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Still Baking

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I did my favorite Jackie Warner workout this morning, Xtreme Timesaver Training. That is one great workout. Even with all the squats and lunges, my knees are pretty happy today. Not sore, they feel a little tight.
Super busy day at work. That's pretty much flew by.
Then it was home to bake some more. I made more of those chocolate Andes mint cookies for a party on Friday. Then I baked some cayenne brownies to give as presents to a couple of friends who like them.

They're still cooling. I'll cut them up tomorrow afternoon.
Then I remembered that I had to mix up the dough for the molasses crinkle cookies because it has to sit in the fridge for at least an hour (and it's even better if it sits overnight) and I am baking those tomorrow.
The molasses cookies will be the last until next week...more brownies, but gluten free for another friend.
I joined the QuickFire Challenge yesterday. They have a daily challenge and a monthly challenge. Today's was 100 pushups (5 sets of 20 if you can do them all) and this month is jumping jacks as many as you can do in a minute x5 (I do 66 a minute so it's 330 jumping jacks a day)...could be another reason my knees are feeling a little tight.
Happy Wednesday!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MIRWYN 12/16/2010 12:42PM

    WOO HOO on the workout and challenge! You go girl! I have never known anyone that baked as often as you do! My goodness, I'd weigh 400 pounds for sure! emoticon

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KAMAPERRY 12/16/2010 9:58AM

    *drools* Yummy!!! Greatr workout!

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YAMINOKODOMO 12/16/2010 9:41AM

    Sheesh you have definitely be at it this week with the baking! Thats awesome! Brownies look yummy!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 12/16/2010 9:38AM

    That looks good! Awesome job on the workout and challenge. You Rock!

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JLITT62 12/16/2010 7:43AM

    You are a baking & exercising machine! I love to bake, but I'd still weigh 300 lbs if I baked as often as you do. Too much temptation!

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INIT2LIVEIT 12/16/2010 7:19AM

    Keeping up with your blogs is like watching the energizer bunny. How do you get it all done?
and yes, you are evil emoticon

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MISSMITSY 12/16/2010 6:29AM

Quickfire challenge is a good group isn't it! I'm sad to say I've gotten a little slack on my group participation lately but I should get back into that one it is a good way to boost the day...

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LUCKYDOGFARM 12/16/2010 12:29AM

    i made brownies yesterday. we went to dinner at a friends and i brought brownies for dessert. they were a hit, we took the entire batch AND left them all they. yay.
how do you make the cayenne ones? anything special? or just adding the spice to any old brownie recipe?

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SILENTPAWZ 12/16/2010 12:26AM

    You are one busy girl! All your baked stuff sounds so good! What are the cayenne brownies like? They sound intriguing. The molasses crinkle ones sure sound good too. :-)

I had the cookie exchange thing at work today--it was so much fun!

I love Jackie Warner. :-) She always manages to kick my butt, but it feels good, LOL. I'll need to do one of her workouts soon to work off all these treats! :-P

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Sugar Cookie Tuesday

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I tried out my new shoes this morning on GW28K w1D3. They were quite comfortable. My calves were a little sore from yesterday's workout but my knees did not bother me at all on the run. They were a little sore later but are now okay. I think they're getting better but I can't attribute that to the shoes since I've only worn them once. I think my knees are just healing after scaling back some on the running. I'm looking forward to the day they don't feel sore at all...hopefully within a week or two.
I'm glad I did some running because the potluck today was full of tasty evil things: homemade veggie & tofu eggrolls, salmon fried rice, two kinds of perogies-potato and cottage cheese, and fried fish fillets. These were the items I tried. There was also lasagna, sushi, tiramisu, peach cobbler, the cookies I made yesterday, 1000 year old eggs (yuck), fruit, salad and rolls.
I had a meeting right before the potluck then had lunch then had to run out and collect my blood samples and bring them back.
When I got home, I had time to mix up the cookie dough but not enough time to bake it so I put it in the fridge until dinner was over.
We had yellow split pea dal with brown basmati rice for dinner. It's very tasty and low fat which is just what I need after the fat-overload lunch.
Then I baked the cookies:

These are sugar cookies for the dialysis patients. They're not allowed to have chocolate or nuts. I added a little cinnamon for a little spiciness.
Have a great night all!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LUCKYDOGFARM 12/16/2010 12:27AM

    Nat, how sweet of you to bake cookies for your patients!! emoticon

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SPARKVAMPY2012 12/15/2010 11:32AM

    Those cookies look really good. You are the cookie queen! Great job on the workout and glad the shoes worked out for you.

