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Cardio addict with a dilemma and project eat more

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I was going to try and make a conscious effort to cut back on the cardio but the weather right now if PERFECT and I cannot stay inside. September is here which means the days will be getting shorter and cooler so the number of days to get some good old fashioned vitamin D are fading away. I NEED MY VITAMIN D.

So I will do a jog/walk on one day, a bike ride on another and take Friday off since I have a 5K on Saturday. Not sure when I can get in a strength training session.

At some point soon, I will try and workout at a lower heart rate for a while and see where that gets me. I feel that I am just not making any progress with the weight loss and the eating. Project eating more is going ok. I still have a hard time getting in all that I should with the heavy workout that I do. But I am getting better. I have not really had a day below 2000 and am not gaining any weight. Pants even felt looser today.

I will also make a doctors appointment to see if the really high heart rate that I get when I run is ok. I will listen to my mommy and have it checked out.

Made 7 quarts of salsa today and have about 14 more to go. Love salsa from my garden tomatoes.

Have a great night.

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MYLADY4 9/7/2011 10:11PM

    I HAD to go for a long bike ride tonight. The weather could not have been more perfect. Not at all within the heart rate zone I was suppose to work in but it was so worth it. It did make me really want a road bike though. Might have to find one this weekend.

So tomorrow I will probably take the dog for a run/jog.

Doctor appointment is just going to have to wait for a rainy day and from the long range forcast it might not happen next week. This great weather makes up for the hot and humid summer. Love fall.

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PINKBEANBOO 9/7/2011 4:22PM

    Pants getting lose is good! I know it's hard not to get out when the weather is go beautiful. I'm seeing lots more people out these days.
I can't wait to here what the dr says about the high hr while exercising.

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LISAINMS 9/7/2011 10:20AM

    I'm envious you still have tomatoes! Ours have been gone since first week of August. I eat my fill while I can!

This is a frustrating process, isn't it? I'm not gaining either, but I'm also not losing. I'm really going to cut back after next week's race is done. Really. I am.

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VHALKYRIE 9/7/2011 7:42AM

    Enjoy the weather! Summers are too hot to do anything where I live, but we're moving into more temperate fall weather now, so I will be outdoors more myself!

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SONGBARDBIRD 9/6/2011 11:48PM

    Good that you're getting everything checked out...I'm kind of in the same position...I know I should probably scale the cardio back a bit and I'm sure I should be eating more cals...It's not like I'm eating under 1200, but with the amount I'm working just goes against everything you've learned about losing weight; eat more? Whaaat? Enjoy your runs!

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SHERYL_B 9/6/2011 10:51PM

    Take advantage of the outdoor weather while you still can!!!

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Race results and running play list

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Was a little worried this morning. Woke up to a ton of rain. Thankfully it did not rain but was really humid. This was the largest race I have done so far. 699 people registered for the 2 mile.

So I drop of the DD at my mom's and go and pick up my sister. She is my racing buddy, even though she runs was faster then me but is 13 years younger and 60 pounds lighter and now has the running bug. We park a ways away so we can get out of there sooner (she had a wedding to go to). Meet up with some of her coworkers who also race and more and more people were showing up and I am NOT a crowd person.

Race begins and my first song is Lose Yourself by Eminem (great running song). For a race this large they should rally have two lanes of people. One for walkers and one for runners. Had to dodge the 70 year old walkers. Finally get going and go a pretty good pace. First song is 5 minutes long then comes the second song, Raise Your Glass by Pink. First time I ran to this and IT WAS GREAT. Really up tempo that just make you want to run faster.

Needless to say, this was not a "heart rate control" race. Average was 173 with a max of 195, my mom think I really should go to a doctor and see if this is ok. It has some hills and I did have to walk a little bit, but all in all, not too bad.

Overall time 22:36, 352 out of 699, 25 out of 44 for age division, 171 out of 398 females. Not too bad for not really training. I'm ok with middle of the pack. My little sister place 3rd in her division, whoohooo!!!!!

Got done with the race and started to look for my sister and could not find her. Eventually jogged to the car to see if she was there and was not. Drove back and found her. She did not even see me finish, (little brat).

