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Younger Next Year - Really?

Friday, May 10, 2013

For my strength training class project, I read the book "Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D.

I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE. It's a book that I will re-read every year - the information is just that important that I don't want to forget it. It's an engaging read. The men's version is "Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond."

Here is the link to my summary of the book -- all great suggestions for us Sparkers! Enjoy.

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RUNNERRACHEL 5/12/2013 1:30AM

    emoticon great! With healthy living we can look and feel younger. I feel better now than I did when I was younger. What a great feeling. Thanks for sharing!

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JANETRIS 5/11/2013 11:17AM

    Thanks for the input. It is on my book list to read! emoticon

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JOYINKY 5/10/2013 3:29PM

    Shoot! I can vouch for all those steps! I'm younger now than I was 10-15 years ago! Working on the social connections is harder; but I'm working on it and life is great!

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BABY_GIRL69 5/10/2013 2:06PM

    Thanks for the info!!

God bless & continued success!


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Things My Mother Taught Me - Happy Mother's Day in Heaven

Thursday, May 09, 2013

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

25. My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"

My mom has been in heaven for the past 8 Mother's Days. They just aren't the same without her. I love you, Mom!

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IUHRYTR 5/29/2013 8:22AM

    emoticon -- Lou

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JANETRIS 5/11/2013 11:16AM

    Beautiful blog Nancy. Thank goodness for the wonderful memories!! emoticon

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HOPERISING 5/10/2013 10:24AM

    This year will be my first Mother's day with out my mom. I wish I had appreciated her more while I had the chance. Your post made me smile though... I heard more than a few of those growing up... and I've caught myself saying a few of them to my own kids!

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CLWALDRO 5/10/2013 9:09AM

    I know your mom is looking down from heaven right now and smiling on you. I am lucky to still have my mom here on earth with me and i call her several times a week and always tell her at the end i love her because tomorrow is not promised and either her or i could be gone.
we never forget our mom's and the sacrifices they make for us. I am sure your mom was the same way emoticon

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Eat breakfast to combat obesity & diabetes

Monday, May 06, 2013

Here's an interesting abstract on the importance of young people eating breakfast to combat obesity and diabetes. If it works for young people, why wouldn't it work for people of all ages?

"Several dietary factors have recently been identified to play a critical role in the etiology of this disease. Of particular interest is the common dietary habit of skipping breakfast, which has been strongly associated with obesity."

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MANDYLOVE_76 5/9/2013 10:10AM

    Thanks for the info.

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LUCKYDOGFARM 5/6/2013 11:05PM

    The days I don't have breakfast, I wind up hungrier later on and its never a good thing!

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RUNNERRACHEL 5/6/2013 1:00PM


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CATHEMARIE 5/6/2013 11:09AM


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HOPERISING 5/6/2013 9:30AM

    This is very interesting... and as a matter of fact, I habitually skipped breakfast for twenty odd years... then I came to Kenya, where the "morning tea" is ritual, and NOT taking breakfast is not an option... maybe thats one of the reasons weightloss happened for me here!

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DARJR50 5/6/2013 7:55AM

  I eat breakfast every day

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Beatitudes for Women

Monday, March 04, 2013

Beatitudes for Women

Blessed is she who suffers with the very young, the very old, and the very lonely, for she has compassion.

Blessed is she who greets the world with joy, laughter, and anticipations, for she has courage.

Blessed is she who speaks gently, lives humbly, and chooses to give freely, for she has dignity.

Blessed is she who listens and hears and extends her hands as a friend, for she has understanding.

Blessed is she who gives simply, loves deeply and walks joyfully in life, for she has awareness.

Blessed is she who has compassion and courage, freedom and dignity, understanding, sincerity, and awareness, for she is a woman, a gift, a blessing.

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    Super. Tnx, Nan.

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GOSPELCLOWN 4/4/2013 10:50AM

    What a blessing

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MSANITAL 3/5/2013 9:18AM

    Very nice Nancy thanks for posting this..

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JANETRIS 3/4/2013 8:23PM

    Very beautiful Nancy! emoticon

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1HOTMAMA2BE 3/4/2013 9:29AM

    Thank you, Nancy! Oh So True!!!

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ERIN1957 3/4/2013 9:23AM

    love it!!

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JOYINKY 3/4/2013 9:22AM


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LUCKYDOGFARM 3/4/2013 1:50AM

    Very sweet!

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LWLAR7 3/4/2013 1:10AM

  That was very good, I loved it

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Week Ending 2-17-2013 Accountability Blog

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I would like a do-over for last week. Between Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day parties at work, and Valentine's celebrating with Harry and my dad over the weekend, it was not a good food week, as my Weekly Progress food log shows...

I weighed in at 152.6 - up 0.6 pounds from all the partying. The good news is that for Lent, I have decided to get off the computer at 10pm and spend some time in prayer and meditation before falling asleep instead of falling asleep at the computer. So, I have been getting 6 hours of sleep nightly - if not more.

This weekend I will participate in indoor triathlon #4. I signed up with the Experience Triathlon race director/triathlon coach to take a "Run to Become" class. We meet at 5:30 am on Thursday mornings. I'm learning a lot from him -- and I'm forced to go to bed especially early on Wednesday nights so that I can make the 4:30am alarm! One of the ladies from the class shared a great quote today --
"If you're not standing on the edge, you're taking up too much space." What a cool thought to live by!

Wishing you all a fabulous week and weekend. Stand on the edge this week!
emoticon emoticon

February 2013 accountability goals --
1) - Exercise at least 30 minutes/day 6 days/week. Per the book, "Younger Next Year for Women," I am going to shoot for 6 days a week of exercise - 2 days of strength training (I'm taking a strength training class) and 4 days of aerobic exercise, mostly treadmill, elliptical, or online videos at this time of year.
2) - Track my food and limit my calories to less than 1800 per day. Goal weight is 145 pounds by end of 2013. I started 2013 at 153.8.
3) - Sleep 6+ hours per night. Stop Sparking by 10pm. The number of hours that I sleep is directly related to how late I am Sparking/Facebooking.
4) - Eat 1 fruit and 4 veggies per day.
5) - Drink 8+ glasses of water daily.

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MANDYLOVE_76 2/26/2013 3:31PM

    Great Blog.

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MSANITAL 2/24/2013 6:30PM

    Great work Nancy.. your on top.. emoticon

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RUNNERRACHEL 2/22/2013 12:19AM

    All great goals--you can do it! I also have noticed a lot of time slip away from being on the computer. One of my new year's resolutions was to not spend as much time on the computer. Great to get more sleep, too! I like that you're reflecting on last week (wasn't great for me either) and learning from it and moving on! emoticon emoticon

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IUHRYTR 2/21/2013 10:42PM

    Wishing you much success. Keep inspiring us with your determination and positive attitude. -- Lou

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JANETRIS 2/21/2013 7:37PM

    I also love that quote...think I'll use that on some friends at work!! Way to keep at it inspire me to keep at it even when things don't go our way for the week! emoticon

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JOYINKY 2/21/2013 2:18PM

    For all you had going on; .6 is not bad. This journey doesn't go in a straight line as long as the path continues down; you're good. Takes serious planning ahead for those bumps in the road but sometimes; they are just worth it! You're still on track with great goals and consistent action. WTG!

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LUCKYDOGFARM 2/21/2013 11:09AM

    Love that quote. Life on the edge is a good thing. Instead of the overstuffed comfy life that is usually in high demand....

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