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I was going to take the day off of exercise

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When I got up this morning, I was still sore from my weight workout on Monday. Upper body, anyway. My arms especially. So I thought, I'll just sleep in and take the day off of exercise.
At work, I'm participating in a fitness challenge with a group of ladies in Nutrition & Food Service. We compete against other groups to see who gets the most fitness hours. You have to submit weekly the number of minutes you did as low, moderate or high intensity. This has forced me to wear my heart rate monitor every time I exercise because I can't tell sometimes (especially doing weights) how intense it is.
Anyway, we got an email from our leader implying we need to step up our minutes. I saw the totals and perhaps some people are fudging their numbers. I figured I'd try to get in a workout today just to add more hours. So I did Tonique which they were showing On Demand. It's a shortened version of the DVD that I have (but haven't tried yet). Pretty good workout. 30 minutes, gets you sweating. I did not use hand weights because: 1. I was trying to rest my upper body and 2. I've never done the workout before and figured it would be good to go without. Then I did just the lower body exercises of Jari Love's Slim & Lean. I got in over an hour of exercise. Not to shabby for a day off.
My foot is feeling much better. I did some extra calf stretches and that seems to have helped. There was some jumping/jogging in place in the Tonique and it didn't bother my foot. Fingers crossed for a good run tomorrow (at no incline and maybe not 3 miles).
I think the water is boiling for my whole wheat (organic, of course) penne and I've got some 3 bean chili and aparagus to have with it. Should be a tasty dinner.
Have a great night all!

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NEWMIRROR 11/11/2010 4:54PM

    Ha. I mis-read the title and thought that you said that you were taking the day off TO exercise ( as in skipping work) and I thought.. WOW, now there's dedication to "the lifestyle!"
Too funny. I need to not read the blogs when I'm in a hurry to get out the door. I'm off to a free seminar at REI on Winter Wardrobes/dressing to play outdoors :)

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MISSMITSY 11/11/2010 5:54AM

    Definitely not too shabby for a day off from working out!! Good on you!

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3 Mile Tuesday

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I ran 3 miles this morning in 33 minutes + warm up and cool down. It felt great. Except for my left achilles tendon which wasn't too happy at the beginning of the run. I ended up lowering the incline from 2% to 1.5% and that helped a little. I think I may have a little achilles tendonitis. Perhaps I've been pushing a little too hard for my left foot to handle. It has kind of a cranky ankle as well. I got a pair of heel inserts at the VA store and they seem to help so far. Tomorrow is a weight training day so that should be fine. I'll have to see how my foot feels on Thursday to decide if I'll run on it or not. I can try it with the heel inserts and if it still hurts I can always stop.
Work was pretty good. I got the chemicals I had been waiting for so I'll be all ready to deal with the samples that will be coming in tomorrow morning. I did have to go to a boring meeting at noon but it didn't last too long.
When I got home, I baked some cookies for a friend's birthday. We'll probably be having dinner with him tomorrow so I needed to get these made. He wanted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (and I threw in some peanut butter chips as well):

I know, it's hard to tell the difference in a picture between these and the other chocolate chip cookies I made...but they definitely taste different (at least the dough does...I had a little taste...gotta lick the fingers).
We'll be having some Trader Joe's Chicken Tikka Masala and Curried Lentils with basmati rice (and maybe a little garlic naan...also TJ's) for dinner tonight. Not a lot of time to cook because I was baking.
Have a great night everybody.

Stress level today was very low. Even the guy who was getting on the freeway at 35mph didn't piss me off. I just shook my head.

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MDTWEETY 11/10/2010 5:27PM

    Sorry your achilles and ankle are acting up. Be careful and take it easy. :)
Mmmmm....I live at Trader Joe's! We had chicken with their Tikka Masala simmer sauce and naan for dinner last night, as a matter of fact. LOL. Have you tried their biryani curried rice? Just had it for the first time this week. Delish.
Have a great evening!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 11/10/2010 8:39AM

    Oh your dinner sounds good! I hope your achilles tendon is okay. Seriously you are the baking queen!

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YAMINOKODOMO 11/9/2010 10:49PM

    mmmmm naan! I havent tried garlic naan yet but I am SO ready to! lol

lol I like how you had to lick your fingers so you got a little taste. You are so much more strong willed then I would be! I'd take one lick of my finger, love the taste, then have like ten cookies! This is why I dont do much baking over here...

I hope you have great time celebrating your friends bday!
And glad to hear that you had a great run! Good timing! 33 minutes! emoticon

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55TUCKER 11/9/2010 9:31PM

    Keep gently stretching those heelcords and try no incline for the time being, until you get through the cranky stage. You can do it!

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JLITT62 11/9/2010 9:29PM

    Dinner sounds yum.

And those are almost my favorite kind of cookies (make them chocolate choclate chip with peanut butter and you have it.

I don't remember there being such a dearth of veggies & fruits last time I was in Hawaii, but then we also were on an interisland cruise for a week (and then on Maui for 5 days) so that may have colored my memory.

We did go to Kmart the first day & I picked up bananas & apples -- good thing, too, cause there hasn't been any fresh fruit at all at breakfasts!

