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another off the bucket list !!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday evening our friend Barry received 4 tickets to the Saints game against Tampa Bay. I shocked everyone when I said I want to go. I am not crazy about crowds and well they know that my foot is really bad with stairs and walking right now. But since I am leaving next month I might not have the chance again . The tickets were awesome seats on the 20 yard line the 29th row ( free but valued at 190 dollars a piece , that is some gift.

We had to park almost 2 miles away and walk to the dome .. but on the way we visited at the bud light tailgate party of the day lol

finally you can see the dome in view .. it looks huge and it is .. and let me tell you New Orleans is know for noise and tailgateing and why now it is the big easy right?

Although I didnt get close to it .. the biggest party is at champion square . this is wear they pay Amish to the golden boy who made them champions Drew Breeze .

Of course we get there in enough time to see some of the pregame warm ups ... They are intense about the warm up and they should be 60 minutes of putting your body through a game has got to be tough .

Tampa bay should have warmed up better .. Just saying

The joint starts really coming alive when it is time for them to come out for the game . During this time there was a moment of reflection in observance of all that lost their life on Friday at Sandy Brook ( suck a tragedy but not for here and now, but my prayers are with them always)

For all our faults as a nation there is still no greater place to be in the world ..

I have a lot more pics but these are the ones that i will always remember.

Barry, Brian and me .. we had a blast but i still hate pics of me.

To be honest there were a couple of NSV in the day well that sweet lol . Sitting in a regular seat with plenty of room to move in. Being able to maneuver down the isle with ease like everyone else does and takes for granted. Feeling comfortable enough in my own skin that I actually enjoyed the game very much . Funny how losing 90 lbs can do that for you .. So I wonder what it will be when I loose the rest of it ? If you are always sitting on the sideline because of you weight then it is time to do something and enjoy your life to the fullest .

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JULIAOAK 12/21/2012 9:40AM

    looks like you had a great time! emoticon

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SNUZSUZ 12/18/2012 10:04PM

    Great pics and looks like great fun!

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LJR4HEALTH 12/18/2012 7:44PM

    Oh it looks like you had a lot of fun

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THINNYGINNY 12/17/2012 4:06PM

    So glad you enjoyed yourself - it is so nice to hear you say you are comfortable in your own body!! It makes a huge difference everyday when your first thought is not about how others will look at you... Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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DANILYNNG 12/17/2012 2:27PM

    So glad that you had a good time!

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JUSTYNA7 12/17/2012 1:17PM

    Wonderful blog! Good for you for trying something outisde your comfort zone and what a great feeling to BE ABLE TO DO IT! Plus sometimes it is about other people and enjoying things they love with them.

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The next step in Me

Monday, December 10, 2012

I have been putting this blog off for some time now . For 42 years I have done all that expected of me to the point of sacrificing myself for the benefit of others. I never knew how losing the weight would change me. How my search for better health would impact decisions. I never thought about my own happiness and what I wanted . I started the change of life with one thought in mind just be change so you can live . Never would I have believed that so many things were involved in living.

It all started with exercising . And no I didnt like it one bit; however, I knew that it was a necessity. The path that led me down was unbelievable to me. As my body got physically stronger , I became emotionally and mentally stronger. About week 5 of laying on my couch recovering from surgery I had a realization that well frankly was something I never thought I would find . I missed walking . I missed the emotional release of the track. I missed the mental reprieve that it gave. I missed the clarity of things after a good walk. I had done the unthinkable I had changed my emotional eating to emotional exercise. Now this blog will get a little emotional but no worries I am good actually better than I have been in a while . For me I took the changes to heart, there is never going to be an end just a next step . And I think I have to make some changes to insure that I am doing what is best for me .

