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Challenge for Labor Day -6 days to go-Exercise Blog - 30 mains anyone is welcome!!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Morning; Less than a week a way from this challenge. How is every one doing? I got a flu shot yesterday. It was very simple. I get one every year. I just went to Walgreens. It was $31 and no line and no appointment. I believe this is why I have not gotten sick with the flu for over a decade now. Think about getting one especially if you are going to do any flying. I always think who knows what someone has on a plane and you breathe recycled air. I also take disinfected wipes to wipe down my tray and seat arms. Taking precautions keep me from most sicknesses when I travel. This is part of my pre-work for preparation. What do you do to ready for a vacation or long trip visiting relative or friends. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonPROSPERITY
Water in a pool or pond becomes stagnant when there is lack of fresh water circulating through it. Similarly, when I fail to circulate the good in my life, good can appear to be in short supply. The more I give, the more I receive. The greater my appreciation of life's abundance, the more I am stimulated to share
emoticon Get some movement in today!!

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LIBBYFITZ 9/1/2011 11:00AM

    Did Wii Fit and gardening all afternoon!

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MERRYMARY42 8/31/2011 10:02PM

    I like that Prosperity, akit
I had a good and busy day, I just got back from a 40 minute walk, I walked the track at the gym for 20 minutes, so I wanted to round it off to 60 miutes, I worked out on machines, I really do like them and I am getting stronger and more muscle, I did my aerobics class for 60 minutes and then I swam for 30 minutes, so I bet I will sleep great this evening.

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Challenge for Labor Day -7 days to go-Exercise Blog - 30 mains anyone is welcome!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Morning; Had a good sleep last night. What a better outlook in life when one is refreshed and rested. I am back on track with my program. I have been side tracked with issues. I did not get all my steps in yesterday. My mother used to say "If you do not do it, no one else will." this is how I feel about my program. I need to get myself motivated again. I found on the web a device called "knee it". It was rated well. It is like a brace for your knee. Whenever I travel, my knees get a beating. I hope it comes soon, I want to try it out. My knees have a hard time going down stairs at times. Do you have any injuries that you need to watch? What do you do in exercise to get you relief. I have all sorts of stuff for my feet and knees. As you have heard before, " I never leave home without them. Have a good day and get some movement in... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 8/30/2011 7:33PM

    My feet are in terrible shape, (well says me anyhow) bunions, arthritis in the big toes, I have never been able to wear what one would call stylish shoes, never heels, high or low, just always sensible shoes, (and I really do hate that sometimes.) not sure what my problem is, but I remember my Mother really suffered with corns and bunions, at least I have not gone the corns route, I have always tried to wear good shoes, etc. but I guess that is just my weakness,
My knees are god, I know here lately, they have been bothering me a bit, but not enough to stop walking
I did get my 10,000 steps in yesterday, some days it is quite a chore, because I have been doing my walking almost entirely inside, no fun, but shoot, it is too hot outside, walking inside is ok, but I do not walk as fast as when I am outside,
We have ordered a few things that we have been needing to, like a new shade for the kitchen window that is right by our kitchen table, and the sun shines in my DH's eye every afternoon, as well as 4 new doors for my bathroom closet, I have needed them for years, so, as I said I am getting quite a bit done this month, I sure hope I can continue.

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TWNOMWE 8/30/2011 1:32PM

    Hope the "Knee it" lives up to the testimonials.

I used to have knee pain when my weight was in 180s and got knee braces , now that 20 are off I have pain and do not need the braces. I am thankful for that and that is why I will keep pushing to get in the health weight range.
Keep using the gadgets that make life comfortable.
Keep emoticon.

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Challenge for Labor Day -8 days to go-Exercise Blog - 30 mains anyone is welcome!!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Morning; Today is a very stressed day for me. My son is having a spinal procedure where he is having nuclear matter injected into his spine. They are doing it this evening after he works a full day. I think keeping busy is good, but normally he would get a day off to recuperate. So far, he has not gotten the extra day off. He has to get to his doctor to get a profile again to encompass this. He is wearing down from the process and the pain. I told him to stay strong. He says he is just so tired of the sh.... He sees a doctor and the doctor does not volunteer with an update to his profile. I guess the doctor that has been assigned to him is on leave. It is very confusing to me. I know it is frustrating to him. He was home this weekend. We had so many talks. He is losing confidence in his doctors. He is so afraid of this process and he will not get well. I did not do so good food wise yesterday. I took my son out to eat to get his mind off things, but I did not use portion control. I ate too much. I got on the scale this morning and gained a lb which is not too bad. I am not beating myself about it. It is life- I am an emotional eater and I did not do too much damage. How do you handle emotional eating? I have learned to stop before I do too much damage. My goal is not to start, but I have not learned it yet. I am not perfect and this journey is a life time. Have a good day!! Get some movement in today!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 8/29/2011 10:09PM

    I have my 10,000 steps, and I have not gone for a walk yet, mostly on the phone walking room to room, it is another hot day, and I spent it riding with my DH on his chores, buying tools and delivering a couple, and made a run to Walmart, I have not eaten too healthy the last 3 days myself, I weigh myself on Mondays, and I gained 2/10 of a pound, so that does not sound too good for me and Labor Day which looks like it is 8 days from now, but all is good, There is always Halloween or something to change my goal too emoticon
I am so sorry to hear about your son's back problems, we have to trust the doctors to a great extent, I sure hope and pray for the best.

