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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another goal -- LEARN how to use the message boards! I always used to think I was computer savey, but I just don't get the boards or how to keep up with any particular thread. HELP????


What is the Deal????

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I can't believe how my weight fluxuates by week! I used to think it was just hormones, but I really can't figure that comparing my calander. One thing I've noticed is that when my hips & back are particularly achy, my weight seems to be higher. Water retention??

Today I started up FOUR POUNDS from last week. I took a 20 min. walk and it killed my hips the entire time.

Since I began, I haven't lost a thing - in fact, I gained quite a bit since I dropped in a long time ago. I don't think I ever stuck with anything I started (hmmm... think that's it??) One thing I finally figured out is that I made "A" goal -- an end goal. I never gave myself small goals along the way, so it's easy to be overwhelmed or not look at "just today" because that goal is so far off in the future.

That has to change.

I made a goal to reach 220 by the end of July. Of course, I made that goal last night before I realized I was up four pounds! I'm hoping that's water weight... and I"m NOT changing the goal already. I will walk daily, drink my water, cut back on the sugar, and listen to my body when I'm eating (another big problem of mine as I love food).

I can do this!

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SCAROUSEL1 7/19/2008 12:55PM

    Hang in there! The weight will come off. I was up 3# last week and I am up another 3# this week. I wrote a blogged totles WHAT THE?...

I know that new muscle holds onto water so water retention could be your problem and mine.

Stay strong! You can and will succeed!

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Hiding in my coffee cup!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, my eyes were just opened! YIKES!! My biggest (let's emphasize that word "BIG") allowed indulgence has been fooling me: My Starbucks NON-FAT iced caramel mocha!

When I first started keeping track of my eating, I picked up a pamphlet from Starbucks showing all the nutritional info. I'm quite the addict (even though it's decal), and seeing that it read 380 calories and 5 grams of fat, I was below my daily calories so knew I could have one EVERY DAY and still loose weight.

Ummm... no.... not exactly. I'm actually the same weight and nothing happened even though my food changed and said I was in range. What's the problem?????

Well, this week I started tracking again. Once again, I've been below my daily counts, so let's indulge, right? Well, I went to the Starbucks website to get numbers (couldn't find my paper) and when I checked on my drink... WHAT???? 500+ calories?!?! WHAT?!!!! There are 17 Grams of fat in my NON-FAT drink?!?!? What's going on here????

And some days I have had one of these drinks in the morning AND at night?! Oh no.... this is not good!

Seems that their pamphlet doesn't include whipped cream (oh yeah,... gotta have all the trimmings!) that automatically come on a drink unless you request it doesn't. Can you say naive??? Hmmm... it probably doesn't include that extra caramel sauce either. I can't believe I've been adding 12 grams of fat in a drink every single day.

I'm on a Starbucks coffee break for awhile. That will not be an easy feat. A tall Chai Tea if I'm having a craving. I think that's doable!

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TLB513 1/11/2008 12:22AM

    I read these posts on SP and I'm soooo glad I don't like coffee and beer! LOL. Water is my drink of choice... Thank goodness!
Since you are tracking all of this...when you stop, I'm sure you'll start to see a difference!

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    I like food tooooooo much to drink my calories!!! LOL!!! it's strictly water for me these days!!! Its funny how just one little thing can make such a difference in out weight loss!!! Glad you found out now instead of later!!! Jackie!!!

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New Year, New Me

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wow... 2008? Tomorrow is my birthday. FOURTY-FIVE! Sheese!!!

I feel like I've been doing the "I'm going to change" talk for the past ten years - and it's been a lot of talk. I deffinately want to make it happen, it just has to be consistant (my big problem).

I just got back from a walk - about 3 miles. It started out with rain (but I went), and then turned into snow (but I kept walking). By the time I got home, my hair was soaking wet along with my clothes, and I was starting to get numb from the cold. I think if it weren't for that, I'd have kept going for a 3rd round of the neighborhood (another mile).

About 3/4 of the way through, with snow landing on my eyelashes, water dripping from my hair, it was snowing hard. It was pretty, really! As the snow hit the ground in front of me, I noticed it disappear from sight. Every flake melted away instantly. That was when I put it together with my walk... every step, melting away calories each time my foot touched the ground. What a great feeling it was to realize that!!! If it weren't for potential frost bite, I probably could've walked all morning! LOL

Anyway, it IS a new year. I truely am determined (and inspired by a dear frind of mine and his quest for health) to make this year THE year of change. No more excuses.

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TLB513 1/8/2008 6:17PM

    YAY! Glad to hear you had such a GOOD day! That makes the journey a bit more rewarding and definitely more FUN! Happy, early, Birthday! If I remember (yeah, the memory does slip a bit after 40...!) I'll stop by your page tomorrow and 'sing' to you... Be glad you don't have to hear me! haha Glad to have you on the Sassy Sexy and Successful team... This year is gonna ROCK!

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NEW Month

Monday, October 01, 2007

Well -- Here's what happens when you just stop the good things you're doing to make a change... Ready?? You gain back everything you lost and you have to start over again!


Umm.. .well, no. I can say I'm not surprised that that's what happened. But -- I can change that. I deffinately won't be where I wanted to be by Thanksgiving, but there are still around seven weeks before that and I should be able to make a little dent at least.

It was supposed to be easier once the kids got back to school, but I'm finding it more of a challange... grabbing a frappachino whenever I feel like it... take out for a quick lunch... EEK!!! Ok. That has to stop.

I started the day on the right foot -- up before the sun to exercize. Unfortunately, my plan to hit the gym in the a.m. is foiled by a sick munchkin at home, but I'll work on that another day.

Never say di(et)! :-)

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LUCYSUNFLOWER 10/3/2007 11:39PM

    Connie, it's all part of the process! You can do it, and it won't happen all at once or from doing everything "right". You can do it little by little, in the real world, with small changes. The little changes really do add up! I'm cheering for you!


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TLB513 10/1/2007 9:22PM

    You didn't mess up too bad... You're back!!!! and with a plan!
Hang in there... and Keep SParkin'!

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