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I guess it's about time I posted a blog.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday!!
It's been a while, I know.
Not to much to report. Been busy at work getting the mass spec set up. Lots of stair climbing and a little office dancing but that's pretty much been my exercise this week.
Last night we went to the model club meeting. Before we stopped for dinner at Luu noodles. I got tofu with mixed vegetables over rice (my favorite thing on the menu).

It was a late night and I got my usual post meeting crappy sleep. We always meet up with some of the guys at the Mini Gourmet. Most of them eat dinner. My husband even had a turkey burger with fries even though we had eaten before the meeting. I was a little hungry and got a cup of split pea soup (not pictured). I also drank a ton of decaf coffee. I was up a few times during the night.
This morning I baked some cookies for a housewarming party. Big house cookies. Posted by somebody on the Love to bake team. Basically, they are chocolate chip cookies with coconut and pecans. Definitely a hit.

My brother is coming by in a little while and we're heading out for Mexican. Maybe a little walk around after dinner.
Nice day.
Totally looking forward to running tomorrow. It's been 3 weeks!! Fingers and toes crossed (definitely hard on the toes because mine are pretty short ;-) that the run goes well.
Enjoy your evening.

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SPARKVAMPY2012 8/22/2011 11:40AM

    Yum Yum cookies! Sounds like a nice day overall. Hope you got some sleep.

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MRKTGCHICK 8/21/2011 9:02PM

    emoticon. Mmmmmmm... Cookies look GOOD!!!

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JULESRULES78 8/21/2011 7:40PM

    Good luck with the run. As usual, the cookies look fantastic!

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KAMAPERRY 8/21/2011 5:27PM

    Missed you!! I hope that I am up to your running level soon!

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WENDYSPARKS 8/21/2011 11:06AM

    The food looks really good. Enjoy the run!!!

Wendy emoticon

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MISSMITSY 8/21/2011 7:43AM

    Everything crossed for you, I hope your run goes well!
I was talking to someone at work the other day and they said that using a rowing machine is awesome fir their back, he said whenever he uses one his back is great, anytime he isn't using one he throws his back out, might be worth looking into for you...

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JLITT62 8/21/2011 5:39AM

    The cookies sound divine. Good luck today!

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/21/2011 1:35AM

    The cookies look yummy! COOKIES!!!

My fingers are crossed that your run goes well. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Good luck!

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/21/2011 12:54AM

    Woaw, 3 weeks since your foot went wonky? My goodness time flies. Hope it goes great! Can't wait to read all about it.

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MAGGIENCALI 8/20/2011 11:03PM

    Cookies look yummy as always. Good luck with your run tomorrow. emoticon

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2WHEELEDSHARON 8/20/2011 8:12PM

    Now I want to go eat in Chinatown. I'm putting it on reminder for lunch next week. I also want to eat all those cookies. It's a good thing they're a lot farther away.
Have a nice time with your brother and an emoticon run! I'm excited for you!

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CYNTHIAMINUS40 8/20/2011 8:05PM

    Enjoy your run tomorrow! Cookies look delish!

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APIRLRAIN888 8/20/2011 7:56PM

    nicw glad you chked in!!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'll backtrack to Monday. I went to the chiropractor in the afternoon because my back was still sore and I was still tilted to the left. This morning I think I'm less sore and I'm definitely less tilted.
Today I had my podiatrist appointment. I even brought all of my current running shoes along in case he wanted to see them. He commended on no pushing the running while my foot was still sore. Better to let the tendonitis heal than let it turn into a stress fracture. I explained my running shoe issue--conflicting analyses from running shoe stores (2 said I needed neutral shoes and 1 said I needed stability). The verdict: neutral. Goodbye Asics Gel Kayano and Nike Lunar Eclipse.

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VYVIENN 8/19/2011 10:04AM

    To confuse matters more, they now make shoes with "some stability" (they mentioned this in a recent shoe review in RW). I think, sadly, in the end, it comes down to trial and error to a certain degree - but the assessment from the podiatrist surely helped. Now, get better! No, get well!!

