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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey, i just wanna share this new found activity that i just love :D; in my birthday my sister gave me a pare of rolling skates (i don't know how it is spelled), because i have been really intense about how badly i want it.
I have to recognize that at first i was being a little bit spoiled and i didn't really wore them a lot, but one day (that it was awesome) i thought that it would be a good idea to go to the University skating. I was f*cking scary that i was going to fall or worse that maybe someone would try to rob me. So i went out of my house i start going in a special road just for bikes that we call cicloruta, i had been only 5 minutes in the road when a punk kid pass me on a bike and i just knew that he was a thief, he was going to make a turn to get in front of me and on the rush his bike slide on the side of the road AND HE FELL DOWN. I was so frightened that i just take a lot of speed and let the kid behind me.

Since, i have went in skates 3 times to the U; i have been loving it and i may fall sometimes and crash against road signs (due to the fact that i don't really know how to stop), but i had a blast in them.
Another good reason to wore them is that here on sundays the mayoralty (alcalda) close one side of the road and open it for people to ride bike, jog, ciclying or whatever you do and every sunday i'd been going...
I'm going to post some pictures of the cicloruta and the ciclova so you can see what i am talking about, i am not good and endings so here is a gift


Nearly end of february

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I start this year with the same resolution that i make every year, i thought that it will happen the same that every year, at the moment that i realize that i wasnt losing any weight i was going to fail, and return to the bad habits, but then a began to read the articles here, and keep tracking no matter what, i thought that i was doing the same thing that i do every year, but somehow this became something complete different.

Im not sure what was the thing that make this year different but now i truly believe that im going to succeed. Something that i have never felt im really happy and it isnt only about exercise and living healthier, also in the study im more organized, im studying with time, I HAVE A CALENDAR!!!
I think that all the process that ive been trough with my weight lost and all my confidence issues finally are just a shadow in my life, im finally of the hook of my low self-steem.

I didnt thing that, but the most important thing that make all of this posible; is all the issues that i had. Iim so grateful that id have this life, of my family and my boyfriend im building a momentum every hour of every day.

Im finally happy.



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This month i began college, im doing all that i can, to be the best in the U, but is taking me a lot of time, and im starting to feel a little tired and is just the first week, maybe is today... i hope so, because im here for the gold, im going to give my best every day of this year, enough is enough.. no more self pithy or indulgence.
I know that i cant do all perfect, but i know how to give my best, and this is MY TIME, IM HERE TO BE THE BEST AND DO MY BEST

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    You've got the right thinking Going On....Giving the Best is the
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Valentines Day

Thursday, February 09, 2012

So in my country you cant be excited in february 14, because here we dont celebrate Valentines Day, the day for all the gift and love, is september 17 in the day of love and frienship or how we called "da del amor y la amistad" im kind of glad that i dont have to celebrate this day, id would be really sad been waiting for someone to ask me as his valentines
thanks God o have to ask someone to be my valentines worst :D
But im encouriging all the people who have a a crush of something like that, to dont be a coward be brave and ask the person you like for valentines, you wouldnt forgive yourself if she/he may said yes.
So Happy Valentines day to all of you!!


So motivated

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Im really ready to do this, no more dumb excuses or anything like that, im not gona take any step backwards, i know that im not perfect, but from now is the time for a new me!!!


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