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Push Harder today then yesterday

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I hear it time and time again ~ I am going to do this and I am going to accomplish that ~ and while I support a driven spirit, I am one that say's oh yeah great show me!

I've been doubted, told I couldn't do something, and said I wouldn't be good enough. My response watch me then GET YOUR BUTT TO WORK!

Stop talking about doing it and just get to work in the trenches and get it done! This is one myself too, NO ONE is excluded.

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LOVINSHERRY78 6/26/2014 3:27PM


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How to Keep that NEVER SAY DIE Attitude

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As a fitness instructor, trainer, and Beachbody coach, I often come across adversity in everyone I meet. We all have something that is driving us away from success. You can call these excuses.

I donít have timeÖ

My family history isÖ

I have no supportÖ

I donít know what to doÖ

I have found that these excuses are the killer of most success. I also realize that not everyone has the never say die attitude and because of this I wanted to share some tips on how I keep this mentality.

Quick Note
Life is not easy. Ask anyone that has success in business or fitness or life. Itís not easy to stay on track, go through the pain, and make discipline a daily activity. Everyone has demons, issues, and things that are happening in their life. Everyone is experiencing some sort of life trial and if they arenít they are about too. We all have our own issues; it is just a matter of how you deal with them.

Developing Your Never Say Die
When I was 16 years old I had the opportunity to work out with a friend that taught me the value of hard work. You see I was never the most talented or smartest or most popular but what I did have was passion Ė a deep desire to always want to accomplish and achieve more. This mentality can be learned I feel and it starts with your reasons for success.

We call this our WHY and many people that I meet donít have a strong WHY. Developing your strong why is what will make or break your ability to accomplish anything set in front of you. Think of your why in these terms:

Letís say you come home from work and your house is on fire. The fire department has the situation under control and none was home. You probably arenít going to go running into that fire to collect your P90X Dvdís. However, letís say you come home and someone you love is in that fire. Chances are those fire fighters arenít going to hold you back from going and saving your loved one.

This needs to be your WHY. Why are you waking up 30 minutes earlier to get your workout in? Why are you making a few more phone calls to make that big sale? Why do you work 2 jobs to get out of debt even though you strongly dislike that job? Youíre never say die attitude starts with something so big that you would DIE before you gave up.

When you find that reason, work every-day on the goal, then you will have success.

Nick Jarosh

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MOMOF4FOXES 4/14/2014 9:50PM

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing this.

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TRAINER_T 4/8/2014 3:21PM


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ELSAT137 2/25/2014 4:56PM

    Thanks for this Nick!! I was just figuring out my WHY today! Ironic that you posted this. It confirmed that my WHY is important to my journey. I just finished a blog about it!

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EMSSBEARS 2/25/2014 12:19PM

    emoticon I love that you always give me something to think about and keep me focused on my goals. Thank you.

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Are you serious about your results?

Monday, February 10, 2014

I posted this in our P90X challenge group page but wanted to bring it to life here. We had 6 people show up for class today. It's cold, crummy, and VERY early for working out. It's Monday, February, and it's push-up day. Excuses are every where and many people (97%) find ways to make them.

Being in the top 3% isn't about being smarter or having more skills. It's simply about your daily actions and habits that create success. Most of my groups are in the middle of the program. It's easy to start but this is where we start to see those that really want it vs those that just kind of sort of want it.

Which one are you? A kind of sort of person? Or are you someone that does that daily actions to hold you what you said you where going to do?

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Nice blog!
In the past, I have been a sorta kinda person...but of late...I have made some mind changes! Hope to stay that way!
I'm quickly learning that health is a choice and a mind change vs. a physical change....
It's not hard to workout...when you have made up your mind to do it!
Don't get me wrong...there are days that I want to stay in bed and sleep! But my mind says..."You have to get up.....or you will keep the same habits you have had in the past".....and I can't afford family and friends can't afford that! So...I press!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SOKKERNUT 2/10/2014 7:51PM


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P90X3 Results and Review Month 1

Monday, February 03, 2014

Last week marks the end of P90X3 month 1. So far this has been another tremendous journey. I am learning and relearning things about me I never knew. This has been a challenge in every sense, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I recently open up a P90X style studio in my home town and have been working hard to establish that location. So I have every excuse to NOT do my own workouts. However, I am reminded that itís not just others I have to motivate but I also need to motivate myself from time to time.

Here is my month end review on P90X3 Ė Motivated or Unmotivated.

Each workout is really centered on the original P90X concepts. P90X2 was so new and dynamic that I think it really intimidated so many people. It was after all for the athletes. P90X3 is very similar to P90X with many new wrinkles. I am going to write this review from the standpoint of the classic routine but know there are at least 3 other schedules; Lean, Doubles, and Mass.

The P90X3 Classic schedule for the first month is as follows:

Weeks 1-3

Total Synergistics Ė Think Core Synergistics but far more challenging! New pull-up and push-up moves mixed in with yoga type core work. Itíll make you sweet!

