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isn't it ironic

Monday, August 18, 2014

my beloved mother-in-law, antoinette parisi/fantazzo passed away on august 15th,.., she was 100 yrs of age...this is also the date that my only nephew, michael, would have turned 35..(michael was killed in a case of mistaken identity in january of this year) wasn't only my m-i-l, she became my only earthbound mother in 1969, when my birth mother & best friend, theresa porcaro/cavallari, died unexpectedly in 1969...the irony??..well, my mom died on august 19th, 1969, and, my mother-in-law is to be buried tomorrow, august 19th 2014..45 years later to the day..i will always love them both..

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MM11113 8/18/2014 8:04PM

    So sorry for your loss. Please, don't feel disconnected, just by their dates, they are still connected with you. Hang in there, it will get better.

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another year older, & hopefully, wiser.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ok, so yesterday i turned 62..not 39 like i tell everyone(who am i trying to kid?) day started out fine..i knew it was going to rain, no problem, my astrological sign is water..i moved my 2 planters out from under the eaves so mother nature could give them a drink of fresh rainwater..i took my cat, zoey, in my arms, took off my shoes and went out into the rain with her..she loved it and we both got soaked..this was the high point of my day.
i spent the whole day & evening alone in quiet comtemplation, meditation & (yes) prayer, feeling very meloncholy & alone..
i started to think about the positives & negatives in my life and had an epithany..all in all, i'm pretty lucky..sure, i spend most of my time in a wheelchair in my cute, little apartment, and get out only to doctor's appointments, but, i can "go on-line" at any time and "talk" to a bunch of folks who've become as important to me as my own flesh & blood...sparkpeople & facebook have become my main(read ONLY) social outlet..
with the support of my spark family, i've lost a total of 190 pounds! hip doesn't ache as much as it used to, and my knees creak less, i can even walk a few steps further then i could last year when i was a youngster of 61..
by the time the evening came, i had read & reread the birthday greetings from my on-line family and i was feeling very loved, happy & content..
finally, the light came on....i'm not only wiser...i'm happier!

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HOPEFUL2DAY! 7/23/2012 6:49PM

    Happy birthday!!! emoticon

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CHUBBYMAMAW 7/21/2011 11:31PM

    I have got to say ,Happy ,Happy Birthday! I just started reading your blogs,and haven't been able to quit so I put you on my friend list and truly hope you will add me to yours.
As I read, I have found so much in common with me,that it is amazing. I also am 64 years old, my birthday is the same day as your sobriety birthday, I have a grand daughter named Zoe,and I love your sense of humor.
I'm really looking forward to being your friend and talking to you. I am a FB'er , my FB name is Sandra Wheat Cook if you want to send me a friend request . I'll stop rattling on now , but for me to find you by accident, on your birthday is amazing. I have one bad fault, I live in the south and have a southern drawl' so I'm glad I'm texting so you can't tell.LOL. emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PAINTER41 7/24/2009 9:55AM

    Wow Lost 190 pounds. You make me ashamed of my self. I have been fighting with 70 pounds. You are not alone. Happy late birthday. I hope this next year will be the best year for you. Sounds like you have a great cat. My cat is a nipper and not a lover at all. Keep up the good work. Sharon

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ARTHURTOM 7/23/2009 5:40PM

    Happy belated birthday Theresa! I haven't been participating on the teams as much I have in the past, since the first of July I have been changed my focus on spark people to interact with those on my friends list more and have subscribed to blogs of everyone that is on my friends list. As you can imagine, this has me busy when I'm online and somehow, I am only visiting the teams when I have looked at and/or responded to all of the blogs I have subscribed to.

I found your blog from the team main page and I have taken some time to read your story and I am motivated by your story. Being over 400 pounds is never easy for anyone. Losing 100 pounds with nutrisystem is fantastic and I want you to continue to become healthy learning what you have from them and your newly found family here at spark people!

Having said that...I think I have found another person for my friend list!


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MOMRITZ 7/22/2009 12:22PM

    T - You are a wonderful wonderful lady. Did I tell you how wonderful I think you are! I am so glad you are in my "online" life too. I think of you often and so appreciate all the support you give. You are every bit family to me too.

You are an inspiration in so many ways.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