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I don't know why the extra hour made me so tired today

Monday, November 08, 2010

Yesterday evening I baked some cookies for my husband to take to his friend's house on Tuesday. They are ranger cookies. They have oatmeal, coconut and I put dried pineapple in for tropical flavor but recipe calls for raisins.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour and I did wake at 3 with the alarm. I didn't feel like getting up but I did. Fed Malika:

and got going with Jari Love's Get Ripped & Chiseled. Boy that was quite the workout. Not too much sweating but muscles were sore and quivering. They're definitely sore now.
Work was okay today. Lots of stuff to do, but nobody else in my lab was around so it was quiet. My TOM got to me and I had a few (5) peanut M&M's and some jelly bellies (20). I guess that helped because I didn't get pissed off at anybody on the drive home.
I baked some brownies for one of my labmates to take to the dialysis unit where we are doing a nocturnal dialysis experiment. They're for the staff, not the patients (they're not allowed to have chocolate).

A pretty good day, but I hope that's it for the sugar cravings this month and I hope I'm less tired tomorrow...after all, it's a running day. I will attempt to do 3 miles which should be 33 minutes.
Stay tuned....

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MIRWYN 11/9/2010 12:41PM

    Aww your cat is so cute! The time change threw me off too, I wonder if a bunch of us got off balance.

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BAILEYS7OF9 11/9/2010 11:50AM

    Looks like you didn't feed the cat fast enough!! LOL

will you send me some brownies?? yum

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HALFFAST 11/9/2010 9:56AM

    Haha Malika has the same expression as my Bogey. He always looks pissed off! As usual, your desserts look yummy!

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MDTWEETY 11/9/2010 8:19AM

    I love your cat! So pretty!
Wow, you bake a lot. Do you bake every day? Way to go on the M&Ms and jellybeans! It is so hard for me to stop at just a few. Good job! :)

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MDTWEETY 11/9/2010 8:19AM

    I love your cat! So pretty!
Wow, you bake a lot. Do you bake every day? Way to go on the M&Ms and jellybeans! It is so hard for me to stop at just a few. Good job! :)

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YAMINOKODOMO 11/9/2010 7:39AM

    lol Malika looks mad at you! Very pretty cat!

I know the daylight savings time always screws me up! Dont worry you will get used to it. And same with me and my TOM. I had this craving for hot chocolate and I was having it every night! Not such a low calorie snack.. at least the one I was making lol But it was RIGHT before I got TOM that I was having those die hard cravings and couldnt understand why! I like hot chocolate but I have never been a obsessed nut like that lol And that TOM came and I was like ooooooooooooooooh ok now I get it..

Man you husbands buddies must love you! The lady that bakes awesome goodies! I bet they are always looking forward to your baking!

Hope the run goes well! You can do it!

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MISSMITSY 11/9/2010 4:53AM

    Funny how oversleep seems to make us tired! Sounds like you had a great day, hope the staff in the dialysis unit enjoy your brownies!

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JLITT62 11/9/2010 12:06AM

    Good luck with your running & your sugar cravings!

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 11/8/2010 11:11PM

    I hope you are getting good sleep tonight ~ the extra hour made me tired (and more hungry) as well. Those ranger cookies look delicious!

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NEWMIRROR 11/8/2010 10:26PM

    Woof. I'm proud of your effort on the mileage!
Thanks for sneaking in a picture of Malika.. I discussed the kitty situation with bff's 3yr old and I think she's pretty clear on her responsibility of selecting a cat for me. She wants a little kitty for me.. oh, and one for her ( I'm supposed to clear it with her parents.. that is NOT going to happen for her as they have 2 dogs) If male, I would like to name him Bartholomew.

Thanks for the goodies.. I was thinking the "tea" would be great with REAL baked goodies, but I'll take the Fake goods :)

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SPARKVAMPY2012 11/8/2010 9:51PM

    Oh my that looks good. Cute Kitty! I think the extra hour is making me more hungry!

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Rainy Sunday

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I got lots of sleep last night which is good for a change. I only woke up twice to find the cat kneading me and then sleeping on my chest.
I was supposed to start week 8 of C25K today but since I had already run 28 minutes on Thursday, I thought I'd see if I could go 30 today. So maybe I'll just be skipping week 8 and go straight to week 9 because 30 minutes of running was fine! I feel pretty good, actually. I even hiked on the incline trainer for an extra 20 minutes so I did an hour of cardio. We'll see how Tuesday goes...I can always revert to 28 minutes if I don't feel up to 30 and still be on schedule. I also did 30 squats (JM Sparkers) and 25 double crunches.
I made some 100 calorie banana muffins for breakfast (Spark recipe). Pretty tasty!
Did some laundry and then went to Target to pick up cat food, etc.
We had lunch at City Diner. Got some egg beaters, chicken breast and home fries (because I can't pass those up). Took half the chicken breast was enormous. I'll have that for lunch tomorrow. Shared the home fries with DH.
I'll make sure to have plenty of veggies for dinner tonight!
So far, a very nice day.
I even drove to Target and didn't get pissed off at anybody. Stress level....very low!