Agility X Ė If you are uncoordinated then watch out. You place two piece of tape on the floor and operate between or outside the tape. Side leaps and circle runs are the name of the game here.

X3 Yoga Ė Short version of P90X with a few new sequences. You have to love 30 minutes of yoga vs the original 90.

The Challenge Ė This is push and pull to the max. Pick a number with push-ups and pull-ups, alternate between the two for 16 total sets. That is all you do push-ups and pull-ups.

CVX Ė Cardio with weights. Enough said!

The Warrior Ė This is a workout Tony did with Military men and women. It requires no weights and is similar to his UCML routine if you have done that one.

Dynamix Ė Slow and controlled movement. Kind of like a rest day.

Week 4

Isometrix Ė Isometric movements are holding movements where there is no decrease or increase in joint action. So you hold everything! No push-ups just hold!


Accelerator Ė Cardio Routine Ė Think burpies but more extreme.

Pilates X Ė Probably the hardest workout besides the Challenge for me. This workout is all core and breathing and if you have never done Pilates you are in for a real treat!


X3 Yoga



The nutrition is very simple and based of simple choices. That said MY nutrition was up and down. I donít tend to eat enough or take in enough protein and I know this. The majority of your results are from nutrition. The plan is simple but following it can be more difficult. My staples are typically Tuna, Salads, Shakeology, Chicken, Salmon, Rice, Veggies, Fruit, etcÖ The kicker is those darn treats!
Support Group Ė Results

Our P90X3 Challenge and support group is off the charts with success! We have seen up to 10 pounds lost in the first month. For my own personal results I am currently down the following numbers:

Ĺ Inch off my Waist

4 pounds

Increased Pull-Up and Push-Up Numbers

For more on my journey and to learn more about P90X3 visit me on facebook, youtube, or message me @

Yours in Health,

Nick Jarosh

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MBEEMOM 2/10/2014 10:53AM

    Congratulations on your results!

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Shaun T Event in Lincoln Nebraska ~ Crafting My Best Year Ever

Monday, January 27, 2014

I posted on my other blog about the event I attended with Shaun T. The take away was a powerful one. I hope you take something from it yourself.

This weekend I attended an event in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was titled 2014 My Best Year Ever. For the record I have been to about a million of these different events. This was a workout with Shaun T and attached to it was training on making your year, the best ever. It was Beachbody centered but not heavily Beachbody related. Anyone could apply the ideas and concepts to your life.

Every year I attend at least two more of these events. I am also inspired to come back and do my best. Similes and rainbows, and itís going to be awesome. Then you know what? After about a week, (well really a few days), that excitement wears off and I found myself right back to the same place before. Not really better than before.I told my wife the other day that this year just seems different.

Here is my post about this weekend, my take away, and something I hope you take with you into your day, week, month, or year.
The Difference

I have been setting goals since I was in pee wee football. I have naturally been a goal setter so every year I set goals and work really hard to accomplish them. Often times I do and often times I donít hit them. However, I have those goals because I was taught they are important. Many times you go to a improvement or self-development event and they ask you to set your goals down.
Me With Jeff Hill SR VP at Beachbody

Me With Jeff Hill SR VP at Beachbody

I think this excites people and scares them too. I know Iíll say, well maybe Iíll him them maybe I wonít but they are there! Create a plan the experts say, work harder than everyone else the experts sayÖ Here is what they leave out and the theme behind this yearís event in Nebraska, and for 2014Ö. PAIN

Itís a powerful word, PAIN. Something that I think we often want to avoid but we all go through at some time or another. We donít like to talk about pain, and we surely try to avoid it. However, in order to achieve anything of significance we must be willing to embrace it.


You know what pain is, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and so on. I think many of us think pain is unique to us. We see so many successful happy people, coaches, mentors, etc enjoying the fruits of hard work but we never see them in pain. We never see them struggle. Itís not to say we should post or share about everything that is bad in our life but the reality is everyone is going through some sort of struggle.

I realized that NO one has it all together. Student Loan debt, living in a modest town home development, trying to inch through life and new marriage. Thatís my struggle and pain. Body image yep everyone has them! People with money have them, people with success still have them.

You may just see the easy, or glamorous side but along the way they are either in a crisis, just getting out of one, or about to get into one.

Take Away Ė Look to the Future but Stay in the Moment

If anything I took away from this weekend is that everyone deals with pain in different ways. Some overcome it, and others run from it. It is those that seek light through it that find the bigger picture. I am consistently looking for bigger things, more success, more, more, more. Projecting into the future but what I have come to realize is that taking a moment to enjoy the journey has more value and joy than worry about the future.

My Words to You

This might never resonate with you because you feel you have it all. Good for you, but I would venture to say you are lying to yourself and some where you have pain. I invite you to face it and turn into fuel and memories. Learn from it and move forward. Embrace the day and enjoy life for what currently is, because if you are breathing you still have a fighting chance.

Your Coach,
Nick Jarosh

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    Great Blog! Words to live by and so true! Sounds like you had an awesome time, full of inspiration and revelation!
Thanks for sharing emoticon

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