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My first walk/run participation

Saturday, May 07, 2011

On a whim I signed up for Portland's 2011 Doggie Dash - a walk/run that benefits the Humane Society, and the good work they do for the animals. Unfortunately my poor Sophie's feet are not up to participating with me - she's on a very aggressive regimen of steroids & antibiotics to try to clear up a horrible bacterial infection on all 4 paws. Poor baby. Twice a day I have to bathe her feet, put on an antibacterial cream, and then put on leather boots so she can walk without pain. The first time I bathed her feet I found out that I had stretched some thigh muscles I didn't know I had!!! Sophie was walking much better in her little boots and I was barely able to walk at all!! LOL. But I stretched them out again . that evening, and again the next morning. . . I guess eventually I will be limber enough to do this without discomfort. . . so in a way I'm getting a good stretch-out (is that a word?). I've got at least 10 more days of doing this stretch & crawl. . . I will post some photos of Sophie in her cute little boots.

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CTRAVEL 5/9/2011 12:01AM

    What you are doing is really great. I sure hope that Sophie gets feeling better. Hey now you can exercise the thigh muscles lol. Just kidding. Let me know how Sophie is doing and also yourself.

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BANKER-CHUCK 5/7/2011 11:40PM

    Needed a camera watching you wrestle the dog bathing her feet. Poor Sophie looked like a pretzel gone bad. I will be rooting for you from afar on you Doggie Dash. Sorry I cannot be there in person to root you on. Good luck. emoticon

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The best laid plans of mice and . . .

Monday, March 14, 2011

obese blondes who work at a computer all day & then play on Facebook all night . . . oft times go astray.

I had begun 2011 with a goal and a good start at better nutrition & fitness. Then I started a 5KYourWay running plan that began well, but got sidetracked. I lose a few pounds then gain it right back - all in the same week. I'm stuttering along and not getting anywhere.

My husband wrote a great blog about excuses. I guess I need to print it and put it on one of my monitors. I have an appointment with my primary care physician this Friday. . . I was supposed to have lost a few lbs by now so he could tell me "good girl" - now I'm gonna get "the frown" instead. I'm pre-diabetic, and I REALLY need to make sure I don't go into full blown Type II diabetes (I already have Celiac Disease).

I think I need to re-read The Spark. Something hasn't clicked in my head yet or I wouldn't still be having this problem of getting a good start. I like fruits & vegetables, but don't eat enough of them. I enjoy listening to my iPod while on the treadmill, but I don't do it daily. I've got stress at work, and know that exercise is supposed to help that, but only want to "veg out" on Facebook after work. I'M NOT HITTING ON ANY OF MY CYLINDERS!!! (that's a car term)

So my birthday is coming up soon. This Friday after I see my doctor hubby and I are going to the coast for 4 days (just the two of us) emoticon
I think we need to have a long conversation while walking on the beach (I'm always ready to walk on the beach - that's one exercise I don't put off). emoticon

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NINJA-NED 3/15/2011 9:10AM

    I swear the hardest part of all this is getting started. Once you get going, you just keep moving. I found it helpful to read the stories and blogs of others who had lost a lot of weight. Then tell yourself (as often as necessary) - "if they can do it, I CAN DO IT." They don't have anything special that you don't have.

I wish you the best!

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VMAIJALA83 3/14/2011 11:10PM

    I can so feel you right now. For a while I knew I needed to get serious about having a healthy lifestyle but it never clicked with me. Even now, I feel like I have a good daily outlook and make good decisions, its hard me. Finally though, I realized that my goals can be accomplished because I saw other members pages and how they accomplished the exact same thing I am trying to do. I think when you realize that you are really not doing this alone it'll click for you. You have health issues (just like I do) that make this journey even more important. I've just started with my journey but I know I'm going to succeed. So, I'm trying to say - You got this!!! oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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BANKER-CHUCK 3/14/2011 9:23PM

    I am happy that you are thinking along Spark lines. The SparkWagon has plenty of room. To stay onboard it really takes commitment. Everyone stumbles from time to time but with proper education, from Spark, you know there is always some lifelines to pull yourself back. First of all it takes a plan, and second of all you cannot beat yourself up over straying because it is counter-productive such as causing stress.
Keep up with the positive thoughts...I will help you look for the Spark book emoticon

emoticon+ emoticon+ emoticon= emoticon

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Gonna be a tough week

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a Monday - starting Wednesday I have to completely alter my diet to get ready for an endoscopy & colonoscopy scheduled for next Monday. All nuts, seeds & popcorn have to be eliminated from my diet for 5 days - those are the things that keep me going!! LOL Oh well, maybe next Monday the scale will show a better number after all my pain & suffering. . . :-)

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BANKER-CHUCK 8/10/2010 12:58AM

    Oh NOOOOO!!!! No popcorn!! Life really sucks. emoticon

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Uh oh . . .

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I was doing well staying on my fitness schedule until I caught that "hitch in my giddyup", now I find that I haven't done a single movement since the 2 mile walk I took with Chuck on Sunday. 3 days of nothing . . . shame on me. Better go get my shoes on & get on the treadmill right now!! emoticon

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BANKER-CHUCK 2/5/2010 11:31AM

    If "giddyup" is a problem, how about some pushups, crunches, rubber band,...... emoticon emoticon emoticon

Just helpiing motivate. emoticon

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Much Better

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My husband and I did a little over 2 miles today (with dog Sophie) - feeling much better. I won't do the gung-ho treadmill technique without shoes anymore! After the walk felt energetic, so did some cleaning . . . .I must admit, the walking is more fun! emoticon

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JILLLIGHT 1/31/2010 12:19PM

    yay! emoticon

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WINGNUTS6 1/31/2010 10:17AM

    I much prefer actually walking outside to plugging away on the treadmill. I'll do the treadmill when it's too wet or cold out for me to want to walk...but I find myself looking longingly out the windows!!

Keep up the good work!! emoticon


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HONNEE1 1/31/2010 4:04AM

    i like walking too!! hey its great to be out in the fresh air and sight seeing as well emoticon

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