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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

High volume, low fat eating is easy when we begin to understand the concept of fat to fat comparisons, as opposed to the old caloric-counting days. So stop worrying about the calories for now and let's just look at the fat.
So let's do some comparing. For example 1, 1 chocolate chip cookie 6 grams of fat 78 calories Let's do the math; 6x9/78 is a whopping 78% fat! Now compare it to greens and vegetables: carrots oh let's say 50 carrots 6 grams of fat (SAME AMOUNT!) higher calories 1500 but now let's do the math again! 6x9/1500 Are you sitting down for this? You'd better be IT's 4% fat! Here's another one:
1 piece of cheese pizza 10 grams fat 250 calories Let's do the math 10x9/250 is 36% fat
now compare it with 30 cups green beans SAME amount of fat 6 grams but again higher in calories 1313 NOW let's do the math 6x9/1313 is DRUM ROLL PLEASE! 7% fat!
Now let's compare that same piece of pizza with 10 cups of brown rice This has 10 grams of fat and 2321 calories What percentage of fat are we talking? Well let's see. 10x9/2321 is a whopping 4% fat!
1 cheese burger with 30 grams of fat and 500 calories YOWZER! 30x9/500 SIT DOWN! 54% fat! now let's compare it with 30 cups of wholewheat pasta! again same amount of fat 30 grams and5220 calories and the math? 30x9/5220=5% fat FIVE PERCENT!
Now I know we're not going to sit down and make a meal out of 50 carrots,30 cups of wholewheat pasta,10 cups of brown rice etc! That would be ludicrous! but you are seeing the difference in high volume high quality LOW FAT eating, right?!

Do you see what's happening here? HIGH VOLUME, HIGH QUALITY, LOW FAT eating and really eating no starvation no deprivation! YOU CHOOSE! It makes me nuts every time I think about it! To think all these years of starving ourselves and counting calories! Do you know how many SWEET things we can do with rice, beans and vegetables?!!!! The list is endless! Soups casseroles, salads, patties and you've got how much volume to work with?

One cookie JUST ONE! Get a life Doctors nutritionists, dietitcians--why weren't we told! BIG JERKS! We've been made to believe we had a problem because we couldn't control ourselves? It's not me It's not you it's the food we're eating! The fat that's going into our bodies at the end of our forks!

Now I'll bet you're thinking I hate meat I'm a vegan NOPE! I love my meat! My chicken, my bison, my turkey etc. But this isn't about vegan verses meat eater. There are lots of unhealthy overweight vegans out there too. This is about fat and only fat! FAT! FAT! FAT! Fat for fat!
And meat and dairy are as about as high as they come! The whole point is that there are MANY foods that we can eat without the fat and with high volume higher quality that we need to give us the nutrients, vitamins and the ENERGY we need to LIVE! AND guess what IT TAKES THE WORRY OUT OF IT!

So let's get started! There's no time like the present! EAT EAT EAT AND ENJOY AND LOSE WEIGHT! GET LEAN STRONG AND HEALTHY!
Don't wait until the kids have all graduated and left the nest to make better food decisions or you're waiting to finish school and get that internship and residency. You'll be dead by then!

It's just too easy to start NOW. Have your skinless boneless chicken and a few veggies, but instead of having that glass of milk and cookie have that wholewheat pasta salad, a rice dish or some beans. and just maybe if you've got the beans you don't necessarily need the chicken that day. Eat the food you can have enough of to be full and not be deprived. Food that works WITH your body instead of against it!
I tell ya it's so much easier than living fat. Remember it's not food that makes you fat IT's FAT that makes you fat!I promise! So READ your labels, do the math. Don't ever take the information on a label at face value again! And if there is ingredients you can't pronounce and it's a mile long and ten miles deep or no label at all? PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF WHERE YOU FOUND IT!
The manufacturers don't give a flyin flip about your heart condition, your arteries, or your body. All they care about is taking your money! So start eating smarter! High volume higher quality LOW fat and see what happens I can promise you the difference in the way you feel will be IMMEDIATE! And the difference in the way you look won't be far behind!

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STEELY123 7/29/2009 6:13AM

    Yep, Susan Powter is right on the ball, Got the book and now the understanding!!!
Way to go girl that's a great piece of research written in a way everyone can understand!!

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COOLMAMA11 7/28/2009 9:25PM

    Egads woman are you trying to give me a heart attack aaaaack! Boy when it's put right out there, really makes one think , no wonder our arteries are clogged, no body can digest that kind of fat! When I think I used to eat at least 4-5 cookies with a cup of tea...OMG!!!!! It scares me to death llol! Thanks NMS for keeping us so well informed, it really helps in my food selection for the day!


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TWINKS55 7/28/2009 5:01PM

    Thank you.
I see more clearly where you are going with this.

