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No Raspberries

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I am eating a bowl of oatmeal with apples again for breakfast this morning because my son and his friends at all my raspberries. emoticon Now there is still a bag of doritos in the basement, mocrowave popcorn and a lot of other things. They ate mangos and raspberries. I think I have a lack of understanding of boys today.
So all things considered my weight is steady at the top of my healthy weight range. I want it at the bottom so I am going to have to eat better. (hmm it would help if all my raspberries didn't dissappear)
So now the question is what am I going to do about it. I know I am going to be very busy the next couple of weeks with house stuff. That will probably help. I may not have time to eat as much. We will see. I am going to keep posting about this til Aug 14th. I am planning to get there. 145 or bust.

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TRIGRAMPS 6/16/2010 9:14AM

    DW and I call your raspberries-action "ground-hogging" because my boss once planted two gardens: one for himself and one all around the groundhog's hole. The idea was that the groundhog would have lots to eat nearby and would stay away from the family's garden, but you know what happened: the groundhog ignored all of the plants around his hole, came over and ate all of the family's garden, then finally went back and ate up all of his garden. So, the other day DW did not say "Have you seen my cashews?" She says: "I noticed that the groundhog ate all of the cashews!" I replied, "Yep!" (but, the next trip to the grocery, I'll buy her some more) emoticon

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SISTERDEAR 6/12/2010 11:45PM

    Yay, everybody's choosing the healthy options - way to go!

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CGDINASIA 6/12/2010 8:03PM

    Well, at least they chose the healthy things to eat. Go figure! Of course, I know you would have enjoyed them on your oatmeal this morning. emoticon
Keep up with the blogging and all. Track everything you eat. Oh yea, don't forget the exercise. Keep us posted as to how things go.
emoticon I'm cheering for you.

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JEANIECOLLEEN 6/12/2010 5:29PM

    Set aside portioned food for you and say HANDS OFF but have plenty of good healthy food for the rest of the family ,too. emoticon emoticon emoticonYou passed up the junk! GOOD JOB?

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PARAEAST 6/12/2010 3:36PM

    Sounds like you have some ds eating healthy! Sounds like you did good and passed up the Doritos too! Good choice.
Sure hope you make your goal, I'm sure you will.
Have a good day! emoticon

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RURAL3 6/12/2010 12:23PM

    At least the boys are eating healthy. We have to see the blessing in that.

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CATHEITE 6/12/2010 12:20PM

    What smart boys!

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THERAPIST2 6/12/2010 12:01PM

    Wow. Impressive! Passing up Doritos for fruit! Great! You must be a great role model without even realizing it!

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SARAHTAIT 6/12/2010 10:47AM

    YOur boys are picking up your healthy eating habits-good for them. Guess you will have to buy larger quantities of healthy food for everyone.....

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DAWNDREGER 6/12/2010 8:44AM

    Your healthy habits example must be rubbing off on them! :)

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LAURIEANNIE1 6/12/2010 8:43AM

    I think it's a good thing that your boys are eating the raspberries and mangoes. Anytime you can get the family eating healthier is great. It is never to early to start eating foods that are good for you. They left the Doritos?? I am so proud of them!!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

So I sometimes wonder why I do the things I do. Yesterday was one of those questionable days. My 18 year old son dissappeared yesterday. Now all things considered this is not the first time he has done that, unfortunately probably wont be the last either. But he was missing and we really had no clue where he went or what he was doing for about 12 hours. At that point I was pretty sure I knew where he was because I had found a pretty solid lead on who he was with as one of his fishing buddies was also missing. Anyway the point is I was worried and I ate a whole bag of cool ranch doritos. I truly almost made myself ill.
Now there is a thought process here that is instructive to me. I was worried and upset. I knew there were doritos in the house and where my son had hidden them. They were supposed to be for a party he didn't have. Generally it wasn't a true mistake to have had them in the house in this instance. But I didn't need to entertain thoughts about eating them. I had eaten a healthy but late lunch. I really don't think it was an episode of mindless eating. I knew if I went and got them I would eat them all. I could have chosen differently but I didn't.

So it's Friday. I am still in my healthy weight range but yesterday's three pounds are back. Again not sure where I am really at. The high level of sodium could be a factor this time around. We'll see what the ongoing saga of the scale brings tomorrow.

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PARAEAST 6/11/2010 7:01PM

    PTL that your son is ok. We all can eat something that we wish we didn't as long as we learn from it. Then too it's always good to relax and as long as it's not a every day occurance it should be ok. You'll lose the 3 lbs quickly I'm sure!

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SARAHTAIT 6/11/2010 1:41PM

    Oh yeah-the emotional eating festival-I have been there many times myself. Stressed to the max we turn to that food we have hidden away that we know about. Don't beat yourself up about it-I think everyone has done it. Just realizing what you have done is that main thing here. I love the idea of devouring God's word instead-a great thought there. Now to just apply that principle. Why is it our kids can make us do crazy things????

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JANETELIZABETH1 6/11/2010 10:27AM

    Lots of lessons there maybe Lori.
Thank God your son was do we get them to obey a house rule..."I need to know where you are at all times"??
Sounds like that savory snack was calling your name...I've done the same with chocolate...true emotional eating!!
But we learn and move on...

