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Monday, January 06, 2014

Brazen Drag n Fly 5K September 20, 2014 - 35:45. Ran this with my son and we both received 3rd place in our age divisions! Shows how fast some of these kids are and also how small the race was. Only 23 people in my division, but still surprised I placed at that pace.

Brazen Bad Bass Half Marathon July 26, 2014 - 1:59:32. Probably the most challenging half marathon I've run yet. Some good hills in here, but I have avoided running halfs that are too hilly. This one was definitely in my comfort zone. Felt really strong running this. Second place in my age group.

Brazen Wildcat Canyon 10K May 10, 2014 - 1:07:01. Really tough race. Very steep hills particularly coming down. Had to go very slowly down a couple of the hills so this was my slowest 10K ever. Race was small so I still finished first in my age group.

Canyon Meadows Half Marathon March 22 2014 - Time: 2hr 3 min (roughly 9:20 pace). I was really worried about this race. First half marathon with serious hills, but it was so much fun! Obviously my pace was a lot slower than usual. I walked up about half the steep hill and walked a little on other hills. But the course was so beautiful! First half marathon I really enjoyed running. I was smiling during this race! First place in my age division too!

Dublin 5K Shamrock Fun Run March 16 2014 - Time: 27 min 6sec (8:40 pace). Pushing Abby in a stroller. Crowded!

Brazen Coyote Hills Trail Run Half Marathon January 2014 - Time: 1 hr 49 min 33 sec (8:20 pace). Course: Pretty easy trail with some gradual hills (one short steep one). Thoughts: Almost back to my fastest pace for a half marathon! Really good considering I didn't train well for this run. Body recovered much better too. 3rd place in my division.

Brazen Lake Chabot 5K January 2014 - Time: 37 min. Course: Easy, paved some rolling hills. Ran this with my son who wasn't feeling well. So proud of him!

Brazen Las Trampas Trail Run 10K October 2013 - Time: 1 hr 2 min 54 sec (10:08 pace) Course: Very challenging. Very steep and long hill. 2nd place in age and gender.

Devil Mountain Run 5K May 2013 - Time: 27 min 45 sec (8:55 pace) Course: Easy and flat, but was pushing a stroller. Hurt my back!

Brazen Mt. Diablo Trail Run 10K April 2013 -Time: 1 hr 3 min 30 sec (9:54 pace) Course: Quite challenging, hilly and several creeks to cross. Thoughts: Felt like I was in a little better shape for this one, but still walked the steep hills. 3rd for age and gender.

Pleasanton Double Road Race December 2012 (5K plus a 10K back to back) - Overall Time: 1 hr 17 min 40 sec 10K Time: 51 min 21 sec (8:16 pace) 5K Time: 26:09 (8:26 pace) Thoughts: Very flat and paved course, but it was really cold and rainy! Made the whole experience challenging. 11th place for age and gender overall.

Brazen Bear Creek Trail Run 10K August 2012 - Time: 1:02:57 (9:58) Course: Very hilly, difficult trail. Thoughts: Still not regularly training. Walked the steep hills, but 1st place in age and gender! Woohoo!

Pleasanton Half Marathon May 2012 - Time: 1 hr 48 min 37 sec (8:17 pace) Course: Very flat. Mostly paved. Easy course. Thoughts: Have not kept up the running at all, which is why my results for this easier race are not as good as my first half marathon despite the much easier course. Otherwise, in good fitness shape. 18th place for age and gender (yikes!).

Morgan Hill Half Marathon October 2011 - Time: 1 hr 53 min 21 sec (8:39 pace) Course: Paved, some low rolling hills. Thoughts: 7 months after having a baby. Not much training. 11th place for age and gender.

Coastwise La Jolla 5K October 2010 - Time: 25 min 57 sec (8:22 pace). Paved, easy course with 1 hill -repeat 3x. Thoughts: 4.5 months pregnant. And kept up my pace. 7th place for division.

