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Day 24

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well thanks to SparkPeople and myself logging in and tracking my workouts, I've discovered that I have been doing this for 24 days and not 23 like I thought. I started August 27th. So WOOHOO!!!! Almost a month now! I am amazed that I have gone this long! I'm so very proud of myself! I am doing. I am being productive. I am making changes. I am making progress some where along the line!! 24 days in and I am still going. I am still going to my counselor, so that's another positive!!

Its fall and I'm loving the cooler weather. I don't like the snow/ice cold weather, but this comfortable leaving the windows open kind of weather, I absolutely love! Which means I can go in the attic and get my fall decorations down and decorate the living room. Time for a different look in my living room!

Next week starts the one month fall challenge! I'm ready to add it to my list of accomplishments that I have actually completed!!!!

Come on SparkPeople! We've got this!!!!

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MAHGRET 9/19/2012 9:11AM


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Day 23

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Even though I was disappointed yesterday, I'm still here and I'm still going. I can't give up. I will not give up. This weight will come off sooner or later. Although I'd like sooner but I'd rather it come off slowly so I can keep it off! I don't ever want to be like this again. I want to get healthy and fit and be able to be active and find clothes that fit without costing hundreds of dollars. I want to walk into stores and not worry about if they have my size or not. I want to go to amusement parks, state parks, fairs, carnivals and not get tired after the first 10 minutes because of all the walking I had to do. I want to ride the rides again. I want to make my children proud of me. I want to make my husband proud of me. I want to have a life not dictated by my weight. I'm 23 days into this. I know where I want to be at day 84. And when I successfully complete day 84, I want to do it again. I want to keep pushing til I can see that scale say 199!! When that day comes, I am not quite sure what I will do! All I know is I will be one happy person. I have a long road in front of me but I'm going to do it!

I believe that over this journey my mind set will change as much as my body. I am going to counseling to help with the depression and borderline personality disorder. I am on NO medication. I want to do with without any type of medicine. And I think that keeping this journal, and writing in it every day of this journey, I will be able to go back and remind myself why I started. Where I was and where I don't ever want to be again. Oh I know some of you already know this and/or do this. But if you haven't noticed, I quit just about everything I start. So for me to still be going is a huge accomplishment right now.

I'm glad that SparkPeople tracks EVERYTHING. Because I am on a roll! I have logged in to SP for 16 days straight. (A first!)
I've been exercising 90 minutes a week for 3 weeks straight (according to SP) 4 weeks was the longest from 6/24/12 to 7/21/12. Wow out of 185 weeks I've only worked out 22 weeks! That's bad LOL After this 12 week program I will reset my consistency ratings. Those are some sad #s! LOL

Well Its time for me to get out of here and go get my cardio done for the day!

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    Kudos to you for coming back. And, my hope for you is that you KEEP COMING BACK. Itís tough to have a hard day and try to start fresh all over again and put it behind you, but YOU DID IT! Way to Go!
I can really identify with you when you say that you quit most things you start, honey Ė we are two peas in a pod! HAHA! Keep going Ė donít give up. You are so worth it. When you see that 199 on the scale you will jump for joy and be even more motivated to keep going!

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Day 22

Monday, September 17, 2012

I stepped on the scale this morning. Actually I did it four times and each time the number did not change. According to the scale I've gained FOUR pounds!!!!! I'm not quite happy with this. I'm working out, I've changed my portion sizes, I'm not eating junk. I'm staying within my calorie range, so what's the deal?! After I go to the YMCA I will see what their scale says and then when I get home I will take measurements to see if I've dropped any measurements.

Because this has frustrated me, I mean four weeks in and I gain four pounds?!- I did a search on here. According to one Q & A, my body is retaining 3 molecules of water for every molecule of glucose. So in 4-6 weeks I should see the weight start dropping. All I can say is I hope so. I can't tell a difference in my clothes yet so the only thing I will be able to see a difference in will be the inches. I'm trying not to get discouraged.

I'm going to keep pushing through. I will not let this stop me. I will finish this 12 week program and on day 84 I will know if I've been successful or failed. I'm on day 22 so that's a record! WOOHOO!!!! 63 days to go til I am finished with this one program. I'm still proud of myself for still going and still working out and still pushing through!

Off to the YMCA to get my upper body work out done, despite still being sore from playing volleyball, although I'm NOT as sore, which is a good thing!

Update: I did my workout at the YMCA. Their scale said the same as here at home. I came home and measured but NO CHANGE. Nothing has changed except my weight went up. I'm a bit disappointed. I'm not understanding what's wrong. When does this weight and inches start coming off??? Aughhhh..... But I'm not giving up. I said I was going to keep pushing through to day 84. And if there is no change at Day 84 then I know something is wrong!!!

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BIGDOG18 9/17/2012 6:41AM


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Day 21

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm so glad that I decided today would be a day of nada! After playing 90 minutes of volley ball and then spending the rest of the day, from 1-5, helping my husband re-organize the garage, I am moving so very slowly today. EVERY SINGLE muscle on my body HURTS!!!!!!! I can't believe that I hurt this much. I knew I hadn't played volleyball in a long time but geesh! I am really outta shape! Guess yesterday I used muscles I haven't used in years. I don't even know if I could muster up the energy to get to the gym today if I had a workout planned. I just hope that tomorrow I will NOT be this sore.

Good points on yesterday, I was active for 90 minutes straight. I was sweating, had the heart rate up and had fun. I can't wait to do it again!


Day 20

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I went to the YMCA and played 90 minutes of Volleyball. Oh my gracious, that was so much fun!!!! We were sweating something fierce too! LOL I know at least two of us were drowning in it!! LOL
We all agreed that even if the YMCA "coach" isn't there, we're still gonna meet and play again. Its a workout that is actually a lot of fun!!! I am so glad that I signed up for it. I think I'll keep doing it as long as they have it. Its the one sport that I am pretty decent at! I can't play baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football or hockey or even field hockey. So swimming and volleyball.

I'm so proud of myself! I'm on 20 days in to this! I've got a little extra bounce in my step when I leave the gym. I have to say was upset when I got there b/c the net wasn't set up, guys were still on the court playing basketball. The Coach wasn't there... UGH really!? I was ready to ask for a refund and go home. But I found two others who had signed up for the volleyball and stuck around. I'm so very glad that I did because that changed my attitude and it was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest b/c my body is going to hate me tomorrow! LOL I was diving for the ball and hitting the floor and the ball pretty hard! I'll be surprised if my arms are not bruised tomorrow! LOL Oh the fun of it all!!!! Back it for week # 4 on Monday!!!

I'm still Sparkin and Lovin' It!

Go me!!! emoticon emoticon


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