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Gettin'er Done!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

YES! the two loads of laundry are washed, dried and drying out on the line, the back porch is cleaned and organized and floor washed. Kitchen the dishes are done and stove and fridge cleaned. Floor needs washing.
Office, reorgainzed, dusted so far. I have everthing pulled out from the walls at the moment to clean and scrub in the corners.
I'm gettin'er done! May even have enough energy to scrub the bedroom and livingroom floors yet we shall see.

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JENIFIREHARP 9/28/2008 9:46PM


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CINNIEMAY 9/28/2008 6:43PM

    Great job!! Don't hurt yourself!

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HUGGERS1 9/28/2008 6:27PM

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW even through the pain you are amazing!!!!!!!
I am so proud of you for all that you are able to do. I hope you find time to rest and eat in there.

Your Walter is going to be so impressed with you :) Hope he likes the office.

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FAIRYDANCER1 9/28/2008 4:56PM

    Oh my goodness you are a whirling dirvish today. What a lot of energy you have. Congratulationns on getting it all done!

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My day is set!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well yesterday was as you all know an alright great all around day with pain levels etc.. Today however I can't seem to get rid of this nagging ache in my lower back Not even the Tylenol Arthiritis is working! Bummer! None the less I'll be taking the day in stride and still getting things done even if it means in intervals.
I do have my bed stripped and the linens in the washer now and my kitchen is all but clean and the dishes done Now it's time ot sit for a bit and then I tackle the rest of it. I want to tear apart this office and scower it from top to bottom and as soon as I have the kitchen completley cleaned and floors washed I'm going ot start it. Even if I don't get it completely done I have tomorrow and a better day.
Check that at the door Walter just got called out on a service call and will be gone for most of the day so I am now changing plans and am going to try my damndest to have this office cleaned before he gets back today! I call it a bit of a lucky break becuase he is feeling out of sorts with his Fybromyalgia and this will do him good to get out of the house and have a change of mind on other things too! My day is set!
The weather is changing here too The days are much cooler and damper and you KNOW fall is here and I think that is what is causing the triggers to produce more sore. GGGRRRRRRRRRRR

WHOO HOOO I'm in it now!
OK this is the info I have found. Next stop my health food store when I get to Red Deere next Saturday!

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* Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established.

Serving Size: 2 Vcaps®

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Warnings: Do not eat freshness packet. Keep in bottle.

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Store in a cool, dry place. Please recycle.

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ZZYYGGY 9/28/2008 1:48PM

    Sounds like you're having quite the day keep up the good work.

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Very Pleased

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well now I can honestly say that was a fun day I had a riot with the customers that came in Everybody was in the mood to drop wisecracks and joke aroudn! And weere was Tony in the back of the store in his little corner of the world and in a world of his own! And in good spirits as well Guess who would come out once in awhile to mind the till and he too was joking and laughing! It's about time!!!!!!!!!! He even came to me and in his own positive way noticed how tired I was looking and that my back and legs were bothering me and commenteed on the fact that I should be exercisng more to get rid of the rest of my weight What was so comical were his antics when he tried describing my actions. He literally bent over from the waist down and acted like an ape That's not what he meant it to look like but we had a good laugh anyway!
I'm tired from the day and yes my legs and back are acheing but no pain!

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CINNIEMAY 9/28/2008 9:49AM

    Sounds like all in all it was a good day. Try to get some rest! I am glad that you were pain free!

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HUGGERS1 9/28/2008 12:11AM

    I am glad that you aren't having any pain. I hope you continue to stay pain free. Get lots of rest and soak in a nice hot tub :)


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Yes a much better day pain wise!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes a much better day pain wise! I'd say by at least 30% doing things the way I made them happen yesterday!! I still came home and once I'd done everything that needs doing I sat with my hot water bottle behind my back and enjoyed WWE Smackdown and a movie!
I'm thinking this new bed better be produced shortly These older mattresses are definelty not helping either! I wake up in the morningnow with paining shoulders So It's MYOFLEX Time!I want a bed with the memory foam I think!
So it's off to work for one more day! Tomorrow and MOnday the house gets it! This office needs ot be torn apart and CLEANED form stem to stern and it's going to get it! At least that is the plan!
See ya all then! Have a great weekend stay out of trouble and on track!

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    Keep taking good care of yourself. I'm so proud of you for staying so positive.

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I can't keep going like this.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Well we'll see how today goes. The pain right now is minimal I've done everythig I know to do or can do to hopefully keep it at bay for the day so that I can get through this day of work.
I did get a much better good nights sleep last night too which defintely helped!
I am going to make that Drs Appointment today and see about getting something for the pain and inflammation now. Why she didin't give me that in the first place is beyond me! So we're going to get her to do it this time around. Because I certianly can't keep going like this.

Well there is one I'm looking into It's called DIDROCAL and it's a 90 day rotation Youtake this little blue pill the pain/inflamatory for the first 24 days and then take a calcium barcarbonate for the remaining 76 days But we shall see what doc says on Monday at 1:30 made the appointment this morning And I STILL have internet! huh! ANyway Ashley and I are playing a psych game with the bosses today Remember the day Tony rode us about tlaking too much and to each other when there are customers in the store? Well we are tlaking to each other but only when they are not around and it is in very low tones So that the only conversation they hear are when we are talking to the customers! LMAO Not only that but when we need each others help up at the tilll we now ring the buzzer instead of verbally calling out for each other IT'S WORKIN! MOONIE already asked Ashley if we were mad at each other because we weren't talking LOL We're teaching them a lesson in PSYCH 101!
And today I played a psych game with Ashley too and made so that she ended up lifting and carying ALL of the heavier boxes of supplies. In both her departments and Tony's meat. And you should have heard the grunting and groaning and complaining about how heavy things were. And after we were done and said now you know who lifts al the heavier things and why my back is the way it is! Because some of those boxes of meat weigh well over 100 to 150 pounds! And I'm not yangin your chain! And I help her with her diary and freezer and the meat for Tony! PLUS DO ALL OF MY OWN GROCERY DEPARTMENT well they start putting their products out on the shelves etc.! Not today and my back has thanked me for it!

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PERSEPHONEJUDE 9/27/2008 12:57AM

    You are sooooooooooooo strong, you rock and motivate me daily!!! Thank you.


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    It does seem like most doctors aren't proactive about offering meds. They're so scared that they're going to give something to a drug seeker; patients who need meds end up getting the bad end of the deal! I hope your doctor gives you something that will help.

Oddly enough, I have a doctor who wants to give me pills all of the time. I don't want them. I think he's perplexed by me. lol

Take care, and have a great weekend.

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HUGGERS1 9/26/2008 10:05PM

    HEY YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You amaze me. You struggle with so much pain yet you help others all the time. I cannot believe your strength and willpower. I do hope you find something that works for you.


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