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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hmm...Each day I get up, I have the burden of deciding what am I going to wear today - some days it's easy because I picked it out the night before. But I digress, I picked this topic because I'm shrinking out of my wardrobe - that is a good thing for the most part. emoticon This pretty much describes my pants - way too big at the waist. I even had to go and buy a new belt since I got tired of tieing the extra length of the belt around itself. I even was able to put on and close my mother-in-law's belt which I'd never been able to do - ok so it doesn't look so good yet (too much of the flabby stuff around it) - but it went on - gotta count the accomplishment even with more to lose! I went to the thrift store and bought 2 belts ($0.99 each) so it wasn't too bad on the budget. I made sure I could wear them a good long time. One was leather (can always add a new hole in it) and the other is a braided one so no actual hole as it goes the entire length.
Well let me get back to the burden - the hard part is now that I've shrunk I should have added a budget for new sized clothes and I didn't. I was pointing my lack of clothes out to hubby and he said get the clothes that don't fit out of your closet. I started grabbing shirts (22, 20, 18, 2x, xl) and hanging them on his arm. By the time, we were done - I had 4 shirts left and 3 of those should have went too....I did find 1 shirt that is a large and tried it on - it fit!!!!!!!! I've never had it on as it was a hand me down from Gram I'm assuming but it had a huge stain on it so I still couldn't wear it today - it's soaking now.
Now the problem is how to tackle shrinking my clothes until I can afford a new wardrobe (yes it'll be thrift store for awhile since I can't see myself paying full price for something I'll shrink out of)- it may be a trip to the fabric store for advice since I'm not sure how to resize/shrink clothes. I have some ideas but not sure:
-- sew elastic in waistband of the pants
-- add belt to back of shirts with a tie
--possible add tucks in pants
like I said not sure.

I did have to go buy a new bra a few weeks ago as I shrunk out of it. I also dug out the smaller size underwear. I've shrunk thru the clothes in my closets and what I have left I haven't shrunk the right way as the clothes don't seem to fit correctly. Yes I've shrunk the right way but not the way the clothes think I should have. Hips are big but that's been an issue in mom's family for generations - dad's side has the huge bust area so I'm built well. Guess I need to tone a few areas too.

On the upside, this issue of clothes is well worth the struggle now as I'm healthier and feel a whole lot better. I will be the right size me that feels good in her skin. I can picture it now: emoticon

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GRANDEFILLE 2/26/2014 11:33AM

    If you can sew, you can always refit your clothes.. undo some seems and readjust. I do that sometimes to new clothes that don't exactly fit right.

Good for you to be in that situation... It is such a good sign!

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PEZMOM1 2/22/2014 1:00PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DIANE7786 2/22/2014 6:34AM

    emoticon For once it's good to have nothing to wear. During my weight transition I learned that Goodwill is hit and miss but after several visits I had a lot of great clothes for about $3 each. My weight has been stable for a long time and I'm still shopping at Goodwill.

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POCOPRESTO 2/22/2014 4:13AM

    Wow, what a great problem to have!! You must have lost lots of weight! emoticon Hope you can find some great (and cheap!) new clothes emoticon emoticon

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SUZIPAM1 2/22/2014 3:48AM

    fantastic keep it up

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Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Even though this is titled Super Bowl Sunday - it isn't about football - it just happens to be that day!!
Its been a rough few weeks since my last blog - let me explain why.
1. Jan 18 is my birthday but its also the anniversary of my older brother's suicide so that day is always rough along with the weeks surrounding it. Did fine on my birthday for the most part but the week after wasn't so great.
2. My lower left leg was starting to hurt and I finally figured out that it is either a shin splint or a muscle pull so I've slightly slowed down my walking - didn't get my 6000 steps in the last few days but I have been trying to stretch and do other stuff. Apparently the other stuff worked as I still lost 3 pounds last week and 2 pounds the week before. I think I upped the workouts just a bit too fast for my inactive body.

I still have a long ways to go but I haven't quit - I just haven't blogged for a bit and not quite as active in the teams the last couple of weeks. I did go with my husband to a 27th anniversary dinner for a group - didn't have the pasta, the bread or dessert as they contained gluten & sugar - was hungry too - I did do 4 salad bowls instead. As someone once said, 'Work smarter, not harder'; so I decided to skip the really bad stuff and concentrate what I could eat - I got something more to eat when I got home. The night before I had gotten hungry late so I had found a pumpkin pie smoothie recipe - made it and really enjoyed that treat. healingcuisinebyelise.com/2012/08/pu
Even added a frozen avocado instead of the ice cubes - had too much to fill the two glasses for hubby and I, so we filled up the popsicle containers and will get to enjoy it again probably this week.

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GRANDEFILLE 2/3/2014 10:12AM

    good going! congratulations on the weight loss

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COOKINGSTARS 2/2/2014 3:04PM


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My big why

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Over 3 years ago, a doctor told me I had 100 pounds to lose and then what did I do, I ate and ate.

Since March 2013 I've been slowly decreasing my weight but now with my 25th class reunion coming up in summer 2014 - I'm choosing that to be my motivation to ramp up the weight loss and get some exercising in (oh how I hate that word exercise).
I'm slowly discovering the reason why I am on a plateau: a deficiency of what you need & an overindulgence of what you don't need + lack of movement = I ain't losing weight!! I've used spark people in the past but not to the extent I have been since December 2013. I'm attempting to add in everything I eat and how I move. I need to get healthy for me and me alone. Yes, I'm sure my husband, parents, brother, friends and family want that too but my main motivation is me - I'm sick and tired of not being able to do the stuff I want to do because I get out of breath all too often. Yes my weight is just a number however I just don't like that number!

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SZERETLEK 1/27/2014 9:29AM

    Keep pushing emoticon

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GRANDEFILLE 1/16/2014 10:04AM

    Glad you're back and doing it for YOU!

that is great! personally I have chosen to find every reason possible to walk. Getting off sooner from a bus, walking instead of taking the bus in some cases.... doing my best to make it to 10000 steps a day and 15km walked outside per week.

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SEXIMUFFEN1 1/15/2014 8:07AM

    My biggest downfall is the winter months... I hate the cold so i wont go work out in it. good luck on your weight loss journey. remember your worth it!!!!

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NYARAMULA 1/15/2014 1:49AM


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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hate the taste of water but I accomplished something I haven't done in a while - I drank at least 88 oz of water today. I may be floating out of the bed tonight but my body will thank me for it as it detox's all that bad stuff out.
I saw another post today about the deep freeze temp and drinking water. I made some of my water into homemade bouillon (yummy) and added my flavored sweetleaf extracts to the rest (lemon drop, orange valencia, vanilla creme and chocolate raspberry and rootbeer are my current flavors) - well emptied out the lemon drop and the rootbeer will be empty either today or tomorrow.
I exercised during my busy day by almost running out to the car (its currently -4 F and feels like -17 F so unsure what it was earlier today with the bright sunshine. Sure wish it would be nice outside as I really want to walk outside.

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SEAFLOAT 1/8/2014 7:08PM

    emoticon Keep it up! emoticon

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PEZMOM1 1/8/2014 7:58AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SPEEDY143 1/8/2014 2:06AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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