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MDTWEETY 8/18/2011 5:30PM

    I am in the market for new gym shoes. Too overwhelmed with all the choices. LOL. Hope you are having a great day.

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KNITTABLES 8/17/2011 2:39PM

    Glad you spoke and saw your podiatrist and got your answers. Hope you foot heals quickly.

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 8/17/2011 1:49PM

    I'm glad you have an answer on those shoes!! emoticon

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SOKKERNUT 8/17/2011 1:19PM

    YAY on the expert advice from the podiatrist. And he is right don't push it I have had many stress fractures on my foot from playing too much soccer back in my soccer playing days. We do love to push our bodies don't we! emoticon

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SKINNYPOWELL1 8/17/2011 11:38AM

    Your feet are gonna emoticonya with the right shoes. emoticon

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JULESRULES78 8/17/2011 9:53AM

    I am so glad you found out what you needed, and definitely listen to the doctor's orders! We want you to be a happy and healthy runner emoticon

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WENDYSPARKS 8/17/2011 9:32AM

    Hope your foot heals soon!

Wendy emoticon

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SPARKVAMPY2012 8/17/2011 9:16AM

    Hope your foot heals soon so you can get back to running. Good thing you went to the docs though! Have a good day!

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MISSMITSY 8/17/2011 7:31AM

    You finally gave and saw a podiatrist, glad he steered you in the right direction! Yay for the Air Pegasus, they won my battle too...

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STRINGS58 8/17/2011 7:17AM

    tendonitis -- crap! but no wonder your foot was sore! I hope you continue to find some solutions . . . though resting the foot will be a therapeutic solution until the -itis part cools down.

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JLITT62 8/17/2011 6:00AM

    Hope the foot heals up quickly now!

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/17/2011 4:53AM

    It must be a relief to have a clear answer. I guess that also means you have no need for orthotics then either. Did the podiatrist happen to mention why the neutral shows also give you issues on occasion?
Glad your back is feeling a bit better and hope the foot feels good soon too.

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/17/2011 3:28AM

    Glad you saw the doc and got some advice on your shoes as well. Hopefully things will feel better.

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LUCKYDOGFARM 8/17/2011 2:06AM

    good advice from the doc. glad you got the shoes figured out. wonder if you can return them? that would be a nice bonus!

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 8/17/2011 1:08AM

    I'll bet those stability shoes were contributing to your foot issues. The tops of my feet really bother me when I wear rigid shoes. My feet need to be able to flex (a lot).

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2WHEELEDSHARON 8/17/2011 12:38AM

    Sorry you can't run yet. Did he say when you can? Yay for it feeling better and not becoming a stress fracture!

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KAMAPERRY 8/17/2011 12:19AM

    Glad the chiro helped! I am so sorry about your foot, and that you have to delay the running, but this will be better than a stress fracture. I pray it heals quickly! So what type of shoes will you use now? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LARIESHA 8/16/2011 11:53PM

    I hope it all heals quickly, I know how much you are looking forward to running. Take it easy stress fractures are the pits. I love my kayanos can't wear anything else.

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WONDERWOMAN 8/16/2011 10:36PM

    Glad he was able to give you an idea on the shoes. So what are you wearing now (well, when you start again)? Did he give you an idea how long to "not push" the running. H went to podiatrist Monday - tendonitis.

Hope you're feeling all better soon and can get out there and enjoy.

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    Glad to hear you're less sore and less tilted. Hopefully you'll be upright really soon! And I hope the tendonitis heals soon too!!

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APIRLRAIN888 8/16/2011 9:04PM

    yeah I need to change me nike shoes! I just got them too!
ripping my nail, blistering! something is wrong

hope you feel better again SOON

Comment edited on: 8/16/2011 9:04:48 PM

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ROBYN168 8/16/2011 8:28PM

    I can't wear Kayano's...they kill my feet......but I can wear gel 3020's....I have had good luck with those...

Glad to hear that your back is feeling better after the chiro, and that the podio didn't find anything awful!

