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Half Marathon Goal: Revisited

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Summer 2011-February 2012 was the most amazing time of my life! Not only did I get to go out and run with my mom every day, but I was able to complete my goal and run my first Half Marathon side-by-side with my Mom. She was an awesome training coach and the Princess Half Marathon was the most amazing experience!! The excitement of race morning can't be explained on this blog. I was so excited and just ready for it to start!! Mom and I had tears flowing right before the gun went off, but quickly got it together. I also was able to run the first 5K of the race without stopping because of the adrenaline that was flowing through my body...I just wanted to get to the Magic Kingdom!! Once in the magic kingdom, the whole mood changes, there are characters everywhere, you get to see the back side of space mountain, there are TONS of crowds, and you get to run through future world and of course...the CASTLE!! Great photo opportunity here! Then you hit long stretches of road, with some over passes. By this point I had to go to the bathroom so bad...and of course, when I tell my mom to keep an eye out for the porta potties, there are none to be found for probably a good mile (felt like 5 to me!) After a potty break, a bit of tummy upset, and finally some exhaustion beginning to hit, we were at mile 12. That last mile was great...lots of characters for photo ops, with NO lines! Got to EPCOT and hit mile 13 and met the Fairy God Mother! That last .1 mile felt like it took forever. There was the finish line, and I got to give Prince Mickey a high-five just before crossing. Time was 2hrs. 50 minutes (chip time), but my goal was to beat 3 hours...which I did doing many photo stops, two bathroom stops, and a little slow down going up one of the over passes. Tears flowed as we crossed the finish line hand-in-hand...I couldn't believe I had done it!!

The reason that I write this, is that I needed to remind myself of the excitement and accomplishment I felt after I ran that race...I never thought it was possible, and believe me if I can do it, anyone can do it! Life has since gotten in the way, Grad school, full time internship, pets, husband, house repairs, etc. After out April wedding, my husband and I got in a rut and gained a lot of weight We are since back on track...he's lost 39 lbs. so far, and I have lost 13. I'm back at wedding weight now and excited that it was done ALL by food!! While my husband has been great at running, I have been busy with assignments, projects and lesson planning and haven't made it out there yet. We've made the decision to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2014, and I'll start my training again on December 31st (Monday!). I'm just need to keep reminding myself that Disney is my FAVORITE place on earth, and that I not only want to run that Half Marathon again, but I want to be there to support my husband running his very first half marathon as well! How awesome to have your husband run a race geared for women as his first?! I promised him he didn't have to run a tutu lol.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2014...LETS DO THIS!


In a slump...

Monday, May 10, 2010

So, needless to say, I actually gained a few pounds before my senior Recital. Don't get me wrong, everyone still said I looked beautiful, but it would have been fantastic to fit into a dress at least one size smaller. I recently had my favorite pair of jeans rip, so I had to order new ones...yet again it would have been nice to order a size 8 instead of a 10.

I need people to help motivate me...My friends and family just say "Oh you look fine" or my ever favorite "You are NOT fat". These comments are NOT helpful. True, I don't want you to look at me say "Oh my God you are so HUGE" or "You Heffer" but still...something would be nice. Because when I hear that everyone thinks I look fine I completely believe it and then think I don't need to fix it.

I plan this summer to work out on my parents elliptical along with my EA sports active for the Wii. I think if just try to wake up a little bit earlier for work and work out, I'll be okay.

And then there's the other problem...WORK. Working at a Mall is one of the WORST things ever. Not only is it all greasy foods, but I also work with ONLY women who are constantly bringing in cookies, or having pizza parties or buying chick-fil-a for the store. It's hard when your manager says " what's for dinner" and we typically always get something greasy. The salad place in the mall just shut down so what's my option now? Yes they are putting a sushi place instead, but really how healthy is THAT? I guess I need to start taking my lunch to work...it's hard with the temptation ALL around me!!

I may not be the BEST in this picture, but this is my goal for right now. I feel like if I go to the extreme, it won't happen.

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MDTENNISTAR 5/11/2010 8:22AM

    Haha, I can't say "you heifer???" Darn. Ok, so now I feel bad that I totally missed your post on my page back in February! I promise to be here for you now to make up for that. Did they get rid of the soup place in the mall too? Because the right soup can be really filling and low in calories if you plan for it.

Working at a vet means that people are always bringing in goodies as well, there's always a cake for one of the 50 employees' birthdays, etc. For me, the easiest way to avoid these things is to have planned ahead of time what I'm going to eat for that day. If I know what is going into that calorie tracker and that I've already planned for a 200-300 calorie snack at the end of the day, it's easier to avoid something totally damaging in the afternoon or whatever. And, obviously, taking something from home to eat to munch on instead is helpful, that way you're eating something and don't feel the need to shove the bad stuff in your mouth! A handful of almonds is filling, Larabars or Luna protein bars are really good (like a frigging candy bar, I swear), and pretty filling too.

Love you, love you so much baby sister. I love that you want to do this for you, that's what makes it the right time. I know how you feel, I've been there, and you know I'm here for you. Mwah! You're going to look hot for my wedding!

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Day 1!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today I started the 30 Day challenge on my EA Sports Active for the Wii system. Let me tell you, it kicked my butt!! Yesterday I did all cardio boxing and cardio dancing. That was really fun, but I'm feeling it today. Then it came to me. I should be doing this 30 Day challenge!! I no longer have any extra-curriculars to take up my night times, so i'll have plenty of time to come home, work out, and then still do my homework and get to bed at a decent time. I'll be using this to update my progress. With Rest Days and Spring Break included, it should take me until April 1st to finish my 30 Days!! Wish me luck! Here's to a new body, new attitude and hopefully a more focused and healthy, ME!

This picture is of me this summer. I'd like to lose the pudge and look GREAT in my senior recital dress in April. I wanna look HOT up there on stage :)

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AMANDA_82 2/3/2010 9:22PM

I just got EA Active tonight and am gonna try it out in the morning.

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