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Sunday, January 15, 2012

This blog is going to help me track my progress, and focus on positive things that happen, and hopefully motivate and encourage my fellow sparkers. This blog will be updated daily. I encourage your comments and encouragement on my journey.
My goals are to be at a weight of 150lbs no later than June 1st 2012. I want to keep moving and track fitness daily. I am working to improve diet and track nutrition. I have shared my Trackers on my spark page.

Jan 15th 2012-Today I am finally feeling better from my cold and jumped back into my routine. I took my dogs for a walk and followed coach nicole's videos on my January Jumpstart challenge.

Jan 16th 2012-I was able to accomplish everything and more...Got my workout in, stayed within calorie range, and got to spend an hour working on my current sewing project. So happy about that! I had a nice phone chat with my mom. Also, for those of you who may be flyladys my sink is actually shiny. emoticon

Jan 17th 2012- Today turned out pretty well. The highlight of my day was bible study with my husband this evening. We have set aside one evening a week to spend quality time together doing bible study,and discussing important matters. We unplug for a couple hours. Cell phones on silent, t.v off, no computer. Some nights we dont want it to end.

Jan 18th 2012- The postive things that happened today were 1 walking my dogs in the early morning. my neighborhood is so peaceful and quiet then. I'm really beginning to look forward to walking them and have even increased my distance to a full mile. Dont tell but I might actually be starting to like exercise emoticon
I also got to spend the day with a friend bringing people some postive encouraging thoughts from the bible. So much nicer than a work day. Then I went to my library and got a new book. I love reading and will probably start it on my lunchbreak tommorrow. I like having things to look forward to.

Jan 19th 2012-I got all my water today! Its getting easier. i finally could breath good enough to do this weeks cardio video for the challenge. I still got coughing a lot in the end, but I did it. now i am going to relax for the evening with my hubby.

Jan 22nd 2012-Got a good workout today. Finally hopped back on my spin bike. I also used my weighted hula hoop and did a spark video. Now that I'm all energized I am going to go work on my sewing project.

Jan 23rd 2012-Unfortunatly my highlight of the day was going to the Dr for relief from this cold! Cant believe it came back. Everyone is so sick this winter.

Jan 26th 2012-I have had a great couple of days. I like it when I can hang on to my positive attitude for 2 days in a row. Maybe I can go for a third. I dont know how I am going to keep this blog up though. I'm not much of a journalist, and it seems boring. I dont even know if anyone reads it.


January 8th 2012

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I'm so excited! This week went rather well. I exercised everyday with Coach Nicole and her January Jumpstart Challenge videos. I'm tracking my fitness and food most of the time, and I lost 2.5 lbs! WOO HOO!!
Also, as I have been reading the spark I came across a motivating idea. Our Spark Guy was saying how he takes his jump rope everywhere so he can get fitness in on the go. I thought about it for awhile and then got on and ordered me a weighted hula hoop. It can travel with me on vacation, and I can use it a few minutes everyday to keep moving! The reason I picked a hula hoop is because I enjoyed playing with one as a child evening winning a contest one time in 3rd grade. I thought it would be fun now to. I was right. Today was my 2nd workout with it, and I love the challenge of it weighing 3Lb. Do any of you have a traveling fitness companion? If so, leave me a comment and share what it is.
I really am enjoying what I'm learning reading The Spark and if you have not read it you should. Its very insightful and encouraging. Thanks Sparkpeople for your support.


Spark Time

Sunday, January 01, 2012

I'm finally ready to get serious, and I also have the support of my husband which is very important to me. He has his own program, and was skeptical of sparkpeople. He has read a little of the spark and has agreed to support me if I'm really gonna do it. Now I'm Ready. I have made a vision collage and posted it on my spark page. It hangs on my wall next to my bed so I see it first thing every morning. It represents things that are important to me, and other things I want to be better at. The picture of the girl in the lower right hand corner is me in 2004. I felt using a skinny mini picture of me would be better motivation than a picture of a model because that's not realistic to work towards.
My fast break goals are to wake up without hitting the snooze button, walk my dogs everyday, and drink 8 glasses of water everyday. To meet the first goal I have recorded my own voice as an alarm on my cell phone. That makes me my own coach in the morning saying Wake up Dont hit the Snooze We Must conquer the morning! It has been working quite well:) My dogs themselves help me with the next one. They simply follow me around all morning as I get ready making sure I dont forget them. The third goal is the toughest to meet. the most success i have had is toting around a water bottle that holds half my daily water. drinking 2 of those doesnt seem as hard as drinking 8 small glasses of water. sometimes you have to trick your mind. My exercise motivation is my January jumpstart challenge. Today was day 1 and i liked how I felt afterward. I encourage all to check it out. that's where i'm at so far. I'll continue posting progress as I go along. i would love to here your comments.

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DSHRUBS3 1/5/2012 2:28PM

    Love your goals and they are very achievable!! You can do this!!

It is amazing how you feel after making a few tweaks!

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CAROLIAN 1/1/2012 2:46PM

    Great goals emoticon

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