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Another Relaxed Day

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday night we went out for Cuban food. I got lechon a la cubana (roast pork). It comes with rice, fried plantains and black beans (yes, they have lots of liquid). All very, very tasty.

After dinner, my husband helped me mix up some gluten free brownies with flax, walnuts and raisins. The big glass mixing bowl was just too heavy for my back.

Saturday we went with my BFF and my brother to my aunt and uncles house. We had a great afternoon and evening. Lots of talk and lots of good food. I forgot to get a picture of the fabulous chicken stew my aunt made for dinner but you see the brownies we had for dessert.
Today was a laundry and grocery shopping day. My husband and I walked over to a nearby taqueria for lunch and I got a couple of carne asada tacos...tasty.
My foot is feeling awesome!! My back is doing better. It's still a little stiff/sore after sitting for a while and when I get up, I'm tilted to the left for a while until the muscles loosen up. I'm going to see if I can get in to the chiropractor tomorrow instead of Wednesday (or maybe do both days). Hopefully I'll be upright soon so I can get back to some running.
I will take the week off of strength training just to be safe. I'm really trying to decide if I will go back to CLX. It seems to not be working out too well for me, back-wise. I may do more low weights/high reps for a while....Jillian, Bob, Jari, Butt Bible.
Happy Sunday!

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LEN_VERSION32 8/16/2011 10:38PM

    Food pics look awesome!!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 8/16/2011 4:05PM

    Food pics look wonderful (as always)! Gload your foot and back is better. Sounds like it was a good weekend!

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SOKKERNUT 8/16/2011 2:28PM

    I'm back! Missed reading your blogs.

emoticon on the foot feeling AWESOME! Good luck with your back. YAY on taking it easy for now until you can sit upright.

OMG those browines look delicious! I wanted to come through the computer and eat them! :)

Hell week again this week at work so can't chat long. Later.

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LUCKYDOGFARM 8/16/2011 2:24PM

    Hi Nat! sounds like a great weekend! great food, Friends and Family, you can't do much better than that!

glad that you are feeling better, hope the chiro gets you back in to shape and pain free!

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ROBYN168 8/16/2011 10:24AM

    Those brownies look heavenly!!!! Glad your foot it feeling better and your back is getting there! Good idea resting on the ST this week - want to get that back good and healed.

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REEKU731 8/15/2011 11:50AM

    Lovin the food pics (especially those brownies!) and I'm glad your foot is feeling better! Hopefully your back will be 100% soon as well and you'll be running in no time!!!


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REDEMILY 8/15/2011 10:57AM

    Please post brownie recipe. YUM! :-)

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/15/2011 8:40AM

    Love your food pictures!
Am going to want your red velvet cupcake recipe. Its the first thing I want to make in my new apt with my new (hand me down) oven!

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MISSMITSY 8/15/2011 7:43AM

    Oh my goodness, I think I missed something, did you injure your back again? That's terrible, you seem to be having the worst luck with it, reconsidering CLX might be a good idea, there must be a more back friendly way to get your strength training in...

Meanwhile, what is a plantain?

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JLITT62 8/15/2011 5:32AM

    Butt bible! The names they come up with!

Glad everything's feeling better - maybe save extreme for the winter if you're not training for a race.

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/15/2011 12:44AM

    MMMMM, everything looks so good especially your meal.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be able to get in tomorrow.

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2WHEELEDSHARON 8/14/2011 11:51PM

    Yay for an awesome foot!! Wow, I never thought of putting those bits in brownies, that sounds really good.
I hope you can get into the chiropractor tomorrow. I'm also thinking of keeping my workouts at low weights and high reps, if that's what'll keep me from getting injured.
Have a great Monday!

