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I'm back!

Monday, October 07, 2013

I lost 7.2 pounds for the month of September! Hello October! Yes, the month starts on the first Monday of the month-deal with it. If I'd managed to stick to "the program" and lost 7.2 lbs every month this year I'd be weighing in at almost 100lbs today instead of about 160lbs. Never mind that the last time I weighed less than 100lbs was probably 1975.

THE PROGRAM (I'm going to write a book & make lots of money)
Spinning 15-45 minutes - 3x/week.
Circuit training 20-45 minutes - 3x/week
Walking 30 minutes - 6x/week.
Eating 1200-1600 calories/day concentrating on lean protein, whole grains, fruit & veg

Calorie counting was mostly guestimation and I didn't write anything down. I ate a fair bit of crap and did some social drinking--and you don't want to know the "social" circles I find myself in.

The 30 minute daily walk was in addition to any walking I had to do for errands and commuting.

The weather for September was mostly nice so I did quite a bit of cycling for errands, commuting and recreation (pays not to have car) plus the upstate outdoorsy stuff--mostly hiking, a bit of climbing and a wee bit of kayaking.

I got an hour or two of yoga practice in every week.

For October I'm going to track my food for a while and consciously cut down on the garbage and alcohol. I should also step up the formal exercise a bit as outdoor fun season is probably coming to a close. I Might take that walk up to a run if my old joints will handle it. My old joints definitely can't handle running the 96 stairs in the park anymore :-(

(The 96 Steps in the park in an Instagram, I mean postcard, from the early 20th Century)

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Back on the Wagon

Friday, May 31, 2013

So I'm back again. Weighing 170ish and a size 14ish when I should be 135ish and a size 8ish :-( It took me a long time to get started. I was going to get started in May but then I had a set-back with the asthma and everything. I admit it the asthma is an excuse and not a very good one as I was only "down" for a couple of days and I was cleared to work out after a week and I just didn't get off my big behind. I guess we could say that I had a set-back with the whole not getting off my big behind and eating pastry for breakfast everyday.

Ok, enough beating up on myself. Beating up on myself is non-productive it's time to get started. I was going to get started today with a nice walk and a good breakfast. I got the nice walk in (2 miles) and hopefully I'll be able to get in another mile at lunch. The good breakfast didn't go as well. I was running late so I had to stop in Starbucks. I got a yoghurt parfait which isn't bad at all, a bit too much sugar but a lot of fiber and a decent amount of protein. Then for some bizarre reason I got a doughnut as well :-( WTF is up with that? I can't change what I've done so I can only hope I make a better choice at lunch. I really should have packed lunch AND dinner -- working a THIRTEEN hour day today.

Tomorrow Iím going to get to a boot camp workout and see how much I can do. Iím also going to aim for at least 40 minutes of walking AND a decent breakfast (more than 5g fiber, more than 10g protein & more than 10g sugar). Iím thinking oat bran porridge, a hardboiled egg and a bit of fruit for that breakfast.


Hello 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

11 months ago. Size 12. 160lbs.

Today. Size 10. 157lbs. Waist a LOT smaller and tummy a bit flatter even though weight and hips seem to be exactly the same. We can blame that on working out consistently even when I don't watch what I eat.

It's been a long time since I've posted on this blog. I was doing pretty well last year until I placed 2nd in that weight loss competition at work even after doing the Dukan diet for the last 10 days of it. I wouldn't recommend the Dukan diet to anyone looking to improve their health but if actual cash money is at stake... your body will recover LOL.

I weigh about the same as I did 11 months ago and I could pretend that I have been stable at that weight and we could call that maintaining. In fact what I have been doing is cycling up and down in a 12 pound range--and we could call that insanity. In case you don't know weight cycling is worse for your health than maintaining a stable weight that is considered to be "overweight".

So as Susan Powter said back in the '80s it's time to STOP THE INSANITY. I recently read Linda Bacon's book Health at Every Size (
) and while I agree with 95% of what she has to say and have no problem accepting other people being overweight my Fat Acceptance hasn't progressed to the point where I can accept ME being overweight LOL. Why? I don't know those other peoples stories. I know MY story and I have no business being oversized. Perhaps I need therapy.

