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Besieged by chocolate

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Someone brought brownies and cake to the party. After all my efforts! Still, I was ok. I was over the past two days, but I was very under on Monday, so it balances.

I am _feeling_ thinner, but am not allowing myself to get on the scale until tomorrow. Clothes are no longer tight, though. Now I just have to get to exercising. Maybe I will buy some DVDs.

We are being visited by Gustav today. Rainy and COLD. I only have two temps: cold and bearable. I hate the fraking winter!!! And fall. And spring! Bring on the heat!

My co-worker brought it doughnuts this morning, and I succumbed to half, than the rest. I find that I can have very unhealthy sweets and still stay in my range, but it can't be good to have 1/4-1/3 of my calories a day be from junk.

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LIL.TALA 9/5/2008 1:01PM

    good job on staying mostly in your range. No it snot good to ge tit from junk (says the woman who had chicken parm pizza from jet's today) but if you don't do it all the time it won't hurt too bad.
remember lifestyle change not diet

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SPAMSWIFE 9/4/2008 3:26PM

    Its such a great feeling to be thinner. Or atleast feel that way.

Get cracking on the exercise. Check out some of the tapes by using the library, youtube or netflix. That way if it sucks you did not waste money.

Have fun!!

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THATMARY 9/4/2008 11:04AM

    Good job on not going overboard and having loose fitting clothes! I'm weak when it comes to chocolate...I'd hate to see it go to waste, lol.
You should consider moving to FL. I grew up there and the state has 2 seasons: summer (where the heat is somewhat bearable) and SUMMER (where you'll fry like an egg in a matter of minutes.) On occasion there will be a cold front that will last for a day or 2. You can always pinpoint the residents from the tourists b/c the tourists are half naked while the residents are bundled up and layered as if a blizzard is coming, lol.
Congrats again!

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SIZE-0-4EVER 9/4/2008 10:53AM

  Oh gees woman...are you MAD???? I HATE THE HEAT!!!! Sorry about the chocolate least you were good.Congrats on feeling thinner's a great feeling isnt it? emoticon

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No slumbering here

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Whew! What a weekend. What a stressful couple of days. Thank G-d everything is okay...much better than expected! I felt so drained. Waiting was so hard. Thank G-d.

Of course, Hanna and Ike are still out there and I'm not relaxing yet.

As far as Spark-weekend, I did good yesterday and Sunday, but bad Friday and Saturday.

My friend from NOLA decided to evacuate to see me. She is a "Slumber Parties" (you can look it up online, NSFW) distrabutor and is taking advantage of being up here to throw a "toy" party, which is like a Tupperware party. So, I have planned a menu of healthy items. Everytime I thought about "just one things of cookies/chips/chocolate, etc" I said, "No! You will just eat all of that then." I am proud of myself; here is my menu:

Sliced red peppers
Whole wheat pita wedges
Apple slices
Deviled eggs (used 1/2 yolks)
Baked cut-up potatoes
Zuchinni bread

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SIZE-0-4EVER 9/3/2008 12:01PM

  Seems like I saw a spark recipe entitle CHOCOLATE zuchinni might want to look it up.

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SPAMSWIFE 9/2/2008 4:48PM

    Wow! That sounds really yummie.

I think I will try to sneak some healthy food in the next time the nerds are over.


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AK_MOM 9/2/2008 3:41PM

    Sounds like a tasty menu!! I'm sure your guests will be grateful too. I love zucchini bread - it's a favorite in our house.

Have fun at your party and I'm glad everything is ok!

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Pray for us.

Friday, August 29, 2008

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LIL.TALA 8/30/2008 2:15PM

    you are in our prayers honey!

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LADY_DONKEY 8/30/2008 10:02AM

    I'm watching it on the news. I'm very worried... I will be praying all weekend.... God help us, have mercy...

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CADMONKEY 8/29/2008 2:06PM

    New Orleans is in my thoughts. I hope everyone comes through this. I hope nothing actually happens.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

According to the scale this morning I weigh 135.8. I think last time I weighed I was 135.4 (and then 136.4 the next day). It's not a lot of progress but I am trying not to be disappointed. It's not really about the weight, it's about how I look/feel, and when I feel like the blob around my hips and fat stomach, it's no fun. I'm going to be happy when the scale shows below 135 again. Is there a better time to weigh in than in the morning?

Tomorrow cannot be a Spark day (I'm being taught how to bake desserts and attending a cookout/party), so I'm going to try to be sure to make today, Sunday, and Monday are Spark days. I'm a little worried because we are going out tonight for a big couples dinner to a nice plae, but I'm sure I can find something. Fish is usually a good call.

Last night my bff and I WALKED to a Thai and Japanese place. For $10 we got miso soup (which I brought home to Ian), appitizer (I got edamame), entree (teriayki salmon), and a California roll. Mmmmm!

Damn I just realized I forgot to add to my tracker the piece of tempora I ate. Don't you hate "tasting" and "nibbling" "sampling," because then you have to remember to add it to your tracker? Argh.

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LIL.TALA 8/30/2008 2:14PM

    excellent choices ! I hope you had fun on your walk too!

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    Wait, we could have done that?:)

She wasn't healthy, but she had a reason. I told her she should not feel guilty, that she had to go through all the medicines: pizza, ice cream, fried food, chocolate, asian food, alcohol, drugs are optional. Actually, I watched her buy two packs of King Sized Reese's and chocolate bar at the market. That would have been me, too, in her shoes. I thought we'd end up with tubs of ice cream, but I gave her Slim-a-Bear bars.

Yes, I managed quite a healthy Japanese dinner (it's all about your choices!).

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SIZE-0-4EVER 8/29/2008 11:47AM

  Um....that picture looks yummy...YOURE SO WRRROONNNGG!!!! The Japanese yummies sound really good.I have a freind at work who used to bring me lunch once a week,and he and his wife and religous about their Japanese cuisine.If it werent for him there would still be many foods out there that I have'nt tried.And they were all very healthy and VERY satisfying. Hope your friend is feeling ok least you guys did the "healthy pity party" instead of going home and hanging out watching sappy movies on the couch with 2 tubs of ice cream between the two of you!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sinning in chocolate

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last night I promised myself that I would buy chocolate babka after my late work responsibility. so I did...and this time I only ate 1/3 on the way home *wince* The truth is, chocolate babka definetly gives you a lot of bang for your caloric buck. One ounce is small, but highly tasty, and only 100 calories. This morning as penance, I sliced some babka into one-ounce slices and bagged them.

I was listening to the DNC last night on the radio and then Biden at home. GObama! (I also saw "504bama," which I really liked.) I am getting so excited

My bff broke up with her boyfriend this morning. I have suggested sushi, and I have 100-calorie Slim-a-Bear bars at home. Hopefully I can help her wallow heathfully. This kind of thing is so sad.

I bought "Yes to Carrots" to try on my psoriasis.


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