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Chalene Johnson or Tony Horton

Friday, February 11, 2011

The GF & I are thinking about getting Chalene Johnson's ChaLean Extreme or Tony Horton's Power 90 Boot Camp (P90X is too advanced for us). Does anybody have any pros or cons to either? Other suggestions?

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GMO_JEN 2/16/2011 3:57PM

    Just had to peek in to see what others were saying. I love turbo jam with Chalene-she is so peppy and motivating. I was also looking to Chalean Extreme for weight training. I did the old school P90 on vhs. Tony is a little dorky with a weird sense of humor, but it was a fair workout. I agree with you- P90X seems way to extreme, but it looks like an awesome workout program.

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TARABRIGHT 2/12/2011 3:22AM

  Both are great programs. I personally really love Chalean Extreme. It's a 5 day a week program, with 3 days of weights, 2 days cardio, lasting 35-40 min per day. I am on day 24 of P90X and yes, the workouts are 6 days a week for 60-90 minutes per day...great program, but you need to be aware of the time commitment. If you and your girlfriend are both doing it, she might be a Chalene fan. Chalene is a great motivator. They are both fantastic trainers. Chalean Extreme just went on sale for $30 off, and on either of them, there is a money back guarantee. For more info, you can go to Ordering through a coach gives you free promos and discounted shipping. I'd be happy to connect on Facebook if you have any other questions or need a coach/support person to help you along your journey.

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ISLANDBETH 2/11/2011 7:34PM

    I did Power 90 and it helped me bust through my plateau and actually see my triceps for the first time. I love Tony Horton, he is a dork and has a totally goofy sense of humor. Some people love him, some hate him.

I wouldn't, however, discount P90X. I just started that and I weigh in at 308 and I am 40. There are some exercises I can't do and some that I can't do as many, but I really feel I am kicking it. I think it can be modified. The big advantage of Power 90 over P90X is time. Power 90 is about 30 minutes each day, P90X is about an hour to an hour and a half each day. Great if you have the time, not if you don't. :)

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What a Difference a Year Makes (bragging to follow)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday I went for my annual physical. I knew with my weight loss I would see some better numbers with my cholesterol, which is a bit of a concern to me given my family's history with heart disease. Long story short, the doc was very pleased with my weight loss and I got to Spread the Spark by telling her about this site. She's going to start sharing it with patients!!

Anyhoo, here goes the bragging...

2010 - 2011
Weight 175 - 136
Blood Pressure 128/76 - 112/76
Total Cholesterol 242 - 211
LDL 165 - 140
HDL 42 - 54
Triglycerides 173 - 85
Thyroid 1.99 - 1.4

My total cholesterol & LDL are still too high generally, but what a drop. This is what living a healthy lifestyle for only one year can do. Just think how much better it's going to get the longer I do this!

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RAMPAGINGGNU 2/8/2011 3:24PM


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DAVIDPRESCOTT 1/29/2011 12:55AM

    WOO HOO - you are a ROCK STAR!

Those results are awesome and the best thing is the only person to thanks for all that hard work and commitment is you - well done - thats GREAT!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    that is really awesome to see your good hard work pay off!

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MYSTERY4EVER 1/28/2011 1:10AM

    What fabulous results! Congratulations.

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IMSMILEY88 1/27/2011 11:25PM

    Congrats! What great work for a year!

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NIKKI_28 1/27/2011 7:20PM

    Whoa! great job!

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MYOWNHERO 1/27/2011 5:20PM

    Congratulations! All that work is paying off in spades!

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RUNNER12COM 1/27/2011 5:19PM

    Love it, love it, love it!


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DEREONGODDESS 1/27/2011 2:28PM

    emoticon emoticon Nikki!...You totally Rock! emoticon Progress!

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ISLANDBETH 1/27/2011 1:55PM

    That is awesome!! Nice job! And I bet you feel a million times better, too!

