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Has it really been that long?

Monday, October 06, 2014

Time has passed by so quickly, I hadn't even realized that my last blog was in May!!!
LOTS has happened since then, most remarkably, I completed my Clinical rotations for my dietetic internship! (about time, right?) It was an amazing experience and I met some wonderful people, most of which I can't tell anyone about because of HIPAA -_-. But, my preceptors were awesome and my completion was a little bitter-sweet *tear.

So there's bad news and good news, the bad news is I've gained like 12 lbs (a daily 1.5 hour commute and free dessert every day make that muy facile).
The good news is that a lot of the weight is water and once I sort out my salt & sugar intake and resume my strength training regimen I should be good to go.
The really good news is that I'm still super happy with my body. I think I've reached some type of body image nirvana where I'm not concerned with the tiny details or obsessed with looking a certain way or being a certain size, I'm more in awe of observing how my body changes and responds to what I put in it and put it through. Not that I want to torture it with crappy food and let it go underutilized with a lack of activity, but if I do get a little off track, it's okay because I know how to get it back to its happy place & its happy place is not a number on a scale, a number on a clothing tag or a number of "packs" of visible abs. My happy place is a level of functioning at which I can perform everyday tasks and recreational activities with ease, it's being able to take a deep breath without any problems, play with my neice and nephew and actually tire THEM out! I'm SO loving me right now!!!

With that being said, despite the gain in weight I've still been really active during this whole time! I was doing body pump and spin at the Y near my internship site the first couple of weeks, that had me WORN OUT, but I loved it...gonna have to pick those back up here in OKC. I've completed many 5ks, placed in my age group a few times, completed another half marathon, still training for the Route 66 half marathon in November. I also completed a Dragon Boat Competition with the ladies of BGR! Oklahoma! That was SO much fun, so I won't bore you with any more words, let's bring on the pics!

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SWEETNEEY 10/11/2014 10:23PM

    You've been busy.

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JULIAINLA 10/7/2014 2:08AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DALID414 10/6/2014 9:38PM

    I read the title in the Friends Feed and said YES! Out loud, good thing I was at home emoticon

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52BINCE 10/6/2014 3:45PM

    What an inspiration this blog brings...... Says to me no matter where you are or what your doing health n fitness can be achieved anytime n anywhere, just use what you have n enjoy the life ......Love the pics... your look awesome n as far as weight gain, I don't see anything out of shape on you in any of these pics.........

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MOTTAMAMALOU 10/6/2014 1:50PM

    emoticon On a job well done!

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My past few weekends (in pictures).

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The weekend subsequent to the Memorial Marathon I participated in a free 5k called the Chickasaw Healthy Minds 5k. I placed fourth female overall and first in my age group.

Last weekend, we had our regularly scheduled run at the lake, after which I volunteered at the post office for the letter carriers' food drive to "Stamp out Hunger." I had a blast!

This weekend was absolutely a BALL at the goo run! The best part was after you finished you got to go back on the course to shoot other runners with goo as they completed the race! Fun times!

I absolutely LOVE my full weekends!

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FITNAPTURAL 5/19/2014 11:35AM

    I need to do more with my weekends! That goo run sounds gross and fun! And spraying people is even more motivation to finish faster lol. emoticon

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DALID414 5/18/2014 1:51PM

    Awe, you're so full of it emoticon
I need to fill my weekends with fun stuff!

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SWEETNEEY 5/18/2014 10:28AM

    The joy of volunteering and running.

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GIANTOCR1 5/18/2014 8:15AM

    Great pics of a great weekend. Congrats on the races. So many beautiful woman in the pics but you are the one that really stands out. Great job on all you do.


