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Challenge -Exercise Blog - 30 mins anyone is welcome!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Morning; Things are going slow this morning. I had a slip yesterday with gelato. I am back and planning to exercise on my treadmill as soon as my son wakes up. He came home after staff duty and sleeps in a room near my treadmill. The machine is so noisy that I have to wait until he wakes up. I never know his schedule he comes home after being up for over 24-48 hours straight. He wants to sleep on a good mattress due to his back. I adjust my schedule for him but I usually do not have much notice when he comes. The Army is constantly changing his schedule and therefore mine. Since he is rear guard, his schedule is irregular. It is very hard to sleep in the barrack during the day time. I am glad he has the option to come home and sleep. With his schedule and the constant stress on his back during his staff duty;he is having more problems with his back. I am grateful he is not deployed. He would be if he had not had back surgery. Every one have a good day!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 6/16/2011 8:44PM

    Hi, this is a lazy day for me, just jogging and walking, maybe one short video, today is my DH birthday, so I tried to bake him his favorite apple cake, and such a mess, I have to use a two-piece pan, well when I tried to shake it down to get rid of bubbles it became two pieces, at the wrong time, all over my stove, floor, me cabinets, counter, and then my sink became clogged because, I use lots of chopped nuts, coconut and 5 chopped apples, and none of it goes down the sink too good, and that is where I tossed everything, needless to say, he is not getting a cake today, maybe Sunday, and maybe not emoticon but I am just going out the door, my mess is cleaned up, and I need to get rid of some of this aggravation.
I am so glad your son is close and can come home also,

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LAURELSPARK 6/16/2011 1:26PM

    You are such a good mom! We'll do just about anything for our kids, won't we!

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LIBBYFITZ 6/16/2011 1:05PM

    emoticonReminds me of when I am back in Perth, my daughter works odd hours so I also do indoor exercise when I know she is awake! emoticon

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Giving to Charities for Father's Day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I saw this article in my email this morning. I am big on stop buying gifts and instead to domate money to good causes. This article is very interesting. There is so many land mines in this world.

Dad Will Really Like This
Published: June 16, 2010

No more neckties!

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Nicholas D. Kristof
On the Ground
Nicholas Kristof addresses reader feedback and posts short takes from his travels.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and we dads will be overwhelmed with neckties and wrench sets. We will feign ecstasy, and our loved ones will pretend to believe our protestations of pleasure.

But for a really nifty Father’s Day gift, how about sponsoring a rat? Specifically, an African giant pouched rat, about 30 inches long including tail. These are he-man rats, the kind that send cats fleeing. What’s more, we’re not talking about just any giant rat, but an educated one with the rodent equivalent of a Ph.D.

A Dutch company, Apopo, has trained these giant rats, which have poor sight but excellent noses, to detect landmines in Africa. The rats are too light to set off the mines, but they can explore a suspected minefield and point with their noses to buried mines. After many months of training, a rat can clear as much land in 20 minutes as a human can in two days.

In addition to earning their stripes as mine detectors, the giant rats are also trained in health work: detecting cases of tuberculosis. Possible TB sufferers provide samples of sputum, which are then handed over to the rats to sniff out. This detection process turns out to be much faster than your typical microscope examination. A technician with a microscope in Tanzania can screen about 40 samples a day, while one giant rat can screen the same amount in seven minutes.

What man wouldn’t pass up a necktie for the chance to be associated with an educated, supermacho giant rat? For just $36, you can buy a year’s supply of bananas to feed one of these rats. Or, for a gift more on the risqué side, $100 will buy a “love nest” for a breeding pair of rats.

Both options are at www.globalgiving.com, a site that allows donors to browse aid projects around the world and make a donation on the spot.

Father’s Day tends to be less a celebration of fatherhood than a triumph of commercialism. The National Retail Federation projects that Americans will spend $9.8 billion on Father’s Day this year. To put that in perspective, that’s more than enough to assure a primary education for every child on the planet who is not getting one right now.

In fact, we could send every child to primary school and have enough left over to get each dad a (cheap) necktie. And if we skipped store-bought cards (almost $750 million annually) and offered handmade versions, the savings alone could make a vast difference to great programs that help young American men escape poverty.

Think of the National Fatherhood Initiative, www.fatherhood.org, which works to support dads and keep them engaged in their children’s lives. There’s some evidence that absent fathers create a vicious cycle: boys grow up without positive male role models, get into trouble and then become absentee fathers themselves.

