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Boot Camp Day 18 - Gym or not to Gym

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today I listened to my internal voice telling me not to go to the gym. I debated with myself for awhile and then agreed that since I had done a 15 minute dance exercise video and my Boot camp video in the morning, and walked 44 laps around the corridors in my office from the 11th floor down to the 6th I had had enough exercise for the day, and because it was late I could go home instead. What is it about the last day of work before a week off? Everything that can go wrong, does; making you stay later than normal. Iím just glad that tomorrow is my day off and I donít have to go back until February!

I tried a new dance exercise this morning that I had downloaded from Netflix. Most of the moves I could do, until the end routine. Then I started fumbling over my own feet trying to keep up, so I just switched to marching instead. Itís worth trying again though. It was a great warm up for my boot camp videos. Iím proud that Iím branching out and trying different videos. As far as the boot camp video goes, I still canít do the planks, especially not with full straight arms. I couldnít even get my arms to try. One nice thing about this video is that itís short!

Iím hoping the rain will let up tomorrow so I can go for a walk outside. After this storm, thereís probably a lot of interesting sights. Maybe I should take my camera. Isnít it great that we now have cameras that can fit in your pocket? Even video cameras! I remember our first video camera. We were so excited to be able to tape our kids and play it back on our TV. At first we didnít realize that the camera was a big honkin weight on our shoulders. The wonder of being able to take the camera with us outweighed the effort to carry it. It didnít take long before it became more troublesome to carry than the wonder of the resulting videos.

But technology has come to the rescue. Every year a smaller version came out. And now you can take videos with your still camera and snapshots from your phone. Soon weíll be able to take snapshots, video pictures, 3D pictures, print them out or show them on the wall, all while making a call on your phone. Or maybe from your eye glasses so you donít have to carry anything. (but then a lot of people donít wear glasses anymore due to the wonders of eye surgery). I canít keep up with all the new inventions. But I love technology. Without it, I wouldnít be able to join Spark people and meet so many others having the same problems and concerns I do on losing weight or becoming more fit. Thank you technology!

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LEWISCA1 1/21/2010 1:45PM

    So you did the workplace workout again! That's great. And did a new video from netflix. I would likely have made the same choice to skip the gym. It gets hard to face the later it gets. But I think its great you're trying new videos. Did Netflix have a big selection?

Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting to the gym when my buddy's not gonna be there. Tonight I'll have to swim alone - if Pat shows up. emoticon

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URSULA125 1/21/2010 1:29AM

    Well said! I associate with what you wrote. Enjoy your vacation!

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Boot Camp Day 17 - The Work Place workout

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ugh, a work day; and a DARK, wet, windy stormy day. Iím starting to sleep through my alarms, which is not good. I got up late, but managed to get my morning warm up and video done. And then I stalled. I donít think I was excited to get myself out of the house.

It was a horrible ride in on the freeway. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to go 30 miles. Rain seems to make everybody crazy. Itís as if every time it rains, itís a brand new experience for us Californians. Unfortunately, on my freeway, there is no real alternative route. So Iím stuck. Fortunately, I had my audio CD to listen to ( A Number 1 Ladyís Detective Agency book) so I just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, because of the slow ride, I finished the CD today and therefore have nothing for tomorrow. I didnít plan that out too well, did I? But tomorrow is my last day of work for January, so Iíll be in a better mood.

So I did the boot camp video today. Iím not sure Iím seeing any improvement. I have good days where its seems easier followed by bad days where Iím reminded that I still have far to go. And this is one of the easier routines for me. I get to sit on the ball. Iíve been practicing sitting on the ball. It makes a great chair when I work on my lap top. Itís not the sitting that gets to me or the lifting of the arms (I use 3 lb weights) itís the laying on my back and keeping my hips in the air while I do so.