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Memorial half marathon!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

April was pretty busy for me training and planning for the memorial marathon. This was my second attempt and my goal was to have a good time! We welcomed the BGR! ladies from Texas with a pre-race meet and greet which couldn't have worked out more perfect. We chose Hideaway pizza for the location because it's an Oklahoma legend and because the food is absolutely delish, plus the location was in the downtown area, so our out of towners wouldn't have to travel so far. Although they do not take reservation we were allowed to give a "heads up" of the time and number of people for our party. I showed up about 30 minutes early just to be sure, lol. My co-ambassador and one of our runners and I were able to assemble the goodie bags in that time. We had minimal wait time, and we had just enough goodie bags for everyone there, like the EXACT amount, lol. (goodie bags consisted of a small bag of pretzels, a 20 oz water, a Gatorade powder pack to put in the water, a trail mix/granola bar, a picture frame to keep the memories of the race, and an inspirational quote on a business card, I thought they were so cute!).

On race day I arrived extra early (race began at 6:30, I was up by 4:30 and parked by 5:15). Parking filled up quickly, so I was lucky to have gotten in when I did! I made the short trek to the memorial museum for our group photo, it was still pretty dark. We didn't get a full group photo. But as people came and went, we took small group photos. After making our way to the start corrals, the sky began to turn gray in the distance, drops of water could be felt and sparse flashes of lightening were seen. A 15 minute delay was announced...then another...then another & finally it was announced that the race would begin at 8:15 & that we should take cover in the parking garages until the inclement weather passed :-(. The rain came and went intermittently as did the flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder. The temperature also changed and I was glad that I had on a tee shirt to cover up my sleeveless running tank.

Just when I was beginning to think that the race would have to be canceled the sky began to clear and runners began to emerge from their hiding places. It was ON!!! Woohoo! I could go on about how the race went OR I could just show you some pictures!

After dinner the day before the race! BGR! Oklahoma and BGR! Texas

Pre-race photo

Approaching the start line!

Now this guy really knows how to enjoy the race! He brought his own martini glasses, cigar, fine are, and was even prepared with an umbrella and not to mention running shoes to match his oh so dapper cardigan & tie!

"Absolut"ly necessary refueling station & yes I did take a beer shot :-).

This is gorilla hill! The gorilla was defeated! I think I high-fived most of the bananas, lol.

What's a race without great music?

We earned the medal! Woohoo!

This man just earned his place among the few individuals who have run a FULL Marathon in each of the 50 states! Woohoo! He's also a director of the National Black Marathoners Association! Awesome Accomplishment!

This is of me on the Friday before the races. Can you tell I was caught off guard, lol. I got to volunteer at packet pickup for the 5k! it was an AWESOME experience. They really treat the volunteers WELL. A great, healthy lunch was provided.

This is us out on the course! you'd never guess there were storms earlier that morning, lol.

Okay enough pics, lol. Just a quick note about the 5k I participated in this past weekend.

It was a free 5k that provided timing and tee shirts! All of our ladies who participated came in the top 3 of their age groups. I actually came in 1st in my age group!!!! AND I was the 4th female to finish overall!!! Woohoo! I'm all inspired to do more speedwork and speed training now. I guess it's a good thing I don't have any long races coming up until the fall so I can focus on the speed. I'm probably not going to catch Meb, but darn it if I don't try my best!

Hope you all are having a Marvelous May!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SWEETNEEY 5/9/2014 8:19AM

    Lovely, I did Oklahoma 2012 and it was really nice. I did the early start and I like it because when you at mile 18 and above it's nice to have some people still around it you. Congrats on your accomplishment. I always wanted to meet someone who took pictures while running during a marathon. I think you guys are UBER cool.

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FITNAPTURAL 5/7/2014 2:56PM

    emoticon A second marathon in only the span of a month or so! You are kicking some serious pavement butt!! And it looks like you accomplished your goal of having fun! emoticon

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LILY_SPARK 5/7/2014 10:35AM

    What a turnout! I'm so happy for you ladies! Good on all of yer!

That Abolut Bottle is just about my size.

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UWHK8STER 5/7/2014 9:32AM

    It looks like you had a great race and good turnout at your dinner the night before. I'm glad it went well!

