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Monday, June 16, 2008

ok so i got thru the horse show weekend (still HORRIBLE hot) the pool is in but still needs water. gonna take another probably 4 days till that is done.

on my way to a small surgical procedure..then knee surgery on the 1st..i have mega wedding cake orders for the next month so its going to be busy. i did good on the food this weekend despite eating out every meal. and i gained. figures!! But i'm not giving up...

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FITTYTIFF 7/7/2008 8:18PM

    Sounds like you are busy! But keep up the good work. And good luck on the knee surgery! Been there Done that!

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BABYGURL26 7/5/2008 2:49AM

.•*´¨ )¸.•*¨) -:¦:-.•*´¨ )¸.•*¨) -:¦:-
(¸.•´(¸ ;.•happy 4th,•*´¨ )¸.•*¨) -:¦:-
(¸.•´(¸.•´(¸ ;.•july to you.•*¨)♥
.•*´¨ )¸.•*¨) ♥.•*´¨ )¸.•*¨)-:¦:-
hey i hope everything is going good haven't been online in a while..things are going good with me just been busy with work...hugs take care Dodie

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KNDADAMS 6/26/2008 10:03AM

    Hey girl!

I'm getting more familiar with how to use SP. So, I thought I would drop by and say hello. I'm on day 3 now. I have continued to cut my calories each day! I'm so proud of myself. I feel more confident already. Here goes...... My prayers are with you on your surgery. I don't know what kind you are having but I had surgery in Feb (abdominal hysterectomy) and I'm still getting over that. Some complications still keeping me from exercise, but eventually I will get there.

Anyway, take care and stay in touch. I will always remember that YOU were the first person on SP to contact me and make me feel welcome. And for that I am forever grateful!

Deb emoticon

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    Never give up! and thanks for the warm welcome to the 40 something with 100+ to Lose. emoticon ~Pam

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GAMMA47 6/18/2008 10:33PM

    Glad you got through the horse show. Keep me posted on your progress with the surgery. what exactly are you getting done? I will keep you in my prayers, and wish for a quick recovery for you!! emoticon

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BOOKMARK 6/16/2008 4:38PM

    You really are an inspiration regardless of whose numbers go which way. You do not give up-that is the big key.

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L*I*T*A* 6/16/2008 3:53PM

    what are you having done on the first????is this with the new dr???wishing you well soon........keep us posted..................keeping you on my prayers.................blessings and hugs.................lita

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    Will you be able to take some time off after your knee surgery for recovery? I hope so! If I was in the area, I'd totally come to the bakery and bake up a storm for you.


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CATIATM 6/16/2008 3:22PM

    I know your medical problems are affecting your weight loss, but I have to wonder if stress and sleep deprivation are also hurting you. You need to think of rest and relaxation as being as important as diet and exercise! You deserve to be healthy, and my fingers (and toes) are crossed for this surgery!)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i hate heat...hate it hate it hate it!! Its been 90 and hot and sunny for a week now and no relief. we are trying to get the pool in but its HARD in this oppressive weather. How do people live in hot climates?
My legs are swelled all i do is GOOD thing i dont even REMOTELY feel like eating.
I cant wait for fall and snow....

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JWESLEY23 6/15/2008 12:31PM

    Ah, I can sympathize, sister. I just moved back to Las Vegas and it is
H.O. Mother Effing T. We're supposed to hit 107 today. On a good note, I'm losing water weight like mad! (j/k).

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    Most days I love the heat if I am out in it. Don't want to be in the house/or atwork and hot or driving when it is hot. I am the oppisite with the cold. Hate to be out in it, but don't mind it if it is in the house/or at work. Hope you get cooled off soon.

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THE_FRINK 6/12/2008 8:05AM

    I'm singing the same song, Holly! 90+ every day for the last week and a half. All I can do is stay inside with the fans running and drink lots of water. I've always said that I want a walk in fridge in my next house -- so I can live in it in the summer.

Think cool thoughts!

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GAMMA47 6/11/2008 9:23PM

    This extreme heat is totally irratating. wish it could just be 70 all the time!! the swelling is a pain as well. I too, am feeling the effects and don't eat so well either. Hang in there, hopefully it will subside soon. emoticon

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BABIE_JANE 6/11/2008 3:14PM

    I would love to have some warmth, we are still having winter type weather and it's the middle of June. I am sick of it. Here it is almost officially summer and we have yet to have a spring.

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L*I*T*A* 6/11/2008 12:05PM

    i hate it too..................that is why we moved to a a more temperate climate and don't see thosetemperatues often....................blessings and hugs.................lita

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    I'm with you on the heat. I prefer a nice upper 70's/low to mid 80's day. Anything over 85 just gets to me and I hate it. My sister lives in Southern Utah and it's usually over 110* in the summer. Yuck! Thank goodness for AC!

I hope you can get in the pool today!

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CATIATM 6/11/2008 11:11AM

    And we fuller-figured people have more nooks and crannies for all that moistness, too! Yes, I dislike heat, but I truly despise humidity. I'm so sick of looking like a tomato with hair!

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SWINGINGRAMA 6/11/2008 11:00AM

    I know how you feel. We've been in the 90's for about 4 or 5 days. A cold front came thru yesterday along with damaging winds & rain , The humidity is gone & the temp is in the high 70's. AMEN---Trudy

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room or requirement

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ok so this is to fulfill one of my tasks for this week.
I went to the cardiologist today and he says all is well. although he laughed out loud at the knee guy saying i was too fat for the operation and then the bariatric guy saying i'm not fat enough for the lap band. sigh. such is life....

