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New Beginnings

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I, like lots of others, look forward to the new year, new beginnings. It feels like a magic date, one that will let us start over. But then I remember that EVERY day is a new beginning. I don't have to wait for that one magical date to "start over" and get healthier. I've got today! Actually, that's the only day I've got—today. I can't change yesterday, and I have no promise of tomorrow, but I have today. What a wonderful gift!

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EDDYELLEN 12/28/2010 1:00PM

  Today is a wonderful time and you are so right! Thanks for the thought. emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 12/28/2010 9:27AM

    You are so right! So many people right now are waiting for New Year's Day to start whatever they want to change but there's no time like the present! Every moment is a new opportunity!
Have a great day today!

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PLAYBLUES22 12/28/2010 9:19AM


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DEBGIL 12/28/2010 9:07AM

    Yup! Too easy to set a date in the future or to say, well new year's I will start. You are right. If it is good enough to start then, it is good enough to start NOW! It has taken me many years to come to that realization. New Year's resolutions are too easy to make and too easy to break. The same goes for other things as well. For me, I was able to give up New Year Resolutions in favor of lifestyle changes.

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LKWQUILTER 12/28/2010 9:00AM

    That is so true.

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They All Need Love

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today I read a blog by BILLPHIL, and it brought to mind that I have a similar problem, but not so close to home.
I have become "Grandma Nina" to a 10-year-old girl from a similar situation. She's not adopted, but living with another disfunctional family with two girls to whom I've become "Grandma Nina." She has such a wall built up around her, and her behavior is atrocious as a result of her upbringing, that I think only love will help her to realize that she is an okay person. She has many, many problems at school, with friendships, with obedience—well, you get the picture.
I'm 75 years old.. I have learned a lot in those years. I was a substance abuse counselor at one point in my life. But I feel if I can just use that wisdom, and the love I have for children, to help this one child, my experiences will have been put to the best use possible.
My heart breaks for all three girls, But they are resilient and strong, and I feel they have the potential to rise above their upbringing, if they can just get a glimpse of what life is like without the drugs, boyfriends, sickness, and all that goes with that lifestyle. And in my mind, that means helping them find their Lord and Savior, and teaching them how good life can be if they follow the teachings He taught.
I love all three. I guess that's what "Grandmas" do best.

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LINDAKAY228 12/14/2010 4:38PM

    You do have so much to offer troubled kids! It's so great that you are willing to give of yourself to try to help them and be "Grandma" to them. I know their lives will be richer for knowing you, and your life will be richer because of the gift you are giving to them.

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WELLNESSME09 12/14/2010 11:37AM

    Love and caring can do wonders in anyone's life, especially children. You are a grandma with a big heart.
emoticon emoticon

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You Haven't Failed!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One of our Over 70 Team wrote a blog and seemed quite discouraged—but she's keeping on working towards her goal! I'm really proud of her. I wanted to share what I wrote to her in a comment to her blog, because it applies to so very many of us. Here it is:

"I imagine we've all been there, done that. I know that at least I have. But you haven't failed. "Diets" have failed you. They shouldn't put such restrictions on us that it sets us up to fail..... Break your [goals] into small pieces..... Maybe you start with only 2 glasses of water a day. Maybe you start with walking 5 minutes, just around your yard. Plan evening snacking and add it into a day's calorie goal. F'rinstance, in the evening I love an apple with almonds. Great combination! But I need to plan into my day that I AM GOING TO DO THAT and avoid eating that second helping, or cleaning my plate at the restaurant, because I WANT my snack at night!

"I admire you for not giving up. Discouragement is normal. Giving up is a choice. And just so you know -- I'm in the same boat you are. These words are as much for my edification as for yours!

"You can do it! t isn't easy, but it's worth it! "
emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have contemplated that encouragement, as if someone else had told it to me, and realize that in spite of my own discouragement, giving up is a choice—and it is not a choice I want to live with. I appreciate her blog! I'm glad she made me stop and think about it.

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CINDYCHARLENE 12/9/2010 9:54PM

    Loved your blog! Great advice! I will remember it. Thank you.
Love, Charlene

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SLIMLILA 11/14/2010 5:38PM

    Ain't that the truth! Thanks for sharing with us too!

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Happy Halloween???