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POSITIVE41 5/7/2014 5:46AM

    Wow you were busy and it sounds like a good time. Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

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DALID414 5/6/2014 11:46PM

    How did you get everyone to smile all at once emoticon

Nice job!

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MYAKAYAH 5/6/2014 11:30PM

    Congrats on finishing the race in 1st place for your age group and coming in 4th. The guy who has raced a full marathon in all 50 states wow! Glad your running is going so well and thanks for the goodie.

I am doing well and healing my feet before getting out to walk again, substituting other exercise until my foot behaves. Its pretty windy here right now and getting into the 80's and 90's consistently now!

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MSROZZIE 5/6/2014 9:29PM

    Great blog, and looks like lots of fun had by all!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Budget Gourmet

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My latest project (project being something I've assigned myself to do out of curiosity) is to see how cheap healthy eating can be. My initial investigation began with this photo

Once again someone was putting out lies (clearly these prices were antiquated) and effectually making healthy eating on a budget seem more unattainable than it really is. Can somebody PLEASE just tell the truth?! I mean how hard is it, really? So the false prices are scratched through in red and the actual prices I found are listed to the right. Since the numbers in the picture are small I'll highlight a few "gems" a gallon of fat free milk was listed as $2, the cheapest I found (cheaper even than walmart's own brand) was over $3.78. They listed 2 lbs of chicken breast for $1.96. The cheapest I found boneless skinless was that price per pound, but only if you bought the family pack which contained at least 5 lbs total would be close to $10). The only accurately priced item was the bag of frozen peas! I will say that I did find a 5lb bag of potatoes on sale for 1.25 the week after I did the price comparisons. I also recall corn and peaches being on sale at various times, but I think for a meme like this the prices listed should be normal prices that can be found anywhere, at any time (or at least expicitly say that the price is seasonal or "special"). Their total price was $19.54. My guess is that they confused the price with the year those prices were current. My analysis revealed a total cost of over $35 for the items listed and that's before taxes, if food is taxable in your state.

So for my budget meal, I took the road less traveled and went exploring in some fewer frequented places and guess what I found.
Frozen salmon in the DOLLAR TREE! O_O it was a 4oz "all natural" (which really has no real meaning as far as label claims go) and wild caught filet for ONE DOLLAR!!! That's only $4 a pound!!! far cheaper than ANY salmon I've EVER seen for sale. Of course, I was a bit wary about the quality of the salmon, so I googled the company on the label and could find very little besides all the "good stuff" they want you to know about their company. Responsible, sustainable fishing, blah blah. No specifics on exactly where the fish were caught or the processing/packaging methods used. However, I did find two consumer reviews that said the fish was poor quality and the taste and texture were horrible. Nontheless, I decided to give it a chance.

My budget meal included the salmon, oven roasted potatoes, and green beans.
Cost analysis per serving: Salmon $1, Potatoes 9 cents (5 lb bag for $1.25, one serving is 5.3 oz or .33 lbs), green beans 16 cents ($1.18 per lb, one serving is about 2 oz)
Raw cost of meal: $1.25*
*assuming you already have oil, seasonings, cooking utensils/equipment and also not including the cost of energy costs and prep time).

Preparation: Green beans were blanched, drained, tossed in oil and oven roasted. Potatoes were treated similarly, but tossed in butter, onion powder and salt to taste before roasting. Both of these came out DELICIOUS!

Now for the Salmon...
I sprinkled seasoning on both sides, heated a pam-sprayed skillet to medium-high heat and put the fish, skin side down first to try and give the skin a crisp. Usually I cook my salmon for a short period of time, but since I was unfamiliar with the origin of this, I thought I'd err on the side of caution and cook it fully.
First observation: in the raw state the color of the fish was not very vibrant, but I'm not accustomed to eating frozen fish in the first place and so thought maybe that the off color was an effect of freezing/thawing.