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ROXYSMAMA1 12/15/2010 11:13AM

    mmmmmmmmmm they look delishious!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAMINOKODOMO 12/15/2010 10:26AM

    Ooooh can you share your recipe for these cookies with me too? I have always wanted to try and make sugar cookies! I havent tried making the shortbread cookies yet cause I need to get the ingredients but I definitely want to start having a couple of cookie recipes! lol Your like the cookie queen!

You make me miss running so bad! Since its really cold out now I dont go jogging cause I really cant stay in the cold for too long.. I have to go to the park to run so once it starts getting warm again, which is not going to be for a while lol, i am going to start doing it again! If I can find an inexpensive gym then I might join just so I can use the treadmill or something!

Hope you had a great time at the potluck! Those foods sound VERY yummy! LOL I have heard of the 1000 year old eggs, which is not 1000 years old at all, but I dont think I would ever try one only cause of the name LOL

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KAMAPERRY 12/15/2010 10:03AM

    Comin' to your house!! I am a cookie monster, lol emoticon

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REEKU731 12/15/2010 9:17AM

    Those cookies look AMAZING! Glad the shoes are working out for you and I hope they continue to improve!!! Nice job staying strong during the potluck!! Those are ALWAYS hard for me - why do so many work functions & meetings have to revolve around food???? I just don't get it!!! UGH!

Keep up the awesomeness my friend!


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MISSMITSY 12/15/2010 6:37AM

    They look good! Dahl is yummy isn't it! I should make it again soon, I haven't had it in a while...

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JLITT62 12/15/2010 5:30AM

    That definitely would have been a tempting potluck for me! Sounds like you did a good job of getting the stuff you really enjoy -- and a healthy dinner.

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INIT2LIVEIT 12/15/2010 4:29AM

    Oh oh oh you are so tempting me from thousands of miles away....

Which new sneakers did you get? I am so glad things are starting to stabilize for you. Good job.

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LARIESHA 12/15/2010 12:05AM

    Those cookies look so good!

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SILENTPAWZ 12/14/2010 11:05PM

    Yum! You are a cookie-baking machine! emoticon

I hope the knees feel better. :-)

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It's Monday and I Baked More Cookies

Monday, December 13, 2010

I got up and got my workout in even though I wasn't really feeling like getting out of bed this morning..but I had Jillian whip me into shape (NMTZ with 5lb weights for all of it...I think I could use 8's for the biceps and plank rows). My shoulders are sore now but it's probably from yoga yesterday rather than this morning.
It was a very busy day at work...not complaining though. I'd rather it's busy because then it goes by quickly. Tomorrow is going to be equally as busy so I have hopes of a very speedy week.
When I got home, I baked some Chocolate Andes piece cookies for the potluck at work tomorrow.

I did have some dough it was quite tasty. I just logged it as a brownie instead of trying to calculate the exact nutrition's close enough.
Dinner tonight is almost a repeat of last Wednesday: baked salmon, asparagus and Trader Joe's harvest grains's a winner at our house.
I'm looking forward to testing my new shoes out in the morning. The knees have a been a little sore today...probably from all the lunges in the yoga workout yesterday, the squats and lunges today and the fact that I went up and down the stairs at least half a dozen times at work today. As long as they are no worse tomorrow, I call it a win.
Have a good evening all!

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YAMINOKODOMO 12/14/2010 7:09PM

    Oh man every time I see pictures of your cookies it makes me want to run to the store and buy some LOL. Looks nummy!

I havent done the JM NMTZ in a while.. One reason being I lent it to one of my friends, I have to get it back cause I actually really like that dvd.

Dinner sounds yummy, we have salmon ONCE IN A BLUE over here because my boyfriend doesnt like fish so we dont get any fish stuff here. But I DO enjoy a good salmon emoticon

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BAILEYS7OF9 12/14/2010 11:37AM

    emoticonwhat else is new? How about baking a cake? I made fresh bread Sunday! YUM

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KAMAPERRY 12/14/2010 10:11AM

    Yum and way to go on NMTZ!!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 12/14/2010 9:33AM

    I bet those cookies taste as good as they look! YUM! Great job on the workout!!!

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MISSMITSY 12/14/2010 6:48AM

    Wow they look good! And I just realised you would be the perfect person to ask for a cookie recipe! I'm looking for a good low cal gingerbread recipe (not exactly cookies I know) all the ones I can find on here are made with splenda brown sugar and we don't have that here so not sure of a good way to get around it... Do you have one that you use?

