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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lighting fires in the cold

It is very easy to complain about the state of the world and point fingers, especially when you're having a bad day. What is not so easy--and yet desperately needed at times--is for people to step up and make a difference. Don't be intimidated by others, wallow in your own negative feelings, or sit back and assume someone will do it when you are capable yourself! Relating to others around you isn't always easy, but lending a helping hand, extending a hand in friendship, or expressing a word of encouragement can make a big difference to someone. The fate of many has been changed by the actions of just one person who has grown tired of "how it's always been done" and instead turns and does something more positive. The world does not demand of you to give your entire life, but we can all be instruments of positive change. What can you do to make this world better?

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HUGGERS1 7/9/2008 11:48AM

    Instead of complaining about our leaders, let's pray that God guide their decisions and let God's glory shine in the world. Show love to everyone, not just a select few. Share our prosperity with those less fortunate. Smiles brighten people's lives. Call those you worry about and let them know they are loved. Try to skip the grocery bags at the supermarket. Have boxes in your car to carry the food in. Recycle as much as is allowed in your town. Take care of yourself so you can care for others.

just a few :)

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Good Versus Evil!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good Versus Bad!

Every day, every minute, every second you have choices.
Which ones will you choose?

Lucifer, the fallen angel: God cast him out of heaven. Lucifer then became consumed with rage. His rage turned into contempt for everything that God represented and created.

God gave Man free will and then appealed to his good nature to live life in the spirit of God. Luciferís contempt for God sent him on a crusade to appeal to man's free will to live life in the opposite direction of God.

Free will gives you the opportunity to choose. When you can choose, you have to make a decision. God represents making the better for the good decisions, and the devil represents making dire decisions. Whether God and the devil exist is not the issue. We all make good and bad decisions, so we all have God and the devil in us.

What does it mean when I say that we all have God and the devil in us? Letís translate those words as good energy and bad energy, positive and negative. We all have good/positive and bad/negative energy in and around us. If you stop and think about it, you can feel the forces of energy. When you walk into a room, you can feel anger, hostility or unfriendliness. Conversely, you can feel when you are welcomed with warmth and friendliness. You can feel a warm look or a sour face, a smile or a hostile glance. You can also feel the negative energy inside you when you are enraged, angry, jealous, greedy, selfish or mean. You also feel the positive energy inside you when you are nice, loving, laughing, happy, generous. Thatís why smiling feels so good. It activates the positive energy inside of us.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Negative and positive energy exist, and itís up to us to tap into either one. Manís energy is the most powerful energy we know. We solve our opportunities or destroy our futures. Hitler used words to tap into manís negative energy toward destruction and closed the door on the future. Dr. King used words to tap into positive energy to move men together and open the doors to the future.

Letís go back to the beginning. No, not Adam and Eve, I hope you just laughed. No, letís go back to the beginning of our adventure together. You have this incredible power: You. Itís been there the whole time. You introduced yourself to your inner voice and have been strengthening it to make positive and good decisions. You havenít been lying to yourself and have been acknowledging the truth. Most of the truth you already knew. You know what is right and wrong. You know what is good and bad. You know you have to exercise. You know you should pay attention to your attitude, and all the rest. So what you have been doing is learning how to tap into the positive energy in and around you. To let in the good energy, be your inner voice and guide in life in order to make the right decisions.

Again, I am not preaching the existence of God or the devil. The references are only to serve as analogies. If we add an ďoĒ to the word God, we get ďgood.Ē What we are deciding to do is let the good inside us be our strength and conscience and make decisions from that perspective. Recently I discovered that the root of the word enthusiasm means that God is within us. When I have asked you to be enthusiastic, without knowing it, I have been wanting you to let the God inside you guide you and help you develop the Tools to create the life you want.

If you take the ďdĒ away from devil, you get evil. You donít want the evil inside to be your guide. Remember, walk out of your house with a bad attitude and run into it all throughout the day. Walk out with a good attitude and find that all day. You will also have the power to let the negative energy bounce off you by not reacting. However, you always have to keep your eyes open because the devil/bad energy is always waiting to trap you like a bear in one of your bad decisions.

