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Days of rest

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have to make a point of taking a day off from my workout routine from time to time. The past few days my knee has been a little sore and ached some at night. I knew it was time for a break but I have been doing a little better with my intake lately and have been more in the groove excercising and I just didn't want to do that. However I did take yesterday off except for about 40 minutes or so of walking and I feel better for it. I need to keep remembering that my body needs rest too.


Still celebrating

Monday, September 14, 2009

So this moring my scale said the lowest weight it has said in my adult life. Of course this makes me feel good and want to go out and eat right and excercise my socks off today. It also says that I am still doing a lot of things right and that even though I am not losing much weight my weight is still showing a downward trend over time. That is all I need right now. All this seems a little pridefull today but perhaps at this time in my life just past my 48th birthday a little is ok.


Workout routines

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am feeling the need as happens periodically to change my workout routine. However I feel a bit stuck. My knees wont take a lot of high impact things so high energy classes are out for me. I enjoy pilates but it doen't burn enough calories to count as cardio so I don't feel like I get as much back for my time. So I do eliptical, I walk and I ride bike indoors or out. Water excercise is a great option for me but I don't really like to get wet everyday and winter is next on the horizon and will be very cold where I live which is a drawback as well. I am kind of looking for some new and different ideas but don't have many. For now I am trying to get outside to walk more in hilly places. For some reason the variety of up and down hill is actually easier on my knee and it burns more calories, always a bonus. I am also thinking in may be time to book a session with the trainer I work with and change up my weight routine a little bit again. I looked at an article called the scariest machine in the gym about the cable crossover machine. I think this is what I am going to try and conquer in the coming weeks.

I guess this is just pretty reflective right now. The thought that occurs to me is that I am not looking for less excercise just better and more fun. This is a good thing. I am sure I have never in my life excercised this faithfully for 22 month in succession. Here's to new excercise ideas.

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JOJOSTEVIE 9/12/2009 11:30AM

    Hey there are always things about that you could try how about a salsa lesson, pole dancing lessons, getting your mates out at the weekend for a game of rounders or footie. I'm sure you will come across some more great ideas that you will enjoy trying out! Good luck emoticon

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Everybodies working for the weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This week I am working for the weekend more than ussual. Trying to maintain my fitness routine working full time is still an uphill struggle for me. I also have been trying to work hard because a young woman I mentor and I are making of all things monster cookies this weekend. This seems like a lot of fun and we are taking them to donate somewhere. It seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago. Now I know that I wont get through the day without eating at least one so I am trying to make sure I am working out well all week and keeping my intake in the moderate range.
While the week is long I am getting to the gym and getting a few things done at home. I have been eating in a pretty controlled manor and my weight is in check. I guess life is working even if I have to work hard at it.


Weight and Mood

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

So I keep telling myself that I am done playing mind games about my weight, but the reality is I still do it. I wonder when I will get to the point where what the scale says when I weigh in in the morning doesn't effect my mood and self image through out the day.
Yesterday my weight was 2 1/2 pounds higher than it is today. Now I am female and I know this is just water retention fluctuation but it still effects how I feel. I make a conscious effort to put it out of my mind and go on with my day but it creeps in from time to time. I know in my mind that I am the thinnest I have ever been in my adult life and I really believe that I am here to stay this time around. I am keeping this weight off, have been pretty much for the past 6 months. Thats not to shabby. It's kind of sad that a momentary glitch on a bathroom scale still effects me so much.

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SMYLEERED 9/11/2009 10:09PM

    I understand how you feel when you get on the scale and see that you gained even if there's a legitimate reason, you still think about it. The scale has ruled me pretty much all my adult life. It doesn't affect me as much as it used to, but if I don't weigh in at least twice a week I feel that crazy or what?

Being thin is and has been my goal for years. I keep looking for some kind of "secret" method to accomplish it, but I finally realized that there's only one way -- eat healthful foods, drink 8 waters, exercise all week long 3 days cardio, 2 days strength training and maybe extra if I feel like it. I have been here in SP for quite some time, I lost when I first started but gained it all back. Now I am embarking on a revised plan that I hope will change my whole life. Then you came along and wrote in my blog. That was a heavenly sign to me. Thanks for the encouragement. And, good luck with your continued have come a long way, you don't want to ever go back there now do you? Stick to your guns and maintain!

emoticon emoticon

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