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Who's in Control Around Here Anyway?

Friday, October 15, 2010

What a morning I've had everything at once hit the fan!
I'm on the phone with my sister in New Brunswick, chatting with sister-in-law online facebook, ashlee walks in the door. I no sooner hang up the phone and Walter's calling his cell is down. I check mine too and find the same! So I check the bank account because I know I paid them their money at the end of the month. It was paid to the wrong account because the mistake was made while I was in hospital recovering from surgery.
So I call Telus and arrange for the cells to be reconnected wave the reconnection fee because it was an error made by other sources. Not only did they do that but the waved the late payment fees for both Sept and Oct.
So next down to the bank to try and get the payment error corrected. We even called Bell to see if they would reverse the payment and credit back to my account. Nope can't do it because paymetn was made via online banking. SO it has to be done through the bank and it's going to take them five days to do it. So now I call Telus mobility and explain this to them They left the phones connected and they will get their money as soon as it is back into my account but smarty pants that I am told them it would take 7-10 business days. Gave myself some grace and made the payment arrangement for the 31st of Oct which falls on a weekend so they won't take the pametn until the Monday LOL
So that was settled to everyone's satsifaction!
I stop and pick up the mail and the only thing there was my TD statement with the change of payment date for my loan BUT with it they're also announcing an increase in my monthly payement!
So now I call the bank to find out what is going on! Waiting for their return call because the loans officer is out on lunch!
It never rains but it pours! The planets are certainly not lined up for me today!

So who's in Control Around Here?

Over the years, spirit has taught me that we each come into life with certain lessons to learn in order to spiritually grow and evolve. Before we are born into our physical bodies—and with the help of our spirit guides—we draw up a blueprint, for our lives.

While these particular predetermined events, encounters and lessons are bound to show up along our journey, it's ultimately up to us what we choose to do with them once they appear. Meaning, the future is not set in stone! We have the power—through our choices and free will—to help direct, shift and shape our futures, acting as co-creators with our creator, the source and the universe.

As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross so eloquently put it: "Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear."

We can say yes to life, embracing all that is showing up with an open heart and mind, while holding the intention to resolve, learn and grow from our experiences. When we do this, we pass the tests and grow spiritually. But when we're in a disconnected state, we may act from our lower selves and fear. In doing so, we fail to learn the lessons life is currently presenting, which is what many of us do from time to time. And when we do, similar struggles will continuously pop up in different ways until we get it right.

Many of us have fallen into the trap of listening to and being guided by our minds (ego) more than our hearts (intuition). When we are predominantly ruled by our ego, we tend to operate from fear, doubt, judgment, anger, jealousy, impatience and anxiety. When we're feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and alone, it's usually because we're not striking a balance between our mind and our intuitive voice (heart).

On the other hand, when we are spiritually aligned with our authentic selves, operating from our hearts and in tune with our higher selves' knowing or intuition, we tend to make better choices. And when we make choices based in love, we incur more positive and less negative karma.

Karma is simply the process of cause and effect. If you do A, B will happen. Karma (the law of cause and effect) is essentially the same thing as the law of attraction: that which is like is drawn. When we continuously put negative energy out into the universe through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, we attract more of that negative stuff back into our lives. The reverse holds true as well. Every day I hear the same message relayed from the other side: Everything we think, say and do follows us when we die. Therefore, it's in our best interest to be fully accountable for all of our thoughts, words and actions and strive to come from a place of love.

Once we realize all situations in our lives—the positive and the negative—are a result of our decisions, actions, inactions and reactions, we can feel empowered and inspired, knowing we do actually have a say in what happens to us.

To top that off, I'd like to remind you that it's never too late to re-create. Many of us have regrets about past situations we wish we could undo. And while we can't change the past, we are given what I call opportunities to redo. And how do we ensure a better future outcome? We start by "shushing" our minds and allowing our intuition to guide us.

Connecting with your intuition begins with quieting your mind through meditation. To help you get started, I will leave you with a simple breathing exercise found in Chapter 1 of Spirited: Connect to the Guides All Around You.This exercise helps me get into a more receptive state of mind for both my personal and professional spiritual work, as the breath connects us with spirit. I encourage you to experiment with it as a way to reconnect with your inner being and spiritual wisdom.

What you'll need: Five undisturbed minutes. Choose a quiet place where you feel comfortable. For example, sit in the backyard or in a park (or on a bus stop bench, if that's all you have). It doesn't matter where you are, as long as it's an environment that puts you at ease.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. After a few deep breaths, focus on clearing out your "icky" energy. Take a minute and ask any negative energy that's hanging around to hit the road. Continue to breathe. Notice your breath start to slow down and become a steady flow of inhales and exhales.


For the next five minutes, try quieting your mind chatter. Stop thinking about what you're going to do as soon as this exercise is over, how you're going to meet your work deadlines or what you're going to make for dinner. Release thoughts about yesterday or last week or last year. The goal here is to stop thinking about the past or the future and to learn what it feels like to be present.


Let your worries and anxiety drift away.

Sit in this place of stillness for as long as feels right for you.

