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saying goodbye to my first pair of training shoes

Monday, September 12, 2011

I never had any children. Maybe I sometimes get teary eyed over the silliest things. I cried the other day when I realized that I had worn out my first pair of real athletic shoes. I remembered the day I got them and the empowerment I felt when I first put them on. The gratitude I felt towards those wornout things for inspiring me to continue....well its a good thing they cant talk to me.Here's a silly thought: maybe I should have them bronzed like people used to do with baby shoes.Although with the size my feet are they would be a better doorstop than a shelf ornament. That makes me laugh.And that's part of what those shoes have created in me: a whole lot more joy in my life ! So thanks shoes. I'll put you away in your original box and someday in the future when I am cleaning out my closets I'll come across you and wonder why I held on to you.We are meant to move on.And so I can..because of you.

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REDSHOES2011 9/12/2011 6:52AM

    I wear mine around the house to casual wear, I have so many pairs that are retired.. When they fall to bits I then throw them away..

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dont be afraid to go to the gym

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I used to fear going to the gym. This , of course, was before I actually had stepped one foot in one.I wanted to join a gym badly. My at home efforts needed ramping up and I knew the gym was the place to go to get that. I'm not downing the at home exercise experience because without that I never would have gotten to the point where I felt I needed more.
Then one day my husband said he wanted to join the gym because they were having a super reasonable special price. I was happy because he had noticed my efforts at a new way of eating and spending time exercising and he wanted to join in. I felt this could only encourage success for the both of us so I said yes. As we walked up to the doors of the gym that tuesday evening I was trying to hold down my butterflies and outwardly look casual ( even though I was worried that everone would be staring at me when I walked in).
We walked up to the registration desk and started filling out forms. I allowed myself to look up and around.What? What? There were people everwhere of every size and age doing what they needed to do to get healthy! Yes there were also those barbie dolls in their skimpy little workout clothes. But they were the minority in actuality. Almost without exception, the people that were there were there to get it done!
My comfort zone expanded at that moment. I now am a regular at the gym with my husband and without.I go there to get it done, and I am loving it! The lesson I learned that day: dont judge a situation before you enter into it; you 'll never know what might be waiting for you on the other side of that door that you are afraid to go through!


Giving it away is getting it back

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I work with a colleague who has way too much stress in her life. Pressures of being a single parent with two sons and elderly parents who are in denial about their current infirmaties have really taken their toll on her.She has been watching my journey since I started Sparkpeople in late April. Shes quiet and private so she doesn't say much. (the very opposite of me)I was pretty open about what I was attempting to do and read THE SPARK at lunch every day. After about four months its pretty obvious how attempting to live a healthy lifestyle has made positive and noticable changes in me. So she started asking questions and I was glad to answer and honest about how difficult it was for me to commit to taking care of myself. It struck a chord with her. Last week she asked me if she could borrow THE SPARK. I gave it to her because i have already read it 5 times and was happy to pass on a good thing. I put a note inside." this all starts by just committing to paying better attention to what you are eating and just ten minutes of any kind of exercise. I believe in your ability to do this!" The next day at lunch she was reading THE SPARK. As she looked up to say hi I could see the glimmer of a spark in her eyes.It feels great to pass it on!

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VAWHITE 8/7/2011 7:38AM

    I identify with your friend's stress. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't read the Spark yet. It's time for me to get that spark going. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Just reading this morning my heart swells with overwhelming emotional warmth at what you just did for another soul in "distress" and I thank you! Every time I help another or see another being helped by someone and see the transformation beginning even with just the smallest of glimmer of hope in their eyes, the emotions I feel are indiscribable.
I'll do it all again and again and again.

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Thank you Beyonce'

Friday, August 05, 2011

Yesterday i was at the gym after work and my intent was to do the 30 minutes on the elliptical that is part of my 'homework' from my trainer. For once i had my ipod (thanks to my hubby) and i got on and started working .The music kept me moving right along and since i had just downloaded Beyonce"s new cd 4 I was moving right along. I was enjoying the music and working along to the rythmn pretty good. I looked at my time and i had gotten to 25 minutes. So I said let me see if I can go just 5 minutes over my 30 minute goal.The five minutes became 10 and then 20 and then, I was upon the magic 60 minutes. A COMPLETE workout! I did it and then the five minute cooldown.Thank You Beyonce! Who'll run the world?


apple to hourglass?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I remember being in my twenties and even early thirties and having a concave belly when I lay on the floor. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing a body that I was'nt happy with then but would cry with joy over now. I've been looking at my naked self over the last couple of years and thinking that , at times, if I painted myself red I could be a stand-in for the fruit of the loom commercials.
Somehow I never really made the connection between the dieting and the exercise . When i was younger i never needed a planned exercise life to keep me looking my best. I've always done physical work so I depended on that . Only now do I realize that having an exercising plan already in place and a good habit might have saved me the long transformation now. I know I'll never get my old young body back.But exercising and working hard on eating right has begun to improve my naked self. Although the scale is'nt moving as fast as i would like I am seeing changes that I like. My belly is retreating a tiny bit every week. I'm getting tighter in places that I thought could be used for parasailing. Dare I hope to go from and apple to an hourglass? Only time and steady habits will tell. For now I only know I will soon have to look alot harder to find that apple in the mirror, and that is enough for me to keep me working on it....

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CHRISTA90 7/31/2011 8:45PM

  From one apple to another; keep 'er going girl. With your work and perserverance, there's a defined shape in your future and it isn't round!

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JCBCPAE 7/28/2011 6:49PM

    Keep up the great work ! ! ! emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 7/26/2011 8:42AM

    I have learned a lesson in my 57 yrs. on this planet and that is that change is hard, difficult, mind bending sometimes. But the work is worth the effort! Sometimes we become so accepting of the way things are that we don't realize that the change we're hoping to achieve could make things BETTER!

So, keep sparking. Keep on doing your exercise routine, eating well, getting your rest . . . taking care of YOU and those changes will keep happening for you. No, we can NEVER get that body that we had in our 20's back, BUT we can make it possible to have an even BETTER body (healthier, more fit) with Spark People! Spark on!!

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EXENEC 7/26/2011 4:44AM

  Great attitude, keep up the good work. As a fellow apple, I first lost weight from the areas that didn't need it much--arms, legs, etc. Only now am I seeing a real difference in my belly, breasts, neck and face. When I was younger, my weight loss was more proportional. Best of luck!

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