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I'm doing this for ME!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I hate when people tell me I don't need to lose weight. My body hides weight really well (which I am extremely thankful for), a lot of my friends think I weigh 130 lbs. right now (I'm 147 lbs.), but it causes a lot of people to question why I'm trying to lose weight. I'm not trying to get down to 110 lbs. or anything (I honestly don't even think I could get to that if I tried!), I'm just trying to slim down to MY healthy weight of 130 lbs. Even though I'm 5'9", which is pretty tall, I shouldn't weigh 150 lbs., it's too much for my frame. Even if I weighed 135 lbs. right now I'd still be trying to lose inches, because I have love handles, a front pouch (I don't mind having a small one, I think they're very feminine and sexy, but mine is too large, haha), and thighs that rub against each other when I walk.

Oh, and one thing that REALLY kills me: I was talking with some friends about our other friend's new girlfriend, and I was saying she had a great body. My boyfriend's best friend pointed out that so do I, and I thanked him, but mentioned how I had to lose some weight. He then said, "Stop trying to get compliments from people." That made me so mad! Just because I told him I needed to lose weight does not mean I wanted him to compliment me and tell me I look perfect. It's very frustrating, because I'm trying to look my best for ME, not so my boyfriend's best friend can think I look good. And my boyfriend thinks I look perfect as I am, so I'm not doing this for him, either.

Oh, and no one on SP has said anything to me about it, it's mostly friends who say that, I'm just venting a bit. Thanks for letting me get out my frustration!

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KASONSMOMMA 5/12/2009 1:53PM

    I know exactly how you feel, although I'm about 15lbs overweight from where I feel comfortable people alway say - you don't need to lose any weight. Drives me crazy so I haven't learned to just not talk about it - except for people that really know me! It's about being healty and loving our bodies but some people just can't understand that - expecially men :) Good luck in your journey!!

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DDOORN 5/12/2009 8:41AM

    Hey we're all in this for our own personal reasons...doing it for ourselves is the healthiest way to do it...absolutely no question about THAT!

WTG in taking care of yourself and doing what YOU need and want to do! :-)


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My Biggest Challenge

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I've been on SparkPeople since 2006, using it for a few months at a time before forgetting about it and gaining more weight, then going back on, etc, etc. But this time I've been doing a great job keeping track of the foods I've eaten and exercises I've done. I'm really proud of myself :)

But I'm really surprised about something. I thought my biggest challenge was going to be keeping up with exercising and working out. I thought that was going to be the one thing that would slow me down. But it's not.

I can't get myself to eat enough calories. I eat enough food during the day, probably more than I should, since I'm always hungry, so I just keep eating, but somehow I can't get my calories to 1200. Only the past two or three days have I been able to get over 1000. Usually it's between 650 and 950. How is that possible?? This is such a ridiculous problem. I know I'm eating enough, so how come it's so low?? I know that putting my foods into the Nutrition Tracker isn't exact, so it's probably a little off, but I doubt it's 300 calories off. In theory it sounds so good, to be eating so few calories, but it's not. I know I'm hurting my body by doing this, but I can't help it. I eat enough fruits and vegetables, carbs, protein, fats, calcium, etc, but my calories are too low. I hate how I have to eat MORE so that I can lose weight. It sounds crazy. But I really want to lose weight, and I know I won't unless I get my calorie level up to where it needs to be, at least 1200. I can do this!

Wish me luck!!

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CLIMBERCHICK14 5/6/2009 10:14PM

    I had this problem for awhile as well. Try eating more higher calorie foods and it'll boost your caloric levels to where they need to be. Good luck and way to kick butt in the exercise department!

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