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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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LIZZIECA55 8/18/2011 8:09PM

    OMG! I love that. I was just going to respond to your comment on my SparkPage when I saw this. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I do have a very active lifestyle, but, guess what? I'm a curvy girl like you. emoticon

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Blogs that give me inspiration

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These two blogs I found are blogs I check daily.
After my last blog, I went looking for beauty that was more than just the standardized view that we see in most magazines.

These ladies are trying to bring awareness to the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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LIZZIECA55 8/17/2011 1:48PM

    Whatever works for you is the right tool for you. Don't give up the fight; you are a beautiful woman. Have a good day!

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Never Pretty and struggling with consistency

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I've struggled with my weight for years. I've fluctuated up and down, up and down. I've played sports in elementary and junior high and then in high school and college, I abandoned all of that to focus on my academics.

I've always been the chunky one, or the overweight one. I've always been the smart one, but never the "pretty one." I was talking to my husband about this concept... how weight distorts how people view you. How weight seems to be a roadblock for beauty. It truly is disheartening that so many view heavyset people as not as beautiful as those that aren't.

I have lost 55 lbs, and still have 50 to go. I have been plateaued for awhile since I've had a lot of stress to deal with and haven't been keeping my diet to what it should be. I know what to do, but I don't always do it.

What are some of the things you tell yourself to keep consistent?

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GORIANA 8/15/2011 2:39PM

    There is nothing to it, but to do it. However, it is sometimes hard to 'do it.' That's why they tell us to make our changes as part of a lifestyle shift. I've heard conflicting ideas about whether it's easier to make the changes a little at a time or in big chunks. Nonetheless we need to get to a place where we feel so uncomfortable, so out of sorts, so not ourselves when we don't 'do it' that there is no choice, but to 'do it'. That kind of shift, when watching TV or eating chips or sleeping in seems so much more pleasurable, is a tough leap. It requires a lot of self examination and trail and error to get to that place, but you are on your way. That fact that you have already lost so much and are on this website still trying to figure it out is a good indicator that you'll get there. The pace isn't always what we would like, though. (BTW, I'm still on the journey too. I've been struggling too. This is what I've come up with when I was asking myself the same questions you are.)

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LIZZIECA55 8/14/2011 10:31AM

    I'm sure your husband think you are beautiful. It's hard to say don't worry what others say when "others" are in your face. It's hard to say suck it up when we aren't there with you when STUPID stuff happens; it's just hard. There's nothing easy about weight control. I can tell you that it is easier when you're younger.

Do the best you can everyday. It may not be a perfect day but let it be your best day. That's all you can do, take it one day at a time.

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APLUSGURL 8/13/2011 10:14PM

    I totally understand how you feel! I have never been a healthy weight my whole life and I have yo-yo dieted the whole time!! I have bouced between 30-50 lbs for years. This is the first time that I have EVER felt in control of food. My biggest accomplishment is that I have (and still am) learned balance and that a bad day or even a week will NOT undo all of my hard work! Weight will fluctuate, it's lost 55 lbs so celebrate that!!! 50 lbs is awesome!!! You cannot beat yourself up over a bad day or two! Just today, I was at the store and TOM has arrived. I have not felt good today and all I could think about was chocolate!! I picked up some dark chocolate sugar free jello pudding thinking that would be ok. When we got the checkout, I wanted more chocolate but there was NO dark chocolate to be found! I finally grabbed a 3 musketeer and went on. That candy bar is still in my purse and was ne of the best choices there so I feel good about it!! Bottom line is DON'T give up NO matter what!!! emoticon emoticon

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FUNKYG1 8/13/2011 10:00PM

    emoticon NELLBELLA26 boy can I relate. I think I have tried every program out there and am still struggling. I agree that so very many people view overweight people as not "as pretty" as skinny ones, but keep good thoughts. I am 60 pounds overweight and have no colesteral problems and my blood pressure is good with a very small dose every morning however, my husban who is 1 foot taller than me and no where near my weight has to take lipitor for his colesteral and is now undergoing tests for possible lung problems. Just because a person is not overweight, does not mean that person is healthy. Sometimes it is quite the opposite.

Kudos to your losing 55lbs and here is to the last 5. emoticon

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Day 3 of Detox- Caution

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So it's the evening of the third day of detox and I am so HUNGRY! So hungry that everyone in the office couldn't figure out why I was so grumpy since I am usually happy, helpful and bubbly. I was snapping at everyone, including clients. It was BAD!

I also felt dizzy and had a headache all day long. BUT.... I was told this would happen. With toxins being released from your system and learning to not be addicted to food, this is bound to happen. I liken it to a drug addict who is going through detox. These next couple days will probably be hard, but the results are worth it.

I am down a total of 6 lbs and it's only the third day. More than anything, I want to know that I can conquer this mentally as well as physically.

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LIZZIECA55 7/19/2011 1:17PM

    How U doin now? Did you check with your doctor before you started this detox. Be careful and keep us posted. We're here for you.

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ALICIAINBOSTON 7/12/2011 11:17PM

  Hang in there and keep up the good work.

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KAYE454 7/12/2011 11:16PM

  Be very careful

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Day 2 of Detox

Monday, July 11, 2011

So it is Day 2 of my juicing detox and I have to say that I knew it would be hard, but I didn't know it would be this hard. I never realized how addicted to food I am. I also never realized how many commercials about food there are on television. It almost makes me not want to watch tv, which is good because I should get my butt outside and do something active. ( even though working an 8 hr day with a 2hr commute is exhausting enough most days).

I've already lost 4.4 lbs. The people on the documentary that inspired this whole detox lost 25-30 lbs throughout the 10 days. I'm only on Day 2 and have seen the scale move.... so it will be interesting to see how much weight I will actually lose.

It isn't only about the weight though. I want to treat my body right. I want to reboot my system so that I can start eating clean. I want to try a vegetarian lifestyle. I kept saying I wanted to do it and then found some lame excuse not to.

We only get one life, so I want to LIVE it. I don't want to just survive it.
Wish me luck! emoticon

The recipe for the MEAN GREEN is :
1 bunch of kale
1 cucumber
2 granny smith apples
1/2 lemon
ginger root
4 stalks of celery

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TRYN2MUCH 7/12/2011 12:20PM

    Good Luck and keep at it! The recipe doesn't look too bad. Is it tasty? Look forward to hearing more.

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DEBBIEOLMOS57 7/11/2011 10:31PM

    good going

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