Next week's 5K I might try for more of a heart rate control, we will see though.

I have to agree with Lisa though in that I am a cardioholic and I need to stop. I had just ran 2 miles and was thinking how to get more cardio in for the day, I have only done 22 minutes and am suppose to get an hour in (I have issues).

Tomorrow, my mom said that she will watch my DD in the morning so I can go for a really long bike ride and the local bike trail. It is suppose to be beautiful. My heart rate is much better when I bike (with no hills).

So here is my new running play list in order of running time. I should say that I like pretty much all music. It has some heavy metal, pop, rap, 80's, even some disco.

Lose Yourself - Eminem (Great starting song!!!!)
Raise Your Glass - Pink
Give Me Everything - Pitbull and Ne-Yo
Stayin' alive - BeeGees
Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch
Waterloo - ABBA (this was the song that was playing when I sprinted to the finish)
Glitter in the Air - Pink (put in to be a breather in 5K's)
Shut up and Drive - Rhianna
Born to Be My Baby - Bon Jovi
Hard to See - Five Finger Death Punch
I got the girl - Bon Jovi
Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
What Ya Gonna Do - Hinder
Awake - Godsmack
Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Far from Home - Five Finger Death Punch
The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
Hero - Skillet
I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
Porn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days.

Some mix I got. YouTube some and see what they are like. This is over 80 minutes so it really is not meant to be timed just right for a 5K but my "walking" song will be about mile 2.

Time to figure out how much I need to eat today and maybe work on tomorrow's calories today.

Have a great day.

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SHERYL_B 9/3/2011 10:11PM

    Yeah for you! Thanks for sharing the song list.

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MYLADY4 9/3/2011 9:31PM

    Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a cardio addict but tomorrow's ride is more for fun. I LOVE biking plus on the trails I can keep the heart rate in the 140's. A really good rate for me. I have been riding since I was 3. Growing up that was the only way to get around. I am lucky up here, I have great places to ride.

I am going to stop at a bike shop tomorrow and see about getting a road bike (used I hope). I talked with a guy today at another bike shop and told him about the 150 mile ride I want to do next year and that I did not think my mountian bike with dual shocks would work the best. He just laughed at me and said it would not be a fun ride with a bike like that.

Lisa, love mapmyrun for checking elevation. Should have checked the elevation BEFORE I went on my ride last week. Where I work has great hills and where I live has great flatter spots.

Amy, I do think next race I will do more walking. I am NOT built to be a runner and I am not convinced that having a heart rate that high is good (but don't say that on the message boards, just sayn').

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PINKBEANBOO 9/3/2011 9:02PM

    I'm not familiar with most of those songs, but if I was going to listen to music when I run Stayin' Alive would be a song I'd want!

Bratty sister came in 3rd? Wow.
Next race, go with the lower heart rate. You sound so much like me, middle of the pack finisher with a high heart rate. And the biggest race I've ever been in had around 500.

You were talking about being a cardio addict then about going on a "really long bike ride" tomorrow. Haha!

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LISAINMS 9/3/2011 6:57PM

    I have a lot of those songs in mine. Lose Yourself is my motivation kicker. I have that que up at the end of mile 2 for a push to the finish. So envious you have a great place to ride! I spent an hour last night trying to find a 15 miles route with the smallest feet increase of elevation. Thought I did ok but apparently mapmyrun missed two half mile climbs of 200 feet each. That sucked. I need a light road bike bad!! My MTB is killing me!

Enjoy your long ride tomorrow!

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Whoohoo, he actually did it..

Thursday, September 01, 2011

When I go in my basement home gym I always let my husband know that the bike is open if he would like to join me when I am on the elliptical he is more then welcome. He joined me yesterday and did 8 miles on it. I was shocked and very please. He is not getting any younger so any time I can get him to workout with me is an occasion. I just wish I could get him to work out as hard as I do since he has the body makeup to go from some flab to ripped in no time. I want to get the P90X this winter so maybe I can get him to try it.

Bad news, past couple of days my digestive system has been hating me. So bloated and uncomfortable, it just gets me down. I just did not have the energy to workout tonight so it is going to be 30 day shred session and a little elliptical in the morning. Have a race on Saturday so I don't want to do too much the day before.

