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No Emergency medical button today

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I went to bed after midnight and woke up at 5am again. I don't know how I do it.
went to the gym at work.. did my 400 calories (I'll ramp up next week) on the elliptical all before my friend showed up. That means that I got to start work at 7am. A Good idea with a BAD deadline approaching on 1/3.
No accidental Emergency button today... though I did have a funny incident.
The tile in the shower stall was wet so I braced my hand on the stall door..that promptly swung open, revealing my naked body to the world.
At least I was able to catch my balance!

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MAMA2FINN 12/29/2010 8:31PM

ked. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 12/29/2010 2:54PM

    Hopefully you'll get into a little better sleep pattern soon.
Awesome job on the workout! No Emergency button, sweet!!!
I doubt there were too many people around to see you (if any) in the shower. I'm glad you didn't fall. Then you would have had people running over to help your naked body.

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Just when you think you're doing the right thing....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Woke up this morning at 5am.
Left house 5:10am.
Hit work/dropped off laptop & purse 5:45am
Headed out in vehicle to neighboring building 5:50am
Call SUNNYHILLAN to meet up, but accidentaly dial BFF instead 5:53am
Arrive at neighboring building after getting lost twice 6:00am
Workout for 400 calories/45minutes
Get showered dressed and leave for my building 7:26am
Security guards rush passed me on my way out of locker room 7:27am

Find out from SUNNYHILLAN that I accidentally pushed the Emergency/Medical Help button with my gym bag on the way out of the locker room 8:45am

How's that for my first attempt at working out at my new job?

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STIPER23 12/28/2010 11:15AM

    Yikes! Oops! I hope the rest of your day goes well. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 12/28/2010 10:58AM

400 calories is great. Pushing emergency/medical help button makes a great story.
I'm sure the next workout will burn as many calories but will not involve the security guards.

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What's your favorite 90's song?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm putting together a little 90's mix for a party & can't remember ALL the good songs back in the 90's.

What are your favorites??

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JUSDUCKY 12/26/2010 12:18PM

    Baby's got back!
Whoomp there it is!

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NATPLUMMER 12/26/2010 1:38AM

    I listened to a lot of Soundgarden and Nirvana in the 90's. Not really suited for a party if you want dancing.

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NEWMIRROR 12/26/2010 12:47AM

    Awesome.. I TOTALLY just looked both up on YouTube!

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DWILCZKO 12/26/2010 12:40AM

  yolanda and dangerous on the dancefloor

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My Christmas Miracle

Friday, December 24, 2010

The 9V battery went out on my scale.
It's a sign :)
I'm going to take advantage of the Christmas miracle and not replace the battery until right before the BLC15 starts. That way, I go into it motivated and encouraged, not discouraged

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JUSDUCKY 12/24/2010 9:44PM

    Mine broke the other day. It was the day before weigh in. I went to the store for something else and saw the scale on the shelf..had to get it.
Ah well.

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NATPLUMMER 12/24/2010 1:23PM

    It is a miracle!!
Love it!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've come to realize that I have a LOT more shopping to do. I totally need the basics.
* Shoes for work
* Bras and underwear. I have no clue what bra size I am currently. That's bad
* Dress pants
oh, and some hangers for my new clothes.

I meant to pick up some things tonight at Nordstrom's rack but I spent my time looking at the fun dresses. I got stuck looking at the size 14 dresses and before I knew it, I had a bunch of size 14 dresses in the cart ( I'm bigger than a 14.. why waste my time?!?!) Very frustrating not to find anything that I wanted. I have that groupon for $50 worth of clothing.. so did BFF and NEITHER of us bought anything. (well, she picked out a sweater that looked amazing on her but it was only $25 when she needed to spend $50 to redeem the certificate.. AND the line was long so we left w/o a purchase). Bad because the certs expire 12/31.

Speaking of 12/31... I think that my NEW plan is to watch my friends band play at a local hotel. Originally I was going to hit WI for a little fun and thrift shopping but that's been moved to January now :) If my work wardrobe can last me that long !

Today, I was "starving' all day. I had eaten 1000 calories by 9:30 this morning. it was NOT a good day. I'm feeling hungry again as I type even though I am well over my calories ( that 1000 didn't account for the cake that I had at lunchtime, or my bar burger for dinner, or the two cookies that I ate when I got home.) Yikes.

I'm tired. I was hoping to go in and read my emails that I've fallen behind on, or at least look at the SP things. Work is taking a lot of out me. I leave at 6:30 in the morning and, with errands after work and such, most nights I've been getting home after 9pm. Maybe that's why my eating is so off?!? I'm still tired for starting my job, and the stress of it all, and the getting up.... why did I go back to work when I really wanted more time off?!?!?!?!?!?

p.s. For those of you who asked, I DID find those Squinkies last night at Wal-Mart of all places. Because I'd gone literally to 4 Targets, and called other Targets and they were all sold out, I assumed Wal-Mart would be. But I got 'em!

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NATPLUMMER 12/24/2010 2:09AM

    Apparently not knowing your bra size is not uncommon. I keep reading that most women are wearing the wrong bra size. You should get yourself fitted.
I'm sorry you couldn't find anything good. But maybe it's better to wait until after Christmas. Perhaps the lines will be shorter.
It'll be good to see your friend's band play. That sounds like a lot of fun.
I hate those "HUNGRY" days. Of course mine are never balanced out by any non-hungry days. I had a HUNGRY day earlier this week. Crazy!
The long hours aren't helping your eating.
YAY squinkies!! I'm glad you put in a link. I definitely had no idea what they were.
Try to get some rest this weekend.

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