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RAVENSTORM27 1/27/2011 1:50PM

    Now THESE are the measures I value more than weight or BMI...labs, blood pressure, etc. In fact, my labs last year really inspired me to improve my health; they were the best I'd ever had and I wanted them to be even better. emoticon

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CHELLES_BELLS 1/27/2011 12:47PM


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Monday, January 24, 2011

What a week. The work project hasn't quite gone as hoped (which isn't that much of a surprise) and it looks like I'll be spending at least another 3 days on it. I don't mind the project but so much time on the project means little time on SparkPeople. I'm really missing everyone. Plus, I have not been diligent about tracking my food. Confession: because I let stress get to me, I ate way too many mini Reese's. No doubt I'll see the repercussions of that on next week's weigh-in. But it was my choice & I can live with it.

On Wednesday, my partner told me that my father was going in on Friday to have some stents put into his heart. And that he has prostate cancer. Apparently, she got an update on Friday or Saturday that they tried to do the surgery but because one artery is 100% blocked and the other is something like 85% blocked, the surgeons are doing open heart surgery today. Why did my partner tell me? Because my parents & I are estranged, by my choice. But being the good daughter-in-law that she is, she still calls them & emails them. It's very complicated as to why I chose to cut ties with my parents. I don't wish them ill and I forgave them a long time ago. But I don't like them (yes, I said it) and being around them or even talking to them brings up such emotions that I can barely function. Did I mention that in a letter that my father wrote to me recently that he blamed me for causing him to eat so much that his weight is out of control (and thus the heart problems). He has diabetes. Heart problems run in his family. Yet I'm to blame for his bad health. Anyway, any prayers said for him would be appreciated. I don't really know what to do overall. Thank goodness I'm seeing my therapist this week so we can make a game plan.

To end this on a positive note, at yesterday's football watching party I was told that I was small. I did a double-take when my neighbor said that, and then I thanked her. Because of that inspiration, I went & did my run at the gym later that evening. I can do this! Those red cowboy boots will be mine.

Have a great week everyone!

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    I am sorry for the stress that your family has caused you. It is sad that as your father is seeking blame for his issues he turns to his daughter instead of his genes/bad health habits.

One of my friends told me that she wants to shop with me because she always finds clothes that are awesome but would never fit her. She said I'll be her tiny little friend she can dress. It does feel good to have people say these things about us, even in passing. :) You look awesome, keep on pushing!

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DAVIDPRESCOTT 1/25/2011 12:03AM

    I can only guess at the emotions swirling around - having a parent ill whilst you have decided to cut ties must be pulling you apart. emoticon

And hows that letter? No disrespect to your Dad but I understand some who is 8 years old blaming everyone else for their problems but come on - at that age you must surely be able take ownership of your emotions and your actions.

Keep at it - we've got your back:)

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BELLCAT22 1/24/2011 11:36PM

    I'm sorry about your dad. Sending good, healthy thoughts his way.

Good for you for going running!


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DEREONGODDESS 1/24/2011 2:34PM

    I'm sorry about your father...I hope that his surgery goes well and that he has a quick recovery...I'm also sorry that he blames you for his bad health...I will pray for his health and for his closed way of thinking..I have family members that I don't like as well...I love them but I don't like their closed way of thinking and their behavior...It's something I learned to do early on in life..I hope you had a good visit with your therapist and that things work out soon for you and your family emoticon

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LIBRA73 1/24/2011 2:24PM

    I am so sorry all this is going on. It looks like you are very honest with yourself, your feelings, and you have been in therapy to deal with it all! Good for you.

Perhaps the chocolate won't cause a big stink with the scale! I think you handled it well. You didn't kill anyone! That is always good!

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RAVENSTORM27 1/24/2011 10:37AM

    Family stuff can be tricky and it is not unusual for people to be unwilling to take direct responsibility for their own health or welfare. I have a very bad history with my family since my mother died and while it was a great source of anger and pain for many years, ultimately those feelings were hurting me more than anything they said or did. So I think that I can finally say that I've forgiven them but I absolutely do not want them back in my life. As people, they are the polar opposite of the people I am now surrounded by and I simply refuse to waste good time and energy on what can only be a purely surface relationship at best. I'm moving on.


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PRYDEQUEEN 1/24/2011 9:42AM

    Send both of you some positive energy!

