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Friday, April 06, 2012

So I'm cheating on spark people. The sparkpeople app for some reason won't load as well as a different one where I work, and I can no longer use the work computers for tracking... plus there's just so little time in general that I don't want to spend it logging in or remembering what I ate. So I'm using the different app now to log my calories eaten. I prefer sparkpeople though because it shows all the nutrition compared to just some. However, calories are my main point - and this works better for logging while I'm eating (best method for me).

A new thing to my diet is that I am taking a vitamin pill now that also has iron. I take half of it in the morning and half of it at lunch. I'm consuming a 100% paleo breakfast and lunch at the moment, but that's probably not going to last. For snack I do a fiberone bar and for dinner, it's whatever the hotel is serving or whatever I find if we go out as a group. Paleo isn't construction friendly. It's really hard to find time to cook and most of paleo requires a fridge or microwave - both of which means not easy to quickly eat, store, or just grab & go.

Truthfully I may get back towards slimfast for dinner depending on my energy levels at night. Right now I'm wavering between completely exhausted and doing fine. It's just that it's a new job, it's outside, there's a whole lot of people, and I am completely (110%) clueless. People think I'm sharp - because I can (sometimes) pick things up well, but I don't know anything from the get-go now. This has always been true for me. I'm a problem solver, I re-teach myself how something works, not a off the head person, where they just know it. However at this time, I don't even know how to problem solve and it's really killing my energy levels (brain fry).

I'm living in a hotel again. Should be able to move into my new place in 2-3 weeks. I've moved from one side of the country to another, so we can only hope that I end up loving my job and finding my pace. The hotel has a gym, but like I stated I'm TIRED so I'm mostly focusing on calories. I did well Monday-Wednesday, completely forgot on watching them tonight and went over calorie mark when we went to an Indian place for dinner. It was with coworkers though, and it's good to be social and build those bonds.

The hotel doesn't have a scale though. That's kinda different honestly. But I'm tracking every day. It's easy when I eat the same thing each day - not so easy if I end up eating out or eating something and I'm not quite sure what it was... then there's some guessing going on.

But anyway. I'm alive. Very busy, but alive. I have tomorrow and sunday off, so hopefully I'll blog again those days and catch up with the rest of you.

Keep Sparking! :-)


Preparing for Transition

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yesterday I was in downtown. It will probably be the second to last time I will be downtown, if not the last time. My friend and I were wandering around. Their are a lot of nice little shops around there. I'm not a big shopping person, however, so I did not shop there at all while living here. But the day was cloudy with some drizzling rain, and the walk wasn't bad.

We stopped in a nice store which had handmade beaded keychains. Everything in that store were handmade. They had real chopsticks, scarves, dresses, wooden boxes, necklaces, earings, hats, etc... The keychains caught my eye. I have a keychain currently on my key set from africa, but it is slowly becoming more and more worn. With my move, I want something new, something to symbolize something...

I have this thing. There are items that I have obtained at a particlar time that I use as symbols of other things. I have african bracelets that I wear when I attend a new church for the first time. Attending a new church is often intimidating for I don't always know where to go, if anyone will speak to me, where to park, what to do, if it will be similar, if there are differences, if I will agree with it, if it's a place... The bracelets remind me, I have attended church in africa, God is everywhere, it will be fine. I have a spoon ring that's from my mother that I wear on certain times. I have a hat that is important to me, a couple of books, a few nick-nacks... One of the ones I always have on me is my left ear piercing. It's something I chose to do by myself, for myself, because of myself - not others, and also on my own, randomly. It wasn't a sign of rebellion or even to be unquie, or cool, or whatever, it was my "I can do things.".

Anyway. My credit card image will be changing in the next few days as a sign of my new life. It's small, but it's a way to help the transition. I bought a few new clothes (another way to transition). I have a few new furnature items and I gave away a number of items as well. But now I have a keychain.

I was torn between the beaded dragonfly keychain and the beaded blue Asian symbol keychain. I don't know asian symbols/letters so I didn't know what it meant. I asked and the japanese store owner in little english stated "prayer", "Om". This is what I got. My job is going to be stressful, crazy, and frustrating. Anything that is a reminder to pray, meditate, and just breathe is something that speaks to me. I should maybe say, Om, is not in my religion. Om is often used in a mantra, prayer, meditation, and a name for God - but it is not my religion. To me there is one God. However I am reminded of God, I am reminded of God, however I pray, I pray. What I like about this though - is that it's personalized to me. It's a God & I thing.