You will find that when you tap into your positive energy, you will also find positive energy all around you. It will give you power and will fuel you. Do you know that it doesnít matter whether God exists or not? You do what you do in this life because this life counts. Certainly, if there is an afterlife, what you do will matter, but thatís not the issue. You should not have ulterior motives to your deeds. Thereís a difference between being good and being good for God. You do the right thing because itís the right thing to do.

It doesnít matter if God exists. It doesnít matter if there is a blackout and the lights go out. It doesnít matter if you are invisible and can get away with anything. Wrong is wrong. Bad is bad. You need to hold yourself accountable to yourself and your rules. You need to follow what you know is the truth. Remember, "What comes around goes around."

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HUGGERS1 7/9/2008 9:51AM

    I like this post. I pray everyday that Satan leave my family alone so God can shine through them. I also pray that God guide all of us on our journey to better health. It is so important to focus on the good that can be done. I am an optimist by choice and really enjoy making people feel better and look on the bright side :) God is Good and his love endures forever. I know He will carry us through.


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Motivation is OUR inner power

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Motivation is OUR inner power or energy that pushes US toward performing a certain action. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, this means motivation is absent too.

Often we have the desire and ambition to get something done or achieve a certain goal, but lack the push, the initiative and the willingness to take action. This shows a lack of motivation and inner drive.

Motivation strengthens the ambition, increases initiative and gives direction, courage energy and the persistence to follow one's goals. A motivated person takes action to achieve his/her goals.

Motivation is usually strong, when we have a vision, a clear mental image of a certain situation or achievement, and also a strong desire to materialize it. In this case motivation pushes us forward, toward taking action and making the vision a reality.

Motivation can be applied to every action and goal. It could be motivation to study a foreign language, to get good grades at school, write a poem, take a walk everyday or make more money, get a better job, buy a new house, own a business or become a writer, a doctor or a lawyer. Motivation is present whenever there is a clear vision, precise knowledge of what one wants to do, a strong desire and faith in our abilities.

Actually, motivation is one of the most important keys to success. Lack of motivation either does not bring results or brings only mediocre results, whereas motivation brings faster, better and bigger results. Compare a student who lacks motivation and who hardly studies, and a student who is highly motivated and devotes many hours for studying. They will get absolutely different grades.

Lack of motivation shows lack of enthusiasm, zest, and ambition, whereas the possession of motivation makes one full of life, and willng to do whatever it takes to achieve what one sets out to do. A motivated person is a happier person, who sees the positive end result in his/her mind.

What can we do to enhance our motivation and awaken the power that will push us toward accomplishing our dreams, small and big? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Set a goal. If you have a major goal, it would be a good idea if you split it into several minor goals, each leading to your major goal. In this way, you will find it easier to motivate yourself, as you will not feel overwhelmed, and the goal would seem more feasible and easier to accomplish.

2. Understand that finishing what you start is important. Hammer into your mind that whatever you start you have to finish. Develop the habit of going to the finish line.

3. Socialize with others of similar interest. Motivation and positive attitudes are contagious. Associate with motivated people, who share your interests.

4. Never procrastinate anything. Procrastination leads to laziness, and laziness leads to lack of motivation.

5. Persistence, patience and not giving up in spite of failure strengthen the motivation to succeed.

6. Read about the subjects of your interest. This will keep your enthusiasm and ambition alive.

7. Constantly affirm to yourself that you can and will succeed.

8. Look at photos of what you want to do, get or achieve.

9. Visualize your goals with happiness and joy.

Remember, if a certain goal is really important, you need motivation to keep you going.


"How do I stop my negative thoughts?"

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"How do I stop my negative thoughts?" - is a question that I have been asked many times. If you have ever asked this question then you will feel such enormous relief in knowing the answer, because it is so simple. How do you stop negative thoughts? You plant good thoughts!

