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Need to Journal again

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iím starting to fall into some bad habits. When you rely on what you think you already know, you gradually regress to old habits. So I'm back to writing my journal to keep reminding me why I want to develop good habits. And to remind me that I really am doing a good job. And to read articles that give me tips and techniques to succeed and keep me motivated.

Wow I saw a new number today, finallyóitíll be back up tomorrow though, but at least I know Iím headed in the right direction. Some days I need to know that. This week has been especially hard, Iíve been tired and lazy and not anxious to do any exercises. Iíve managed to do my Dvdís but not much of my strength exercises. Yesterday and today I tried a new aerobic DVD by Kathy Smith. There are three segments. I did the first 60 minutes yesterday and today I did the last segment-the walking segment. Followed by the tuning from the second segment. But I didnít do the Spark People routine. I adjusted my schedule to do three days of strengthóand this week seems to be core only, which I got with the DVD routinesóI wonder if next week will be arms? Weíll see.

Iím noticing that when I donít plan my evening meals, I donít have leftovers for lunch. I miss being able to just reach into the refrigerator and pull something out. So I guess I need to go back to cooking some meals that can be frozen or at least have some leftovers for the next dayís lunch. No more leaving it up to what I have on hand (I seem to have enjoyed all that I had on hand already). It's time to plan again

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DAWNUH 7/29/2010 8:08PM

    I completely empathize with the thought "If you rely on what you think you already know, you'll digress"! That is speaks to me of my journey here - I'd lost all sort of weight, and then I tried to rely on what I thought I knew. OOooooops on me!
I've got a Kathy Smith video, and it's a tough work out. But it's a GOOD one.
You're doing a great job! Keep it up. :)

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Taking a break from writing

Friday, July 23, 2010

Iíve been sloughing off on writing my spark page blog lately. Not that I havenít been writing in my journal, Iím just not posting it. I really have had nothing to report. Every day has just been ďnormalĒ. Iíve finally developed some habits that let me get through a day without much effort. I exercise every day, I eat healthy, I use coping techniques when I have an urge to eat out of boredom or when Iím thinking of excuses not to exercise. The only thing Iím really falling down on is posting my successes. I forget to log my water, although Iím drinking it. Iím not recording all my goals although Iím still working on them. I still logon everyday and read some articles, play trivia, get my login points, check out my teams and enter my nutrition and fitness efforts in the trackers. It keeps me focused, keeps me reminded of why Iím doing this, keeps me determined to keep going. I think I was spending too much time on the computer, staying up too late after work trying to get my blog written and way too tired to think about how to say ďnothingĒ. This is my way of trying to cut back. But Iím watching my results and will be right back as soon as I see any signs of regression.


Sleeveless tanks and shorts

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They said it would be cooler today, but it didnít feel like it. Probably because itís been hot for the last four days and not cooling down at night. It does make it hard to exercise because Iím starting off warm. My enthusiasm just isnít there on these hot days. But I persevere and once I get started, I usually do okay. Itís true that if I do my exercise in the mornings, Iím more likely to get them done. If I wait, too much intervenes. Today I had to go out and take care of some business. We always seem to wait until the hottest time of the day. And today it was hot. Today I was brave enough to wear a sleeveless tank top and shorts. Itís been a long time since I was brave enough to do so. I have to admit itís still not the most attractive outfit on me as I still have the biggest underarm flab dangling down and the fat in it is not leaving gracefully. And while my legs are pretty good for a 63 year old, my tummy is still a little big. But compared to a year ago, Iím beautiful.

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CHARANN3 7/20/2010 6:34AM


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More heat

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It was another hot day today but our house was pretty cool. So I didnít go shopping and I didnít go swimming, I just spent it in front of my computer. Itís not that I donít get enough computer time at work, but there I canít do what I want. So when Iím home, I spend it surfing and playing. Today I spent it on Itunes checking out all the free games and other apps for my IPod. I found a lot of good podcasts to download. Iím not sure Iíll listen to them. Itís kind of like going to the library and browsing the books. A lot of interesting books come home with me based on a brief look at some of the chapters, but once I get them home I rarely actually read them. These podcasts all looked interesting while I was browsing but Iím not sure Iíll find time to listen to them. But when I find time or opportunity, they are now on my IPod waiting for me.

Even in this heat, I managed to do my morning exercises. A lot of sweat was the result, but at least they were done. Itís supposed to be hot again tomorrow and I doubt if it will cool down much tonight so tomorrow will probably start off warm, but Iím hoping to get my exercise in before the real heat. Itís amazing that Iím actually planning on how to get my exercise in rather than accepting the excuse that itís going to be hot. On one of my Walk at Home DVDs Ms. Sansone encourages us to wake up in the morning and think ďHow am I going to get my exercise in today, not what will I have to eatĒ. Its advice Iím taking to heart. Until Sunday, and then I think ďHallelujah, no exercise today!Ē

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LEWISCA1 7/17/2010 2:35PM

    You had a good day! I was a total load with my day off... I pretty much laid on the couch all day long sipping selzer with a litle lemonade in it. We finally went out for dinner when it cooled off dramatically. Maybe wait for the cool off after 8pm at night??

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100 Degrees and counting

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today was hot; 100 + degrees hot. But one nice thing about working in a high rise is the air conditioning. The only way you know its hot is if you go outside on a break. I know it was hot today because I did go out for a break. I had to get up and move to keep myself awake, so I took a late noon time walk. I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable. I walked down to the artwork I discovered last month, that is really a giant water mister. It did feel good to walk under the mist and cool down a little. Unfortunately it didnít last. The walk back to the office gave me a little concern. I was feeling the heat on my head and arms because of course I didnít have a hat or sun screen. You always feel foolish when you do something stupid and thankful when everything turns out okay. I will be a more careful and prepared next time. Iíve been seduced by the lack of hot days and beautiful weather weíve been having this summer. I finished the day with a session of water aerobics and although the pool is still cooler than normal, today it felt good.

My work week is over which means that for the next few days of predicted 100 degree weather, my own air conditioning will have to keep me cool. Unfortunately, my own air condition is not nearly as efficient as my work office. So I will be feeling the heat a bit. I probably will shorten my exercise time to make sure I donít overheat. And substitute with some time in the pool. Or maybe Iíll go shopping at the local mall to keep cool and reward myself for a job well done. Itís been 11 months of consistent behavior and 54 pounds lost. Although Iím not at goal yet I think I deserve a reward for consistency.

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LEWISCA1 7/17/2010 2:33PM

    You definitely deserve a reward for so much consistent hard work!

And definitely you must avoid heat stroke or just over-heating -- that'll give you a headache at the least... or worse. Be careful! Amp it up in the pool, and walk the stair corridor at work if its got a/c.

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NANA2PRINCESSES 7/16/2010 6:03AM

    Congrats on the weight loss and the consistency. Take care in the heat, sounds like you have a good weekend plan.

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