Second observation: The skin did not crisp. On exposure to the heat, the skin just drew back and became elastic and rubbery.
I intended to broil the fish in the oven, but decided to continue cooking it completely in the skillet and just covered it with a see-through pot top. I cooked it just until it didn't look raw anymore, then removed it from the heat (with the lid still on) and let it finish cooking while the potatoes and green beans were finishing up. Here's what it all looked like when it was done.

I love how the salmon looks like an owl with the lemon wedges, lol! (This is how I play with my food!)

Third observation: The flavor of the fish is totally off. It tastes like plastic. For better comparison, it tastes like Captain D's fish (no offense if you're a Captain D's fan, but that's not how salmon is supposed to taste). It's not a terribly offensive flavor, so I bear through it to give it a fair chance. The texture is also off, the fish is terribly rubbery and a bit dry. I'm wondering if I'm getting any omegas at all. My experience with fresh salmon is that it is a bit oily and even the pan becomes oily even if you've added no oil in the cooking process. This is not so with this fish, it seems as if it is devoid of any oil at all. The flesh does flake apart, which is a plus. Overall I would recommend (and intend to experiment with) a different preparation of the salmon. Maybe in a salmon salad, marinated in oil before cooking, or breaded and oven fried with other seasonings to mask the off-flavor.

Summation of meal evaluation: Overall, I give the meal a B-. You can't beat the cost ($5 for a family of 4), the prep time was very minimal (potatoes and green beans were boiled for about 5 minutes each and then roasted for about 20) Fish didn't take long to cook in the skillet (I didn't time it though). The only negative was the flavor and texture of the fish which may be a deal breaker for many. I have to say that personally, I would keep this option open for a cheap source of protein, but question its content of "good fats." It would definitely be a protein option for which I would be sacrificing satisfaction for pure nutrition (eating to live vs. living to eat). I do plan on purchasing the fish again to try different preparation methods and see how they work. Perhaps mixing it with mustard, spices, egg, & veggies to make a salmon patty will yield better results... I'll definitely keep you posted.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NISSANGIRL 4/17/2014 7:14AM

    emoticon job! I love the Dollar Tree! thanks for the tips girl! the food looked amazing! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KAYATLANTA2010 4/17/2014 6:43AM

    Great blog! emoticon

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PRESBESS 4/17/2014 2:59AM

    Excellent blog! You should become a research scientist for sure. Hey maybe you are. You're good girl!

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FANGFACEKITTY 4/17/2014 2:15AM

    I've found the prices on those comparison pictures off as well. But do consider how many healthier meals you can get for $35 compared to the same amount of KFC. In my family of 4 it would have been maybe 1 meal for all 4 of us and a later meal for 2 people.

Spending the money on the staples would have generated more meals, healthier & better tasting. Unless you cook like my mother did, in that case I'd be tempted to go with the KFC! LOL.

Of course my ingredient list would be a little bit different, but the results would be the same.

Thanks for taking the time & effort to share a real life experience!

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DALID414 4/17/2014 1:21AM

    I wish I was 1/2 as adventurous with food as you are.

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THRIVE2DAY 4/17/2014 12:44AM

    emoticon Work you did to bring us this blog! Thanks so much!

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MYAKAYAH 4/16/2014 10:17PM

    Yeah, salmon I buy from the grocery. I don't bother with fish from discount type stores! The rest of the meal seems doable though~

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MNCYCLIST 4/16/2014 10:12PM

    What a great blog! Thanks so much for sharing this, and telling the truth! Here's to healthy eating.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

In 2012, after completing my first half marathon (the OKC Memorial), I said that I would never want to complete a full. The looks of pain and anguish on the faces of the runners still struggling to complete twice the distance that I had just painstakingly completed, as I rode past on my way to rest my aching legs, was uninspiring, to say the least.