Meanwhile stairs are an awesome workout! Hope your knees are feeling better today though!

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JLITT62 12/14/2010 5:44AM

    The cookies look yummy. I've got 2 left, and I'm going to work them into my day tomorrow, I think. Easier to work them in when I run! Gotta be careful with that, too.

I'm usually pinned between 3 animals in the morning, and then it's so nice & cozy, and even tho the house isn't warm, I still just want to stay in bed! Been getting up later lately.

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INIT2LIVEIT 12/14/2010 3:53AM

    Those cookies do look yummy. Don't know how you didn't eat the whole batch.

How do you bake your salmon, do you add anything to it?

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 12/14/2010 12:35AM

    oh those cookies look so good!

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LUCKYDOGFARM 12/13/2010 11:37PM

    as if my diet wasn't suffering already, now i am gaining virtual poundage from your blogs! if i get cookies from you, it better be because i ran all the way to california to get them! haha

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DSTDIVA9 12/13/2010 10:28PM

    You so inspire me. Those cookies are so tempting!

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2WHEELEDSHARON 12/13/2010 9:47PM

    I admire your commitment!

emoticon emoticon

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55TUCKER 12/13/2010 9:24PM

    Your cookies look wonderful! I know I will be baking some holiday cookies and cake with my girls, when they get in from college (this weekend....Yeah!). It is one of my greatest challenges.....sticking to just a couple, when they are still warm!!!!!

You are doing so well with your exercise.....keep're even getting up early to exercise! That is a direction I should have gone with those long work hours last week and today, but tomorrow brings my normal schedule again.

Have a good week!

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Yoga, New Shoes and Cookies

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Since Sunday has become my yoga day, I decided to try out a DVD that I hadn't tried yet. This one was Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss. It's definitely a lot slower than Yoga Meltdown but there's still quite a bit of movement. A solid 45 minute workout.
I took my shoes over to RoadRunner today and exchanged them for a different pair. The Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13's that I had were a moderate stability shoes. When I explained to the guy that they seemed to be over correcting, he decided I should try out the LunarElite+ shoes. They have dynamic support that only kicks in when you need extra stability and they are a light stability shoe. He thought that should work since I only overpronate slightly. They were very comfortable and when I ran in them, I did not get the weird "rolling along the outside of my foot" that I was getting with the other shoes. I will be trying them out on my next running day which is Tuesday.
This afternoon I baked some cookies that I'll be giving as gifts to people this year. Fruitcake cookies from the King Arthur Flour website.

I only had a little taste of the dough...yummy. Nice hit of rum ;-) My husband had a baked one and said they were very good. There will be lots of cookie baking this week, so stay tuned for more pictures.
Have a great Sunday everyone!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KATHLEEN0222 12/13/2010 10:26PM

    Enjoy the new shoes! I hope they work out well for you! Let me know how your run goes on Tuesday emoticon

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55TUCKER 12/13/2010 9:28PM

    Enjoy those new shoes. It makes such a difference when your feet feel like running :)
These cookies also look incredible! Glad you are trying a few different yoga dvd's. I am still enjoying it, but agree with SkinnyPowell takes a day for me to recover (its a push but that is good!).

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MIRWYN 12/13/2010 3:51PM

    The shoes sound nice! And as always, your cookies look amazing!

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YAMINOKODOMO 12/13/2010 3:44PM

    Ooooh new shoes sound nice!

Cookies look good as usual! You are such a great baker!

Enjoy baking for the rest of the week! Your place is going to smell like yummy goodness!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 12/13/2010 1:53PM

    Yay! for yoga and new shoes. I hope those shoes work better for you. Those cookies look and sound good. Looking forward to seeing more.

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KAMAPERRY 12/13/2010 12:32PM


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MZSLYDE01 12/13/2010 7:42AM

    YUM - I absolutely love Fruitcake (i know weird huh) but these look delicious.
Good for you putting yoga into your weekly routine. It is awesome isn't it.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 12/13/2010 7:05AM

    Yeah for Yoga, it does the body and mind good. I had a great warm yoga class on Saturday, I spent most of yesterday recovering, kinda sore. Hope you have a great week.

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JLITT62 12/13/2010 5:45AM

    Sounds like the new shoes might be just the ticket! I'm one of those weird people that supinate (roll on the outside of my foot), not pronate.