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PASTORWILEY62 6/11/2010 10:03AM

    We have all been there and yes tomoorow they will be gone amen. Wouldnt it be great if we all just devoured God's word instead.. Really said i am going to just eat his word all day . We laugh but what a difference it would make for me if i would just do that instead... You are doing great dont sweat it and glad your son is ok amen

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Thursday's surprise

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My scale says I lost 3 pounds overnight! Hmmm. Don't really think that's possible if we are talking about fat etc. However I spent a lot of my night in the bathroom. I will wait and see what tomorrow and the next week bring. I always track my weight daily so I know how fluctuations go though this one was a little much even for me. Thinking something with my hormones is changing. I am at that "age" However I will be happy for today. Because for sure I didn't gain any weight.
Thinking about some Thai chicken pizza for tonight. I think it is a workable idea today. Kind of like to have that once in a while for something different. It has peanut sauce, white chicken, sprouts and shredded carrots on it. You have to think of it in an alternative mindset rather than as real pizza. But it is tasty.
Today is a big Zumba day. I haven't been to class for a week. I will be pumped up when I come home which is good. Got a lot to do around here.

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PARAEAST 6/10/2010 7:24PM

    Sound slike you had great plans for today, trust you got them done. I hope you did lose weight but 3lbs in 1 day hardly possible. I'll check your blog tomorrow.
How did the chicken turn out? It sure sounds good!!

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LIBRATAH 6/10/2010 1:29PM

    Sounds like some great plans. Have fun at the Zumba class, never been myself but it seems like terrific fun!

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CATLADY69 6/10/2010 11:25AM


that is great im stuck at the same thing for 4 weeks i dont lose or gain but if you dont want the 3 lbs you can give them to me (lol) hope i made you laugh some have a wonderful day

hope you feel better and enjoy


Comment edited on: 6/10/2010 11:25:58 AM

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SARAHTAIT 6/10/2010 10:36AM

    Great weight loss-hope it stays off. I hav never had that kind of pizza-it sounds interesting. I think we will have a veggie pizza tonight too. Yum!!!

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JHADZHIA 6/10/2010 9:54AM

    Sounds like a good plan!
I once had food poisoning and lost six pounds, which my Dr. said is how much waste your intestinal tract holds. After a week, when I was able to eat again, it all came back. Hope you feel better in time for your class! Sounds like fun!

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MATCHA 6/10/2010 9:11AM


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Waking up on Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hey my weight is the same today. Yesterday was a different food day for me. I ate within my range but barely but I didn't make good choices. I did however make a wonderful salad for my lunch today last night while I had all the vegetables out for supper. That makes me happy to know it's done.
Made New American Burgers last night. I can sometimes buy 97% lean hamburger at the supermarket and that is what I used for these and than mixed in eggbeater, oats, lowfat cheese, chopped onion and spinach and a little salt and pepper. They are very nice and sometimes I get hungry for a real burger. On a ligth bun these aren't too bad, plus we had a variety or fresh vegetables and strawberries. Still loving those summer berries.
Time to excercise. Remeber to move today.

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TRIGRAMPS 6/10/2010 9:27AM

    That sounds good: I going to try it. Our Kroger's groceries here usually have the Laura's lean and hormone free hamburger. It's really good. My mom used to mix oats with the hamburger: probably wasn't very good for us, bucause it just soaked up the fat, but no worries with the 97%. Have a great day!

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NEWLIBRARIAN 6/10/2010 9:04AM

    Actually I love Sandwich thins and also the lite wheat buns I buy. Sandwich thins are 100 cals and the lite buns are 80. I will look for the ones you mentioned.

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SISTERDEAR 6/9/2010 11:44PM

    Have you tried the White Wheat hamburger buns? They are the only kind I buy now. Low in calories, high in fiber...and they taste just like the others!

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PARAEAST 6/9/2010 10:06PM

    Great blog Lori. Yes you are back. I'm so glad you figured out what happened and I'm glad that I was looking for you.
God is good and it sounds like you had a great day (Tues.) especailly the meal. Made me hungry reading it!

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Tuesday Ups and Downs

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Today my bathroom scale says I am in my healthy weight range. That always makes me feel a bit better. The width of my weight fluctuations lately is a little amazing to me. However I know I ate less sodium so that is probably a big chunk of the difference.
Yesterday was a pretty good food and excercise day. I walked with my sister in law last night and that got to be quite a walk. Amazing how fast time goes when you have someone new to talk to.
All feels so right in my world right now and I am wearing a new yoga top. It is batik print and makes me smile!

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SARAHTAIT 6/8/2010 3:02PM

    Congratulations on being in the normal weight range. Isn't it amazing how your weight can make a difference in how you feel each day?? That plus wearing something pretty really can improve your modd. Your top sounds so cute. Glad you are having such a good day today..

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KATHYKIM 6/8/2010 10:46AM

    Have a great day!

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JANETELIZABETH1 6/8/2010 10:22AM

    Isn't it strange how that little machine can put a smile or a frown on our face...and so early in the day!!
Good for you Lori...!!

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PARAEAST 6/8/2010 9:41AM

    Sounds like you got it right. So glad the scale was nice to you this morning. Also nice that you have sunshine. I'm having thunder storm right now. We need the rain so it's good!
Happy Tues. to you Lori!!

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