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I have not liked Halloween for many years and here's why. I'm not a grinch who stole Halloween. I just think it's not a good idea to teach kids to beg and then put anything in their mouths that strangers give them. I know parents often accompany the children, but in today's world that might not be a total deterrent. emoticon

I'm not against kids wearing costumes and having a great time! I'm 75 years old and I still wear a costume to a "Fall Festival" for the children at our church! We have game rooms etc. and the kids "earn" prizes. And yes, they are almost always candy. emoticon Once a year isn't going to hurt the kids, for Pete's sake!

Let them have a great time! It's far healthier than teaching them to beg at strangers' doors and eat anything they are given. We've all heard stories of candy laced with broken glass or drugs and other such things. Don't let it be your kids!

Have a Happy October 31st! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ADKISTLER 10/31/2010 9:58AM

    We have a Fall Family Fest at my church. There are prizes for the kids, from toys to bicycles, And cars to washer & dryer for the adults. All items are donated & there is no charge to anyone. It's a way for the church to minister to the community & to give the parents an alternative to Trick-or-treating.

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FLAME42 10/30/2010 9:20AM

    Agreed totally with your blog. Having a safe organized place to go in their cute costumes is so much better. If the children go out at all-maybe just to a relatives or TRUSTED neighbor/friend. is a healthy treat for you...

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MTWYMAN1 10/30/2010 3:54AM

  Very well said. I like the fact there are more and more safer places for kids to dress up, have fun, and get their treats on Halloween. It is scary walking grandkids around. I have had adults say inappropriate things - like come back (to my granddoll) when your older - very suggestive. I found out later from my daughter he is the bachelor on the block. I was not sure of some of the homes they skipped ahead to. We thoroughly checked the candy, but your right razor blades, pins and other things have been put into Halloween candies. I opt now for the organized safe and sane parties.

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VICKYJ85 10/30/2010 3:48AM

    I couldnt agree more!
I have a party for my children at home where they can dress up and play games, have sweets that 'I' have brought. But never let them knock on strangers doors and beg for sweets ect , I just dont think its right.
Im glad someone else agrees

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Am I A Judge?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I took the Spark quick poll today "Be honest: Do you secretly (or openly) judge people based on their weight?" As I contemplated my answer, I was ashamed to admit I'm guilty of judging people for various reasons, and I know that is wrong. "Judge not that ye be not judged."

I don't judge a person because of her (or his) size as much as I do on what appears to be their attitude -- slovenly or well kempt, walking (I admire!), or slumped in a booth stuffing their faces with junk food (I'm sorry to admit I judge), clean and neat (I admire) or dirty and sloppy (I judge). But I know I shouldn't. I don't and can't know their personal issues, their lot in life, their mental state.

I can't know what they experienced growing up, what abuse or torment they faced, what hardships life threw at them. I can't know what disillusioned them or beat them down, or overwhelmed them. But I often picture them as a little child, running carefree and happy, and wonder what happened in their lives to make them lapse into their present condition. Maybe a friendly smile or a kind word would help them. I can do that!

Whenever I find myself being judgmental I feel guilty (as I should) and wonder what people think of me when they see me. Are they judging? Are they wondering why I'm fat (I'm about 65 lbs. overweight)? Do I look disgusting to them? Do they pity me? (Not a good thing!)

But I can't improve in order to avoid being judged—I can only improve because of my inner desires. I can only do it for me, not to please others. Which brings me back to judging others. I don't want to be judged! I don't want to judge others! Only I can control that. And I will work harder at being kind and not judging others because of contemplating the Spark Quick Poll. Thanks, SparkPeople!

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MUSICTEX 10/20/2010 10:13AM

    Bad habits are hard to break. Our sinful nature is hard to break. But as you take those thoughts captive an replace them with a positive then I think you will create new habits. Good luck I think I can work on this too. I often find my self looking at someone and thinking that might be me in a year, and I don't want that.

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JULIEO100 10/19/2010 3:49PM

    Yes, i'm guilty of it also. And yes, this is a habit I would like to change also. I even find myself "judging myself". I heard something on KLOVE radio this morning about "doing". The quote is from a pastor from the 1800's and I don't have it memorized, but here goes; I am only one and I can't do everything, but I can do something and that one something just might be everthing to some one. God Bless you, my friend ~hugs~

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QUIKSYLVER 10/19/2010 3:37PM

    I had those same thoughts when I took that poll. I try to be better and see them as God sees them.

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