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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday morning I got myself out of bed and went to the 8:30 A.M Deep water cardio class. I like the deep water class better because I was in the deep end of the pool and have to work on keeping my head above water while I work out. It was a little more tough but I managed to do pretty well I think! I'm so proud of me because I did make it to 5 Water Cardio classes. And the thing is its not ALL cardio. I think we do about 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength and 5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to stretch and cool down. emoticon emoticon Proud of myself for managing 5 days of exercise in ONE week!!!!

Now here's the best part!!!!!!!!!!

I needed a longer tape measure to get the correct measurements of my body. So my husband and I went and got a tape measure from Michael's tonight. When we got home, I had to use it!!! So here's the breakdown:

The first measurement was taken on 8/23/10 and then the second measurement taken today 9/12/10 with the difference listed (inches lost!).

Waist: 49.0 44.5 4.5 inches
Hips 64.0 60.0 4.0 inches
Thigh 34.5 34.0 0.5 inches
Calf 21.5 19.5 2.0 inches
Upper Arm 19.0 17.0 2.0 inches
Neck 17.0 15.0 2.0 inches

I am sitting here crying at my computer as I write this!!! I can't believe that in less than a month I've lost 11.4 lbs and all these inches!!!!!!!!!! Its actually paying off!!!!! Even though I didn't do anything for 2 weeks, what I am doing is working!!!!!!!!! This is amazing to me!!!! I'm just thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only imagine what its going to be like when I reach my final goal?!

Oh, by the way, I still haven't rewarded myself for losing 10 lbs. yet. Every time I go to get my manicure and pedicure, there is some reason I can't get it done. So hopefuly this week I will treat myself. And I've decided when I've lost 50 lbs. I am going for a full body massage. And when I lose 100 lbs, I'm being treated to a day at the spa!!!!! I'm looking forward to some pampering!!! But for now I'm super excited about the progress so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GETTHEGAF 9/12/2010 8:06PM

    Cograts! Good job keep it going.

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Back in Business

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The YMCA indoor pool is back up and going. And I've been to Cardio H2O three times so far this week. I'm so proud of me!!! If I can get in there tomorrow and Saturday I will have reached my goal of five times this week! I know I don't HAVE to go 5 times a week, but I'm trying to get it in my mind that I HAVE to do it 5 times a week. If I think I can get away with minimum, I'll do the minimum. So 5 days a week of cardio, I'm gonna get this weight off of me.

When I checked in on Tuesday I hadn't lost any weight, but I hadn't gained any either. So I guess that's a good thing! But its my fault because I didn't work out at all for two weeks! So I'm back to working out consistently. I've got to get in the groove again. I've started again! So proud of me!

I've got 28 more days to go. 28 days til VEGAS!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!! I can't wait! I am hoping and praying that I start dropping the pounds! I want to be below 300 by the time I get to Vegas. So I'm going to continue to work hard and reach that goal! 28 days to go!!!!

I'm on the road to my goal. One day at a time.

Oh, I did reward myself with picking the movie for movie night. Tomorrow I am planning to go get my mani/pedi. (If I have nothing else come up!) When I lose 50 lbs, my reward is going to be either a spa treatment or massage! I haven't decided which I want yet! Guess that's something I should start working on. My next short term goals...



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

emoticon emoticonOMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Tuesday I have to check in with the nurse, Phylis since I am doing the Lifestyle Weight Management Program. Well today was the first check in with her. My weight is (drum roll please......) 315.1 lbs!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! I've lost 3 lbs in a week, and a total of 11 pounds since I started. Even with me being somewhat lazy last weight, changing what I eat and how much I eat, I lost 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! I want to cry!!!!!!!! I'm really losing weight this time!!!! I'm working at it and I'm changing what and how much I eat and I'm dropping the weight!!!!!!!

So this means that I have reached my first two little goals... Meaning, I get to pick a movie for "date" night. And I get to go get a mani and pedi!!!!!! Now I have to think of two new goals. But I met my first two goals and now I get rewarded. That is HUGE to me!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Today after meeting with Phyllis, I did an hour on the recumbent cross trainer. When I got up from that my shorts were soaked with sweat! I didn't realize I had been sweating that much! I'm so glad that I'm doing this. And next week, its back to the pool!!!!! Starting Monday night if we get home early enough. If not I will be doing Cardio h20 on Tuesday night! I can't wait to get back in the pool! I love doing the cardio in the water!