Cinco de Mayo 10K May 2010 - Time: around 58 minutes (9:50? pace) Course: Very challenging course although trail is quite smooth. Thoughts: Was in good training for this and knew the trail well, but still ended up walking part of the way.

XTerra Black Mountain Trail Run 15K March 2010 - Time: 1 hr 31 min 30 sec (9:50 pace) Course: Quite hilly and very rocky. Creeks. Thoughts: Gained some weight over the last year, but kept up the running. 3rd place for age and gender.

Black Mountain Summit Run 7K Trail Run May 2009 - Time: 36:53 minutes (8.6 min miles) Course: Very steep and very rocky. Thoughts: Was in good shape and training for this, but was stuck behind slower people for a good part of it as the course is single-file. Could have pushed harder. 5th place for age and gender.

San Dieguito Half Marathon February 2009 - Time: 1 hr 47 minutes (8:10 pace) Course: Paved road, but quite hilly. Thoughts: In great shape, but could have trained harder for longer races.


Still Running - sometimes

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recently came back to Spark People after a long, long hiatus. I have also lost somewhat of an interest in running (at least regularly). I get maybe one run in a week (if that), but still maintain a regular exercise schedule with weights and cardio routines.

Despite my lack of training, I do not let that stop me from signing up for races. So what if I'm under trained? Goal is to finish, not to win!

This had made it more fun since now I don't feel the need to train for the races. And now I am regularly running them with my husband. Well, not literally as he leaves me in the dust.

We've done two half marathons together, several trail runs, and a double road race (a 10K and 5K back to back) in the last three years. It has been a blast. We've also done a couple of 5Ks with my little boy. The first one was not timed, but he was only 6 and he insisted on running the entire way! So proud! His last 5K, he came in third for his age group and he was the first 7 year old across the finish line. My husband has also done well on the trail races. For road races, neither of us are super fast, but do pretty well on the trail races (probably because not too many people run those -lol). Last trail 10K (with a doozy of a hill), he was first in his age group and fifth overall out of 158 finishers! Not too shabby. I'm pretty proud of myself too since I garnered a second place age medal (I know there were less than 20 of us but it made me feel good!)

Since I don't run regularly, I doubt I will ever complete a full marathon. I even have doubts about the half we are signed up for this coming January. But again, the goal is to finish, not to win! I know we will have a blast.

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NGSMART1 11/21/2013 12:18PM

  We've never really taken our son running with us unless it's on the formal races. My son has always been active and likes running. He ran his first 5K when he was 6 and we were surprised when he ran the whole way. He is steadily getting faster with each 5K. Right now, there is a run club at school twice a week that he does. They run as many laps as they can around the school before school starts.

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JRICHART 11/21/2013 10:51AM

    What age did your son start with running? I take my baby boy with me running (he's 3) and he loves it. Lately he's been complaining and pitching a fit that I won't let him run and make him sit in the stroller. I'd love to encourage him to run, but really don't know how to begin with him.

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Trail Run

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I know. I know. I haven't been active on this site for months, but it's a good way to write up my thoughts about certain activities.

I was not enthusiastic about registering for a race this year. Let me tell ya! I've fallen off the healthy, Spark bandwagon and regained all the weight lost, although I still maintain a healthy weight. I also stopped running so much (which probably contributed) so I felt seriously under-trained and not in the best of shape. My husband, conversely, has been running a lot more and after my experience with the half marathon last year and the short trail run we both did, really wanted to try a longer race. So I signed us up for a 15K trail run (officially it was 9.3 miles although some people claimed 9.8 miles. I dunno about that as I went into the race thinking it was 8 miles. No wonder the last mile felt like two!).

One good plus. Although I've been running 2x a week instead of 3. The run on the weekends has been getting longer and longer so I felt more confident doing a long run.

