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Return to Strength Training Ė Almost- Day 34

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Itís now day 34 of post cancer surgery of my parotid gland. Pain is still present especially along the jaw line. Being tender to the touch Iíve given up shaving for a while. I have that ďOld Man of the Mountain lookĒ; all I need now is to wear a Davy Crockett hat for that finished look.
Havenít done any strength train since Friday as that routine even though light wore me down.
Today I upped my deadlift weight by 30 pounds and added flat and decline bench presses on the Smith machine. Iím reluctant to go to the Olympic bar for the time being until I know I can control it.
Deadlift 1x5x135, 1x5x155, 1x5x85 (15 Reps for 6,075 Lbs.).
Flat Bench Wide Grip 2x7x35, 2x7x55 (28 Reps for 1,260 Lbs.).
Decline Bench Wide Grip 2x7x35, 2x7x55 (28 Reps for 1,260 Lbs.).
Total 71 Reps for 8,595 Pounds.
It felt good to get under the iron. Stay healthy Spark Friends, Earl

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LUCKYDUCK2 8/9/2014 3:27PM

    Just read your previous blogs. WOW! You are a total inspiration! I hope each day comes with more strength and less pain. HUGS

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    Way to get it done!

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REXTINE1 5/8/2014 11:30AM

    I walked the dogs a couple of miles this morning. Nothing like your effort.

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LINDAM.1 4/10/2014 6:54PM

  I still look for jobs and they say lift 50 lbs. regularly . Not yet emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/1/2014 3:59PM

    You are an inspiration. Good job!

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CHERYLHURT 4/1/2014 2:48PM


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Return to Strength Training Day 23 After Surgery

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hi Sparkers emoticon

Thought Iíd bring you up to date on my cancer surgery recovery. For the last three years Iíve had several bouts of skin cancer that included basal, squamous, and melanoma in situ. All were successfully removed. My latest encounter with cancer though was a bit more serious.

It started with a tiny lump behind my right ear that I found back in November while giving myself a buzz haircut. The doctor thought it was just a swollen lymph node and suggested that I keep track of it. By February 4th the lump grew to the size of a nickel.

My Primary Physician immediately sent me down for an MRI of the Parotid Gland area followed by a biopsy of the lump; it came back diagnosed as Metastatic Squamous Carcinoma.

I was then referred to an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor for surgery. He referred me to UCSF Medical Center for a Parotidectomy as the hospital in Carson City was not equipped for what could turn out to be a very complicated procedure. He wanted a team of specialists to remove it.

On March 5th they removed the Parotid gland, Submandibular Gland, and Sublingual Gland along with 36 Lymph nodes and a portion of one of my neck muscles. The good news; the cancer had only migrated to one of the 36 nodes.

Now as it was explained to me; some pesky microscopic cancer cells may still be in the area ready to multiply. To ensure the lurkers are eliminated, radiation and probably chemotherapy is necessary. That starts on April 7th.

More good news Ė Although Iím still recovering from surgery the Doc said I could resume my Strength Training routine. On March 18th I turned 75 and since Iím no longer 25 Iíll be advancing at a slower pace.

The right side of my face is still numb as well as my neck and pectoral region. My workout today consisted only of a light routine with deadlifting 1x5x135 and 1x5x155; 10 reps for 1,450 pounds. It wasnít much but with the tightness in the right quadrant of my chest it was enough to work that area.

Keep on Sparking, Earl

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ALIHIKES 4/1/2014 10:54AM

    Thank you for the update, and best wishes to you as you continue to heal and get treatment. I am impressed with your continuing with strength training! Going slowly is important because your body needs to heal as well as get stronger. emoticon

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LEORAJO 3/28/2014 5:59PM

    Praying for a complete recovery for you. I can only imagine how good it is to get back to part of your routine. And you sound very sensible about it too. Take care. Keep the faith. Good luck with upcoming treatments. emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/28/2014 5:23PM

    I am so glad that you were proactive in finding that lump yourself. That's a testament to knowing your own body, and when something doesn't feel right, following up on it.

Good for you for taking care of yourself, and starting back slowly. Wishing you all good luck w/your further thereapies.


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Return to Strength Training Almost - Day 8

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well it looks like WW-III disputes in my neck are being resolved and a treaty of sorts has been drawn up. Had a relatively peaceful sleep last night and in all likelihood the issues of pain in my neck will be resolved.

Now itís time to get things set up for my next adventure. DW and I will depart for our home in Nevada on Saturday where my ENT Doc will be doing the follow-up work from the parotid gland surgery. Heís heading my cancer treatment team and will also yank out those pesky stitches. emoticon

So now on my 8th day post-op of ďAlmost Strength TrainingĒ; I walked for 60-minutes; did another 20 sets of 15 Reps of lunges; Body weight squats - 10 sets of 5 Reps, and counter pushups for 2 sets of 25 Reps. emoticon

My neck from the activity is still a little tight. No pain medication was again needed after 4:00 AM this morning. Spark on my friends. Earl

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TINKS_XOX 3/21/2014 9:32AM


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RELISA4HEALTH 3/19/2014 10:27AM

    God bless you. I liked your blog. Very upbeat and encouraging. I applaud your courage.

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ALIHIKES 3/17/2014 11:48AM

    I am so glad your neck is starting to feel better. Good luck on your travels and in your continued recovery and healing emoticon

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ANAMORPHOSIS 3/15/2014 1:28PM

    Glad you're feeling better!

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SMITHKRISTI 3/14/2014 11:07AM


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1CRAZYDOG 3/13/2014 5:47PM

    Glad to hear that the skirmishes are starting to wane. Awesome. Travel safely!

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Return to Strength Training Almost - Day 7

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WW-III in my neck has subsided from all-out war, to bouts of skirmishes, to last nightís occasional sortie.

The Percocet allowed for a more restful sleep with no ensuing nausea; but I still had to take Ĺ doses every 2 to 3 hours. Iíve been through enough surgeries in my lifetime to regulate that powerful drug to my advantage. A full dose every 4-hours has always played havoc on my digestive system.

Iíve learned to make a protein smoothie with water and take a small portion upon waking to take with the meds. For me itís much better than taking it with just water.

So now on my 7th day post-op of ďAlmost Strength TrainingĒ; my walk was increased to 60-minutes; lunges were increased to 20 sets of 15 Reps; Body weight squats - 10 sets of 5 Reps, and counter pushups to 2 sets of 25 Reps.

My neck from the activity is a little tight but feels good. emoticon

Pain pills were stopped after 4:00 AM this morning as upon waking for the day I can deal with it. But Iíll start them again after dinner Ė hopefully they will quell the battlefield even more.

That my friends would be welcomed relief. emoticon Spark on my friends. Earl

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    Pain is, well, a pain in the rear. Good to know the Percocet is helping you sleep, it's impossible to get better if you are robbed of at least a comfortable nights sleep.'

Here's hoping the pain subsides even more and you feel much better

emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/14/2014 5:24:05 AM

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ALIHIKES 3/13/2014 1:14AM

    I hope that the pain will be eased soon. Best wishes to you, emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/12/2014 9:37PM

    Wonderful that you're getting a handle on the pain. It's a frustrating battle but you're doing well!

Hope each day is a little better.

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