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FREES1 1/24/2011 9:26AM

    such a shame that you are the one blamed - i hope you can at least forgive your father for his words and actions, his ignorance and his bitterness.. you will be all the freer for doing so...
i do wish him luck and healing..

glad you got your run in - and may the red boots be your soon

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CHELLES_BELLS 1/24/2011 9:26AM

    I'm sorry about your father, both health and emotionally. I will send some good vibes his way and hope for the best outcome- for the both of you.

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Today I'm Thankful That...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1. Even though it has been a very long day and I wanted nothing more than to sit down & watch some TV or read my book when I got home from work, I went to the gym & did my run (C25K Week 3 Day 2!).

2. I finally got another crockpot. Being able to heat up a bowl of stew after working out tonight rather than cooking something (or ordering something for delivery) was so nice. And most of the dishes have already been washed.

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AIRBO1 1/20/2011 8:57PM

    Yay for working out and cooking instead of ordering out! So proud of you on the C25K. emoticon emoticon

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DEREONGODDESS 1/20/2011 11:49AM

    Great job on working out even though you didn't feel like it!...Those are the best b/c when you're done it feels so good to know it's another day that you've gotten in your workout!.. emoticon...

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THENEWAMBER 1/20/2011 11:02AM

    We crock-potted last night as well. Crock-pots are my lifesaver!

And way to go on pushing through regardless of what you really want to do!

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RAVENSTORM27 1/20/2011 9:48AM

    We would probably starve to death without a crockpot...and to be able to prepare it the night before and have it cook all day while (in my case) writing or being out and about is fantastic! In fact, we'll be using ours again on Saturday for an African sweet potato and peanut stew!

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HIKINGSD 1/20/2011 4:20AM


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DAVIDPRESCOTT 1/20/2011 12:16AM

    Go you!


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DCGUY72 1/19/2011 11:51PM

    Yay :) Good to be thankful for the small things... because the big things are made up of all these little small ones.


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MSRESA8401 1/19/2011 11:25PM

    Good for you!! I love my crock pot as well. It makes life so much easier for a family with every one on a different schedule. emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/19/2011 11:25:44 PM

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Weekly Update

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been an up & down week. I'm still struggling with getting exercise done. Other than my C25K runs, it's not really happening & it was due to feeling flat out exhausted for most of last week. Don't know if I was fighting off an illness, my body is still figuring out how to handle running, and/or it was a new side effect of my TOM. I'm going to try making a few adjustments this week to see if that helps.

One of the things that I did today was put together a list of races that I'm interested in running this year. It's kind of exciting & does serve as a motivating reason to get off my rear & onto the treadmill. Speaking of which, I'm hoping to start doing at least one run outside next week. It's hard when it's still dark. And cold.

The coming week promises to be a bit challenging. We have a big project at work & I'm responsible for coordinating it. To say that I'm freaking out a bit would be an understatement. I just have to keep focusing on the small steps that will get us to the end & not think about all thethings that could negatively impact the end result (hmm, sound familiar?).

Hope everyone has a great week.

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SEASONS_CHANGE 1/17/2011 2:53PM

    Sure doesn't help with the weather we are having right now... brrr

Chin up, and keep your eyes on the prize, which is you!



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GMO_JEN 1/17/2011 12:34PM

    Good job with your running-it is so hard to do especially with the cold weather. Good luck on your project!

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RAVENSTORM27 1/17/2011 7:22AM

    Healthy food and the running will definitely help with any work stress and every major project can be broken down and sequenced into manageable steps. When I have a project like that at work, I like to go in and ask myself, OK what are the three or four critical things that need to happen today to move this project forward? Then I focus on those. When those are done, I identify the next three. This helps keep me focused and prevents me from feeling overwhelmed. emoticon

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HIKINGSD 1/17/2011 3:08AM


Don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing great!

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TWEETYKC00 1/16/2011 10:34PM

    try not to stress out too much, we're behind you 100%! good going with the running, even with the nasty TOM. your body will adjust to the exercise with all of the ill effects over time. you're a better woman than i, wanting to go out in the cold just to run outside!

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