So now I have my keychain, my reminder to take a breath, pray, and have faith. I think this is the last thing I needed to be prepared for moving from one side of the country. Now all that is left is to clean up the last of the kitchen, have the going away lunch & dinner, and then look at an empty apartment one last time before hopping on a plane.

Next week won't be about losing weight anymore. We are back to the college mindset of just learning, surviving, and just trying to stay healthy (mind & body) despite it all.

Life changes, sometime we get to prepare, and sometimes we don't. Both can be very-very hard.

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MISSONICA 4/2/2012 1:10AM

    I really like how you use small objects to connect yourself to things. Very unique.

Good luck with the move, I know things like that can be difficult but it sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of things so I'm sure you will do just fine.

And good luck finding a new church, that can be the scariest and, sometimes, most important part of moving to a new place.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right now I"m getting about 8 hours of sleep every night, sometimes closer to 9. I go to bed earlier and earlier, get up later and later. I'm tired.

It might be the moving and I'm just finally exhausted. It might be the list of things I need to get done, it might be the people and scheduling of social activities - or it might be my diet. (Who knows?).

I need to give myself a pick me up, especially since one of close friends from college is coming to visit me this weekend.

Maybe I'll buy some fresh fruit tonight - melon or something.

Anyway - Happy Tuesday everyone!

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MOMMA2X6 3/20/2012 6:52AM

    Sometimes it all just seems to pile up. Take a mini-break for yourself. Sometimes, I need to make sure I am getting "good" sleep and am not tossing and turning for some reason.

Enjoy your visit with your friend!

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Clean, Clean, Getting Ready

Friday, March 16, 2012

Moving soon.

Been constantly cleaning and doing laundry... and cleaning. I need to see if the salvation army will take my old futon (I have a sofa in place of it). I also need to donate some of my clothes, both some of the ones that are way to large and too small are now going to be removed from my closet. I'll also be donating purses, bags, some office stuff, and whatever else I find that I no longer use (not including my books - my goal is to have a library corner one day!)

I've been drinking water more. My lowest day was 4 glasses, my highest day was 10. This coating of my mouth makes the water taste funny. I've been adding lemon juice & making tea, but being the frugal person I am, I don't really like needing to buy things to drink water...

However, I do like buying junk food still. It's like my fix. I threw out a thing of cookies the other day. (Yep wasted them). I need to throw out cheese that I'm just bingeing on too. I wonder in my new location if I can't hook up with the food pantry some how, that way I can buy food to make myself happy, but then not eat it. It's not that I'm unhappy, but buying foods that I have emotional connections with or buying things in bulk for some reason triggers my mind. It's a comfort. It's good though, the only reason I'm eating them is so not to waste, but if I can learn to buy things that I can then donate, then I can buy without bingeing, or using buying to replace the bingeing... Plus anything money wise always has a limit in my mind where there is no such mental calorie limit when it comes to eating.

Anyway back to more laundry... and putting back together my vacuum (I washed the filter and cleaned out the brush).

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ANGELIA.R 3/16/2012 9:51PM

    replacing one binge with another is NOT the way to do it. Stop buying things that you are going to binge on. You are trading one addiction for another. not good. (I'm an emotional binge eater and shopper myself...)

Buy good healthy foods that you will eat and will enjoy making and eating. The people who are a part of the pantry dont need the food that you wont eat, they get enough crap thrown at them (I'm an avid volunteer with our local gleaners and food bank) If you want to feel good about buying food for people who need it, buy healthy good food, not piles of processed food that is not healthy.

I grew up not throwing stuff out, and eating things because they 'needed' to be eaten. NO MORE. I just don't allow those foods in my house any longer. I get pleasure from buying groceries, perhaps because its one of the only things I don't feel guilty about spending money on. I have found that I enjoy finding sales on good produce and high quality meats that my family gets to eat.

Make a change =)

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    Good job on throwing out the cookies! I know it's hard to waste food like that. But a friend recently told me... it's better to waste food than have it go to your waist.

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Dehydration = No Sunday Weigh in

Sunday, March 11, 2012

So... I actually have a major problem drinking fluids. I generally drink water, tea, and milk (almond, coconut, regular - what have you). Milk I only drink enough to contribute to getting my calcium for the day. Tea, I generally have daily during the week days - about 16oz.

Water... routinely, I only have a cup in the morning at work. And, I'll have several glasses if exercising.