Thoughts on the run. This was a trail in Black Mountain regional park in San Diego. The trail was listed as fairly flat and fast by description. I suppose this must be by trail race standards as it was anything but flat. LOL. There were some quite hefty hills to run and although it was fire roads, it was pretty rocky in places and muddy in others. Although I am fairly used to running hills and rough trails, I don't run them fast and I strained my Achilles tendon running this race. Still hurts several days later. I also found I had to walk up some of the hills (which I try hard not to do). All in all it was really a fun experience despite a jammed toe nail and the strained tendon. I would definitely do it again if I can motivate myself to train harder.

Results: My husband ran his first 15K (he usually runs 6 miles or so 3-4x a week) in 1 hr 22 minutes. He was 50th out of a total of 288 runners who completed the race. Pretty darn good, Mr. Mountain Goat! He was nice enough to stick with me for the first 3 miles or so and then he was off and running his true pace.

As for me, I finished with it 1 hr 31 minutes. Pace 9:50. I found it a bit disappointing considering I had finished a half marathon the previous year with an 8:30 pace, and that race was considered to be hilly for a half marathon. I have to say though that the hills in the trail run blew those out of the water. Considering that I weighed a good 5-6 pounds more and was in worse shape, I think I did fine.

One upside is that a lot fewer people ran this race and they subdivide age groups into five years. That meant I was third place for females 35-39 years old. yeah! I think there were 23 of us total in that group. Too bad I didn't stick around to receive my award if there was any. Overall, I placed 109.

Considering my on again, off again attitude towards running, this is probably as close as I'll get to winning a race. Maybe this will motivate me to work harder? Or maybe I'll continue to take it slow. I'm not enjoying my strained tendon in the least.


Food, food, food

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I am an exercise buff. I have no problem getting up and moving around. Even when I am not actively exercising, I maintain an active lifestyle (at least at home) by cleaning the yard, cleaning the house or doing other activities. I have a lot of trouble sitting still, which is rather ironic since I have a desk job.

My biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining my weight is food. I love food. All food, but especially bread and sweets. If there is any fresh bread in the house, I've eaten it before it can get even a teensy bit stale. If there is any cake, forget it. I can't seem to moderate this eating habit, except to not buy anything that is bad. Unfortunately, even when there isn't any bad food in the house, I end up grazing and snacking until I am over my calorie limit for the day.

Basically, I want to be that person that eats healthy, has a few treats in moderation and learns to stop eating before their stomach becomes uncomfortably full. Nearly every day, there is at least one time a day where I feel stuffed. Why can't I seem to get past this?


Trail Run

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My husband and I completed our first trail race yesterday. Only 7K but a steep climb up to the top of the mountain (and back). What fun! Neither of us won anything of course even though not many people participated, but we did a lot better than we thought we would. This was my husband's first race and he was awesome! But then I think he must be half goat. He's almost 40 and he can run at breakneck speeds down mountains. He left me in the dust in the first 5 minutes going up the hill too. He said he was maybe 10th overall finishing, which is really good for a first-timer (29 minutes).

As for me, I underestimated myself and put myself at the back of the pack. This meant that I was stuck for a good 5 minutes at a very slow pace going up the mountain. I did finally break out of the pack about halfway up. I am not as good coming down (too worried about falling on the rough trail), but still was stuck behind somebody on the way down because the trail was very narrow, steep and I did not feel safe passing anybody. I estimate I could have improved my time a bit, but was really happy with the way I ran. I finished in about 36-37 minutes, but am not too sure about the time.

Next time a longer, flatter race for the both of us. We are both really enjoying the race scene, although we are not serious about competing.

I wanted to edit this to say that most of the time I was running I was behind a little girl. How amazing is that? She looked like she was maybe 10-11 years old. I did fun runs at that age, but they were maybe a mile at the most on a flat surface and I don't think I ran the whole way. Her mother was mid-40's and did not have an ounce of fat on her. She finished WAY ahead of me. Very inspirational!


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