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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today was a beautiful day but just a bit breezy. It was a great day to fly a kite, which someone was doing at the park today. I was at the park with my husband who is trying to get somewhere near the average throws for the softball by fellow senior competitors. It was just a little hard concentrating on how far he threw it when I really wanted to watch the kite flyers. It was a double string kite and itís amazing how they could make it dip and sway and still stay afloat. And it was beautiful up in the sky.

It was such a beautiful day, wind and all that I decided to take a short walk home instead of drive. I made the walk in 9 minutes, such an improvement from when I first started exercising. Then it took me 15 minutes, most of it spent trying to get up the hill (and itís really not such a big hill). Iíve come such a long way, and yet I still look for any excuse not to exercise. I still have to remind myself that I will feel better when Iím done. And I do. I get up in the morning stiff and achy but when I finish doing my aerobics I can move again. I know itís good for me and I have gotten so much better so I will keep doing it. Just donít give me a good excuse not to because I will probably grab at it.

I indulged in a treat todayóA subway sandwich with baked potato chips. This is a real treat for me. It puts me over my sodium levels but Iíve been so good for a long time that I donít think once in a while will be a problem. Of course, it was also the zucchini casserole I made from a spark people recipe that used canned soup that didnít help. I need to be a little more watchful of the rest of my meals when I indulge. Itís nice that spark peopleís nutrition tracker helps me track down where the culprits are and now I can start making better decisions. Tomorrow is another day to practice.

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LEWISCA1 6/15/2010 9:14PM

    Huh... i was thinking about how fun it would be to go fly a kite this weekend too. It was such perfect weather for it!

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EYEONGOAL 6/12/2010 10:43AM

    What a beautiful day to go to the park! I can just see the kite flying. My DH and I used to go to the park or the beach and fly kites. I haven't done it since my kids were younger. Congrats on your progress with walking faster. Also, I understand the sodium thing. I love going to Subway and normally go a few times a month. When you feel like you've indulged, just remember how you would have eaten a year ago and you'll be proud of how you've changed.

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SKERTSO 6/12/2010 1:00AM

    You are doing great!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

You can see I'm running out of ideas for catchy titles so in the interest of getting my blog done timely, with little effort, after a long day, I've resorted to the days of the week. Don't know what I'll do next week.

Tonight I changed my routine and gave my body a little shake up. I decided to indulge in water aerobics instead of the treadmill and have a nice relaxing end of my work week. I always forget how much effort I extend engaging in a few water exercises. When Iím done, I never feel like Iíve worked out, instead Iím usually relaxed. But every exercise routine in the water makes my arms hurt or my legs hurt or makes me breathe hard, so I know Iím getting some exercise. I can feel the resistance against the water; itís like having a strong resistance band. As an alternative exercise once in awhile, itís great. As the weather gets warmer, itíll be more appealing than the treadmill.

Another successful day making my calcium goal. Iím on a role. I just have to drink more milk. Thatís not too bad, because I like milk. Itís just not the first thing I think to reach for. Weíll see if I can get better at it over the next few days. Oh my, another challenge, just what I need, more challenges. My life has become one challenge after another or so it seems. Iím not always successful in my challenges, but I give it my all each time. So weíll see how this challenge works for me over the next few days.

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LEWISCA1 6/15/2010 9:13PM

    I find that you have to decide to push yourself for aqua aerobics to be a real workout -- at least with our teacher. Good for you for actually pushing it!

Or maybe its the "body confusion" theory!

I miss it though!

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EYEONGOAL 6/11/2010 1:12PM

    I did aqua aerobics as my exercise for a long time. I was toned and felt great. It's hard to find exercises that feel great when it's hot outside. Have fun! Also, thanks for the new outfit. I'll need it.

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GCHUNG 6/11/2010 10:14AM

    Good for you - keep challenging yourself.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I did it. I got my calcium in without taking any calcium supplements. I had my glass of milk at dinner even though it raised my calories a little bit to the higher side of my range. That means I need to look at the meal package I take to work and leave something out. I can probably make it through the day tomorrow with less since it looks like itís going to be busy enough to take my mind off of eating. I have some delicious leftovers from my great meal planning this week that I can enjoy for lunch. Both have calcium credits. And yogurt always makes a great snack to rack up the calcium credits. Tomorrow I should make my calcium goal again.