Rebecca Rosen

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MERILYNN1 10/18/2010 12:03AM

    Thanks - I needed this today - I'm grateful and now will sleep better tonight!
Blessings, Meri

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Take it back; life, find ourselves and change it. I did!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

To esteem something means to respect it or value it. Self esteem is simply believing in our own worth.

Nathaniel Branden in 1969, wrote that self esteem is "the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness."

The key focus, hmmm, the word simply. How simple is it, really? Because the underlying beliefs that we are not of value or worthy of happiness can be so deeply rooted; because of cause, that many of us, quite possibly and simply, aren't even aware of them.

The important thing is that we CAN take it back and find ourselves and change it. I did!

For years I was always the chubby kid on the block, never fit in and as hard as I tried I'd only bang off the walls! And it wasn't a self worth or self confidence issue or even a self esteem issue for me. I just wanted to be accepted for me. The funny thing of it was..? Nobody wanted to include me in their little circle or clicks but if they were in trouble or in need I was the one sought out! Here is the rub; if it were me that was in trouble or in need everyone scattered in the farthest directions they could. It was like they'd fallen off the face of the earth. And yet those same people time after time would be right back needing me over and over and over again. So it was always one sided. I didn't care I was a part of something even for just a space or block of time. Sadly believe it or not, this included family members!
All of a sudden I started saying no when I needed to or making compromises, putting me first; fitting them into MY time space when it was more suitable. And I went off to college night courses and obtained my Health Care Aide Certificate; 25 years in Gerontology. At 33 I went back to high school for two full semesters and obtained my G.E.D. Not that I had to I wanted to and graduated with highest honours in two Englishes, a math and an art! I also won the creation of the school logo design that is now on their school year books, t-shirts, and sports uniforms. I also was requisitioned to paint it on the gymnasium wall. My pencil drawing of Einstein hangs framed in the Science room. I went on to many accomplishments. This put a real kink into their lives and boy oh boy their noses were completely out of joint for awhile! But I thought no, we'll just see how badly you really need me; just how many of you will walk away and how many will meet me on my terms. And surprisingly enough there were those who actually came around; actually started seeing and accepting me for me and I've actually built a few not many, but a few strong friendships over the years.
And it's been different ever since. People now see my strengths more than my flaws or weaknesses; still like to point them out from time to time, LOL and draw on them.
Oh I still get the odd one; just recently in fact thought that she was being my friend by being there for me; even when I didn't need her, and she'd continually spoil me with this that and everything. I would reciprocate but it wasn't enough apparently and she exploded at me and threw it all back in my face. "I've been there whenever you needed me, putting my life on hold for you! I've bought and given you so many things, put my time and energy into this friendship, and all you do is keep taking!" Whoa!
Turns out she's the one with deep seeded self esteem issues and felt the necessity to have to give in this way in order to keep my friendship. And when I pointed this out to her she walked away in a huff. Couldn't accept the truth.
I didn't point it out to her; hit her between the eyes, in black and white. I just explained to her that it had been her choice that she felt it necessary to continually buy me gifts or things she figured I needed. I never once asked or even hinted for them. If there was anything she needed or asked for I had always been there for her, so had Walt for that matter; Jack of all trades master of none. He/we were always doing fix it jobs for her around the place, never asked anything in return. She only lived two doors down.
So you see how it really had nothing to do with me at all?
And I've watched her from a distance since then and all her "friendships" turn out the same. I've tried to help but she doesn't want to be helped and I can only help those who want to help themselves right?

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QUEENPIFFLE 10/6/2010 11:04PM

    Very interesting reading and it touched me. I am the leader of a large Red Hat group. As such I found ladies giving gifts, asking for advice, always wanting my attention etc.; it was draining. I often wondered if I had a big patch of velcro on my back. I tried to be kind but there were times when I just couldn't give them what they wanted. So, they would begin stirring up a stink among the group, it got chaotic. I finally began to stand tall in being me. I found it very interesting that once I had made that decision, they moved on. Now that I carry this new me about, our group is healthy and the fun back.

Thank for sharing

Peggy Ann emoticon

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TIARAG03 10/6/2010 10:58AM

    I really liked this. It shows how there are no guarantees with friends or family. People are always changing, even us. I believe that God sends us people for reasons, seasons and get through things, some will stay forever and some will just stop by on their journey other places but whatever way it goes, I will cherish every experience, as I know it was a help from God no matter how it ends!!! I wish you many great experiences with the many wonderful people that you will meet in your life. God Bless!!!!


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Being worthy of happiness."

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

To esteem something means to respect it or value it. Self esteem is simply believing in our own worth.

Nathaniel Branden in 1969, wrote that self esteem is "the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness."

The key focus, hmmm, the word simply. How simple is it, really? Because the underlying beliefs that we are not of value or worthy of happiness can be so deeply rooted; because of cause, that many of us, quite possibly and simply, aren't even aware of them.

I believe that this is where supporting each other, building each other up, sharing, talking venting, along with self-help solutions are very beneficial. We can often be guided to see that our view of ourselves is just that; a view, and can be changed.