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KAMAPERRY 8/14/2011 11:19PM

    Cuban food, another one to try!!! Looks delish! I think you are doing great, and being smart to respect your back. I pray it gets better soon! emoticon

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WONDERWOMAN 8/14/2011 10:58PM

    Sounds like you are doing better overall. Stay on that path. Chiro tomorrow would be good. Podiatrist Tuesday, right? I love high reps--less weight (that's what Body Pump is all about). Good you are taking it easy for now. I am too, but shouldn't be. Need to get my butt back in gear. Yikes! That slippery slope was pretty steep, I haven't run or worked out at all since Thursday. Protein's been low and calories high. Not good. I think I need one of those stern talkings to I'm so famous for giving your body. emoticon

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LARIESHA 8/14/2011 10:57PM

    Sounds like a good day. OOH brownies, but I am still doing no sweets, so far so good. I hope the back gets better and glad to hear that the foot is feeling good.


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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 8/14/2011 9:56PM

    I don't think I've ever had Cuban food before. Looks pretty good! Sounds like a nice weekend!

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    It's good to relax. :) What is this "Butt Bible"? I will google it. Maybe CLX is not for you then? :( Have you tried any of the Biggest Loser workouts?

Take it easy. Wishing you a healthy foot and back! Big hug!

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APIRLRAIN888 8/14/2011 8:10PM

    i miss your photo journal ;p glad you had an awesome weekend

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Sounds like a great weekend! Well, except for the sore back. I hope you can get in to see the chiropractor tomorrow. Food looks delicious...I always enjoy checking out the different foods you get and/or make. Umm Butt Bible?? Interesting. My curiosity has gotten the best of me and I'm going to have to Google that LOL!

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CHERWHOAH 8/14/2011 6:30PM

    I commend you for sticking out with CLX for as long as you did despite your back problems. Glad you had a relaxing weekend! :)

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HALFFAST 8/14/2011 6:14PM

    Butt Bible had me LOL! Sorry your back isn't doing well - sending you positive vibes! Those brownies look heavenly. I actually found a Vegan ice cream that puts regular ice cream to shame! It's Purely Decadent Peanut Butter (what else did you expect?!) Zig Zag - Yummmmmmmy!

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Friday Update

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello!! I know I haven't blogged for a few days. I was very busy and then had some computer issues with the latest windows updates.
These are the workouts for the past few days:
Lean Circuit 3
Squat with Cross-Body Chop - W 12.5 R 12
Reverse Lunge and Arnold Pres - W 10 R 10
Chest Fly with Hip Lift - W 12.5/10 R 8/4(will do 10 pounds next time)
Kneeling Overhead Press and Center Crunch - W 10 R 10
Push-Up Side Planks - W 6 toes 6 knees (wrist bothering me)
Dead Lift Frontal Press - W 10 R 10
Traveling Push-Ups - R 8 toes 4 knees
Chest Fly, Abduction - W 10 R 10
Army Crawl - R 12

200 situps training
set 1- 30
set 2- 38
set 3- 23
set 4- 23
set 5- 45
Started feeling it in my lower back. I think I will stop these situps.

Lean Circuit 1
Single-Calf Raise, Bicep Curl - W 12.5 R 10 (I balanced on one foot instead of calf raise
so that it wouldn't bother my foot)
Tricep Push-Ups - R 10 knees (arms really tired today)
Split Lunge with Biceps - W 10 R 12 (will try 12.5 pounds next time)
Stationary Runner's Lunge, Double Triceps - W 10 R 12 (will try 12.5 pounds next time)
Bicep Curl with Hamstring Curl (right and left) - W 10 R 5 each arm
Plank with Single-Tricep Extension - W 10 R 12 (may try 12.5 pounds next time)
Reverse Lung, Double-Arm Bicep Curl - W 10 R 12 (will try 12.5 pounds next time)
Supine Tricep - W 15 R 12 (could feel it in my lower back at the end)
Sumo Squat Calf Raise with Bicep Curl - W 10 R 12 (no calf raise)
Foot update:
It's still a little sore sometimes. I went to see my doctor on Thursday afternoon. She gave me a referral for a podiatrist next Tuesday (the earliest she could get). She didn't scoff at my plans to run two half marathons this year :-) I promised I wouldn't start running again until my foot felt better.
My back was a little sore this afternoon. I may have done something to it when I was doing the sit ups yesterday. After I finished my workout today, it was pretty sore. Really? Natalie, you have to stop throwing your back out!!! It's being iced right now. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow so I can do some elliptical (as long as it doesn't bother my foot). We shall see what kind of shape I'm in tomorrow I guess.
Anyway, it's Friday!! The weekend has begun!!
We'll be visiting my aunt and uncle tomorrow so I'll be baking some brownies tomorrow :-)