I worked on the treadmill tonight at the gym. I did a few Ďboostedí walking stints too. I canít really call it jogging because I barely get my feet off the ground. Itís more of a low impact jog. I managed a few 2 minute stints within the 35 minutes I treaded. Iím feeling pretty good about that. It wasnít that long ago when 15 seconds was an effort. I wanted to see if I could do any jogging at all, but I donít really want to be a jogger. Iím afraid of getting sore knees along with my sore feet and all the rest of my aches and pains. But a little slow jogging or boosted walking and building slowly should be okay. If the knees start hurting, or if my feet get worse, I stop jogging and go back to straight walking.

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LEWISCA1 6/15/2010 9:11PM

    Yay! Awesome. That run/walk is a bona fide strategy for the 5ks. We'll get there yet!

And some research shows that higher calcium intake helps weight loss!

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EYEONGOAL 6/10/2010 12:52PM

    Getting your calcium without a supplement is great! I tend to believe that if you can get your vitamins from your food, your body should absorb them better. I've been doing boosted walking in many of my videos too. I'm not sure that I want to become a jogger, but I am considering a 5k next year with one of my sisters (we're looking a cooler months). Although my sister and I may start together, she is a lot younger than me and we do not expect to end together. We just want to cheer each other on. emoticon

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My scales are playing games again; and not on the good side. But thatís ok because my clothes are telling me Iím doing fine. I actually am going to have to put aside some of the new clothes I bought because they are now too big.
So sad/ Not. emoticon

Iím doing great on my sodium goal, but Iím not doing very well on my calcium goal. But I have become aware that many of the items on the nutrition tracker entered by fellow sparkies do not have calcium entered. So I may be getting more calcium than I think. Iím usually pretty close and thatís with taking only one calcium supplement. Maybe if I add just one more glass of milk per day. Ok, thatís my goal for this week. One glass of milk at dinner each night this week.

Iím tired tonight. The first day of work each week does that to me. It wasnít a bad day, just a long one. I still managed to exercise in the morning as well as the gym in the evening. I enjoyed my leftover flank steak for lunch and packed enough good healthy food to last all day. Things are speeding up at work since I have to push my knowledge transfer chore up a few notches before I officially retire. So I canít complain about nothing to do and keeping busy makes the day go by faster. It was basically another normal day. Still Iím ready for a good nightís sleep. Good night

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LEWISCA1 6/15/2010 9:10PM

    I am beginning to get a little intolerant of milk myself. But I can't stand the lactose-free milk. It tastes weirdly sweeter. Why is that?? I'm trying organic milk with my cereal to avoid the extra chemicals, but it doesn't solve the tummy trouble.

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EYEONGOAL 6/9/2010 11:02AM

    Sounds like you're doing great! Don't you love baggy clothes! My weight often doesn't go down, but my clothes are fitting better and I can see that I'm slimming down. Have a great day!

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Cooking healthy again

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I made another new Spark People recipe tonight as planned. Chef Megís flank steak. Yum yum. And I have enough left over to have for lunch for the next two days. I planned all my meals to have leftovers that I can take to work for lunches next week, except for tomorrow night when we have fish. I only buy enough fish for the two of us since it doesnít keep well. Itís been great knowing what is planned each night; the only problem has been remembering to cook it. Most require preparation such as slow cooking or marinating so I need to remember earlier than a half hour before we want to eat. But I guess thatís part of learning to be a healthy cook.

Itís back to work tomorrow for another three day stint. My husband will be in charge of cooking the evening meals so I planned for items he can cook and I can eat. Whether he will or not is yet to be seen, but Iím hoping for the best, and so far there are plenty of leftovers if necessary. He has been a good cook for me while Iíve been working and heís been home, but he doesnít like to follow a plan, he wings it. So the next three days could be interesting and adventuresome. And at least I donít have to come home and cook after a long day. My food will be ready for me as I walk in the door, itís what helps keep me on track.

I spent the rest of the day working on my digital scrapbooks. I might actually get my Panama album done this summer. That will be quite an accomplishment for me since it was a 15 day trip and I am a prolific picture taker. The challenge will be picking only the best pictures needed to show the essence of the trip. And believe me, that is a challenge.

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LEWISCA1 6/15/2010 9:08PM

    I like shopping with a list too. Otherwise we end up with nothing planned to make. Lately has been hard. We buy things with the best intentions and then are too tired to cook. I need a "wife" to have (an edible) dinner waiting when I come home.

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EYEONGOAL 6/8/2010 1:26PM

    The Healthy Cooking Challenge sounds like a great one. I may have to try it next month. This month is crazy for me. Bless your husband for being willing to make dinner. Mine would feed me hotdogs.

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