When you try to stop negative thoughts, you are focusing on what you don't want - negative thoughts - and you will attract an abundance of them. They can never disappear if you are focused on them. The "stop" part is irrelevant - the negative thoughts are your focus. It doesn't matter if you are trying to stop negative thoughts or control them or push them away, the result is the same. Your focus is on negative thoughts, and by the law of attraction you are inviting more of them to you.

The truth is always simple and it is always easy. To stop negative thoughts, just plant good thoughts! Deliberately plant good thoughts! You plant good thoughts by making it a daily practice to appreciate all the things in your day. Appreciate your health, your car, your home, your family, your job, your friends, your surroundings, your meals, your pets, and the magnificent beauty of the day. Compliment, praise, and give thanks to all things. Every time you say "Thank you" it is a good thought! As you plant more and more good thoughts, the negative thoughts will be wiped out. Why? Because your focus is on good thoughts, and what you focus on you attract.

So don't give any attention to negative thoughts. Don't worry about them. If any come, make light of them, shrug them off, and let them be your reminder to deliberately think more good thoughts now.

The more good thoughts you can plant in a day, the faster your life will be utterly transformed into all good. If you spend only one day speaking of good things and saying "Thank you" at every single opportunity, you will not believe your tomorrow. Deliberately thinking good thoughts is exactly like planting seeds. As you think good thoughts you are planting good seeds inside you, and the Universe will transform those seeds into a garden of paradise. How will the garden of paradise appear? As your life!

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JERSIGYPCI 7/8/2008 10:05PM

    I love the post i try to make at least one person laugh a day even a perfect stranger. it really directs any negativity that may be creeping up on me. emoticon

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HUGGERS1 7/8/2008 7:06PM

    This post is great. I love being positive and try to make myself think positive all the time. There is so much more joy when you have a smile on your face. even if I am sad, I go try to encourage other people, it makes my day a lot brighter :)

Being positive is so important and being thankful for our blessings is necessary.

Have a blessed day :)

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MINORCANLDY 7/8/2008 4:28PM

    Ah! I love the post! Exactly what I've been doing lately. I read a lovely book about thankfulness and I've worked on being ever more aware to give thanks for every little item daily and moment by moment.. OF COURSE I have my down days where it's hard to remember to be thankful. But, all in all, being thankful is really where my happy spot is and it builds more happy stuff inside every time I say, "I am Thankful God.... I am Thankful"

Great motivational blog :)

Goonie Hug

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MOUSEKITTY 7/8/2008 3:20PM

    I think you would enjoy David Burn's book "Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy". It's all about what you've talked about - thinking good thoughts.

That entire theory is something called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. That means in order to change how you feel, you must change how you think. If you always think negative thoughts about yourself, you'll feel badly. But if you try to change those thoughts, you can feel better. We think how we feel, so if we change how we think, we can change how we feel.

Congratulations to coming to this realization! It's not always easy to "think good thoughts", but it can be worth it in the end.

Best of luck to you on your journey!

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I AM the writer, director, actor and producer of MY life.

Monday, July 07, 2008

You are the writer, director, actor and producer of your life. You can decide to create, produce, direct and act any part you want. All you have to do is decide what movie you want to star in, and the role is yours for the taking.

Letís have fun. You are going to pick a new name for the fun of it. You are going to do this even if you like your name. You are going to do it to learn that you can define yourself and your life any way you want. You are in control of your life, and you make your decisions. Your family named you, but you have the power to name yourself and live your life any way you want. This is about more than a name; this is about you being in charge. So today we are going to pick a new name and character, and play.

I want you to pick a name and a character type, and write out how your character walks, talks and gestures. Describe the confidence your character has and the way your character smiles. Make it simple and easy, but do it.
Question 1
Pick your scene name:


Question 2
2. Write a character description:
For instance, how would your character eat? Include in your answer the manners, style, type of food, physical motions . . . anything and everything.
As healthy as one can eat in today's world with all it's perservatives and additives!
She cooks at home and eats out only on the special and rare occasion
Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals and water content.
She eats only low fat low carb low sodium and balaned with protien.
She eats chicken and fish five times a week and treats herself to beef or pork twice a week.
She is very accomplished polite and well mannered.