I have been fighting a decision for a while now . Hoping that some things would change and well they arent. I so dearly dislike living in New Orleans. The apartment is void of color and life. I have mentioned before about my husbands drinking issues. These issues are not better by any means. I really feel like here I am just existing not living ... I want to live again . I want to wake up and just be happy . So I have decided to move back home in January with or with out my husband . Brian is a good man dont get me wrong . I love him dearly but right now he is a little lost. The decision although sad really has to be . See through sparks I found out that well sometimes it really does have to be about me .. This place New Orleans is destroying us with resentment and anger . The financial worries , the constant drinking and the void of anything meaningful has taken a toll. My home is in Mississippi. I love my wide open yard with my willows ( Abigail, Isabella and Boreguard) . I love seeing my grand children on the week end running into people I know in the store . Visiting my mother's grave on a weekly basis . I love my Alabama red kitchen and Marigold yellow living room . I miss the wide openness of my home . The confinement here has finally became more than I can bare . I am at peace with my decision however it turns out. I am not good alone but alone in Mississippi has got to be better than sitting here missing it everyday. This is just another step in becoming the me I want to be .

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DANILYNNG 12/14/2012 4:13PM

    Wishing you love and peace in Mississippi!

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LJR4HEALTH 12/11/2012 6:52PM

    emoticon Darlene

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NKOUAMI26 12/11/2012 6:33AM

    emoticon emoticon

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KBRADFORD88 12/10/2012 8:28PM

    Wow Tink. I will be praying for you as you push ahead in this journey. Being with a man who cannot control his drinking is not safe. I want you to be safe. best wishes and hugs

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Sore but good

Monday, December 03, 2012

So today is day four and well tonight I am a bit sore .. but not my foot well it is but not from working out. I wake up this morning and it is house cleaning day . That is serious work really. sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming. Oh and dont for get Laundry . For 2 hours I busted tail getting the apartment clean and it sparkled really . Nothing like a clean house to get your mind straight.

On the 12 days of Christmas fitness .. today was Planks to be specific 2x 1 minute planks .. Ok so I have a few days to actually get this right. Even doing the modified one showed me I need lots of work on some things .. I did 2 at 20 seconds now how sad is that but that is 20 seconds longer than I thought I would . So I am above the game in my head. My body is still recovering so no sense in beating myself up . the whole reason I started the 100 days was to get back my strength and well i knew it wouldnt be in 4 days .

I am not hurting just sore like you would be if you had just upped your routine. That is the gauge if it hurts and mean pain then I stop . I read today that where you stop is exhaustion but for it is sheer pain during that is a great place right there to stop . But nothing i have been doing has been hurting during .. my shoulders are a little more pained tonight than usual but i believe it should be expected. Besides my arms are looking as good as my legs .. it feels so good to just see the rewards of the work so quickly ..

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JSELLINGTON 12/8/2012 4:27PM

    A friend used to tell me that pain is good for you, it lets you know that you are alive. Whatever was my comment then and still is. However, I would like to modify that statement....pain is good for you when you are working out, it let's you know if you are doing it right. If it is the OMG I think I broke something pain, STOP!!!!!!! and if it is the Man, my muscles hurt then you are on the right track! emoticon

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SNUZSUZ 12/5/2012 4:15PM

    Great blog!

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    Sometimes pain is good. I love feeling sore (not hurting)after a workout because I then can say I worked out really hard. Good job on the planks. 20 seconds is tough!! You will be at a minute in no time!! emoticon

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Ahh yes

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Today is day three of 100 days of 60 minutes of fitness. Now I wont tell you that I get up raring to go in the morning but I am trying here to get back to some kind of normal routine. What I really want to do is walk pound the pavement *sigh but that is not possible right now.

So I get up this morning and well my foot says lets just skip today and try again tomorrow. But No we didnt do that. The foot is lazy but irregardless it must stretch and work it is going to get better . The work out is not to terrible .

Routine ( 3x 10 reps each )
Dumbbell side bends
Standing twist
Squats with dumbbells
Calf raises
a form of lying abduction
30 cross body toe touches

3 minutes of walking in place with chest pump ( a resistant band under the arm pits that you pull out and pull back as you walk)

30 minutes on the cardio fit

Last night as I was redoing my spark page for Christmas ( looks most awesome to me) I found this thing called the 12 days of Christmas fitness .