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Challenge for Labor Day -9 days to go-Exercise Blog - 30 mains anyone is welcome!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Morning; I am watching the weather channel again. Many of the areas dodged a bullet. TG. Yesterday I tried walking outside around a shopping area and I lost my energy in this heat. I thought to myself that was not very smart. Later I got some steps inside. How did you all do this weekend?
Excellent: Found on SP

Activities Fit for the Waiting Room

Whether you're a busy parent, student, or working stiff, your schedule is likely full of waiting time. You wait at the doctor, at the school, and at your appointments. Instead of turning waiting time into wasted time, try these ideas to fit in a little fitness:

Many stretches can be done from a seated position.
Stretch your shoulder by bringing one arm across your chest; your triceps by pulling your elbow behind your head; and your chest by interlocking your fingers behind you and extending your arms upward and outward.
Straighten your legs and reach for your toes to loosen up your hamstrings and back; sit back in your chair and pull your knee into your chest; twist side-to-side
Relax your neck and relieve tension by dropping your chin down to your chest, looking up at the ceiling, and lowering your ears toward your shoulders.
Get moving
If space allows, take advantage of it. Pace back and forth or let the receptionist know that she can find you outside on the sidewalk when your appointment is ready.

Isometric strengtheners
Work those muscles without anyone noticing. Flex and hold each muscle group for 10-30 seconds and relax. Repeat 1-2 times. Try your quads, calves, biceps, chest, and abs.

Don't forget about deep breathing
Deep breathing exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, and offer big benefits to your mental state. Try a few relaxing breaths before your next meeting and you'll notice major stress relief.

Time Involved: 5-10 minutes

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon have a good day! Remember every little bit of movement helps! Standing is better than sitting. emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 8/28/2011 4:17PM

    good information, I find lots of things in Sparks, I learn something every day, and I can utilize this and will
So hot, I got my 10,000 steps in yesterday, barely, but I figured I would try but not worry about it. so today, I actually started in the house a bit earlier, so perhaps, I can get them in, earlier.
I have 3 projects going today, in the bathroom, hall pantry, and the garage, and I can not finish any of them, when they do get done, they really all coinside with each other, so kind of need to do them this way, but this is just me, I am so unorganized. just my nature, and I am sure I could change (maybe) but this way, I keep myself guessing and everyone around me. lol I am having a nice inside weekend, I love to putter around the house, and I am doing something everyday this month so far, I mean something other than the regular cleaning, and I am finally seeing myself clear of all my stuff, weeding it down slowly.

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NJJ-EXERCISE30 8/28/2011 12:16PM

    SparkPeople Exercise of the Day [mailer@sparkpeople.com]

I have signed up for certain emails from SP.
One of them is exercise of the Day. It comes to my email.
Go to your start page.
where it says welcome:
account: email preferences

in the email tab- you can chose mail from SP.
I have several that I get daily. This one is from Exercise of the Day.

It does not have a link that I could find. Hope this helps.

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LLREED 8/28/2011 11:46AM

Great info! Could you post the link for that? I'd like to use it one of the teams that I co-lead.

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LIBBYFITZ 8/28/2011 9:55AM

    Well done on the information! emoticonI did 30 mins walking the fur babies around the park.

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Any advise about military medical procedures

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have talked about my son and his back injury that occurred when he was in Iraq. He has been in hell and back with his experience with Army medical. He had surgery -Jan 2011 - replaced 3 disc with rods and screws.
Lower back. 2 of the discs are doing great. But the last one the most critical one is really not good. The screws are loose which holds the disc in alignment. Do not know if its a defective disc, procedure. It seems that the Army is not monitoring a soldier with this amount of surgery well. He get appointments that are so far out or get cancelled & rescheduled. Doctor did not even look at June Xrays until just recently. Then the doctor said holy sh.. Talked to the surgery which my son has never seen since surgery. They are now scrambling to give him sonograms and C Scans. My son is more afraid of this phase than all the other painful months. He has been in pain- doctors will not give him pain meds- so he is white knuckling it. Army is afraid of pain meds. They would hand them out by the handfuls in Iraq but stateside - they told him to take Advil. A recent sonogram showed he now has a fluid mass forming on both sides of the lower defective disc where the screws are loose. My question to you all: Can a soldier request a second opinion? I also want him to go to a civilian hospital for the next surgery can this happen? b/c he was released the next day from surgery to us. We think he should have stayed in the hospital longer.

emoticon emoticon

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ALOHAEV1 8/28/2011 12:04AM

    Wow Nancy. A young man we know who was injured in Iraq but is now a civilian somehow managed to get his case transferred to Vanderbilt. I'll see what they did to get this done.

My heart just breaks he is still going through this.

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MERRYMARY42 8/27/2011 3:17PM

    Gee Nancy, all I can do is give you as much moral support as I can, and I do feel for you all, I know that the military (like the government) is all red tape, so I sure hope you can unravel it.

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DIANNEMT 8/27/2011 9:34AM

    I feel for you and your son. There are some good doctors but they are hard to find!! Good luck.

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BUTTERFLYMOMMA2 8/27/2011 9:07AM

    YES, he can ask for a second opinion but sadly enough it has to be another military doctor unless he can talk one into recommending him to a civilian doctor. Then he can go from there.

I am so sorry he has to go through all this. I know how bad it can get. My back as given out on me twice this deployment and all I get from the doctors is "There is nothing we can do" remarks. They won't even take an X-ray to make sure my back or disks are in alinment or to rule out anything that might cause this much pain in my back. So I really do feel for him. I hope he can get the second opinion. He might have to take it higher than his doctor or even put in a complaint to his medical IG office.

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