A chocolate chip cookie has 78% fat!! YIKES!! I did not know that! I am shocked!!!
The pizza at 36% fat is more understandable.
Cheeseburger at 54% fat.( Shaking my head.)

Great info.
Thank you!!


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Food? Yes Food Part Three; I Tell'em Susan sent me! Good health to you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Very Lean Protein Options

Top of the Pyramid, not the best or first choice, but if it's turkey you want, then make sure it's lean (using the fat formula will tell you just how lean) White chicken, fish (remembering not all fish is low fat)---CHECK CHECK CHECK! and the old high-protein, lean egg whites. There are leaner sources of protein aside from red meats, and beef. There is no such thing as lean beef. It's a contradiction in terms. Beef is high fat, low volume, saturated-fat food no mater how the beef industry wants us to see it. Pork--the other white meat yeah right! There is no way around it even with the millions spent on advertising. It's high fat food. PERIOD! If it's meat we want these should be our lean protein options but remember MR BEAN is stronger, better, and leaner and WILL cause you less stress.

Well, what do you think? Gotta love it right? It's so simple if you stop and think about it. Don't go nuts and wipe out the pantry and cabinets You don't need to fill your hose with glass jars and legumes. Just begin to incorporate some of these better foods into your daily eating so that you have less to think about. There isn't much fat calculating to be done with beans grains or veggies either. So it's easy to learn how to prepare these foods according to your family's tastes and lifestyle and simply start including them.

What can we do with grains and beans? It's endless...soups casseroles salads loafs patties the list goes on. Susan makes a lentil loaf she swears is to die for LOL To quote "Even the best meat and potatoes guy wouldn't know it's the best meat loaf and gravy he ever tasted."
Make it put it front of him fib a little he'll never know the difference." The whole family will get leaner and heatheir.

Whole grains, Long grain rice, wild rice Millet, rolled oats, polenta, quinoa, short grain brown rice, These are the foundations of eating. Whole grains with your beans and veggies give us the nutrients for our bodies to be well. They supply our bodies with the highest quality fuel our bodies can get; low in fat, high in complex carbs and protein and lots of fibre! That's it that's just the beginning of how to change the way we look and feel. The easiest, fastest way to change your body is to eat the highest quality, lowest fat highest volume foods. ANd you can't get better than whole grains!

Start to become familiar with these foods There is nothing to be apprehensive about if you can pull together that thanksgiving dinner and have everything come out on time and taste good you can certainly put together a rice dish--using real rice not the artificial whit refined junk that comes in a box.
Add a grain dish to your broiled chicken dinner. THrow in a grain here and there and watch what starts happening to your body!
There are millions of good wholegrain cookbooks on the market--grab one. BUT if the rice recipes are loaded with milk and butter? LEAVE it on the shelf where you found it! Bean recipes are a dime a dozen play around with them be creative eat and enjoy!

I promise you these foods WILL give you the proteins minerals vitamins fibre that your body needs and will help make it far easier for you to stay lean, strong and healthy.
The AMA may not be readyt o admit the connection between what we put in our mouths is the reason for the way we look and feel but I know I'm ready to make the connection and make those changes otherwise I am killing myself slowly and painfully eating the other way; high fat low volume poor quality foods. And I know that there isn't a person out there that doesn't want to change and improve the way they look and feel and increase the quality of their lives right along with me!
I am shocked every day at how the smallest of changes in my eating do to my life. I know you would too Try it! I Tell'em Susan sent me! Good health to you!


Food? Yes Food... Continued

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gas you say! Well that will depend on your own individual bodies Sorry can't give you a timeline as to how long it takes for the body to adjust!


This makes for an interesting subject. Everybody needs carbs. a great source of energy and definitely most of the time high volume low fat eating. However, we find that most americans/canadians are getting most of their carbs from processed carbs and there in lies the problem.
Increasing the quality of food for example for many means going from white refined bread to wholewheat or whole grain breads. Going from a whole egg to a whole grain bagel for breakfast Yes these are steps in the right direction but women can not live on bagels alone (although we'd like to think we can) It's not a whole food. The closer you get to the original food the better the food and the more nutritional value it has.
To explain then: Bagels pasta instant rice corn meal and whole wheat are all fine and dandy and certainly better than the packaged Danish in the local corner grocers. However, believe it or not, these are still processed. Not the high quality were talking about in the high volume high quality low fat formula of eating.
When those foods--or any other foods for that matter are processed the tough seeds, flours meals that they are made from are lost. A lot of the nutritional value fibre and original food quality is gone when the bread cereal or tortilla is born.
Eating too many processed grains and starches will not get your body the wide variety of foods our bodies need. These processed foods have a lot of the time had salt sugar and fats added for taste texture or preservative. That is why reading the labels is so IMPORTANT.
There is nothing wrong with breads or pastas once in awhile, we are getting our most of our carbs in this form and are missing out on the grains that work not just better but BEST with our bodies and are high in volume, low in fat and as versatile as all heck!
So eat and enjoy that bagel but with the understanding that it should be eaten with other foods.
For example starting with breakfast create an eggwhite omelette stuffed with veggies and loaded with flavour! I love spicing things up! Put that on a bagel add a little mustard and lettuce tomato onion, and Chazam! You've got yourself a high volume high quality low fat breakfast!