Because of the rain, I did not go for my usual walk to the park. Instead I took the elevator to the 11th floor and did 10 laps around the indoor corridors. Then went down one floor and did 10 more; down one floor and did 5, etc. I worked my way down to the 6th floor and ended up with a 44 minute walk and 35 laps. Although I felt strange walking around the inside of the building, I felt proud that I actually did it. I even had one co-worker tell me ďgood for youĒ. So this looks like an alternative to my noon time walk to the park. But only on rainy days, I still like it better outside on a sunny day. I left work earlier than normal today so ended up at the gym too early for my water aerobics class. So instead of just sitting waiting, I went ahead and did 25 minutes on the stationary bike before I went to the class. The water was warm today (unusual), and the instructor was there today so it was a nice way to finish the day.

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LEWISCA1 1/21/2010 12:13AM

    I think it is truly awesome that you improvised such a great workout using your own building. Who'd have thought there was such a great option inside the building tailor made for days like these. That is some fantastic creativity you have there! emoticon

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STRUNGOUTMOM 1/20/2010 3:38AM

    Great job on the walking keep it up. Wished we had some nice place to walk around here. The only walking i get is at wrk, adn around the farm.

I know what you mean about rain. They do the same here in Texas. But one Advantage of leaving for wrk at 3am is there is no one on the roads.
Keep up the great wrk.
deana emoticon

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Boot Camp Day 16 -- Rainy Days and Mondays

Monday, January 18, 2010

What can I say about today? It was a lazy rainy day. I did nothing but watch TV. Well, I did do my boot camp video and 35 minutes on the stationary bicycle. So I guess I did do something. I watched a movie while biking. I have a combination TV and VHS tape in my bike room but I donít have a lot of tapes left that I havenít seen, and they are very difficult to find now. Except in library book sales, where everybody else is getting rid of their tapes. I watched one I had never heard of before that I got at one of those book sales. Itís called WildFlowers. So far all I can say is that itís watchable, but not great. I only watched the first half, saving the rest for another biking day, which with this rain storm, might be soon.

I read a lot of articles today on Spark people and responded to a few team postings. I logged my nutrition and fitness. But other than that, it has not been an ďexciting day. But I didnít eat out of boredom! And I didnít eat to make myself feel better (and I wanted to). I had regular breakfast, lunch and dinner with a fruit and yogurt snack. So maybe I am learning something after all.

Today was a dreary day. We are having one of the biggest storms of the year. Its wet and windy and cold and Dark! When I was little, some 50 plus years ago, I used to sit in front of the wall heater on days like this eating Liptonís split pea soup with bread and butter. Boy do I miss that.

What do you do to make rainy days sunnier?

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LEWISCA1 1/19/2010 2:37PM

    I ramp up the heat and settle in for a day of laziness - any kind of laziness. Even though Monday wasn't particularly lazy for me, I felt cozy inside the house. The pouring rain feels like a protective wall around the house.

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Boot Camp Day 15 - A Lazy day

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today was a lazy day. I spent the morning in bed reading, determined to finish the book. Unfortunately, it was a little longer than I expected and by the time I got up, I could barely move. My shoulderís hurt, my back hurt and my legs didnít want to move. But I knew that if I could get out to the living room and do my warm ups and 10 minute cardio, I would feel better. I did the video, tried to jump again, but had to hold my stomach when I did. I couldnít keep it from jiggling, very annoying. I also noticed that my knees werenít going to hold me either, so I marched. Fast and high when needed, an occasional hop from side to side, and always moving the arms. Ok so my shoulders didnít feel much better after, but my back and legs woke up and were ready to go. Wow that felt good.

Sunday means no walking, and it was raining so I didnít even feel like attempting it. I understand some big storms are coming. So Iíll probably ride my stationary bike instead of walking. And thereís always water aerobics on Tuesday and treadmill on Wednesday. I only work two days this week so thatís not much time at the gym. And if Iím lucky, there will be a time or two when itís not raining and I can walk.

I worked on my scrapbook pages today. Iím trying to get some family portraits scrapped into my ďfamilyĒ book. As usual, I had a difficult time, as the portraits were large and almost filled the pages. But I managed, with a lot of help from the internet and example layouts. I have one more to go. Then I can move on to my snow pictures. It will probably take another weekend before I can move my scrapbook stuff back where it belongs and get out my quilting stuff again.

