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finally feeling motivated again

Monday, August 09, 2010

I have not posted a blog in quite a while. The past few months I have fallen way, off track. I have had a lot of things distract me from my goals and I haven't felt ready to share what I have been going through. I am not sure if I am ready still but I think just getting it out will help me move on... A few months ago things were going great and I was working out six days a week and even starting to jog more than I ever had. During this time I was also trying to get pregnant and it finally happend. The next couple months after that my energy was totally zapped due to the beginning stages of pregnancy so at that point already my workouts had pretty much stopped. Unfortunately I miscarried and it caused me to spiral into depression and using food to make myself feel better even though it never really helps. I have been a nanny for over twelve years now and have always wanted a child of my own so it was extremely difficult for me and my husband to go through this. I have had time to heal both emotionally and physically and I am ready to get back on track. Hopefully soon I will have good news and be pregnant again, until then I want to be as healthy as possible and lose as much weight as I can. I am so tired of being tired and lazy, I am going to get active again and start paying a lot more attention to what I am eating and how often. I can do this!!

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TINOCHKA7 8/11/2010 8:16PM


I'll be there with you kiddo! Let's go kick some butt!

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FARM-CHICK 8/9/2010 7:48PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BHSKITTYKATT 8/9/2010 2:17PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss. That's a terrible thing to go through. You're a strong woman. You can pick yourself back up and get right back on track! emoticon

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*MADHU* 8/9/2010 2:06PM

    All the best ! emoticon

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It seems like every time I get going on working out regularly I come down with a horrible cold:( It feels more like the flu. I have a fever and just feeling miserable, can't wait to start feeling better so I can get back to the gym. I have my last wedding cake to make for this Saturday and wishing I had the energy to get it done, can't call in sick for someones wedding. Oh well, hopefully things will get better soon...

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POLK-A-DOTS 9/23/2009 8:55AM

    Drink some tea.... emoticon Not really sure if that does anything, but I've been told that it does....I hope you are feeling better soon!

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JHIGHLEY 9/23/2009 2:45AM

    Feel better!

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ROBBY503 9/22/2009 11:40PM

    That sucks! I really hope it is not the swine flu :( I hope you feel better soon.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I had a busy week, but a good week. I am bowling on a bowling team on Thursday nights now, had a great workout on Thursday before work. Worked a long friday 10:30 to 10, had a great workout on Friday before work and also worked out on Saturday before heading to Seattle for a concert to see the Arctic Monkeys. Planned on working out today but I feel like I am coming down with something :( So I am just going to take it easy today and planning on getting back to the gym tomorrow. I am happy to be working out regularly again, it feels great! I think I am going to start a running thread like Embi and Robin since I want to try to keep writing every day and I like the idea of just having a thread instead of a new blog every day :)


Doing good so far this week

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Had another good day today:) Had a great workout at the gym with Robin and a nice walk with Embi too. It was nice to meet some new members at the coffee meet and I heard that Jessica is going to be meeting us at the gym tomorrow too! It is really exciting to get new members it really keeps me motivated to continue moving forward with weight loss.

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ROBBY503 9/17/2009 4:26PM

    Your doing awwesome!! You ran like the wind today....keep up the great work!

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JHIGHLEY 9/17/2009 3:32PM

    Woo! I'm so excited to be a part of this team, because I think it's going to keep me on track! Thanks for letting me join you guys this morning!

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ANNSTOECKL 9/17/2009 1:30PM

    Wow, sounds like you are busy. It is good the hear that this group is so active. Have a wonderful rest of the day!


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today has been another good day. I have been doing much better with making the right food choices and drinking lots of H2O. Did not get a workout in since it's my eleven hour day at work. Planning on another workout at the gym tomorrow and a walk too, looking forward to our team meet tomorrow!


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