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Admiring myself

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So over the last week, I've been consistently doing strength and cardio training on my own. I've stopped obsessing over the number on the scale (I completely give up on it actually) and decided to just keep working at my body and see what happens... kinda like a science experiment. I haven't been meticulous about tracking every little thing I eat, although overall I'm still using the nutrition tracker to keep me accountable for 80% of what I eat. Over the last two days, I'm enjoying looking at the subtle changes on my body that I'm not sure if anyone else would notice. My arm muscles are more defined to the point where I don't even have to flex my arm and my bicep is clearly visible. My quads and calfs don't 'jiggle' anymore. There is still a layer of fat on these legs, but the muscle I'm building is keeping them from flapping in the wind, same with my butt. There is actually a hard muscle on each butt cheek that I never noticed before. I did my consultation for bootcamp that is starting in a month. My body fat percentage is 30% which is good since it's under the 32%. My hydration level for my body is at 48.8% which apparently should be at 60%. That is what I will be working on. Since water and fat don't mix (like oil and water), the fat cells in my body are keeping my hydration level down. I also realized I had been doing situps/crunches wrong all this time. Now that I've been taught the correct way, my abs are going to look amazing by the end of the summer. I also was doing squats incorrectly, which explains the pain in my knees and the fact that my quads were working instuead of my butt and hamstring. This is the start of a new hard body... the one I've always wanted. I was actually able to buy pants last weekend and they fit perfectly! Right now I'm a size 8. Not bad from having to buy size 10 just to get them over my hips before. Screw the scale, I can FEEL my body getting better.


Curves Free-And still ticking

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So I haven't been to Curves since I got my disappointing measurements. This hasn't stopped me from doing my own thing and maintaining my strength and cardio training myself. Saturday, I walked 5 kms even though I wasn't feeling 100%. This morning I biked for the first time this summer and went 11 kms! I couldn't believe it. Finished my daily Sparkpeople Strength training and I feel awesome! It's noon now and I still have a whole day to play something. Yesterday I found a 4 leaf clover, and I feel VERY lucky!

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LJCANNON 6/13/2010 3:34PM

    Sounds like you are making GOOD use of your time. Earning those SparkPoints for Fitness are a great motivator for me, whether I go to Curves or not.

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Givin' up on Curves

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, my 30 day promo at Curves is up on Monday. Worked out 5 times a week since then plus the one week free I worked out 4 times that week. Got my measurements done yesterday. I gained 1 lb, all measurements stayed the same except for a minor inch off my hips and increased girth on my arms. This obviously is NOT working for me. It's not helping me acheive my goal. I diligently followed my Sparkpeople diet, and walked/jogged every day. I guess I won't be signing up for Curves, it's just not for me. I guess I need to concentrate on target exercises. I'm lucky because I have a flat tummy, and toned upper body, I just have 10-15 extra pounds I need to lose in my butt and thighs. It's time to take a different approach.

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PATTISWIMMER 6/10/2010 10:25AM

    Well the people at my gym/pool are saying they are getting tired of being in doors all the time and are going to try different things outside to take care of the good weather.... but and thighs... swimming.. bicycle.. You probably gained muscle.

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LJCANNON 6/10/2010 9:49AM

    I am really sorry that Curves is not working out for you. Have you talked to the Trainers there about it? There may be some other explanation for the lack of progress?
I hope you do find something that you ENJOY and that works for you as well as Curves has worked for me.
emoticon emoticon

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Rough week so far

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sunday was a 'break' day as usual... no required cardio or strength training, however I did work hard that day clearing out the basement of junk for trash day and then spending hours in the kitchen prepping a week's worth of healthy meals. Monday was a typical Monday. Only now since I've read about the AMAZING benefits to working out First Thing in the Morning, I now wake up early (and I'm NOT a morning person), do a workouot for a half hour, and then take my shower and get on with my day. I did Curves after work. Tuesday, I knew I'd be super busy, so I got up really early (6:30) headed to Curves to do my workout in the morning for the first time during the week. It was exhilerating! Great way to start the day. I thought I'd be exhausted by 3pm but I was energized all day long. Then off to my son's soccer game after work. When we got home, I threw him in the bathtub and went to grab the shower head to wash his hair... then it happened! My body turned on me! My back went into a sharp Spasm and I couldn't move. I had never felt anything like this before. My lower back goes out on me every few months, but this was my upper back and felt like my muscles were crushing my rib cage and I couldn't breathe! It was like labor contractions, but on my back. I had my husband escort me to bed and I was stuck there for the rest of the night, not able to move any part of my body. I had spasms all night and took some Robax to finally get to sleep. Today I can move my arms and legs and walk okay, but my back is really stiff. So, no working out for me today... which is just Killing Me! I think I'm addicted to working out and I'm going through withdrawal. Part of my OCD is causing my mind to think my body will get fat today because I'm not working out. And I don't have time to workout on Friday, so that will be 2 break days this week. Well, the good news is I get my measurements done to see if I've lost any inches since I haven't lost any weight in the last month. Stay tuned for results tomorrow.

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ZOOEYG 6/9/2010 3:10PM

    Sorry to hear about your back! That my be its way of telling you that it's working a bit too hard. Don't feel bad or guilty about listening to it-two days won't derail you too much if you stick to reasonable eating habits.

Hope you feel better soon!

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AAKROYD 6/9/2010 3:08PM

    My thoughts are with you!

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A New Strategy

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thanks to the responses I've been getting on my blog posts, I'm re-evaluating my calorie situation. I ran a report for the last month of calories burned vs. calories eaten. Turns out I may have been working out TOO much, that is, for the amount of calories I was eating (1550). The weeks I was playing badminton 4 days a week, plus Curves, plus walking, plus weights, I averaged burning 3500 calories in one week!!! My nutrition values were measured based on my burning 2000 calories a week. So my body went into starvation mode and was saving all the fat, even though it was building muscle. So instead of increasing my nutrition calories, I'm going to tune down my daily calorie burn, since I'm not playing badminton anymore more until September. However, I am weight training now, so I'm increasing my protein and carbs a bit every other day. In order to get a more accurate number of how many calories I'm actually burning, I'm purchasing a GPS enabled watch with calorie counter and heart rate monitor. That will be the only true way to figure this out. This morning alone, I was out the door at 7:30 am, speed walked 2.5kms to Curves, did my 30min Curves workout, and then jogged/walked another 4.5kms up and down hills. By 9am I had already done my day's worth of 10,000 steps! But how many calories did I burn???


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