The good news is that low self esteem can be turned around. We can change if we want to. we do have the power to change how we have been made to think about ourselves.

Low self-esteem is something that many people across the world deal with on a daily basis. Poor self image and lack of confidence leads to a fearful mindset and effects every avenue of our lives.

Is this you?

1. Inability to make decisions.
A person suffering from low self-esteem often has extreme difficulty making decisions for themselves or others. You’ll rarely find them in managerial or supervisory positions simply because they lack the ability to make good decisions in a timely manner.

2. Enormous amount of shame.
Poor self-esteem always causes a sense of shame inside a person. They are ashamed because they don’t look a certain way or act in a way they think others expect them to. Shame is often a driving factor for someone suffering from low self-esteem.

3. The need to be perfect.
One of the major signs of poor self-esteem is the incessant need for that person to be perfect. A huge majority of perfectionists embrace that frame of mind because they think by being “perfect” they will please others or make others like them more.

4. Inability to handle criticism.
The lack of confidence a person with low self-esteem has causes them to be unable to accept or handle rejection or criticism. When presented with such a circumstance, a person with low self-esteem often retreats or becomes depressed because of a comment made by someone else.

5. Overly pessimistic and/or critical.
In order to protect their own feelings, a person with low self-esteem often takes out their inner feelings on others. They become extremely critical, especially of those closest to them. They are often pessimistic, and can rarely see the positive in any situation, let alone hope for the best.

6. Constantly worries about the future.
A person with low self-esteem tends to “predict” the future by worrying constantly about things that “might” happen. They find it difficult to simply live in the moment and have an intense fear of bad things to come.

Can we end the cycle? YES!
Can we do something about it? YES!

Let's talk, Let's support each other Let's build each other up!


Home and Recovering!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Came through the surgery like a walk in the park ladies! I am off all pain meds. The only slight discomfort I have is the slight bruising from the insicion itself and needles There are no sutures or staples only a few disintigrating steri-strips that will disappear within 7-10 days. I'm already walking four times a day ten minutes at a time. Everything went swimmingly! I have to check back with him in six weeks! That's it that's all she wrote!
I'm discharged from hospital and staying at my friends until next Sunday. Walt is coming up for the day tomorrow. My friend at home; Ashley says he's been cleaning like a banshee making sure there is nothing for me to do when I come home! Bless his heart!

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OMSYMBOL 10/5/2010 5:38PM

    Wonderful news!!! Now just make sure you do what the docs say and don't overdo it!

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GRAYGRANNY 10/4/2010 4:16PM

    That is great just don't over do when you get home..........a man cleaning??? Gives me goosebumps.....LOL

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MERILYNN1 10/3/2010 10:33AM

    Very. very good news! Be good now - do what the Dr. tells you - let others help you - they want to - and - don't overdo!
Prayers continue - Meri

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LESSOFMOORE 10/2/2010 11:11PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Live Your Truth

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking the easy way out is, well, just that, easy. Why is it that we as human beings naturally stick with our normal routines because they offer feelings of security? When are we going to realize that by staying in the same routine, we miss out on new opportunities. Why can‘t more us be like the, third-year student at Harvard University who decided to drop out and pursue something else. The student's name was Bill Gates. He saw an opportunity and took the risk. While this doesn't mean that every dream will transform us into a billionaires, it does shows that some of this world's geniuses took chances to follow their dreams. Guess what. If we’re going to just sit around waiting around for our goals to just drop out of the sky and drop into your lap, it could take awhile. Our goals are achievable--if we're willing to break from the norm and cast our ship down uncharted waters.

Ask, Believe, Receive - just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.
When you master believing, you have mastered your life.

Are your thoughts and actions authentic?

Are you being true to yourself?

Living your truth is what brings meaning and fulfilment to your life.

Yet, many go about their day-to-day wearing a different face for different situations simply to please other people.

That's all well and good but if you're not truly happy, sooner or later, you'll feel pretty miserable.

But, isn't being your self the hardest thing to achieve?

Some may think so. After all, living your truth often requires effort, courage and lots of energy.

In actual fact, it takes up more energy to keep up the pretence when you're living without authenticity.

Socrates once said: "The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be."

When you're not living your truth, you feel drained and easily frustrated with life.

It's almost as if you become but a mere shadow of your true self.

If this sounds how you feel, then make today the moment that you start to change your life for the better.

Reflect on what you really want.

Believe in yourself!

Start living your truth and life will be dynamic.

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BIGMELITTLEME 9/28/2010 8:29PM

    I read a book called, "If you Want to Walk on Water, You Have To Get Out of the Boat!" It is a great book all about getting out of our comfort zones and taking chances. Reaching out to find out what awesome adventures the Lord has waiting for us to experience if we will just "get out of the boat" and meet him on the water.

The key is to focus on Him and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams! By Bless you I don't necessarily mean with monitary values. All but one disciple that followed Christ died a martar's death, but every one of them lead a life of real joy and excitement in seeing lives changed around them daily. Not to mention that the Bible tells us not to lay our treasure up here on earth but to lay our treasures up in heaven.

Great Blog love and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.


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