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SPARKVAMPY2012 11/8/2010 9:20AM

    Your Sunday sounds great, especailly the workout! Glad you did well with driving to Target. Those 100 calorie banana muffins sound amazing. I will have to look that recipe up for sure.

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MISSMITSY 11/8/2010 7:28AM

    Awesome work on all that cardio!! Good on you!

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NEWMIRROR 11/8/2010 1:55AM

    Awe. I didn't know that you had a kitty! I totally want one..........

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ROXANNE723 11/7/2010 11:37PM

    Great job on the workout and running schedule!!! Target must be the store of the hour because I went there too to get the DVD that Coach Nicole wrote a review about : Jackie Warner - Xtreme Timesaver Training. I'll start that when I'm done shredding with Jillian.

Okay - I might be dense or something but I HAVE to ask - what does DH stand for?? I ahve seen other Spark Bloggers use it and it seems to always reference husbands or significant others but I just can't figure it a sista out....what is it????

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MIRWYN 11/7/2010 7:38PM

    This weekend was a hustle bustle mess but thankfully it is ending on a relaxing note. Glad to see you had no stress on the drive! Have a great restful night!

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MBSKIT 11/7/2010 6:44PM

    Glad that you didn't get upset at anyone will driving!
I was at Target today as well! However Ihad my hubby and son and they cause my stress level to go up!

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STIPER23 11/7/2010 5:08PM

    Good work with c25k. If you have already reached 30 minutes, maybe use the distance goals with c25k for the last few weeks.

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Chinese Buffet for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I did try out my new running shoes this morning on the incline trainer. I hiked for 35 minutes. Very comfy. They should do nicely for running tomorrow. Then I did the yoga meltdown level 1. This yoga on Saturday is turning out well.
Had a little oatmeal for breakfast and did some cleaning around the house. We needed to go shopping at Trader Joe's and decided we should have lunch before we went grocery shopping. There is a chinese buffet place nearby so we went there. They had some of my favorite things: garlic stir fry string beans, chicken broccoli, steamed broccoli and cauliflower and sesame balls filled with bean paste. Quite tasty and not too greasy.
Got lots of good stuff at Trader Joe's and did the laundry when I got home.
We wanted something light for dinner so we went to Taco Bell. I had the fresco steak burrito supreme. I was totally in nutrient range today for everything except sodium (thanks to Taco Bell).
All in all, a good Saturday.

A very unstressful day. I wasn't doing any of the driving.
I hope everybody had a good one as well.

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 11/7/2010 5:00PM

    Trader Joes! I love that place. Taco bell sounds yummy, too, and it's AWESOME that you are within all your ranges. Great blog. Keep it up!!

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YAMINOKODOMO 11/7/2010 12:39PM

    Sounds great! Good just on staying within your calorie range even though you went to taco bells and a buffet! I would have caved in in one of those places! Thats why I try to stay away from them, lol I got no will power when it comes to food!

I have to check out trader joes. There is one about maybe 15 minutes away from my place. I heard they got good stuff!

Glad yoga meltdown on saturdays is working well for you!

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MISSMITSY 11/7/2010 7:11AM

    Sounds like an awesome day! My DH loves Taco Bell I've never tried it, probably a good thing don't need another fast food addiction!

Good work on the yoga!

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SBATES63 11/7/2010 5:43AM

    Sounds like you had a great day filled with good choices. Be proud of yourself.

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BAKERICLISA 11/7/2010 5:41AM

    Chinese food . . . Yum, I also had some for dinner last night. Best thing about chinese takeout is the fact that the portions are so huge you can eat a meal for days!

Great that you stayed in your calorie range, some people throw the thought of food tracking out the window when they go out to eat, you have proven you can do it!


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SPARKVAMPY2012 11/6/2010 11:11PM

    That is excellent that you were able to stay within your calorie range! emoticon Job! And glad you had an unstressful day!

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NEWMIRROR 11/6/2010 11:00PM

    Yum! I could dine on Chinese food every day :)
Trader Joe's. I like that place. I have an amazing recipe for Apple Crisp using their Pecan Praline Granola as the "crunch". AND, after reading on one of the SP daily digest things about "amazing nuts", it mentioned using TJ's peanut flour AS peanut butter or in baking. I bought a package this week but haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know how that goes.
What are your favorite TJ products? I'm a fan of the frozen steam-in-the-bag rice! Oh the edamame is good but I always OD on it so I've stopped buying it.

** The Peanut flour is supposed to be just like PB2(partially defatted PLUS higher protein count than PB2 if I remember the reviews correctly.).. just add water and a few shakes salt to bring out the best flavor. You should try it. The peanut flour was $3.49 for a bag @ my TJ's. It was in the "flour" section, not in the peanut butter section.
I also a "Nutella" recipe with it.. Mix 2 Tbls peanut flour, 2 Tbls Hershey's special dark cocoa and a shot of hazelnut davincis(coffee syrup).
Other blogs have mentioned using it to coat chicken before pan-frying, etc


Comment edited on: 11/6/2010 11:35:56 PM

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