Since I have no business being oversized once again I'm going to start on a massive inch reduction program. I've signed up for 10 boot camp classes and I'm going to start taking them any day now LOL. I'm trying to get to a size that I can accept AND maintain. Wish me luck.


Progress Pictures - 4 months

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Four months in and I'm actually starting to see some real progress. My hips seem to have shrunk the most. I wasn't really expecting that as in the past when I've lost weight most of it came off of my middle at first. I guess that's getting older for you :-( However my famous waistline is making a comeback emoticon.

This is me back on December 4 of last year when I started this journey.

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READY2WIN2011 4/5/2011 9:33AM

    GREAT JOB!! emoticon

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7356WILMA 4/2/2011 10:32PM

  Congratulations your lookin goood! All the harde work is paying off.

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A-DAY-AT-A-TIME 4/2/2011 10:00PM

  You go girl!

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MY_HEALTH_BABY 4/2/2011 7:49PM

    Putting in all that hard work really shows on you..Looking great and 1/2 way to your goal.... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    You look great! Keep up the great work

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MACMOM57 4/2/2011 5:43PM

    You are looking awesome. You keep going I know you can do it.

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IARAHS 4/2/2011 5:27PM

    Look at you go! Nice work!


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GRAVJD3 4/2/2011 5:09PM

  You look awesome, congrats! Keep up all the great work, I can tell you are working your butt off, literally! lol! emoticon

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Hello April

Saturday, April 02, 2011

March was a surprisingly successful month. Surprising because even though I only completed one of the three challenges I set myself for this month I met two of my three goals.

I did not use the fitness tracker or the nutrition tracker religiously every single day. In fact I hardly used either one of them at all. If I ate a meal that wasn't one of my usuals I'd put it in the tracker to check out it's nutritional profile but, other than that I pretty much completely avoided the trackers. This pretty much goes against conventional wisdom but, I guess when it comes to ďdietingĒ changing it up helps and it's not so much what the change is just that it's change.

I did not do a 45-90 minute challenging ride on the trainer or outdoors three times a week. I sort of got stuck on tabata intervals . Get on the bike warm up for five minutes, go hard for four minutes of sprint intervals, cooldown for three minutes, stretch for a couple of minutes Ė workout done in 15 minutes or less. It's not an easy workout and after my 15 I'm totally knackered but, it's not 45-90 minutes and I really don't think they're meant to be used for every single training session.

I did take the stairs from the subway platform to the sidewalk in under 60 seconds every single day I went to work last month so at least I met one of my challenges for last month. I've managed to cut the time it takes me to get up one flight of stairs, walk ~30 meters across the mezzanine level and get up two more flights of stairs to just under 45 seconds on a good day. Seriously, with my little legs I don't think I can do it any faster than that without looking like some sort of mad woman LOL.

Even though I only completed one out of my three challenges I did manage to meet two of my three goals. I was a bit disappointed because I GAINED a pound in February so I set a goal to lose eight pounds in March. I didn't lose eight pounds I lost ELEVEN. Technically I guess three of those might have been February's showing up late. I also set a goal to fit comfortably into size 12 pants and I do :-) I even fit comfortably into one particular pair of size 10 pants but those are probably the biggest size 10 on the planet (Old Navy stretch boot-cut. Generous cut and 1% spandex). The goal I missed was riding up to the GWB weather permitting and we can't really count it as a missed goal as the weather did not permit.

I joined the office biggest loser pool (first prize $200) and I have no intention of losing my $25 so the lose 8lb goal stands for April. The second goal for April is to be able to run continuously for 30 minutes and the third goal for April is to ride down to Coney Island and then up to the GWB weather permitting. Weather better permit.

April challenges are 1) to run at least two days a week, 2) to do a challenging ride on the trainer or outdoors for 45-90 minutes 2 days a week limiting tabata intervals to 1 day a week and 3) to do 10 pushups with good form.

Let's hope April goes as well as March.

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MY_HEALTH_BABY 4/2/2011 7:55PM

    I totally agree --) emoticon

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JUST_BREATHE08 4/2/2011 11:56AM


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