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A sunny and lovely Saturday

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I just finished cleaning up the flat a while ago and now I'm just enjoying the relaxing Saturday night with my darling. It was so windy today when we went outside for a walk! Really pretty and sunny but the wind was just CRAZY! I'm glad I got a little exercise despite the wind - granted, I didn't burn hundreds and hundreds of calories but at least I did something. And I'm sure that cleaning the flat burned some calories as well!

I'm making pancakes later today! I hope they'll turn out fine - I have never made them before. I'll try to make them a little healthier and lower in fat so it won't be too disastrous diet-wise!

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to weekends (especially Friday and Saturday). During the weekdays, I'm doing perfectly well but when the weekend comes it's almost like I have this completely different mindset then. The truth is, though, that I have to stay within my recommended calorie limits EVEN DURING THE WEEKENDS if I want to lose this weight! AND I DO! So, this is a challenge for me but I know I'll learn and eventually stop overeating on weekends.

I think I need to do a boot camp of some kind to jump start my weight loss! They do have them here in Sparks, don't they? I've heard people talking about them on the message boards and their blogs. Maybe I need to find out! I really want to get down to 150 lbs by next Sunday when I go to my parents and finally get to weigh myself - it's been a week already! I can't wait to see if I've made any progress already!

Have a great Saturday everyone - and don't overeat like I did! :) And even if you do, don't beat yourself up for it. We're here to learn after all, right?

C'est moi!



Don't you just love Fridays?

Friday, April 17, 2009

So, it's finally Friday and the weekend is here! Tommi and I rented a movie and bought some candy for tonight. I just associate Fridays with allowing myself to have some of those guilty pleasures of mine that I'm not having on any other days. I just finished tracking my meals so far and I have to say I'm a little surprised at how many calories I'm consuming on Fridays (and on weekends in general). I realized that I was eating more than usual but still... So far I'm a little under 1800 calories for today - and that's A LOT. Besides, I haven't even tracked the candy I was planning to have later today while watching the movie. Oh well, I'm glad I'm using the Food Tracker - otherwise I would've probably never fully realized just how many calories I'm consuming.

Tomorrow will be a healthier day food-wise, I promise.

Okay, the dinner is almost ready now so I better go and set the table. I'll probably be back here later today!


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LUCYGODDESS 4/17/2009 4:53PM

    You're doing great! Enjoy your flick & food! emoticon

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BEL_RIOSE 4/17/2009 11:48AM

    Happy Friday!!

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What a perfect day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought I'd update really quickly before going to bed. As the title says, I had a great day today! I had school from 10 am till 6 pm but it went by really quickly since we had all my favorite classes today with my very favorite teacher, Mr. Howard. I had history, translation/interpretation, Spanish and culture anthropology. I feel like I'm improving all the time and my English is getting better every day. It's funny: I've now started to dream and even think in English. I often can't come up with the Finnish words for certain things so I just say it in English. I'm making progress! As native English speakers, what do you think about my English? Do my blog posts make any sense? :D

After school me and my friend Jaana went for a long walk (80 minutes!). I was so proud of myself for having the energy to go after such a long day of walking around town and campus. When I got home Tommi and I had a healthy and tasty dinner and now I'm absolutely beat. I can barely keep my eyes open!

So, I guess I could say that today was a success! I'm so happy and proud of myself for doing this. I hope you all have a great Spring day today! It was so incredibly pretty and warm here in Lahti - SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY!

Bye for now!

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MSLZZY 4/16/2009 5:35PM

    Your English is perfect! No problem understanding you at all. Glad you had such a beautiful day and you had time to enjoy the nice weather walking with a friend. Get a good night's sleep and keep on Sparking!

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LUCYGODDESS 4/16/2009 4:05PM

    Your English is great. I would have never known that you hadn't spoken English all your life, if you didn't have that you were from Finland on your page. I just hope you can understand me...being from the South in the states, we Southerners are notorious for having our own colloquialisms & sayings that Northerners & people from other parts of the world go "...what the *@$% is she saying????)

