with my new friends on the Pearl Team. I was hoping to lose a lot of weight but that did not happen. I was hoping to stay healthy but that did not happen. I was also hoping to complete the couch to 5 K program I started but ......that too did not happen.

What happened is:
I learned to listen to my body ( thought I already knew this) and follow what it is telling me. When it tells me to rest I need to rest and not push myself until I harm myself. Which as we know I did with my leg injury.

I learned being fat is no fun when you have to use crutches. I learned that pain is not my friend but....... boy does it move in quickly when you are not taking care of yourself.

I learned the scale is not your friend when you are on steroids. But I must tell you that steroids are my friend as they do make my RA flare ups pass quickly.

I learned it is possible to lose weight on steroids............just not as much as I wanted.

I learned I may not be losing weight but I am losing inches.......I will take the if I could just figure out how to get rid of the weight.

I learned I can do weight training and LIKE it.

I learned I can now walk 6 miles and not complain my legs and back hurt.

I learned I can make it through Christmas and not have a major weight gain.

I learned I can eat healthy and be totally satisfied.

So during this challenge I also lost a few things.......

I lost the need to try and lose 2lbs per week.

I lost the need to try and keep up with everyone's weight loss and not be satisfied with my own.

I lost 8.8 pounds, not a lot as I was hoping but much better than gaining.

I lost 5 1/4 inches and went down a size.

The best part of this challenge has been my continued friendship with my fellow Pearls and the new Pearls who have joined us. The new friendships I have formed with other team mates, the new teams I have joined and all the new information I am absorbing . The support, inspiration and motivation I have received from them and other SP to continue this journey to a healthier me.

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OUTLATER 2/13/2008 11:29AM

    Yay Lenore! You inspire me girl!
Love ya,

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MY_AGREEMENT 2/12/2008 10:06PM

    Lenore, that's awesome! It sounds like a whole lot of success to me. How many people can say that they lost weight and inches over the holidays? You are such an inspiration - I know your "numbers" don't seem as impressive as some other people's, but the progress you have made and the things you have overcome are both AMAZING. Big hugs!

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PRINCESSNURSE 2/11/2008 11:47AM

    Hugs Lenore! You are doing an awesome job!

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SUZZZZQ 2/11/2008 10:07AM

    WowHoo WTG Lenore @ such a wonderful and inspirational post. I loved reading it and seeing what you have learned & gained during your journey so far. You have come such a long way in such a short time and I am so proud of you! Keep Up the Great Job You Are Doing! Big Hugs, Suz

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DANCNGRL 2/11/2008 8:46AM

    What a great post!!! You learned so much and came so far on this journey. You are an inspiration to all of us and such a support. Putting all of the successes on one list has got to make you feel so good about yourself, what you have accomplished, and what you have learned. YAY!!!

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SKAYT77 2/11/2008 3:45AM

    Lenore you are doing awesome!! You have learned alot, most importantly I think is not to beat yourself up when things aren't working as planned! As long as the weight keeps coming off.. no matter how slowly, we are doing well! And best off.. we aren't putting it all back on!

proud to be a fellow Pearl with you!!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Celeste Ericka was born 12/27/07 at 8:33 AM. She is 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 19 1/2" long with lots of black hair! Baby and proud parents are are doing great, big sister will be spending time with them at the hospital today!

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TMOMMA 1/14/2008 10:34PM

    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! She is a little doll!! I know you are so proud! Congrats on the new baby!! You have a beautiful family!
Hugs and Prayers

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    ahahahahhh she is sooo sweet and the baby too ... nice looking family there. i am kidding the baby is the sweet one and the DD is beautiful to after all she just went through..... great lookin family you have hugs fr donna

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MY_AGREEMENT 12/29/2007 10:21AM

    How gorgeous! You must be SO proud too!

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PRINCESSNURSE 12/28/2007 1:19PM

    What a beautiful baby! I am so glad you got to be with them.


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OUTLATER 12/28/2007 12:51PM

    Awww what a sweet looking family... What a blessing a new baby is... Congrats,

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DANCNGRL 12/28/2007 12:10PM

    YAY!! She is too precious! Dawn looks great as does dad. Hope you are having a fantastic time in NYC!! Congrats and Mazel Tov!! Love n oreos, Shira

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SUZZZZQ 12/28/2007 12:05PM

    Yay Lenore! Awww, How precious is she! Love the name and what a beautiful family. CONGRATS TO ALL!!! Much Love & Hugs Suz

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WANDAH3 12/28/2007 11:56AM

    What a delightful addition to your family tree. Congratulations!

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