This week I was horrible with drinking any fluids. You might think I'd get thirsty, but I wasn't. Part of the problem is that lately my mouth has been coating over (I dunno if it's because of the dehydration, or because of something else). When my mouth is like that, I don't want to drink anything unless I'm thirsty... but with my mouth coated over, I don't get that thirsty/parched feeling. (See a problem here?)

I dislike the taste of the water here. I have filtered water at home, but I'm not at home very much, or when I am drinking water isn't on my mind. (Sleep, food is). I drink when I eat, but when you eat by yourself meals genreally don't take very long. I get bored. If I watch tv and eat, so I eat slower, I am pre-occupied and don't drink.

I have to drink more. HAVE TO.

I've actually gotten to a point where I have nearly fainted 3 times this week. And I hit one day where it ended up being 7pm and I realized, I didn't drink anything except for a few sips at lunch. Going that long without drinking while you are already probably hitting way below what you should be drinking - isn't good.

This is a major problem.

To help myself, I have bought a few more water bottles. I don't like using glasses at the apartment as much, and water bottles you can often drink from any position, not just sitting or standing - they also have oz markers to help me keep track.

I also went through and though about why I am not drinking water, or how to get myself to drink more. The water at work & from the tap here is not good in my opinion. I'm from the midwest, I'm use to that water, not east coast. I need to fill my water bottle before work and take it with me. I should make tea more at work to cover up the flavor of their water once I finish my water. And I need to try to drink at least 3 glasses after work (hopefully consuming 5 during the day).

I NEED to drink more regardless of if I'm thirsty or not.

How does one go about not drinking fluids!? Seriously! This is my only goal for the week. DRINK MORE! Weight doesn't matter if we aren't being healthy.

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LALMEIDA 3/11/2012 8:26PM

  I use a brita filter pitcher for my water and it tastes much better than the tap water. Brita now has a water bottle type of filter if you want to avoid buying the plastic bottled water and you are at work or on the go. I have several tupperware cups with the covers that I use when I am at the gym or on the go. I don't know if you drink 100% fruit juice but you can always add some juice to your water for flavor. I used to do that for the kids that I nannied to get more water and less juice into their bodies. They never noticed the difference or at least they never complained about it. Adding lemon or lime slices to plain water may help too.

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CAMAEL100 3/11/2012 11:39AM

    I read an article somewhere recently (if I remember I will post it) outlining the benefits of staying hydrated- from slowing the ageing process to helping prevent disease. This motivates me to drink. I think it definitely shows in my skin. I bought a stainless steel bottle for bringing water with me. I bought them for the kids as well. We now bring them everywhere and the kids have actually got used to it and have stopped asking for soda's. They will actually ask for water at the shop if we have forgotten them! I think the stainless steel bottles keeps the water cooler and it tastes better than from plastic.

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EXOTEC 3/11/2012 10:53AM

    I've had a problem with water, too. I'm evidently very sensitive to whatever processing and additives it includes. I just hate the idea of buying water ... but really, we're "buying" it in our taps anyway, right? If I drink water I usually buy the spring water in squirt bottles. I sometimes buy the same brand in larger containers and pour it into the squirts - I don't like adding to al the plastic in landfills. The brand of water I buy is Zephyrhills ... although I may just have a bias because it's a FL spring and that's where I am.

If you're getting a coating in your mouth, you might try brushing and rinsing a few times a day. I suspect the coating may be giving your water some type of "tainted flavor" too.

While I do sometimes just crave water, my standard drink is a zero-zero-zero sport drink called PowerAde Zero. My tastes for sweet are so altered that that stuff tastes as sweet and fruity to me now as soda and fruit juice used to. It comes in several flavors, and I like them all. I can get them for relatively cheap at Wally World. A 32-oz bottle is about 85 there, and even the local grocer carries them (for more $), in smaller squirt-top bulk paks.

You might give it a try.

Comment edited on: 3/11/2012 10:54:28 AM

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FITFORMYKIDS 3/11/2012 10:32AM

    drinking water is like developing a new habit. It was hard for me to get used to because I never drank water as a kid or young adult! I could only drink it ice cold if I ever did drink it. Actually, when I started hiking in the late 90s at the beginning of my 30s, I had to pack water on hikes and it was room temp. Then I started mountain biking and had a "camel pack" so I was hydrating constantly. I have been a 2-3 liter a day drinker ever since. I do tend to drink about 1 liter of sparking water which I am sure isn't the best, but without the bubbles it would be hard to get all the flat water in, but I probably could if I tried.

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