I think Iím going to start the Quilt and Lose teamís BOM. But first I have to pick out the fabric. Thatís always a difficult task for me. If Iím not really sure, I hate cutting into it. The fabric is so pretty when itís new, I love looking at it. The colors are always so bright and vibrant, just the way I like them. So my challenge is to make a selection and then make that first cut. I can do it, I know I can.

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LEWISCA1 1/18/2010 3:25PM

    Clearly you *are* making your workouts a priority, and that is awesome! It was a miserable rainy day yesterday -- so nice to lay around the house being lazy. We all deserve some days like that. And I know exactly what you mean about trying to finish the book, ya don't want to put it down, there seems to be just a little bit more, but it keeps going and going, and you can't stop. But you didn't skip the video and you still felt good afterwards. Awesome!

I hope you post pictures of your quilt when you finish!

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TRYAGAIN150 1/18/2010 6:43AM

    Way to go! You got moving when you didn't want to, that's a victory.

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ANITARO1 1/17/2010 11:20PM

    Make your workouts a priority and you'll feel better!

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Boot Camp Day 14 - Abs of horror

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boot Camp Day 14: What can I say about this video? Itís Abs! Very painful, very frustrating, very difficult. I think I was able to raise my head a little, and Iím pretty sure it wasnít my hands behind my head helping to lift it. But it was barely noticeable. Just lying on my back pushing the lower back into the floor is an effort of its own. I feel swaybacked. When I raise my legs, or raise my torso, the lower back comes off the floor again. But I kept trying. Until I could do no more, then I had to rest. The side lifts were impossible. I couldnít leave my arm flat; the earphones to hear the video kept getting in the way. I couldnít rise up on the arm, the arm wouldnít hold me. And I donít care if they gave it a new name ďplankĒ itís was just like an old fashioned pushup to me. Only this time we held it instead of bending up and down. I was so glad when this video was done. Itís a good thing I did it in the morning and got it over with; if I thought about it more, it would have been very difficult for me to do this one.

After the boot camp I went for my walk. It was a beautiful day. And so warm. I can already tell that this summer is going to be difficult. Instead of going grocery shopping in the morning, I went walking. And I enjoyed every minute of it. But Iím noticing that even when I think Iím walking slower than previous days, I find out that Iím actually going faster. I think itís because I am walking at a more consistent pace; I am not slowing down, then speeding up, and then slowing down again. Instead, I am walking consistently at a moderate pace and getting to the end of my walk quicker. Today I upped the repetitions at the stepping station of the par-course at the tennis court. I finally got to the point that I consistently could do 5 step raises without hesitation, so I decided it was time to move it up to 6 on each leg. So it will be awhile before I can do them more than ďjust barelyĒ. Eventually, I want to be able to do 10 on each leg.

Today I measured myself. I have lost 2 inches on my waist, hips and thighs but not one inch on my arms. But since I mostly exercise by walking, this is not really surprising. And I recorded a new weight of 182, but itís not really constant yet. My weight can vary as much as 4 lbs from one day to the next and it does. But I saw a new number today that I havenít seen before, so Iím sticking with the 182 for awhile until it becomes the top value on the daily variation. At least itís going in the right direction. I have a doctorís appt next week at which time they will weigh me ďofficiallyĒ. I will be sure to wear my lightest clothing so I can get the best reading. Iím hoping that it will be 25 lbs less than the last time I was weighed, but at least I know it will be at least 20 lbs different. WOO HOO, Iím on my way.

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LEWISCA1 1/17/2010 8:14PM

    Noticing those improvements in stamina is an important strategy. I read another Spark page and the woman interviewed said it took a 50lb weight loss before other people began to notice. 50lbs! I'll feel like a ticker tape parade on Madison Avenue is warranted if I success in losing 10lbs someday. Hurray for you and your 182. And by the way, you can already tell! emoticon

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