My cookies were vegan -- those chocolate crackle cookies & soft peanut butter chocolate chip. Been quite some time since I baked cookies, but boy, these turned out really good. From The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur that I picked up recently (with some gift cards I've had knocking around for a while).

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LUCKYDOGFARM 12/13/2010 1:03AM

    oh YAY! i am so glad that you were able to get some new shoes. i hope they work out well for you. you are gonna need them when i come running by to grab those cookies!

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DSTDIVA9 12/12/2010 9:32PM

    I need to get into yoga. I tried it a few times but it is so good for your overall health. Those cookies look yummy.

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REEKU731 12/12/2010 9:11PM

    OMG my hubby has a pair of the Nike Lunars & he LOVES them!! The soles are actually made of memory foam - so they respond independently to each change within your foot! He says they are some of the comfiest shoes he's ever owned! I hope you enjoy them!!

Those cookies look killer! Hope you had a great weekend my friend!

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NEWMIRROR 12/12/2010 9:10PM

    Looks yummy.

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It's Suddenly Sunny

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My knees were feeling pretty good this morning so I figured I'd try GW28K W1D2. I used my new shoes with the fancy molded to my feet insoles. Maybe I haven't quite gotten used to the insoles 'cos I could feel it in my feet a little bit. My knees felt fine during the run but are a little sore now. I also have been noticing with those shoes (with the regular insole and the custom one) that when I walk or run I seem to do it on the outer portion of my foot. I'm fairly certain that is not what is supposed to happen. When I was wearing my original motion control shoes my feet did the same thing. When I was wearing the neutral shoes, they did not. I'm going to head over to RoadRunner tomorrow with my new shoes and see what they say. It may be some weird perception I have about what's happening but I can feel it in my feet and I can see it when I look down. I'm hoping that I can run on their treadmill and have them analyze my gait to see what's happening. I think these shoes may be over correcting my slight overpronation. I think that could be causing my knee and ankle problems.
Anyway after my run and a couple of loads of laundry, we headed over to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. We decided to have lunch first because otherwise we would have bought out both stores and I can't afford it. We went to Rejoice Buffet. It's mostly Chinese food but they also have sushi and pizza. I loaded up on the stir fried green beans and spinach...yum. Also some very tasty chicken broccoli and a little bbq pork. A nice lunch and it kept my from wanting any of the Peppermint Jojo's they were handing out at TJ's.
So now shopping and most of the laundry is done. Just a little cleaning tomorrow and I'm set.
It had been cloudy all day until just a couple of minutes ago. Now I've got the sun streaming into my eyes. Not complaining, just wasn't expecting it.
Have a great Saturday everybody and for those of you who are suffering blizzard conditions, be careful!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAMAPERRY 12/13/2010 11:51AM

    Good luck with the shoes!

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NEWMIRROR 12/12/2010 5:04PM

    i wont tempt you, then, by telling you that I picked up a box of the TJ's soft-baked snickerdoodles for BFF when I was there this week. I tried one. Yum.

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INIT2LIVEIT 12/12/2010 7:56AM

    Looking forward to hearing what you find out at the running store emoticon

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MISSMITSY 12/12/2010 6:02AM

    Yay for sun! I miss the sun it's been hiding from us here for a while now!

Have you tried a podiatrist on the feet issues? I have to have completely neutral shoes which my podiatrist then puts a wedge into otherwise my feet roll out and I run on the outsides and end up with leg pain too...

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LUCKYDOGFARM 12/11/2010 8:53PM

    my 2 favorite grocery stores all in one day? wow! I would love to have a decent grocery store around here. we did have a Piggly Wiggly, but they closed up. we have a super duper wal-mart that does have a pretty good selection of the basics. there are 3 Mom and Pop grocers, i cannot stand going near them. they smell like dirty deli to me. old meat sort of smell. ick!
hope you find out something useful at the shoe store!!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 12/11/2010 7:48PM

    Hopefully you find out whats going on with the shoes. Def. get it checked. Sounds like a good lunch, and productive day!

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JLITT62 12/11/2010 7:16PM

    Ah, to have BOTH Whole Foods AND Trader Joe's within reach!

Couldn't motivated myself to clean at all today, but I did get at the decluttering some. Really, if my folks weren't stopping by on Monday, it would've been a total rest day cause I sure need it.

Tomorrow I'll have to do some cleaning, but I should have some time on Monday too. And there will be a little baking tomorrow, too.

Hope they can find you the right shoes!

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