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Hey Melissa Gilbert, wanna do lunch?

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm so excited I can hardly sit still. In order to understand my excitement, you have to know a few things about me.

1. I love theatre almost as much as I love chocolate.
2. I was a huge (no pun intended) Little House fan, of both the show and the books.
3. I thought Melissa Gilbert was the luckiest girl on the planet.
4. I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, both on the show and in all the books.
5. In middle school, (wait does that tell my age????) we played Little House at recess and I wanted the part of Laura and would fight for it. LOL

So for all you "kids" out there, Melissa Gilbert played the character Laura, but to me, she was Laura. I was crazy about her.

So now, the reason for my excitement??? Melissa Gilbert is coming to Fox Theatre in Detroit to play "Ma" in the musical production of "Little House"! Not only do I have tickets, but we're making it a birthday outing and some of my family is driving north to go to the show with me.

One of my great-nephews and I share a birthday and my niece's birthday is a couple weeks before so we're going to make an outing of it. Woohoo!!!

So, if anyone out there knows Melissa, please have her contact me. I'd like to take her to lunch and talk about the ole' days. LOL

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MUSTANG_SALLY2 8/24/2009 10:52AM

    OH! I hadn't thought about asking for a part in the show! Course, they would tell me I'm too old to be Laura and I'd have to punch somebody. With my luck, they'd cast me as Mrs. Olsen and all-you-know-what would break loose.

Maybe I should just enjoy it from my seat. Then that way, I can be Laura in my imagination and nobody can stop me! LOL

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MISSIFELTNER 8/21/2009 2:58PM

    I loved it too!

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EWESFLUFFY1 8/21/2009 2:11PM

    you're not going to fight with her to be in the show, are you???

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LUCINDA_WP 8/21/2009 1:34PM

    I want to be Nelly Olsen and pull your pig tail! Should be a fun outing for your birthday.

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Kind email helps headache

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I didn't sleep well last night and came to work with a seriously painful headache. I just about cried all the way here. I just wanted to stay in bed. So my compromise was that I'd come in and if I didn't feel better by lunch, I'd take 1/2 sick day.

This was waiting in my email when I arrived:

Dear God:
The lady reading this is beautiful,
classy and strong, and I love her.
Help her live her life to the fullest.
Please promote her and cause her
to excel above her expectations.
Help her shine in the darkest places
where it is impossible to love.
Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs you the most,
and let her know when she walks with you,
She will always be safe.
I Love you Girl !!!!

This is why I'm constantly harping on how people don't realize what their words add or subtract to someone's day. This made me feel so much better and all warm and fuzzy. (I like warm and fuzzy.) I took some more Tylenol and sent the email on to my sister, who unbeknownst to me, was also starting out with a bad day, and I felt better. She replied to thank me for making her day.

If I could teach one lesson to the whole world, it would be that the value of words are sorely under rated. Your words make an indelible mark on someone's life and it is up to you whether it's a happy, joyous mark or a dark stain that brings them sadness and probably pain. Choose your words carefully is what I tell myself every day. I'm getting better but still need work.

Thanks to my friend who sent the email. She made my day!


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KATHRYNMARIE4 8/20/2009 9:45PM

    Hi -

You are so right!! Words can be everything. It costs nothing to say a kind word to someone and smile. It may be all that is needed to make their day better and somehow you feel better too.... bless the person who sent you that email.


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My pedometer finally came!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got it all set up last night and did a smidge of testing and it counted the steps the same as I did so I was excited about testing it out today.

We're going to go with the theory that I'm a new user and that's why when I moved it from my PJs to my blue jeans, it reset to zero. Even the steps from yesterday are missing. Um, that's not a very good sign!

I had almost 200 steps just doing my morning routine and will add that to the end of the day's totals. I can tell you already that I've been guessing way too high on my steps I've been recording. I thought my puppy walk was way longer. The Up-the-Hill one by work is less than 2000 steps! It feels like 100,000 sometimes! Ok, so I know I'm going to have to move way more if I'm going to get even half my steps today but I'm still excited to see how it does.

Let's just hope the resetting to zero isn't a common thing or someone's getting a pedometer shipped back to them! LOL

Update 9:45am - So, ok, it's not counting my steps as I move around the building. Each one of those steps are going to be crucial since my job is tech support and I sit and answer the phoned in questions all day. I can't just get up whenever I want and wonder around. It needs to count every single step I take! What's up with that!!!

update 10:45 am - Ok, so keep in mind that I said this problem could be due to new user issues. On puppy break, I had come nearly to the end of our short walk and was frustrated to see that it hadn't counted even one step. Nearly in tears and frustrated to have spent so much money, i ripped it off and started pushing buttons. Um, yeah, there's this one button called mode... Ha! I had it in the wrong mode. When I found the right mode, it showed 2800+ steps. Not as many as I hoped but a lot better than 1700!!!

