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The 30 Day Challenge

Monday, August 02, 2010

A friend here told me that 30DS may have been too much for a beginner. She was right. I switched it up for the Biggest Loser 30 Day. I'm challenging myself to do it for 30 Days. I'll hold myself accountable here. I can go back and edit my post to include an I for days I did the workout.


The Over/Under complex.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm having the worst time getting my caloric intake regulated. I think I've had one day where it was actually right on target. This week they seem to be incredibly low.

I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions anyone might have on how to get it up..

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LESSISMORE2010 7/27/2010 12:43AM

    Maybe you could plan out what you are going to eat. Possibly take your caloric intake and divide it up by the meals you will eat, and your snacks that day? For instance, if you intake should be 1200-1500, you could do breakfast 300, lunch 400, dinner 400, and 2 snacks at around 100 each, that would bring you to 1300/day. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

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SARAHJOYELLER 7/22/2010 8:02AM

    I'm sorry, i don't use the sp calorie and fitness tracker. I'm trying something crazy: eat what i want (in moderation) including veggies, fruit, lean protein, ice cream, bbq chicken, etc.. ;) Only eating when i am (truly) hungry. And only eat til i have the "ok i could stop here" feeling. Satiated, not full. it's working for me so far :) I'm losing weight consistantly and not feeling deprived of my fave foods- which is always the thing that led me to binge or give up before.

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THEEXERCISER 7/21/2010 3:51PM

    I'm not sure what to suggest but good luck with that!

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The Step It Up/Scale Challenge

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've just started to include exercise in my routine. However, it's nowhere near where it should be. One day an extra mile to walk to school, another day 3 miles with Leslie Sansone. I know I could be doing more. So, here's what I'm challenging myself to do (and I'm writing it here, so I stick with it.) workout everyday. Ideally the 3 miles would be better,but, I'm not going to discount myself if it's even just a mile. Some exersice is still better than none. emoticon emoticon

That's one part of the problem. The other is my addiction to the scale. I'm on it, almost everyday. As opposed to just being on it once a week for weigh-in. Not seeing the numbers go down can be incredibly discouraging. I'm challenging myself to stay off the scale for two weeks. Just so I can get a handle on it. emoticon

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ANASOLEIL42 7/15/2010 7:47AM

    Those little bits add up fast. As for the scale, I put mine in a closet (top shelf behind the bleach and the paper towel stash; very inconvenient) to keep myself from weighing multiple times a day (yeah, it was that bad for the first couple of weeks). Out of sight, out of mind (sorta). emoticon

Best of luck to you. emoticon

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 7/14/2010 11:08PM

    Exactly... some is better than NONE!

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Live From My Bedroom--- It's Sunday Afternoon!! (Week in Review 2)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And as always , yes "Live From NY" too.

This was not the best week for me. I only lost -0.5 . However, I know what I did wrong this week. There was way too much ordering out/eating out. Again I don't see anything wrong,wrong with this. However, it's how you do it that counts; and I didn't really do that great.

I think I'm going to stay away from rice and Egg Rolls. Those seem to be biggies for me. I'd switched to Brown Rice,but, still feel bogged down.

Saturday was way too carb. heavy. Half a Chicken Parm., Garlic Knots, and half a salad. I'm still not a 100% sure how to order with Italian. So, until I get a little more confident in that, I'm going to stay away.

There were also a few days I was under. The only thing I can think of to up this, is to up my fruits and veggies.

I also exercised once this past week. I just got over my back. Now I can pay a bit more attention to this, and really put in an effort.

On the flip side, I did get all of my 8 glasses in.

It's a new week with fresh possibilites, and I intend to use that to it's fullest.

Have A GREAT week everyone!! emoticon

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ELD2132 7/12/2010 2:45PM

    Knowledge is half the battle, no?

I just wanted to tell you that a few years ago (pre-baby), my very first week I "only" had a 0.5 loss and was terribly disappointed. However, I hung in and went on to lose 75 pounds. So keep in mind that your first step (no matter how "small") was still in the right direction.

You're doing great!

P.S. You were wondering how to handle Italian take-out. We order way too frequently ourselves (working 12-14 hour days doesn't leave much room for cooking), but when ordering from my go-to place this side of the bridge, I usually ordered mussels steamed with something tomato-ey or a salad, dressing on the side. Now that I'm eating plants, it's salads, cheeseless veg-heavy pizza or pasta with marinara and veggies.

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LESSISMORE2010 7/11/2010 11:34PM

    At least you can see the areas that could use some improvement. :) I think that's a big step. Everyday is a new begining, heck, every meal for that matter! Hope you have a great week!

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15MINUTES 7/11/2010 4:58PM

    Good for you for recognizing where the weak links are. That's the ticket. Keep drinking that water and finding what works and doesn't work for you. Bravo on your loss (little things add up, don't forget). emoticon

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15MINUTES 7/11/2010 4:57PM

    Good for you for recognizing where the weak links are. That's the ticket. Keep drinking that water and finding what works and doesn't work for you. Bravo on your loss (little things add up, don't forget). emoticon

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MISSWINGS1 7/11/2010 4:56PM

    Thank goodness for new beginnings!

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Self-Observation OR The Guck Factor

Friday, July 09, 2010

I ate out yesterday, and I had lunch ordered in today. One of the things I've noticed is when I do this, even with the substition of Brown Rice, I feel heavy afterwards. Not as in I feel Plus Size,but, like gucked up inside. Sort of like bogged down.

I don't like that feeling. So, if I decide to order out/go out in the future there has to be some major changes. For one, even though it kills me, I'm going to have give up Egg Rolls. They're fried and they add to the problem. I've already started switching up the rice,but, am wondering what the affects would be of cutting that out altogether, or only eating half a portion.

Steamed feels better to me. So does sauce free, and un-battered. Being gucked up inside, aside from feeling gross, just isn't healthy.

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MATHISDJAX 7/9/2010 4:14PM

    I totally understand the "guck" term. Any time I had anything that was heavy with grains - including rice, wheat and the like) I would be ready to take a nap shortly after. So at least for a month, I am totally wheat free, rice free - grain free. I can say I have a little more energy and less of the "guck"

Keep working through different things. You may find out your body has been overcoming an allergy but now that you are older, you body does not combat this allergy as well.

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