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Day 48 of 100

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 48-You Gotta Want to

LOL, I don't have to look deep down to realize I don't always want to do the work or invest the time and effort it takes to change my life. But I do want to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. I still like the substitution from yesterday "I'll find a way" and "Maybe I could." better but part of that is taking baby steps. I liked what others have written so far. Maci-I like the idea of doables. I often set the bar too high and then wonder how I crashed and burned.

Small Goals:
eat breakfast
prepare food plan at night for next day
Eat one apple a day
drink 1 bottle of water-I really don't like water but this is a start
no eating after 9 PM


Day 47 out of 100

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47- Kick the Can't

For me I think the "I can't" has kept me from being successful in a lot of things. Before I injured my back and had surgery I could run, jump, climb, etc. Then the parting words from the surgeon was "Joyce be grateful to be able to walk and drive" That was 9 years ago and now even walking is very difficult at times. But I am no longer in a wheel chair either. So yes there are things I can't do. It makes me angry sometimes and it fools me into believing I will never be able to lose the weight I want because I can't burn off enough calories. It also fools me into thinking that I will have to almost starve myself in order to make up for the calories I can't burn off. So it is hard but not impossible. Pain, anxiety, depression, anger, and all manner of life stress tend to be eating triggers which a couple of months on a deserted island might cure but I'm pretty sure that falls under the can't list as well. So if islands are out of the question then I need to find a way here and now. Linda wanted us to develop a list of things that I believe I can't do. In the interest of time I think I will keep the list fairly short so as not to become overwhelmed which is one of the feelings that trigger eating for me. I believe that because I have so many responsibilities that take up so much time it is impossible for me to keep a consistent food journal but that is one thing I keep reading over and over about with those that are successful at weight loss goals.

1. I can't stick with a diet or healthy eating plan.
It's hard to stick to a diet but I'll find a way. Maybe I could keep a food journal consistently for 1 week.

2. I can't get enough exercise to make a difference
It's hard to exercise every day but maybe I could start with just one chair exercise and walk a short distance during lunch at work.

3. I can't give up my diet soda
It's hard to quit drinking diet soda but I'll find a way. Maybe I could drink tea instead.

I can't say that I like the work it will take to be successful for just those 3 things but I read this timely quote just today:

"It's never a question of can you, but will you?"

For me life has not exactly turned out the way I imaged it to be but it is time for me to banish the words "I CAN"T" out of my vocabulary. What I liked best from this reading was she didn't leave it there. The substituting "I"LL FIND A WAY" lends hopes that life doesn't always have to turn out the way I imaged but even if it is hard there is always a way. I wish I would quit forgetting that.


Day 46 of 100

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 46-If Not Food, Then What

I found this exercise interesting. I drove myself "crazy" trying to figure out 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on down the line. Finally decided that it wasn't so much that I needed to put it all in order but what ever the order food was going to be last. In fact it was not even going to make the top 10 list.
I finally got the list as follows:
1. Spiritual Growth- DH had been first but I realized the most loving thing I could do was to be spiritually fit first. He has severe COPD and is now on oxygen with most every daily task from working a full time job to cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc. has to be my responsibility. It becomes overwhelming with my level of chronic pain but he depends on me so I need to depend on a power greater than myself. I have been leaving out church so I will leave time to attend from now on.
2. DH- He frets because he can no longer do what he used to but it is "In sickness and in Health." . Tonight I fixed him his favorite meal of pork chops and his favorite dessert of strawberry shortcake. I had steamed fish and just the plain strawberries.
3. Health- I guess for 64 I'm in very good health with the exception of being overweight and chronic pain issues. Today I ate within my calorie range and was even happy about that which is most unusual. I didn't even mind not having the strawberry shortcake. With a broken toe I haven't been able to walk for almost 2 weeks but hopefully this will end soon.
4. Friends-Barb, Maureen, and Dee- I called two of my friends today and it was so uplifting. I often talk to two of them on a regular basis but the other goes to bed so early it is often too late to call by the time I remember. Because of this topic I called early and we talked for an hour. What a blessing.
5. My Pet (My Kids)- Abby, Pup, Bandit, and KittyKay. All are rescue animals and all live inside, even our 60 lb. hound dog.
6. Job- LOL, I need my job but even as much as I love it there are so many other things that are more important. Because of the snow and Ice I have not worked since Monday. I am grateful for having special leave as well as vacation time so that I will still be paid. I think I will always work at least part time. I have always worked in a human services field (teacher, counselor, vocational rehab specialist) and I just don't think I am suppose to kick back and not contribute. But then again volunteering could become a job some day.
7. Financial Security- I wish this didn't make the list but in all honesty feeling and being safe is very important especially since I now feel responsible for taking care of everything.
8. Crocheting- I just finished crocheting a baby blanket for a new friends daughter. It helps me relax and keeps food out of my hands. LOL, I am not a very creative type of person but I am amazed at what I have been able to do with just a few simple stitches. I give them away as a tribute to my twin. While she was sick she learned to knit and I learned to crochet. I have a strong spiritual connection to her when I crochet sitting in the lift chair I sat in next to hers.
9. Reading- As a child I loved to read and then I read so much in college I got tired of reading. But after back surgery and not being able to be as active as I used to be reading has become important and helps me to forget some of the day to day stressors.
10. Netflix- I love all the old TV shows. Never thought I would ever be nostalgic but as time goes by I guess I am.
11. Food-It's important but it has lost it's spot higher up on my important list

When I started writing on this topic I had no idea that I would get so involved but what you write down you won't forget and I don't ever want to forget what the really important things are in my life.

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Day 45 of 100

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 45-Food-Important or Not?

One of the questions was "How much do I think about food in the course of the day?" I actually don't think about food a lot during the day but once I begin to eat it often flips a switch and I think about it a lot right after I have eaten because I don't like restrictions and many times I want more food.

Because I rarely go out to eat and because by the way I eat and what I eat it is easy to tell I am on a diet I don't think I could consider any of the food important and that is part of the problem. The author admits that food can be mundane. Since I don't have a lot of time to cook, I don't like to cook, and I am not a good cook maybe my food isn't tasty enough and I keep eating trying to find a food available that fits into the important role.


Day 44 of 100

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 44-It's Not the Right Time

There are many why now could not be the right time but there are just as many reasons why this is the right time. My program is not going as well as I had imagined it back in Jan. but even though I have been absent for the past week I have far from given up on my program and have now begun to write on my blog and to be aware of what I am eating.

Ways to get around some of my roadblocks
1. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
2. Learn and practice at least 2 chair exercises
3. Prepare food ahead like on the weekend and have several low calorie frozen meals on hand in case things get hectic.


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