I have been trying real hard to eat more but without eating process foods or high carb foods, it is a challenge. I so hope this work, and soon!! I am thinking that if I train and workout like an athlete, I need to eat like an athlete. My body has been so used to surviving in a deficit that I am amazed that I have a good metabolism. I would like to workout less so I don't have to eat as much but by working out less how would that effect the metabolism.

I so want to go on a really really long bike ride on Sunday but I am worried about getting enough calories in, who would have thought!!

Hope every one has a great weekend. I will post race results when I am done. Still not sure if I will try to run to control the heart rate or race to be fast. I guess I will see how I feel that morning. I also have 4 more after that do make goals for too.

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JICASMOM 9/2/2011 10:17PM

    Good luck on your race! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

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SHERYL_B 9/2/2011 7:44PM

    Yeah for hubby!

Good luck at your race tomorrow!!!

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LISAINMS 9/2/2011 3:07PM

    Yay for the DH showing up and putting in the effort! I have a resistant one as well and wish he would just make the conversion, LOL.

You know, I continue to happen upon more and more articles that have more meat to them than the simplicity of "calories in calories out" and "eat less, move more". It's funny because I knew this from the beginning. I started on the Biggest Loser plan. They advocate moderate heart rate workouts stressing strength training over cardio. And they spell it out why. But I blew that off and got deeper and deeper into the intensity and endurance of a workout. Then scratched my head wondering why I stopped losing when I was supposedly burning so many calories. What a dummy! I know what I have to do and I am struggling to tone down the cardio and eat more. Help, I'm a cardio addict. WE CAN DO THIS, Nicole!!

Good luck on your race and HAVE FUN with it!

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PINKBEANBOO 9/2/2011 1:08PM

    We are always bombarded with all the "eat less & workout more" theory, it's hard to change the mindset. I'm proud of you for doing this!

Good luck at your race tomorrow - which ever strategy or technique you decide to use. Oh, and have fun!

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22 miles of rolling hills

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I went on my bike ride today and boy was that a challenge. It was a country road near my work that I never drove on to check out the terrain. That was a mistake!! Not only was it rolling hills THE WHOLE WAY but after I entered it into mapmyrun, I saw that it was uphill for half the ride. I never really had a flat strip to ride on. The heart rate was higher then I wanted. I average 158 with a high of 181. After I entered the data into the new leaf it said that I burned 1344 calories for the 1 hour 40 minute ride but the bad part of that is with that high of a heart rate, my body was not coverting fat into energy. Oh well, it was fun.

So it says that I need to eat 3258 calories (WTF!!!). There is no way that is happening. I have had no appetite today. Wondering how it would effects the body if I burned alot of the calories in the evening and then try to eat more tomorrow. I am trying to do carb cycling and Friday is going to be that day. It's also day off from working out so I might email my new leaf contact and see what they think.

I have to say that as challenging as the ride today was I thoughouly enjoyed the ride. Much more then when I try jogging. I have to get back to biking more. Put on the tunes and pedal away.

With that being said, my sister might have signed us up for another 5K race in October. That means I will have a race every Saturday for 5 weeks starting in Labor day weekend. Finally got the time from the last run. Just over 38 minutes. Not bad for not really trying for time.

Saturday is the first weigh in day in 3 weeks. We will see how it goes. From what I have read, it may take 4-6 WEEKS for the body to start reacting positivly to eating more. Crossing the fingers.

See ya.

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PINKBEANBOO 8/30/2011 5:37PM

    Good greif, that would be a lot of food to eat. I really hope this is working for you. Even is this Saturday doesn't show it, you've still got a couple of weeks for it to work itself out.

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MYLADY4 8/27/2011 6:05PM

    Sheryl, there are some AWESOME bike trails by you. We went from West Salem to Trempeleu and another time West Salem to Sparta. The Sparta one was way better.


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SHERYL_B 8/26/2011 10:59PM

    I give you props - I can't even imagine doing a bike ride that long at this point.

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MOTIVATED@LAST 8/26/2011 1:29AM

    Nice ride.

Where energy is coming from during your workout is largely irrelevant to weight loss.