saturday was an unexpected gift from GOD..because of my limited mobility i don't get out too often..usually, just to medical appointments..not exactly my idea of fun, having my blood drawn or hooked up to a machine to make sure the pace-maker is timing correctly....but, oh man, this past saturday!
my son & dil invited an old family friend for dinner at their luck has it, the friend "uncle mike" only lives 2 parkway exits from where i live, so i was picked up (like a queen) and had a calming ride into the old neighborhood for a lovely visit & dinner..i hated seeing the changes in the neighborhood i spent most of my life in, so many of the businesses i frequented are gone now, even the movie theather is now a "modell's" sports goods store, but, i spent a good amount of time with my son, my beautiful dil, my dil's lifelong BFF, donna(boo-boo) & boo-boo's handsome husband, noel...
my dil cooked her little heart out, making the things i don't make anymore(since i only cook for me now, i don't do meatballs & sauce or eggplant parma)..i ate just enough to be satisfied and enjoyed myself so was nice to have pleasant table-talk with humans..(as much as i love my zoey-zilla, i get tired of talking in cat meow, i mean, how many ways can you say "meow"?)
i got home around 9PM, more tired then i've been in a year of sundays...i barely finished saying my prayers before i zonked out..didn't wake up once that night, and slept until almost 10AM!..
didn't have too much to do on sunday, my thoughtful kids packed me a "mommy bag", so i didn't even have to cook on sunday..all in all, i could learn to love days like that..
thanx, uncle mike, for being such a good friend...and thanx, john & doedoe, i love you guys..thanx boo-boo & the man, for just being you guys...and, anggie-bangy (my grand-puppy), this nana loves you very much.

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TORNADOGIRL 6/17/2009 1:00AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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man, i'm a real dummy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i went to a support session with my daughter at the clinic where she had her gastric bypass 2 years ago..i spoke up about how truly hard it is to get rid of these lasr 50 (approx) pounds and how my measurements keep "shifting"..i was told that it's most likely due to the excess folds of hanging flesh that is on me because of my loss of almost 190 pounds(so far)...the group moderator did some measuring and calculating and "guesstimated" that i had probably close to 50 pounds of loose, flabby flesh!..part of me felt good and part of me just wanted to cry...i can opt for surgery, or i can try to tighten the mess with mild, now all i need to do is kill myself with movement and hope for the best.

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CATKEEPER 5/31/2009 9:29AM

    Hi hunnie! You're not a dummy!!! Considering you haven't been able to exercise the way SP would like us to, I think you have done a marvelous job. No doubt, some light exercise would help to tone and firm up the 'flab' but please don't pressure yourself so much... just do what you can. I love ya, GF!

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LADY_DONKEY 5/30/2009 5:39PM

    I read your feed "nanada1847 is a dummy" and then I saw that you posted this blog "I'm a real dummy!" and I just had to see what you had done to deserve that status.

I have a cyber friend who lost over 100lb. She eventually had reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin on her arms and tummy, BUT her doctor made her wait a WHOLE year after losing weight -- that is, she had to maintain her weight loss for a whole year -- to give her skin time to retract on its own. Whatever "flab" was left was what nature couldn't take care of.

So I offer that as a perspective on the situation. You have to do what's right for you, with your doctor's advice and consent, of course.

PS After my friend had her surgery, she went through a really tough period mentally about her body image and maintaining her weight loss. there was a lot of swelling after her surgery, which, again, her doctor said would take anywhere from 6 months to a year to resolve itself.

And although she had been able to maintain her weight loss BEFORE the surgery, AFTER the surgery, she struggled with GAINING 10-20lb (closer to 10, but it really fluctuated).

I have since lost contact with her, as other stressors came up in her life. So I do not know if she has been able to maintain her original weight loss goal or if she ended up putting on a little bit more or what.

Again, just something to keep in mind. Good luck!

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into my 8th year of sobriety!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

wow, time sure flies when you're sober..i'm guessing it's because i'm not getting drunk and passing out every day any thing is for sure, i'm feeling so much better these days..
has it really been 7 years? hasn't been especially smooth getting to this point in my life, but, it's getting better every day!..between the lousy health issues that surfaced last year, and the loss of my 19 yr old mytzvahmeow 3 weeks ago, it hasn't been easy to hold on...but, thankfully, i've a huge SPARK family who never fail to let me know that i really am loved...
i'm about to enter into my 8th year of sobriety..i could never' have made it this far without the love & support of certain family members and ALL of my spark sisters & brothers...thank you all, and thank you GOD for my new beginning.....

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JELL-O 5/12/2009 7:30PM

    I used to turn to food with my stress and emotions and I was bulimic for several years when I was in college... though it's not exactly the same as turning to alcohol, I can understand how it's like to numb myself because of all the pains and difficulties that I didn't want to deal with.

I have been "sober" (from bulimia) for about 3 years now a lot of times I feel truly amazed to have a new life back myself.

Thanks for sharing your story here. emoticon It's an inspiration.

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CATKEEPER 5/9/2009 1:39PM

    Oh, hunnie - time really DOES fly by!! Congratulations, and you know you have my love, always.

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2CATS2LOVE1 5/9/2009 1:17PM

    I'm so very proud of you for all you've accomplished. Keep up the fine work. So sorry to hear about your kitty. I know the heartache. I am glad you had her for those many years. My deepest condolences to you. I hope you have a joyful weekend and one that is full of love and kindness.

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ARMETIS 5/9/2009 12:31PM

Well done! We are always being tested and sounds like you're scoring 100%! Keep up the good work!!

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RINGYDINGY 5/9/2009 10:37AM

    Dear Theresa,

How awesome a triumph you are adding to every day. We are always here for you. Keep it up. God is helping you.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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