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Day 8

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 8 is down! WOOHOO!!! I know some people are going to get tired of hearing (reading) this every day. But I am proud of myself. I've been doing this for 8 days now. Its a little step, but wait til I hit day 30 of doing this, that will be a HUGE milestone for me. I've never exercised more than two weeks in a row!!

Today I did 35 minutes on the treadmill. Then I did lower body circuit of weights. Boy did I feel that in my legs and my but today!!!! Sometimes I can feel the muscles and other times I can't. Anyway, on my way out of the gym today, I noticed that the Nurse was in today. I stopped in to talk to her about the lifestyle weight management program that they have. Its an 8 week program. They will test my glucose and my cholesterol. I would meet with her every week and turn in my food journal. And I would meet with a fitness coordinator to get a fitness assessment. Then have a fitness plan for me created and meet in with them every two weeks. She said that she's very surprised that I have not been seriously hurt over the past 8 days because I have gone from being very inactive to working out every day except Sunday! I told her I was determined to lose this weight. She said that a couple of women have lost 60 lbs doing this. She said there have also been people doing this program that have lost nothing. She said it depends on your commitment level and how motivated you are. She said that this is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. That's why its call Lifestyle Weight Management. She said this is for life. This will teach me about nutrition and exercise. I have to come up with $50.00 before the 23rd. I made an appointment for then. She gave me financial assistance based on our income.

I am so ready for Sunday. I want to see if I have lost any weight. Even if it is a few pounds. I know I shouldn't expect to see a big change yet. In time, I know it will happen. I just have to remember to think of weight loss like the seasons. In winter, every thing looks dead and bleak. But beneath it all everything is just resting/sleeping and preparing for spring. When Spring comes, everything wakes up and comes to life, refreshed and looking pretty. So with weight loss its the same. All this work now is the winter. You can't see the changes right now but come spring, (when the weight loss is noticeable) you'll be able to see a new beautiful creature!

I'm bound and determined to see this one through! Oh, I wrote all over the mirror in our bedroom this morning! Positive and encouraging sayings for me to see every day when I fix my hair! I'm so excited! Who knew you could get excited about losing weight? And I'm only just beginning! What's it gonna be like when I've lost 60 lbs???? We shall see!!!!

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JELLYBEANER73 8/11/2010 10:22PM

  awesome idea about the posting positive messages on your mirror!! good luck with the Lifestyle weight management, you can do it!!

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Day 7 Down

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I got up on time this morning and did my Cardio H2O. Two days a week that I actually look forward to!!! Next one is Thursday. I hope that I will get to go. I have this thing called a "job' that gets in my way LOL Just kidding. I'm very thankful for my job! I went two months without any income and had my care repossessed. That was not fun at all. But now I work part time, which is a lot better than nothing at all.

Now that I've had my workout for the day, my son wants to go swimming! So I think that we'll get some lunch and head out to the pool. Might as well make use of it while we can!

I'm quite proud of myself. Its been almost a week now and I'm still going. I know that really isnt' that huge of a deal, but to me it is. I just have to keep myself pumped about this journey and continue on. There are going to be some days that are harder than others but that's when I have to press through even harder. I'm going to make it to my goal! One step at a time. But for now the victory is that I am on my way!!!!!


Another day down...

Monday, August 09, 2010

I don't know if this is day # 5 or Day #6... Do you count the day you skip? Or do you skip counting that day. I mean Sunday was my day of rest. I did not work out. I really didn't work out on Saturday either, but then again I did go swimming for about an hour. (Does that count?)

Well I didn't get up early today. I ended up sleeping in. My husband woke me up a couple of times during the night handing me water. He said I was coughing a lot to the point that he thought I was going to get sick. I told him I didn't not know I was coughing. I don't remember coughing at all last night. So I ended up sleeping in this morning. And I had to go to work for a little bit. The plan was ( I don't know why I make a "plan" because it never works out the way I "plan") to go do my three stores and then go workout and then go swimming. So I took my son with me so when I was finished with my stores I wouldn't have to come back home. Well by the time I was finished with my stores it was 4 p.m. So I went home and began supper. We had grilled steak, corn, green beans and I had some fresh pineapple since no one else seemed to like it! It was good to me! And then after dinner I managed to talk my husband in to going to the gym with me. Well what happened was I went to work out and my husband and son went swimming. The outdoor pool closed at 7:45 and the indoor pool allowed free swimming at 8:00 to 8:45 p.m. So I worked out.

I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill. The incline got to 4.0 and I was walking at a pace of 2.9/3.0 and managed to get my heart rate to 181. I walked 1.35 miles this time. When I was done with that I did the upper body circuit on the machines. The weight on each machine was 10lbs. And for each machine I did reps like this: 12, 10, 8, 6 before I would move on to the next machine. And when I was finished with that I found my son and husband at the indoor pool and it was 8 p.m.! I changed into my swimsuit and joined them in the pool. So I got in 45 minutes of swim time!

I know my eating habits have to change but I think that one BIG thing at a time is helping. Once I can get myself on a steady workout cycle/routine then I can work on the food part. I am cutting down on how much I eat. I know that's a start. I have much to change and much to work on but the point is I'm doing it.

I'm just trying to imagine what I am going to look like a year from now. Provided I don't give up and quit. That's one thing about me, I will start something but quit it before I am finished. LIke reading books, or doing a new craft or hobby. I will start them but then I quit them. It like I am not interested in them any more. Hopefully this is something I can stay motivated about and continue this path I've started. If I stay on this path, and a year from now I'll be able to find a wedding dress that I can fit into and that I actually like and not have to settle for or have it specially made!