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ROBYN168 8/14/2011 5:43PM

    Great workouts!!! I read somewhere that planks are just as good as sit ups for strengthening the tummy...not sure where that was....the thing about planks -is you know when your form is going - so you can stop and not injur.

I hope the foot is feeling better, and the foot doc. is encouraging.

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APIRLRAIN888 8/14/2011 4:58PM

    Love your new profile pic!!! U r running!!!! How is the leg issues

Report Inappropriate Comment

    I hope Tuesday comes quickly so you can get to the podiatrist! How is your back feeling today?

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REDEMILY 8/13/2011 10:58AM

    Computer/updates or not, it looks like you have been killing it these last couple days! Wow! I am definitely impressed!

I hope the podiatrist helps. I know you don't want to lose out on your training!

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CARIBBEANLOVER 8/13/2011 10:41AM

    Goodness, you poor thing! I hope your back stops acting up. Take it easy so it doesn't get worse. Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can run those half marathons! Take care Natalie! Have a good weekend!

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VYVIENN 8/13/2011 5:43AM

    I'm sorry you keep getting derailed from your running. Hopefully, the podiatrist at least will be able to pinpoint what's up with your foot.

I say, with those xyz exercise programs, half the challenge lies in proving to ourselves that we could do it, and obviously, if you didn't have the issues with your back, you'd be smokin' those situps! So, awesome job!! Cindy makes me do situps in her Next challenge workout, but I don't think I'd want to do more, for the same reason.

Have a great weekend and a good time with your aunt and uncle!!!

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JLITT62 8/13/2011 5:14AM

    Sounds like you've really had a week. Glad the dr was ok with your plans! Feel better soon.

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/13/2011 2:13AM

    I hate when you update a computer and it wants to mess with you.

That sucks that you have to wait till next week to see what's going on with your foot. Maybe take it a little easy on things and rest up.

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KAMAPERRY 8/13/2011 12:06AM

    Hope the podiatrist helps! My back has trouble with situps sometimes too. That sucks, these darn backs anyways!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LUCKYDOGFARM 8/12/2011 11:26PM

    Hey Nat! no wonder you are aching and paining with all the exercise you do! woooooweeeee!
Hope you have a restful and fun weekend!

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WONDERWOMAN 8/12/2011 10:05PM

    Okay Natalie's back...yes, I'm talking to you! Ease up on the poor girl. She really is trying to just make you and all your friends (aka Natalie's Body) stronger. Help her out here! That goes for you too, Nat's foot!
Have a great weekend Natalie! emoticon

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LARIESHA 8/12/2011 9:48PM

    Great job on the workouts. I would pull back on the situps until the back feels better too. Take it easy on the foot,those are the worse injuries to have. Yay for the weekend.

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2WHEELEDSHARON 8/12/2011 8:47PM

    Great workouts. My back says "yeah, listen to Natalie!" ;) I hope the podiatrist makes your foot happy. Boo injuries, major or minor!
Have a fun weekend.

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Wonky Foot and CLX

Monday, August 08, 2011

I really wish I knew what was up with my foot. Today I wore my Nike Air Pegasus shoes (smaller size because my feet have gotten bigger in the last year emoticon) and the top of my foot that had been sore was feeling good but both of my arches were sore and the wonky foot was sore near my ankle. I noticed when I was walking that I was over-pronating...pretty much along the inside of my foot. That didn't use to happen in those shoes. Something really weird is going on with my feet recently.
When I got home from work, I changed into my Asics Kayano (stability) and my feet felt great. Normal walking. I don't know what has happened to my gait. Is it because my feet have expanded and gotten bigger from age (I know I'm only 45 but your feet to get bigger as you get older because the ligaments stretch out)? Is it from the chiropractor trying to even out my hips? I don't know..but it's weird.
Experiment number 1: wear the Asics tomorrow and see how my feet feel...apparently I need to keep a variety of running shoes around for my weird feet.
I did do my CLX today.