It's funny to me that you are heading to bed & I have one more hour of work until 5 pm here. Oh well. It's always interesting to look at your food log & see some of the Finnish foods you eat (although Lord only knows what they could be....the only one that I can 1/2 way figure out is jogurti...that has got to be yogurt...right?) Watch it end up being beans or meat or

Kudos to you for the long walk. I hope it was a rapid walk. Ya know you can't stroll along leisurely & burn calories, but I'm a good one to talk...NOT! I hate exercise, but really need to do it. It's the only way I could really get my abs in shape.

All right...have a great night, pleasant dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite! LOL.

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Got nothing to prove! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don't know if you ever get this feeling but I sometimes feel like now that I've lost weight I just want to meet all those people I haven't seen since I started losing weight and show them the new me. Now, I know realize this is perfectly normal - at least to some extent. Who WOULDN'T want to hear positive feedback about their new appearance? But for me, it's become a little exhausting. I stress and worry about the fact that there are people out there who still think I'm fat although I'm not! It's exhausting!

After all, I got nothing to prove to anyone. I know I'm doing great and I feel happier and healthier than in a long time - and that's all that matters! I shouldn't waste my energy on worrying about pointless things like this. (And if I do meet those people again that I haven't seen in a long time, then let me tell you they'll be surprised! And I got nothing against that! :D)

Okay, I'm almost off to school now. I got classes from 10 am to 4 pm so it shouldn't be too tough. But once I get home I really need to start working on those assignments I was given a loooong time ago and absolutely NEED TO finish asap!

Bye! I think most of you are still sleeping so I hope you sleep well and wake up feeling rested and energetic!

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LUCYGODDESS 4/15/2009 9:49PM are sound asleep right's 11:18 PM here in the U.S. in good old Maryville, Tennessee and it's around 6:18 AM there in Lahti, Finland. WOW! I'm getting close to getting ready for bed here. I think you guys are 7 hours ahead, is that right?

Anyway, I totally understand the wanting people to see you looking good thing. I worry sometimes that I am almost vain about it. I was a complete geek in high school (had a completely overprotective and turns out "mental" I'm not being mean...she has been certified after many years...), then went out on my own & was working at Home Depot years ago & someone from high school came through my line...they were like " look amazing...uh I mean...uh you just look soooo good...ummm I'm not saying you didn't but ummmm wow." I said "no I totally understand...thanks!" I was stoked for the day!!!!

Then right after I got married 6 years ago I put a ton of weight on. 50 something lbs I think. Anyway, I felt like garbage for years...happy with hubby & all but when I passed a mirror like an unattractive mess! Then a little over a year ago I found sparkpeople & now I'm the same size if not smaller than when I was married. I feel like a million buck!!!

So girl.....I totally understand where you are coming from....I'm not knocking people who are overweight...I'm not saying how they need to be...I just know how I need to be to feel better about myself! But don't be stressin' over it DIVA! When you run into em' it's like a big KAPOW on both ends...yours & theirs. Just let it happen, when it happens...& if it doesn't then too bad for them. But it will happen....don't fret!

Girl you GO!!! You be proud when people see you & are shocked! It's a DAY MAKER!!!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/15/2009 11:18:10 PM

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BEL_RIOSE 4/15/2009 12:05PM

    A lot of who we are is based on our appearance, so stressing out about those people who you haven't seen in years still thinking that you have your old appearance makes sense. But you know you've got nothing to prove, and that focusing on that could eventually turn negative.

Good luck on the homework!

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Good morning!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's 9.30 a.m here in Finland and I'm off to school in fifteen minutes. I have a Swedish lesson in the morning and after lunch I have two hours of English literature ahead of me! It's a pretty easy - and short - day, I get off already at 2 p.m. I was planning to go for a long walk right after I get off from school and spend the rest of the day studying and doing school work (I have so many things to do that I don't even know where to start!).

Anyway, I'll have my healthy breakfast now and start the day off on the right track. I want to eat super healthy today (and from now on, for that matter) after this Easter weekends gluttony.

I'll be around here again later! Bye for now!

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BEL_RIOSE 4/14/2009 11:09AM

    Have a fun short day! Today I'm at school from 10:30-4:30 and I'm not looking forward to it haha.

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