I guess I should read the stupid manual after all. ugh! LOL

update 1:24 - I only have 3900 steps and I'm basically done with my major walking of the day. That's a bummer! At least it's tracking now! Have to rethink this. I need more steps!


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MISSIFELTNER 8/19/2009 9:39AM

    I am sooooo jealous. I still didn't get mine. Hopefully the reset was just a fluke or something. I have heard really good things about the Omron pedometers when it comes to accuracy and ease of use. I am so happy for you. I can't wait until we can start comparing our total steps. Maybe we can even challenge each other a little bit. I can't wait to get mine.

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Julie & Julia - don't go if you're hungry

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I don't often go to the movies. I'd rather, for the money, see a live production at my local theatre but on Saturday, I agreed to go with a friend to see Julie & Julia. I loved this movie. I wasn't a Julia Child fan although I've seen her a few times on PBS back in the day. Ok, I admit it, I kind of thought she was scary. LOL

Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses. I have believed for years that she's beyond amazing. In the role of Julia Child, she simply takes my breath away. If I didn't know better, I'd say it WAS Julia. Wow! I'd like to be that good at something... Stanley Tucci as Julia's husband makes me want to believe in ever lasting love. He's so good to her! I hope her husband was like this in real life, but I don't know anything about their relationship.

Anyway, the movie is sweet and kind and loving, just my kind of thing. But, sistah, let me tell you. DO NOT GO TO THIS MOVIE HUNGRY! They are constantly cooking incredible dishes and the chocolate cake they didn't even bother to cut and serve on plates made my mouth water. I'm going to do that one day... I'm going to bake a chocolate cake, hand out forks for any honored guest allowed to attend and say dig in. No cake plates, no need to ask for seconds... just go for it. I better start saving calories now. ha!

Now, I know it's just a movie, but it's based on a true story. How come that Julie character isn't signed up for sparkpeople? You know good & well, if you ate french cooking like that every day for a year, you'd be needing some serious help. At least, I would... maybe I no longer like this Julie-who-can-eat-anything-person. But alas, I do like her, at least, the character in the movie. I don't know the real one.

Even though the movie was full of incredible looking food, I was really proud of myself. I usually sneak in a small bag of low calorie snacks (Yes, I know it's against the rules, but as soon as they sell something in the snack bar that isn't $500 and 5,000 calories, I'll begin to follow that stupid rule!) but was running late and didn't grab anything. The popcorn smelled soooo good! I wanted a bag really bad - well, actually I only wanted two hand fulls as I don't like it once it's cold - but I resisted. I had a Diet Pepsi (yuck! Shoulda been Diet Coke!) and luckily my friend bought swedish fish which tempt me not so I didn't use any of my calories on junk. You did get that I was at the movie when I didn't have junk, right?! LOL

So, if you need a feel good movie, this is an excellent choice. I hope to buy it when it's released on DVD. I need to feel this good all the time.

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4EVERBEUTIFUL 8/18/2009 10:14AM

    I wanted to see this movie so bad now that I read your blog I want to see it even more! I always bring little snacks to the movies ~ isn't that why they invented big purses? lmao

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Monday blues

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm not sure how or why this started but I've been starting my week off tired and grumpy. Not getting to bed on time and trying to do all those little last min. things to try and get my chores done. It makes for a really awful Monday.

We got behind MIS traffic this morning so didn't make it to the park in time to do our walk. I knew I needed to try really hard to do the walk in the morning so I took a chance and walked up the hill by work. No one swerved to run us down so I was relieved. It's a challenging walk as it's up hill almost the whole way and then the pups wanna go real fast coming back down. Um, no, this ole' girl don't run... not yet anyway. LOL

So for all you Nascar fans attending MIS, could you wait until after rush hour to head home on Monday? I really would appreciate it. Either that, or try to pull into the slow lane so we can get to work, or the park, or whatever the case may be, on time. To the one in front of me this morning, no offense, but your RV was too stinky and way too slow. I know you might be tired from a fun weekend, but 35 mph in a 55 mph zone is, shall we say, a bit on the slow side.

Now, about working in a nap...

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MISSIFELTNER 8/17/2009 11:46AM

    Oh my gosh! I would have been about ready to choke someone. We headed home yesterday. I didn't get your message until this morning but I wasn't too far from Toledo actually. We were in Gibsonburg which I think is closest to Fremont. It was such a short weekend anyway, I am not sure that I would have had time. Hailie and I popped in at least one walk each day though!

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