Well I'm off to do a little dance and see where I can get my mani and pedi done asap!!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emoticon emoticon

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MAGGIEYE 8/31/2010 2:48PM

    Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off!! emoticon

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RICKYSAUNT 8/31/2010 2:17PM


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Fitness Assessment

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today I met with my "fitness coach" and completed the fitness assessment. To start she figured out my measurements, and my BMI and fat percentage. My BMI is 50.1 and my fat is 48.3 percent. I was like almost half of my weight is fat?!?!?!?! Next, I had to walk/run a mile as quick as I could, pushing myself to get my heart rate up. I did a mile in 18.5 minutes. Then she had me lifting weights. With my arms I was able to lift 100 lbs. And with my legs I was able to do 150 lbs.

For now she wants me to do 4 days of cardio at minimum. If I can fit it in 5 days a week, that would be better. She said I don't need to worry about the weight training because I am ok on that. She said that I need to get rid of this weight first and maybe later on down the road we can worry about weight training.

I have to work in MORE vegetables and fruit into my diet! Which I already knew that but seems to me that this eating healthy is going to get EXPENSIVE!!!!

I stopped by the nurse's office to get a check on my blood work.... My levels looked like this:
Glucose: My level: 99
Range 74-118
Cholesterol: My level: 165
Range: less than 200
Triglyceride: My level: 138
Range: less than 150
HDL Cholesterol: My level: 40
Range: more than 60
Calc LDL Cholesterol: My level: 98
Range: less than 100
Non HDL Cholesterol: My level: 125

She said that overall I was good. But my "Good cholesterol" was low.

I am relieved to know that sugars and cholesterol are good. That means that for now I'm doing ok. I just have to get this weight off of me. I've kinda fell off this week. I haven't done anything since the pool closed. I miss going to the pool...

Anyway I had to work for one hour today. Then I took my resume to a business because they said I had to "personally hand" my resume to the Manager... Well guess what the manager wasnt' there when I went by there today. So I left my resume any way. Then I came home. And was home for maybe 10 minutes when I had to leave again for an interview with a totally different business. The interview lasted about an hour and 10 minutes! WOW right!? We talked about why she's hiring for a new person and all the drama that surround that previous employee. How hard is it to do your job when you are at work!? LOL I'm hoping and praying very hard that I get this job. I'd love to work full time again!!!! No benefits but the pay is pretty good! And if I start working full time, I'll have to go to the Y after work! Wow talk about some long and busy days! But nothing is going to stop me from losing this weight.

We have 43 days til Vegas!!! I'm determined to lose more weight before I get on that plane. I want to be able to buckle the seat belt without asking for an extension!!!! Think its possible??? Well, we shall see! Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!


Day 16

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well I didn't get to go to the gym and work out yesterday. I was going to swim but they closed the pool because of the thunder/rain. But I did work yesterday so I was moving and lifting and bending. (I know... I know that doesn't count for exercise.)

Today I almost forgot that I had class this morning! I got up and made it to the gym (on time too) for the Cardio h2o class. I was so glad to be in the water. I felt some the exercises this time, but not as much as I did on Tuesday. After the class, I sat in the Sauna for about five minutes, then I got my shower.

When I got my stuff out of my locker I saw the scale in the corner of the room. (One of the ones you see at the doctor's office where you push the weight to a # and then it balances..) So I was curious to see what that one said... I put it on 320 it didn't move... So I moved it to 300 and then had to move the smaller one... made it down to 317!!!!!! I teared up over that! That would mean that from 326, I am down 9lbs! I know its not that HUGE of a deal to anyone else but to me its HUGE!!!!!!!!! I have lost 9 lbs!!!!!!! GO me Go me Go me Go me!!! LOL (sorry had to do it!)

Now I have to go do a couple of stores for work and then I am going to swim. I promised my son that we'd go swimming today. (Got to make the most of the last day he's with me.)

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PARKERB2 8/19/2010 2:11PM

    9 lbs down in great. You go girl!!!

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