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L*I*T*A* 5/28/2008 4:43PM

    holly can you get the cardiologist to refer you to some else??? he might know some like minded dr's
thses dr's can be very frustrating!!!! need to find someone who is on your of luck........blessings and hugs...............lita

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GAMMA47 5/28/2008 2:47PM

    So happy that all is well.!! Wish doctor's would get on the same page. The doctor I have for my knee surgery, says "in the perfect world, to lose weight to get the surgery would be ideal. But that is never the case, and why suffer more until that time." He has his own Bone and Joint medical business. He gives the success and statistic's on outcomes with people of all weights. He believes that the quality of one's life is extremely important and wants to make sure they get a fighting chance. Hang in there girl, I'd be looking elsewhere for another knee dr.

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    Hah! Dumb other guys. I vote for the cardiologist...

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BOOKMARK 5/28/2008 1:14PM

    That's funny ! i get conflicting advice from various specialists also, but it is usually not something I can laugh at; it is usually more pathetic or ridiculous.

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CATIATM 5/28/2008 12:37PM

    I'm glad "all is well" but after he stopped laughing at the other doctors, did he offer any useful advice? You seem to be caught in one of the seven hells! FYI, the jerk doctor I dealt with on Friday didn't even bother to examine me. He just told me that all he could suggest was surgery ... and you and I weigh about the same ....

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a bit better

Friday, May 23, 2008

i think i am finally kicking this flu. last weekend i had to wear a surgical mask to do the 3 wedding cakes i felt so lousy. didnt lose a thing though. i was all set to go back on ww core this week and i dont know WHAT happened.
I have 3 large cakes this weekend too..but nONE for monday so MAYBE i can have a day off FINALLY!!! and get BACK ON TRACK!!!

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BABIE_JANE 5/28/2008 11:52AM

    I am sorry you have been under the weather. It's great you are feeling better and I hope you continue to improve quickly.

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    I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. Having to still work when you're down is absolutely the pits. I'm so impressed that you were able to turn out such awesome cakes when you weren't feeling well! Thanks for emailing me the pictures...I want to come to your bakery!

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CATIATM 5/24/2008 9:58AM

    You amaze me. I'm sorry you're feeling unwell and still working so hard. I wish I could send you something to make it ok!

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L*I*T*A* 5/24/2008 12:19AM

    hoping you get the day probably need more rest if you ARE getting over the cold...........take care of yourself there is only one of you....................wishing you well................have a great memorial day weekend....................blessing
s and hugs..............lita

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GAMMA47 5/24/2008 12:08AM

    well that sounds like a plan!! hope you get the day to get yourself on track and be able to lose for the week!! I'm pulling for you, I know you can do it!!
So glad you are getting over the flu. do you have the bakery only to work during the summer, or are there other programs that you do with the schools over the summer?? Good Luck on getting back on track, let me know if you need any support, or a listening ear!!

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new week

Monday, May 12, 2008

ok so i wasnt so good this week. but i stayed almost the same so now i'm back on track and looking for a great week! i have THREE wedding cakes for fri/sat and a graduation cake..servings totalling almost 1000. alot of work and a cold to beet so i have to wear a mask to bake. I got home from school today headed right for the bakery and made a bazillion flowers to dry for the friday night wedding cake. i'm headed to bed..have to teach pre-K thru second grade reading tomorrow..and special ed middle school on weds. then i took thurs and fri off from school to get all these cakes done!!

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GAMMA47 5/13/2008 8:37PM

    Hey girl! sorry to hear you are sick. With the weather so fickle, alot of people are getting sick. Flu, colds, and bronchilitus. Try to stay warm and off your feet once the cakes are made!! You are such a busy person. Glad to heaar you are still on track. Hang in there and Hope you get to feeling better soon. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PAMIJANE 5/13/2008 6:57PM

    I hope you feel better soon Holly. Make yourself some good homemade chicken soup...that always helps me.

Luvs, Pami

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PUKIHI 5/13/2008 1:10PM

    Hi Holly,
I know what you mean about that cold. I have one too. I woke up with some man's voice one day last week. I just can not get over them like I used to. But, hang in there... About, that job! I really commend you. That would be about the hardest job to lose weight with and you are doing it. Don't worry about the speed it comes off. We're not in the Indianapolis 500! Just on a sliding scale. As long as it comes off! WooHoo!

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CATIATM 5/13/2008 10:42AM

    Wow! Busy! Stressed! Hang in there!

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BOOKMARK 5/13/2008 7:55AM

    You do not need to worry, you do not have time to eat! emoticon
I have been bad too. I designated Mother's Day as start again day.
I have to have something to remind me so I can think "since [that day, whatever it is; birthday, Christmas, etc] I have lost or I have eaten, or heaven forbid, I have gained--a point of reference.

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JUSTJUDEATTUDE 5/12/2008 11:56PM

    Hi Holly, I sure hope you neat that cold. That drains you, I know. Take cre and get some rest as well. I bet your cakes will be doe on time and will be beautiful. Have a great day. Jude

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    Dumb better go away soon or I'll be sending my ninjas out after it. emoticon (ok, not a ninja, but the closest thing they had!)

But I love what you told me about the cakes earlier. We should totally keep track of what happens to the people. emoticon

Busy week for you, but be sure to take some time for yourself (if that actually exists anymore for us. Does it?)

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