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TWINKS55 7/27/2009 8:47PM

    High fibre as close to nature as possible.
Thank you.

When you cook grains and beans how do you flavour them without alot of processed sugar, sauces , etc.?

I admire what you are doing.


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Food? Yes Food!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Food? Yes Food!
High volume high quality low fat food! Let's eat until our hearts content and lose weight!!
You heard me I said eat and really eat and lose lose lose!

Ok Call me big hearted, Condsiderate, just plain ole' "nice guy" but I now have a high volume, high quality, low fat, balanced, perfectly healthy versatile inexpensive way to eat that works with my body that is going to get me healthy and keep me lean! And here I am sharing it with you!

Here's the Susan Angle! (and mine too)

Let's start with WHOLE GRAINS
So we want high volume, high quality, low fat food (can't say that enough)we're interested in we start with whole grains!
Constipation? Eat 10 cups of brown rice and see what happens NO Not all at once LOL but you can definitely throw out the ex-lax!
Whole grains are the greatest source of complex carbs, filling--and did I say versatile? Cook them up, put them in the fridge, rush home after work and warm up some sauce, throw in the rice; instant dinner!

If you want protein without the saturated fat(of course we do!) EAT BEANS. Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat themore you...I know, gas! LOL Soak 'em don't worry about the gas--your body will figure it out in time. Our bodies are adjustable to change.
And you can absolutley eat enough protein and build strong bones and muscles without the saturated fat! Just eat a vegetable, a legume with a whole grain together in a day and you'll have had enough protein for the day without the fat, hormones, feces and other junk tha comes with eating a meat. So don't worry about not getting enough protein inyour diet. Meat is not the only source! Just begin to include these fabulous foods in your daily diet for higher quality calories, lower fat,....and lots of gas LOL

We all know veggies. Way back in the first diet days right? These were THE things we were told to eat and carry with you to satisfy our hunger. yeah... the bag of celery and carrot sticks does a lot of good when we've been running around all day expending energy! We're going to be RAVENOUS!
THen there's the midday salad option the only option we were given. Oh boy wasn't that satisfying!
Yes veggies are good and good for snacking but a bowl of veggies does not a complete meal make!
Include veggies in your rice, in your pasta salad, on a sandwich as a side dish; steam 'em broil 'em bake 'em blend 'em! Do whatever youlike to them but the midday salad as a meal is OUTTA HERE!

Eat some once in awhile or as often as you like but whatever you do do not expect it to last as an energy source for more than a couple of hours. Sugar is quick to burn off and an apple by itself is not the most filling thing. But include fruit with your oatmeal, cereal or with whatever you chose to have for breakfast and you'll be better for it.

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TWINKS55 7/27/2009 5:03PM


I am looking at this while eating fresh new carrots and dipping them in cottage cheese that i have added fresh dillweed to!LOL!

So, is this a vegan food plan?
Is there any place for dairy, esp. low fat or fat free dairy?

Are you just starting this plan now or have you been on it awhile?

I am wondering how long does it take for the body to get over producing gas and abdominal discomfort from the beans?

Lots of questions {grin}. About what percentage of your food would you say comes from grains and legumes?

Natural eating is very good! This is exciting!!


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still hot humid and sunny here ARG! Trying to get things done in the coolest part of the day this morning including my cardio and resistance training!
I usually cut grass Saturday mornings but it's been so dry without the rain that there is no grass to speak of to be cut.

I can't beleive what I wAs able to accomplish yesterday! Usually when I get on my iron horse I can do a limit of 100 reps. Yesterday I changed my routine and was able to do 300! I'd do 50 take a 60 second rest and do another 50! Going to do the same today and see if I can increase it. This iron horse is a complete body workout! And you know what I'm not even one bit sore this morning either!
And I even got some writing in!
After I'd done all of that it was too hot to do anything else so I put the time to very good use!

And I already have my meal plan in place and at the end of the day my fat intake is only (drumroll please!) 13% The rest of the day this body can burn all the prestored fat it wants to! I'm getting rid of this fat!

So I'm going to go and run my couple of Saturday errands by then I should be hungry enough to have some breakfast. After that I'll do my cardio and resistance training. Then the rest of the day is going to be spent in front of the AC writing


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