Another group is the Black Star Project, www.blackstarproject.org, which seeks to get families in low-income communities more involved in the educational lives of kids. Or there’s World of Money, www.worldofmoney.org, which coaches kids in poor communities on financial literacy and business skills.

For gadget lovers, how about a donation in dad’s name to the National Urban Technology Center, www.urbantech.org, which helps low-income youths gain computer skills?

Or for those into automotive accessories or tools and appliances (almost $1 billion a year, by the way), why not rev up instead a motorcycle used to bring medical care to people in remote areas? An aid group called Riders for Health, www.riders.org, provides motorcycles and cars to health workers in Africa, along with rigorous training on maintenance and repair. Health workers end up reaching roughly five times as many patients as they would on foot.

And if you give dad a stake in a motorcycle at a clinic in Zambia, you can be pretty sure he won’t crash it.

Wouldn’t most dads feel more honored by a donation to any of these organizations than by a donation to commercialism?

I think so. My hunch is that family members, manipulated by commercial messages, think that they aren’t showing dad enough love if they don’t buy him something expensive. But give us some credit! The friend who suggested this column, Sam Howe Verhovek, noted the huge sums spent on cuff links and Best Buy gift cards and said: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t really need any of the above. A handwritten, ‘Thanks, Dad!’ note from my kids would mean more than anything Hallmark’s poets could come up with.”

That’s the truth. But if you must pull out the credit card, this is my sincere advice: It’s a rare dad who would choose a store-bought card over a homemade card; or for that matter, a necktie over a gigantic, bomb-sniffing rat.

A version of this op-ed appeared in print on June 17, 2010, on page A29 of the New York edition..comments (103)

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MOTTAMAMALOU 6/18/2011 5:32PM

    This is fantastic! I love donating to a good cause. My son donated to a good cause for women in my name. I loved it.

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MERRYMARY42 6/16/2011 8:48PM

    I love it, what a great idea, I blew it this year, but I am going to book mark this, such a bunch of great way to donate, I love the giant rats.

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Challenge -Exercise Blog - 30 mins anyone is welcome!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Morning; it is a wonderful morning. I am looking forward to exercising this morning. I feel rested and full of energy. Since I have a thyroid condition, I take meds, but I still have ups and downs of energy levels at times. If I exercise too hard, I do not recover my energy level in a timely manner. It can be like hitting a wall like runners do. I have to stay in moderation levels of exercise and increase at times and then decrease during low level times. emoticon emoticon emoticon Do you have any medical challenges and how do you manage these? Managing is the key. Try to get some exercise in today!! Life is enjoyable when surrounded by people you love and admire!! Have a good day!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 6/15/2011 8:57PM

    Hi, this is indeed a good day, I slept in, went to exercise and spent 2 and 1/2 hours at the gym, working out all the time, so I should sleep good again tonight, it was good being in my own bed. I will be pooped tomorrow, and not overdo it, but I have no health problems that keep me from exercising, other than my age. (lol) I am so busy trying to get ready for my trip to Iowa on Monday, everything seems to come at once. but it is all good.

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WELLNESSME09 6/15/2011 9:14AM

    Have a grateful day!

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GOATGIRLJM 6/15/2011 9:02AM

    Have a great day!

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Don’t Sign Another Mobile Phone Contract

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heated competition in the mobile communications industry is creating lots of options for consumers. There’s no reason you should ever have to sign up for another 24-month contract that keeps you stuck in a pricey calling plan. Check out these cheap no-contract alternatives.

Peek. This is an ideal option especially for kids and teens, who are more into texting and emailing than actually talking on the phone. Peek devices look a lot like a Blackberry, but without phone capability. They send and receive email and text messages anywhere in the U.S, no WiFi necessary. The device itself costs about $70. After that, you pay a flat monthly rate of unlimited email and texting for as little as $15 a month. There are no contracts, no hidden fees. One thing Peek does not offer is the ability to transfer your current phone number. Learn more at www.GetPeek.com.

Kajeet. Here’s a company that caters to kids who want to stay connected by offering cheap service and award-winning parental controls. Kajeet will transfer your current numbers and offers a full range of kid-friendly phones that start at around $24 for a refurbished unit. Monthly service requires no contracts and starts as low as $14.99 for unlimited texting and 60 minutes of talk. Check out the cool phones and learn more at www.Kajeet.com.