If it comes from fat, rather than stored carbs, then the carbs are still available to meet your energy needs for the rest of the day. And if it comes from stored carbs, then your body will have no alternative but to turn to its fat stores to meet its needs for the rest of the day.

Basically what matters is the total calories burned and consumed over the entire 24 HOUR DAY, not just your workout.

But 1344 calories cycling makes a very nice contribution to the overall daily calorie deficit. emoticon


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JICASMOM 8/25/2011 11:17PM

    Fingers are crossed for you...

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What I learned today is.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

....that I am never going to be a "runner" and I am OK with that. I think I did pretty good in the race today, results will be available tomorrow and I forgot to stop the watch when I was done. It was really nice coarse, it was not real hot out and not alot of people and it was really local.

My goal was to keep the heart rate around 165, that did not happen. Averaged 171 with a max of 193. I did not feel real uncomfortable or had a hard time breathing but that is just too high of a heart rate to sustain. I am going to start to bike more.

So with that realization that I will never be a "runner" who will ever place in a race or probably be able to run a 5K straight, my sister and I signed up for 4 more races. One every weekend in September all in communities near me. We had looked into doing the MS Mud Run since it looks SO fun and involves some level of strength (which I have) but decided to try it next year. Just not enough time to plan out sitters and raise the money for it ($60 fee plus $100 in donations).

So, I will run to:

Get out of the house and be active.
To raise money to help communities.
I run because my dear daughter will never be able.
To keep my heart and lungs happy and healthy (last BP was 92/62).

Most of all BECAUSE I CAN (for now).

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CAFEJOJO 8/25/2011 11:38AM

    What an inspiration you are! You may not "place" or feel like you are a runner but looking at your profile and seeing how far you have come inspires me to continue working towards my goal of just jogging a 5K next summer. (or as someone called it "wogging") I love reading stories like yours. It is good to know that I may set goals but sometimes they might not be met the way I would like to. (walking/wogging/jogging a 5K not "running" it) But along the way you never know how your story may touch anothers life. Thanks for sharing!!

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MYLADY4 8/23/2011 9:57PM

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. I will call myself a jogger. I actually enjoyed the race a bit last weekend. I did not set a time goal or a place goal but it was hard to keep the heart rate in check. I probably should have tried walking a bit slower at times but there was that competative spirit that comes over someone.

The one good thing is that I actually turned my sister into a runner (she can run way farther and faster then she did at the beginning of the summer).

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JICASMOM 8/23/2011 5:12PM

    You ARE a runner!!! I have never placed... I am not competitive and I think it would be a funny moment when I do place, but I do it for fun... I am the dork waving to other people... You can bike and run... I think it is totally awesome that you signed up to run more races... And awesome to do it with your sister!!! Have fun exercising and running for a cause!!! You are awesome!!! :):):)

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LISAINMS 8/23/2011 2:49PM

    You're still a runner. If you are moving your feet and at some point in that motion both feet are off the ground... then you are a runner as that is the definition of running. There's no requirement that you place or run a 10 min mile pace or 5 miles without stopping. If you run you are a runner. Period. It doesn't matter if you are recreational or competitive. I'm not fast, I don't place and I got injured running too many miles. I'm still a runner and so are you!

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THEHONESTME 8/23/2011 11:59AM

    Can I join your club? I'm not a runner either - I will run on the treadmill to get my heart rate up, but I DO NOT ENJOY IT!! I wish I did - I'd love to be called a runner!

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PINKBEANBOO 8/23/2011 11:41AM

    I hope you don't mind, but I am still going to consider you a runner, mostly because I consider myself one. I will never place, either. I may get a little faster with more training but it still won't be enough to be considered fast. My HR gets high quick - just standing at the starting line of a race it will get up to around 120. JUST STANDING THERE!
Actually, your more than just a runner - your an athlete. The reasons you have to run a great, but don't forget to enjoy those runs.

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    I will never be a "runner" either...but I still run because I enjoy it.

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SHERYL_B 8/20/2011 9:37PM

    Good for you! I will never be a runner either, but I am training to do the Tough Mudder next summer, so I'll have to get my run on to train.

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