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The cycle

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm to the point where getting dress for a hike causes an outfit crises. Not happy with how my shorts fit, my shirts fit, or how my thighs rub together. Or the lumpy bumpiness of them either.

The cycle usually starts the afternoon or evening beforehand. Committed like all get out for the next decisions to be good ones. For me to finally break the bad cycle that I've been in of overeating. More times than not, it's healthy choices....just too much of those healthy choices. Or falling down the trap of chocolate, or cheese, or....something that racks up the calories quickly.

The next morning I wake up. Motiviated. A new day! New choices! I choose healthy for breakfast. Drink plenty of water. Enjoy the healthy food I brought to work for lunch and snack. Then....somewhere after 3pm.....through dinner.....after dinner.....

It. All. Falls. Apart. I've tried to say "which will feel better - losting the weight, or eating this (fill in the blank) right now?" And it's like my mind gets turned off....until I'm done stuffing myself. And then, I feel more relaxed. And focused. And like - what the HECK did I just do to myself? And I'm ready to commit all over again.

Wash. Rinse.Repeat.

How do I get myself out of this trap? I was successful with Weight Watchers to lose weight I thought that I'd never be able to lose again...but then I let it all creep (jump?) back on me. And I've tried going back to meetings. I've tried to threaten to myself to stop paying the monthly pass if I'm not going to make an effort ($$ down the drain hole).

It's like I need a brain tape transplant or something.

Anyone out there have any suggestions to get me jump started and focused for - well, heck, I'd settle for staying focused for a week at this point!

I've fallen on the wrong side of the wagon and I can't seem to jump back on....


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LE7_1234 8/22/2014 8:14AM

    Since you can pinpoint a time of day when the eating often starts up, maybe take a look at what's happening around then.

Are you eating enough at lunch, if you want to eat again by 3? If it's true hunger, try adding just a little more at lunch.

Is something else going on around that time? Maybe a walk around the block would help more than eating something. Or changing to another sort of task.

Is your evening eating giving you downtime? Maybe you need to plan a different sort of break.

If you can change even one of the triggers, you'll find it easier to figure out the others.

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EMRA01 8/20/2014 10:30AM

  I feel like you just read my mind.
I wake up, eat healthy all day, tons of water, kick ass at the gym, then come home and have a couple cocktails and eat a disgusting amount of pizza and tell myself "but it's homemade so it's healthier", even though I know it's not actually healthier. My kitchen becomes a free-for-all after work and it's as if I have no self-control.
The next morning, I wake up and change my outfit about 5 times because my clothes are getting snug and makes me feel just gross enough to eat healthy all day, drink tons of water, and kick ass at the gym...get home and suddenly "I deserve" every slice of bread, every ounce of cheese, and that stack of crackers (HOW many of those did I just eat???). This seems to effectively make my hour at the gym null and void.

Yet, just three short summers ago, I lost 25 pounds. All of which I've gained back (plus another 5) since.

I need someone to hold me accountable outside of my SparkPeople phone app.
Any interest in keep tabs on one another? Maybe what I need most is someone who's dealing with the same issue to help me see where I'm fowling up here.

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Don't blow it

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"This is your chance. This little, short human life that you have is your opportunity.
Don't blow it."

~Pema Chödrön

emoticon emoticon



Thursday, August 07, 2014

Taking in 200 extra calories a day of anything adds up to a pound of fat every 17 days.

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PINKEUROGIRL 8/7/2014 5:25PM


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JKPONYGIRL 8/7/2014 4:26PM


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TJMOAG 8/7/2014 4:13PM

  Wow....never thought of it that way! It can add up quick. Thanks for the post!

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No Silver Magic

Thursday, August 07, 2014

There are no tricks or silver bullet or pill. No magic in the magic wand sense.
The "magic" comes from taking care of myself everyday. Each day a step closer to my goals. Each day the patterns and habits become more natural, more desirable and desired. Make happiness happen now, during the journey.

I envision the grace and joy that will be mine.


I am not going to revert back to the Land of I Just Don’t Care

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

It's a scary place and I refuse to go there.

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WDIPIM 8/5/2014 7:20AM

  That's good!

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