Lean Circuit 2
Sumo Squat Anterior Delt Lift - W 12.5 R 12
Double-Arm Row, Single-Leg Lift with Band - W 17.5 R 12
Single Hamstring Curls with Lateral Raise - W 12.5 R 8 (will go back to 10 pounds next time)
Runner's Lunge with Double-Arm Row - W 17.5 R 12
Lateral Raise with Abduction with Bands - W 10 R 12
Plank with Single Arm Row - W 15 R 12 (10 on wrist started to bother)
Reverse Lunge, Lateral Raise - W 7.5 R 12
Posterior Deltoid Raise with Leg Lift - W 7.5 R 10
Squat with Double-Arm Anterior Delt Lift - W 5 R 12
Those plank rows really do a number on the stabilizing hand. Maybe because they've been sore from arthritis recently.
I also decided to do the 200 situps challenge. I did my test on Saturday and did 63 situps. That put me at week three. Todays sets: 21, 27, 21, 21, 35.
Any explanations about my weird feet/shoe issue would be welcome. I supposed I could go to a podiatrist but then I'd have to have two appointments because at Kaiser you have to be referred. Sort of a pain.
I'm hopeful that the stability shoes will help. I visited the Mizuno website and did their shoe fitter program. It's actually really neat. They ask a lot more questions than the other sites. It determined I was a slight over-pronator. Probably true since the 3 professional fittings I've had can't quite agree= 2 say neutral, 1 says slight over-pronator. I'm thinking I don't always over-pronate but that's a guess because I can't look at myself running.
Enough weirdness for one day.
Have a great night :-)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LADYGWEN25 8/13/2011 10:46AM

    that ounds awful Nat.. have you talked to your chiro about it???

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WENDYSPARKS 8/11/2011 1:15PM

    Good luck with those feet of yours!!! Maybe it is one pair of sneakers?

Wendy emoticon

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SLEEPYDEAN 8/9/2011 6:49PM

    Sounds like we might be going through similar running ailments. I've got a followup tonight with a chiropractor who thinks me uneven hips might be causing my ongoing knee pain and plantar fasciitis in one foot.

I've tried changing my shoes to see if it helps, but can't seem to find a consistent answer to my problems.

I hope you get over this little bump soon to get back on the road to being ready for that half!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 8/9/2011 2:47PM

    I agree with WONDERWOMAN, maybe a trip to the foot doc is in order. Perhaps some special insoles or something. Sorry you are bothered by the wonky foot (and I love that word too - for a minute I had Willy Wonka on the brain). Hope you figure it out. I always heard your feet shrink when you get older, but who knows. emoticon

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2WHEELEDSHARON 8/9/2011 2:30PM

    I hate it when somebody suggests that inflammatory foods could be triggering arthritis and other stuff, but sometimes it helps if I lay off bread, dairy and soy for a while. Its definitely not a cure, tho, and may not apply to you, but I just thought i'd mention it. I have a variety of shoes, too, my feet and calves seem to like change.
Are you over pronating because of the soreness, or is that just natural for you?

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 8/9/2011 12:25PM

    Definitely don't have any advice about your feet issues but I hope you can figure something out soon! Sounds very irritating!!

Great workout! I think you should post a pic of the "gun show" you must be sporting! :)

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REEKU731 8/9/2011 11:41AM

    It sounds like you've gotten some good advice and I can't wait to see how your new shoes work out for you! Definitely keep us posted! Otherwise, keep up the great work!!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
WONDERWOMAN 8/9/2011 10:09AM

    I really think you should go the podiatrist route. We can all guess and be "Monday Morning Armchair Doctors" - but with all the wonkiness (I love that word) and the fact that you are training for a HM, it is probably the best, healthiest thing for you and your feet. It will most likely reduce your confusion and stress about this issue. Remember how long you contemplated the chiro and how well that turned out?