Net10. A perfect option for light cell phone users, there are no roaming charges, no hidden fees, no long distance charges or monthly bills. You pay a flat rate of 10 cents per minute, up front. Their Easy Minute monthly plans start at $15 for 200 Easy Minutes for your choice of talk, text/pictures messaging, web/email and calls to 411. You can cancel anytime without cancellation fees. Net10 phones start at $29, and are available at Walmart stores or online from Net10. Learn more at www.Net10.com.

Common Cents Mobile. Here’s a service that offers a pay-as-you-go mobile plan, as low as 7 cents per minute or per text message. Monthly plans start as low as $20 a month with no contracts or hidden fees and no credit checks, roaming or long distance charges, either. Bonus: This plan rounds minutes down, not up. If you talk for 2.8 minutes, that call is charged as only 2 minutes, not 3 minutes, the way other services round up. Buying more airtime is simple, too. Learn more at www.CommonCentsMobile.com.

Cricket Communications. Here’s a nationwide service with high-quality coverage that does not require contracts and does not hide fees. Calling plans start as low as $35. You can get unlimited talk, text and web starting at just $45 a month. Learn more at www.MyCricket.com.

You’ve got even more options with companies such as MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Want even more? Do a Google search for “No-contract phones,” “Pay as you go mobile” or “Prepaid cell phones.” You’ll be amazed how many options you have. Just make sure you read the fine print, research thoroughly, and then go for it!

As for the money you won’t be spending on phone service in the months ahead, determine right now that you’ll divert it straight to savings. Now you’ll really enjoy the decision.

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See the last five articles of Everyday Cheapskate.

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LADYIRISH317 6/15/2011 9:41AM

    I'm using Metro PCS. I'm very happy with them.

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MERRYMARY42 6/14/2011 10:23PM

    Honest to goodness, I just signed a 2 year contract last week, I have been looking and looking and settled on what I got, good grief,

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DOTTIEJANE1 6/14/2011 6:03PM

    Virgin Mobile a pre paid plan with unlimited data and 300 talk minutes for $32.21 a month you can pay on line or buy cards just about anywhere . I get this for my grand kids and they have used it thought the US and have always had coverage. I agree no one should sign a contract with some many prepaid and great coverage etc. aviable.

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LIBBYFITZ 6/14/2011 3:11PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DIANNEMT 6/14/2011 2:41PM

    Good info. Thanks for sharing this!

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Challenge -Exercise Blog - 30 mins anyone is welcome!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Morning; I have found a very refreshing treat for the afternoon or whenever. I take a cup of frozen mango (which I get at Costco) put in a blender and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk with 2-4 packets of stevia. I blend it and it is wonderful!! emoticon emoticon emoticon You might have to add more almond milk. It is not even 200 calories. Try it if you like mango. How is the challenge going for you? ****************
With childlike simplicity, I am carefree and at ease.
At times it may seem as if my life has become too busy or complicated. My obligations feel overwhelming, and I desire a simpler life. How can I recapture the joyful feeling of childhood, living in the moment, carefree and at ease?
I seek simplicity by remembering what is most important to me. I purposefully set aside a few moments each day for playful activities. Perhaps I drink in the delicate beauty of a flower, watch the clouds pass by, or appreciate the feel of sunshine on my face. I seek simplicity by balancing busyness with a renewed awareness of beauty. I am refreshed as I become like a child, seeing the world with a sense of awe and wonder.
Have a good day!!! Get some movement in today!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 6/14/2011 10:29PM

    Hi, good blog, the challenge is just going, but I did see a little drop, but I really went overboard the last 2 days of eating, and I am a non drinker and even had 3 glasses of wine, (well when you are in wine country you do like the natives,) I guess, anyway, I am home, and had a wonderful time, I went out and walked a bit this evening but I walked this morning in Solvang all over, and got my 10,000 steps plus, but I did not get it yesterday emoticon so blew my personal challenge and it did not hurt at all. back on tract tomorrow. and down 5 pounds by July 3, hopefully, I will be on vacation then at my sisters, and no telling what we will eat but I will try to be good.

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DOTTIEJANE1 6/14/2011 10:49AM

    GREAT blog need to be more child like.I shall but/take a few minutes day to do so .Thanks emoticon

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