So today I did 100 modified jumping jacks ... my foot will not take the regular ones and no I didnt even try .. trust me I know ....

The first thing that really sent me into panic mode during recovery was about week 2 I lost my muscle tone .. I was smaller but flabby . I dont mean to offend anyone but well it is my blog .. I have this fear of becoming some hanging fat to my knees ... with whiskers everywhere ... not sure what caused it but it scares the hell out of me ... So I try to tone my muscles a lot so as not to have the hanging problems. Well let me tell you it wasnt as bad as I thought .. After 3 days everything is tightening right back up .. I dont mind being big as long as I can see the changes and boy can I .. another reason that I know the changes are real ... because as I walk i look down at my legs and say Ahh Yesss ..

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CHERYLANDERICA 12/2/2012 11:16PM

    First of all, your page does look mighty festive!! :)

I like the 12 days of Christmas thing and might have to try it. Good job with the jumping jacks...modified or not, you did good!

I have a fear of the hanging skin as well. I look at my arms and think if I just get them really strong then they wont sag. But I am not sure how well that will work for my belly. :( After 2 kids and a lifetime of obesity I feel like it is destined to saggy. I hope not though.

Keep being amazing!!

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DOLLFACEDX 12/2/2012 9:47PM

    does feel good to see the feet, doesn't it emoticon

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UMBILICAL 12/2/2012 9:46PM


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A week of doings ... Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Well it is has been a week of up and downs . My last blog tells you of the downs. So lets move past that one. On Monday Dr. T took my crutches and boot. He said to proceed with caution because I am not completely healed yet but I am getting there a head of schedule .. They upped my pt this week adding some things that well kinda shocked me a bit . Leg presses and squats some with the bapps board ( painful stay away ) . I have a wonderful Pt staff so I am sure I will be back up to speed before long . Since the upped my pt I was thinking hmm maybe I can up my home workout . Now dont gasp and yell I am not killing myself .. I have added more crunches , resistant bands with weights , oh and yes squats with mild walking in place . Also I am using my cardio fit ( like a rowing machine) for a full 30 minutes at a time . Instead of the 3 ten minute sessions .. different burn all together . I need the burn I want the burn .. But I am very happy to say that after 10 weeks on the lovely couch recouping I have not had any kind of substantial gain . I have gains but these gains are from medicine and fluid so it isnt permanent. Hence proving to me that I have indeed made a significant Change in my life. Not just dieting . Yesterday I decided to challenge my self to a 100 day fitness streak meaning I will exercise everyday for 60 plus minutes .

I am doubtful that I will make it to 266 by 1/1/2013 but if not then I will because i wont quit .

Now completely on a different subject kinda lol. Last night was the first night that the park light display was open. You can drive part of it but it is better to walk it ... Christmas lights always make me think of my mother . She is passed away but never forgotten . She so loved Christmas and everything about it. But to watch see the lights was always like watching a small child for the first time. It is through the lights that have the most wonderful memories of her . The twinkle and gleam make me think of her smile. The running bouncing lights remind of her laughter. The lighted stars on the trees make believe she is now having wonderful Christmas's with Christ. The balls on the trees remind how dainty and beautiful she was. And the tinsel Is the love that she showered over a world that was never the same after she left its hard ground . With Christmas there is a generosity that we should share and be joyous, sometimes that is hard but for me as much as I miss her , I want her to look down and see me doing what she always did just loving my neighbors and family with an unconditional love that no gift can ever take the place of .

These are just a few of the pics .. it is hard to capture them with a camera because most to the lights move. but it truly is something to see .. I will have to go back because i could only walk about a 1/4 of mile before my foot went out .. the whole exhibit is about a mile from beginning to end.

What Christmas would be complete without Santa and Frosty lol

In memory of my mom ... wish you could see me now Your arms would finally fit around me again .. sorry it took so long but better late than never ...

Happy Holidays everyone !!! Be kind and love with all your heart !!!

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CASTIRONLADY 12/2/2012 12:21AM

    Great Pix! Keep up the good work . Your Mom would be proud. emoticon

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JANTWO 12/2/2012 12:12AM

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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