Enter 2013 and my introduction to some amazingly badass mommas (& non-mommas) through a virtual running streak which led to my discovery of Black Girls Run and then the National Black Marathoners Association and a reignition of my *SPARK* and all of the amazing individuals here. The stories of trial, triumph, overcoming odds, striving for more and not accepting excuses shared by the individuals in these groups inspired me to have a change of heart. Today, I became a marathoner. I suffered (& sometimes delighted...mostly before mile 16) through 26.2 miles of rocky, hilly, sandy, steep, and sometimes slippery trails.

I was actually thinking about downgrading to the half marathon because I didn't think I had prepared enough for the full even though I had signed up months ago. On the drive down, the saying, "if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you," came across my mind and I resolved to tackle the challenge I had originally set out to accomplish.

It wasn't easy, and there were times I asked myself what the heck I was doing & why, but the sense of accomplishment I felt when I crossed that finish line...knowing that I had done something that I said I was going to do, something that I had never done before and wasn't quite sure I COULD do until that very moment...that feeling was WELL worth it!
NEVER count yourself out or talk yourself down from pursuing ANY goal! You'll never know what you're capable of until you try!

Flash back to 2012: What I failed to note after my first half marathon (because I left soon after I was done) was the transformation of expression in the faces of those anguished runners as they crossed the finish line. Looks of despair and defeat became faces full of pride and accomplishment, emotional at the realization of a dream turned reality. The "holy crap, I actually did it!" moment. That moment is priceless, & I thank everyone who has shared their stories & experiences for inspiring me to have my moment. Every triumph, every trial, every bad day & every great day that you post about keeps me inspired to continue moving forward in my journey. You all ROCK!

Now for the funny you know I have to throw some humor in emoticon

I called home after finishing the marathon & here's the conversation I had with my little sister:

Me: Guess what I did today!!!
Her: What?
Me: I ran a MARATHON!!!!
Her: You always running marathons.
Me: Nuh-unh, this was my first FULL marathon!
Her: Well you always running! Sit down somewhere...
Me: *pause* Put Mama on the phone, I ain't talking to you no mo'.

Gotta love fam, lol. She doesn't know it yet, but she's gonna be a marathoner one day too ;-).

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SWEETNEEY 4/20/2014 3:03AM

    It's addictive

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KAMCCLARY 4/9/2014 1:16AM

    You go girl! emoticon

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MYAKAYAH 4/8/2014 12:13AM

    Seriously Congratulations on that major accomplishment! I have been thinking I can walk, jog a half marathon sometime over the summer if its not hot as you know where. (I live in Sin City and the heat would get me if it was above 90 with the humidity we have.) A Marathon would have to be in 2015 for sure!
The conversation with your sister is humorous, I'm thinking of dragging my sister out here and getting her walking again~

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RUNPHIPHIRUN 4/7/2014 9:25PM

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. The voice in my head has been telling me that I don't need to ever run a full, but you've got me thinking I might need to tell that voice to shut up.

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UWHK8STER 4/7/2014 2:14PM

    Congratulations on completing your marathon! Quite the accomplishment and you should be proud! :)

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LILY_SPARK 4/7/2014 12:00PM

Her: Well you always running! Sit down somewhere...
Me: *pause* Put Mama on the phone, I ain't talking to you no mo'.

Good on yer, friend!

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FITNAPTURAL 4/7/2014 10:10AM

    emoticon That's awesome! emoticon

I'm glad you had a good experience! It's definitely empowering. I'm still on the "never gonna do a full" train lol.

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NOTGVGUP83 4/7/2014 10:00AM

    congrats and great job! rock the sticker proud ;-)

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STEVIEBEE569 4/7/2014 8:56AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POSITIVE41 4/7/2014 5:35AM

    Great job - I am doing a HM in May and don't have the desire to do a full - but who knows. Congratulations and get that sticker for your car!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DALID414 4/7/2014 1:15AM

    emoticon emoticon You can totally be one of the people with the 26.2 bumper sticker! Those always make me emoticon

That phone convo could totally be my sis and I.

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