How would your character walk?
With pride and confidence She is not high society She is middle class and reflects it and carries it well.

How would your character dress
She is well kempt and clean She loves rich dark colours Hunter greenms, Burgundy, Cherry reds, royal blues and blacks with her chocolate browns.
Usually a blouse, and jeans

How would your character talk?
She is well mannered and educated. She annunciates and is very articulate.

How would your character relate with other people
She is adaptable to all persons and walks of live nonjudgemental She accepts people for who they are and what they believe in.

Would your character smile a lot and how does the smile look?
She does in deed smile alot. A huge friendly open smile.

How would you character do his or her job?
She works well with others She is a team player. She is a borderline perfectionist. She completes her tasks with confidence, and precision.

How would your character exercise and look?
She has no gym or access to one So she takes nothing for granted She is up with the sun and into a morning routine of cardio; walking for an hour and every other day has a strength training session of half an hour
She is at present working on losing weight and feels great about her progress thus far. Her goal is to be her proper weight and into a dress size of 12/14

How would your character have fun, play and enjoy life?
She is a creative one! She loves the outdoors and spends as much time there as allows. Usually doing something creative with landscaping around her own property.

She also loves to paint and spends quite a bit of time in front of her canvases again as time allows.

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HUGGERS1 7/7/2008 4:01PM

    Question 1
Pick your scene name:

Question 2
2. Write a character description:
For instance, how would your character eat? Include in your answer the manners, style, type of food, physical motions . . . anything and everything.
My character eats healthy almost every day with veggies and fruits, especially peaches right off that ole tree :) She eats lean protein such as chicken, fish and deer meet. Hunting is one of her hubby's hobbies so she enjoys cooking for him :) Eating out is too much trouble for her, she likes her domain in the kitchen as she knows what is put on her plate. She can also choose the amount of food that is served.

ANNABELLE is full of Southern Charm and is polite and well mannered to all she sees :)

How would your character walk?
ANNABELLE walks with confidence and strives to smile and say hello to everyone :)

How would your character dress
ANNABELLE is clean and well dressed, her face is glowing and she is dressed in a lovely sun dress for the hot summer day. She may be carrying a parasol to keep off the hot rays of the sun :)

How would your character talk?
ANNABELLE is extremely well educated, but you can't get rid of that slow southern drawl ;) She talks with compassion and feeling and loves to have a quiet conversation with friends.

How would your character relate with other people
ANNABELLE loves everyone. She is an extremely compassionate person full of joy. People say her smile makes a bad day turn into a great one.

Would your character smile a lot and how does the smile look?
ANNABELLE is always smiling a smile that lights up the room when she walks in. Even if she has a bad day she tries to make everyone else smile too. Her smile is sincere, not cheesy or fake. She is genuine.

How would you character do his or her job?
ANNABELLE strives to go beyond the duties she has and works hard to make sure her students know she cares about them. she is a teacher and doesn't leave a stone unturned in the quest for showing genuine compassion for her students. She wants them all to succeed and come to her for help. She loves everything about teaching. She loves labs and enjoys setting them up. She is easy to work with as everyone knows they can count on her to get her job done and help someone else if necessary.

How would your character exercise and look?
She has no gym or access to one So she takes nothing for granted She is up with the sun and into a morning routine of cardio; walking for an hour and every other day has a strength training session of half an hour
She is at present working on losing weight and feels great about her progress thus far. Her goal is to be her proper weight and into a dress size of 12/14 (Same as yours I am afraid :)

How would your character have fun, play and enjoy life?
She loves sports and enjoys going to baseball games and family outings. She loves canoing down the river and swimming. She spends a lot of time walking outside around her neighborhood. She is a country girl and loves the outdoors. She takes pictures and enjoys playing with her co-workers toddler when she has time. She spends time with family and sings with everyone ;) She loves going to outings with her church especially fellowship trips where everyone has a blast just doing something together ;)

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