My husband and I want to redo our wedding before my dad's health deteriorates any more. My dad is 55 years old and is legally blind becaues of macular degeneration. His heart is weak and he has other problems. I would love for my dad to walk me down the aisle. When my husband and I got married we just went to the magistrate. I wanted to do the "wedding" this year but due to the move and money and no full time job for me, it was not happening financially. And trying to find a wedding dress big enough for me without costing me an arm and a leg was a nightmare. So this will give me time to get the weight off and then find a dress I want and could actually fit into!

I have one friend that is my "buddy". The bad part is that she lives so far away, so we can't go work out together. But we're staying in contact and assisting and supporting each other. So hopefully she can keep me motivated and I can help to keep her motivated! Thank you "Mrs. C" , I love you!

Well its late and tomorrow is another Cardio H2O Class. SO I need to get to bed so I can make it to class on time!!!


Day #3 Down or halfway down?!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Well the plan was to go stop at a couple of places to find the aqua shoes for the pool and a swimsuit (Yeah I know perfect time to try to find those!!!) Any way... I stopped at many places... none of which had a swimsuit BIG enough for me. Then I decided to try one last place. And since I don't normally shop in T I had no idea how the store was set up. So I was walking around looking at stuff. I couldn't find a plus size section. I found the "active wear" section and while just walking through and glancing at things a woman in the area gave me the ugliest look I've ever seen. It made me feel so very self conscience. For a brief minute or two I felt bad and wanted to melt away and hide in the comfort of my car or my house. But then I was like, at least I've started working on my weight, unbeknownst to that stranger. Granted I will never be as "skinny" as that stranger, but at least I will get myself healthy again. I did manager to get a new pair of tennis shoes, aqua shoes, two work out shirts and a pair of shorts... I think the shorts are gonna go back... they just don't look right on me!!!

Well my "shopping" and browsing took up more of my time than I expected or planned. So I didn't make to it to the gym as planned... I came home b/c my hubby was coming home for lunch. So he and I had one of those thin frozen pizzas ( I had two small slices and an apple and water).

After lunch, I got my stuff together and headed to the gym. The plan for today was 30 minutes of treadmill and then some lower body exercises. I managed to get 35 minutes of cardio on the treadmill done. I didn't get to do the lower leg exercises b/c my son's father called to inform me they were on their way. We meet at a halfway point to exchange our son.

So does it still count? I walked 1.36 miles in 35 minutes. It kept inclining so I got a good workout. My heart rate got up to 150 and averaged at 135 (according to the treadmill target for me was between 108 and 150).

For dinner tonight we had subs but I had mine as a wrap. And only ate one (it came in two as a footlong).

Any way, even though I didn't work out as much as I had planned I'm still proud of myself for going and doing what little I did do! It might be a small step but at least its a step!


Day #2: Cardio H2O

Thursday, August 05, 2010

So I started something new today... Boy this month is going to be full of new stuff! LOL Anyway... I went to the Cardio H2O class this morning. It started at 10 AM. I was in the water a little before 10. There were about 20 or so people there, mostly women. I think I was the youngest one there other than the life guard! But hey I was there and ready to go! I found out I have to get some "aqua shoes" and some sort of gloves for my hands in the water. I don't think I did too bad. My balance is WAY off. But I guess over time that will change. I did keep up to the best of my ability. Who knew you could sweat doing cardio in the water?! The work out wasn't really that hard, at least I don't think it was. The parts that got me were having to do with my arms and my abs... sheewww, my abs were hurting! But then again its not often that I've been using them. My arms were a little sore from yesterday's workout. And they were NOT so sore that I couldn't do the exercises today.

I'm just so proud. Day 2 done. I guess I just need to keep this positive attitude and feel good attitude. The instructor, Mary, asked if I was coming back and I told h er of course! That was so much fun! But when I got out of the pool I felt like I was so heavy... UGH that was a work out in itself!!! LOL Then the walk from the pool to the locker room was a brisk walk b/c that hallway was COLD!!!!

I am drinking more water. I don't know how but I manager to get 8 cups of water yesterday. I'm working on the same today. I'm trying to keep track of what I eat and what I drink so I can see what I am doing right or wrong. I've gotten a lot of "Advice" from people about the food I'm eating... Well when you were not really taught proper nutrition... Hamburger Helper and a vegetable was a meal in our house growing up. Everyone keeps telling me portion control too... Well when u go from a large portion of something down to a half its size, I don't know about everyone else, but that leaves me HUNGRY!!!!!! So I am cutting down on what I eat. But I am doing it slowly that way I can get used to eating smaller amounts.

AUGHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work part time as a merchandiser. I just got a phone call about another merchandising job that is permanent. Every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6 am. That would mean I would not make it to the Cardio H2O class.... What to do what to do what to do???????? I know we could use the money... So now I have to try to figure out how to change classes... I guess I will do cardio Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unfortunately I will not have the same instructor though :-( But we need the money...ooohhh this could help pay for my membership to the Y!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not getting discouraged... Nothing is going to stop me from this journey. Nothing will get in my way and nothing will prevent me from accomplishing my goal. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time... One pound at a time... That's how its done and will be done with the help of my God, my family and my friends....

Day # 2 down. WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SELF-LOVE 8/5/2010 8:44PM

    I live about 50miles NW of you and I go to a Y 13miles west of me, but they dont have CardioH20, I think it would be fun. I like the faster paced classes. Which Y do you go to now? And keep up the positive thinking and just keep giving the hard choices to God, that's the best way to delegate stress!


Comment edited on: 8/5/2010 8:45:17 PM

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