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    Hope your feet are feeling better today! Great workout!!

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JULESRULES78 8/9/2011 9:20AM

    I've never had much luck with Nike. Something about the arch throws my foot off. It is strange that your foot has grown in the past year. Good job with the CLX and the situp challenge. Is the situp challenge open to all?

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JLITT62 8/9/2011 5:24AM

    Wish I had a suggestion about the feet, but I'm afraid I don't. Sounds like you've gotten some good ones.

Hmm, I'm older than you & my feet aren't getting bigger . . . yet, anyway. They did get bigger when I was in maybe my late 20s or so - I have big feet for my height! I slways assumed it wa because I spent many yrs having to stand while I worked . . . which might also explain why I'm so fond of sitting now . . .

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INIT2LIVEIT 8/9/2011 3:16AM

    I did the Mizuno foot test and it was spot on. It is neat!
Here is something that I read on runners world, in their forum - neutral runners that do all different kind of distances do use different shoes. Neutral for short runs and light to moderate stability shoes are worn for their long runs. Apparently as the run stretches out the stride/foot strike alters somewhat. Maybe because of tiredness or added flexibility to the foot after running for so long?
It's possible you got some inflammation there that hasn't quite healed yet. Perhaps a question for your Chiro? Can you email him?
If I recall these are all fairly new shoes, I don't think our feet can grow that quickly. Do any of your toes feel uncomfortable in them? That would be a good indication of them being too small.
Hope this is of some help. Feel good!!!

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VYVIENN 8/9/2011 2:35AM

    That is odd! Thanks for the tip with the Mizuno website. Sounds like something I ought to check out.

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/9/2011 12:39AM

    I love how you refer to your feet as weird. I have those kind of weird feet too, I'm all over the place in sizes. Keeping my fingers crossed on your shoe experiment tomorrow.

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CHERWHOAH 8/9/2011 12:34AM

    great job on CLX! I hope you find the right shoe...I like asics over nike.

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LARIESHA 8/9/2011 12:30AM

    I have feet problems had surgery on the left foot 5 years ago, so seeing the podiatrist may help. I have Kaiser too and know exactly what you mean about the make an appt to be referred, but try emailing your DR first to see if he/she can send a referral without being seen, it worked for me when I had my foot issues. I sure hope it all works out and the issue corrects itself. Excellent job on the workouts you rock!

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KAMAPERRY 8/9/2011 12:12AM

    I'm bushed from reading your workout!! I don't have any advice about your foot, but I sure hope it straightens out! emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 8/8/2011 11:49PM

    Hope this sorts itself out soon. Puzzling.

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LUCKYDOGFARM 8/8/2011 11:49PM

    my first question would be: have you changed the type of sock you are wearing with them? that is a huge thing for me. there are socks i can wear in one shoe and not another. then, insoles. are you stacking up multiple insoles? or just using one set? tying your shoes too tight?
hope you get it figured out soon!

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LEN_VERSION32 8/8/2011 11:40PM

    Sorry, I can't comment on your foot problem. I hope it sorts itself out soon

On the other hand, you are rocking your workouts! 63 sit-ups...awesome!

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 8/8/2011 10:41PM

    It could be that with your feet getting larger, the arch support in those smaller shoes is no longer in the correct position.

I find that running has enabled my forefoot to spread out. I can separate my toes a lot more and get a better push off. So I need wider running shoes, but not necessarily wider street shoes. I still wear the same size in street shoes, but much bigger running shoes to allow my feet to move and flex (and swell when they are hot.)

It does sound like your arches need strengthening -- wobbly ankles can be a symptom of that. (The arches are really supported by the muscles in your lower leg as well as the foot itself.) Do your feet point straight ahead when your run? Turning your feet outwards puts pressure on the arch.

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LTMURPHY7 8/8/2011 10:23PM


I hope you get your foot problem fixed

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